Helle Eggen Knife Review

Great knife, full size blade at a nice price. For light use I recommend this blade and NICE price!

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Автор real metis ( назад)
cool audience lol

Автор bellybutthole ( назад)
I do agree i'ts a great blade like you said for fish cleaning, small wood
carving work and food prep. I do believe this design is called a narrow
tang. It has a lot more bite than the popular Brusletto Hunter due to the
edge angle and also the edge is of a more desirable steel in this laminated
design but don't forget it in a waterfilled toolbox in an ocean going
wooden boat over winter as I did, the carbon steel edge got eaten away and
now it's a trash work knife for me. I might refurbish it though and it did
get quite a nice grey patina on the handle;) The sheath however is trash.
Even though made of beautiful leather, Helle decided to put the stitching
on the edge side so mine is ruined, maybe they fixed that by now as you say
it has protection in there. I do recommend the blade. Carry an axe and you
are equipped for the forest.

Автор Hide Seek ( назад)
Are they worth the current $99.00 price?

Автор Klaus Welch ( назад)
Prices must have skyrocketed on this knife. If it had been $55 I would have
bought it the first time I saw it. Instead I bought it the 3rd time I saw
it at $99.99. Prices online were identical some of which listed the MSRP as
119.99 marked down to the same 99.99 I bought mine for at Sportsman's

Автор cmonsterz ( назад)
Interesting. I kind of find this appealing, Doggo. I might give it a try.

Автор tSp289 ( назад)
This costs $55 in the US? Cheapest I've seen it in Australia is $139

Автор Lars Dahl ( назад)
Pronounce the double g's like you would an egg (chicken egg) + en at the
end. It means literally "The Edge" both in terms of a blade edge, but also
the edge of a mountain range or just any sharp edge. A little background
info never hurt anyone ;)

Tracing Peer Gynt's landscapes. Jotunheimen, Norway, 2010


Автор Nick Robert ( назад)
That would be why it split yup

Автор Doggorunning ( назад)
You are correct, its not a survival blade its a superior cutting blade;
Helle was nice enough to still send me a replacement even after I explained
I modified the handle. I made a comment on how great their warranty was for
this, Benchmade is another company that also honors abuse in its warranty.
Helle knives are awesome !

Автор Klas Lothe ( назад)
I guess the finger guard breaks easier when using the knife in a sideways
fashion, like with the modification you made. Since you apply more pressure
against the wood. I know Helle has some pretty good knives with a metal
piece finger guard. And fear not for the design, the finger guards are
nicely incorporated into the same type of Scandinavian design as Eggen.
Check out the GT/Safari. Keep in mind these knives are a bit bigger. But
still good for the same purpose.

Автор Doggorunning ( назад)
Agree it is a very nice grind indeed..also convex

Автор TadRapidly ( назад)
skandi grind is second to none. Every knife enthusiast should own a knife
with a skandi grind to discover what sharp really means.

Автор Doggorunning ( назад)
I told you it was a great knife, cant find them now for less than $75. I
have one in my store for that, you deserve it :)

Автор Tom Gottwein ( назад)
thanks for the info l will do that take care.

Автор Tom Gottwein ( назад)
hi lm intrestead l like all the knifes you own just recently a shop near by
me has opened with helle knifes as l live in croatia goofd knifes a hard to
fine here any way in your opiniun which is better helle eggen or taiga
there about the some price lm not sure which of the 2 to buy eggen is
pretty popular from what l see as yuo own one l l guees you know from
exsperece l also hope to buy a kellam someday pukko or wolferline thanks in
andvance and take care kinfd regArds.

Автор Doggorunning ( назад)
F1 is a great knife

Автор lifegivesmeheadaches ( назад)
Elmo looks freaking scared of the knife.

Автор Arne Nes ( назад)
you pronounce the second e the same as the first (coming from a norwegian)

Автор Doggorunning ( назад)
@jackrusselleko Yes for the money the knife is very well made, as a cutting
tool it really excels. Very sharp!

Автор martinmack ( назад)
Liked the review and was wondering where you found it for under $60 USD.

Автор Swipp Ørmen ( назад)
@Doggorunning yea i culd agree with you to but helle knives arn't made to
modify,they are made to last and a helle knife wont need modifying to be a
good knife...

Автор Doggorunning ( назад)
@21creed agreed but if they used a higer grade of wood, you could modify it
without it breaking so easy. Bur wood would be a nice choice to modify

Автор Swipp Ørmen ( назад)
the reason forthe breakage is becuse you took a bit of the wood of when you
modifyed it... you made the wood weaker by doing it, exuse my english...

Автор Doggorunning ( назад)
@joakim2407 Thanks, Helle never claimed this to be a survival knife, it is
designed to excel at cutting and that it does.

Автор joakim2407 ( назад)
Haha, I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but laugh a little at your
pronunciation of "Eggen". No insult intended, I know Norwegian isn't
exactly the easiest language to understand =) It is pronounced more like
"Egg'n" (as in the chicken lays an egg'n). "Egg" here translates to "edge",
Thus making "Eggen" "The Edge" All jokes aside, this knife is very good,
and it excels at it's designed task; cutting! If you, or anyone else out
there, have questions about Helle knives, please send me a message =)

Автор LedZeppelin13k7 ( назад)
I have the Helle Harding...Quality is superb. Probably the greatest quality
production knife made as far as beauty in a scandi grind.

Автор MrWalloping ( назад)
stick tang not a full tang

Автор Fireinthehole ( назад)
Where can I get this for $55? Thanks!

Автор NorwegianKnifeDude ( назад)
nice review, man ;) subscribing now ;) can't have too many
knife-guys-subscribtions lol "eggen" means "the edge" btw. if you were
wondering :)

Автор Doggorunning ( назад)
@Cre8Thought41 lol...funny dude, just below the movie is a slider bar,
which works like a fast forward button feel free to use it.

Автор Cre8Thought41 ( назад)
Way too much talk, just the facts dude. Way to many other knives to listen
to a long thread of nonessential info. Improve or move on.

Автор Doggorunning ( назад)
@100trueneutral This knife is layered steel, the hard inner core (which
includes your blade edge) will rust if left wet and stored. This knife will
not rust as fast as a carbon steel knife, but will corroded if not cared
for. If worried a little mineral oil on the blade will keep it corrosion
free in storage for years.

Автор Isaac Willie ( назад)
I have this knife, and what a knife it is; you would do well to find a
better bushcraft knife than this.

Автор fsolemdal ( назад)
An exelent knife this one. The sheath is made in traditional norvegian way.
Comparing to all that crap sheats out there Helle produces the best of the
best of factory mad knives, both knives and sheats are great. And they do
have a lifetime guarantee...

Автор fsolemdal ( назад)
An exelent knife this one. The sheath is made in traditional norvegian way.
Comparing to all that crap sheats out there Helle produces the best of the
best of factory mad knives, both knives and sheats are great. And they do
have a lifetime guarantee...

Автор RatifiedCow ( назад)
that hadle defect is covered by the warrenty

Автор boomunderscore0 ( назад)
not to be an ass or anything but at about 1:41 these kinds of tangs are
called stick tangs and as you were saying a full tang is a knife like many
of the beckers where the handle will often times be outlined BY the tang of
the knife, again not tryin to be an ass im just a stickler for detail :P
nice video btw! im checkin out a Helle knife from ragnar at ragweedforge..
its a little more pricey than this one but ive really got my eye on it hope
to get it soon , take care!

Автор Doggorunning ( назад)
@virtuovice Thank you, yes a strop works very well, I do prefer a convex
edge but this is a close second.

Автор virtuovice ( назад)
Your Helle knife looks very sweet. It seems good for skinning games. The
sheath is stunning, too. What do you think about sharpening it on the
leather strop?

Автор Doggorunning ( назад)
@thejamppa Agree 100% I believe I was pointing out their obvious
differences, and making that exact point you are, that the Puukko is not a
Survival knife.

Автор thejamppa ( назад)
In my humble opinion compearing Helle Eggen and USMC Ka-Bar is like
compearing apples and oranges. USMC is combat / utility knife. Helle is
traditional puukko that is work knife. Helle makes excellent bushcraft
knives. Combine good puukko with small axe or hatchet and there's nothing
you can't do. Puukko can handle batoning well. I have 12 year old Finnish
carbon steel puukko. It has survived batoning as well my Becker Bk 7.

Автор Doggorunning ( назад)
@ivageivage thank you, easier now

Автор ModernViking ( назад)
its pronounced "ajjen" eggen like in "eggs"

Автор Doggorunning ( назад)
@tapeworm1111 The Helle is neither a combat blade or survival knife..it is
one of the sharpest knives out of the box that I have ever handled, maybe
more suited for the bushcraft uses. KaBar's are very tough knives!

Автор luke mahoney ( назад)
Good review . But the traditional KA-BAR can eaisly beat that around same
price.and you get a good leather/kydex sheath.

Автор limapapawhiskey ( назад)
Cool rewiev! I got this knife back in -99 The handle did break because of
batoning. Helle did send me a new knife, eventhogh i used it hard for ten
years. Great norwegian company.

Автор Doggorunning ( назад)
PM inbound

Автор mbacolo ( назад)
did you order this fromanonline store

Автор Doggorunning ( назад)
Your right in 3:34 Elmo starts to cry..lol

Автор msay2006 ( назад)
the look on them poor poor toys faces they look mighty worried about how
sharp that knife is and probably wondering what he's going to do with it
lol have to say very nice knife!

Автор Doggorunning ( назад)
totally agree very affordable to the average guy or gal. Thank you

Автор Doggorunning ( назад)
I would not recommend it. Batoning puts allot of stress on the handle of a
knife and if you aim wrong allot of impact stress also. Batoning is more
for survival knives, full tang thicker bladed knives with very durable
handle materials. These "Bushcraft" knives are for folks with almost a
different approach towards mountaineering. I prefer a knife that can do
both, carve like a Bushcraft knife and perform tougher task like a survival
blade also. I would recommend a Bark River Gunny for you

Автор RoscoeBa ( назад)
Is it not good for batoning because of the cracked handle grip? I was
batoning with a Helle Futura(?) with a shorter blade. Is that bad?

Автор jacksbushcraft ( назад)
good review m8 thanx. i have told you havent i have the same knife lol.

Автор mz9393mz ( назад)
Nice review. Glad to finally see someone talk about this knife. I'm very
surprised it broke, actually. I know it's only a stick tang, but after
reading a review of this on bushcraftnorthwest's site, my impression was
that it is stouter than it must be. Thanks for the review. Great job. I
look forward to going through your other vids.

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