Minecraft Mob Talker Chapter 4:Blaze/Blazette the Blaze

Back down into hell,the mean but kind girl,Blaze or Blazette the Blaze.

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Автор Leanne Millar ( назад)
Plz do more cupa she has my favourite personality

Автор Jonathan Watson ( назад)
*That *Fucking *Asked *Facepalm

Автор Ovelia Robertson ( назад)
do commentary

Автор GamerProXX ( назад)
and you still kept the kitten that you gave to Andr in the last episode

Автор GamerProXX ( назад)
Blazette is so not good for kidZ

Автор GamerProXX ( назад)
Blazzette tried to burn my brother... i will avenge my bro..

Автор CrasherX2000 The Falcon's Apprentice ( назад)
blazette is very naughty

Автор Reyagis ( назад)
*Intro* Me: *pops*

Автор Sub-Zero Marine ( назад)
You nice hero!

Автор Mike Loco ( назад)
he has were cupa was when she disipeared to unknown she came back on the
second chapter but wewant cupa fucking back and hes keeping that spot
incase cupa comes back to us

Автор Mike Loco ( назад)
we want cupa back I love cupa more than he dose

Автор DarkChicken xXx ( назад)
Why so short ?

Автор F1veDays ( назад)
If she asked me to test blaze rod theory's I'd say yes :)

Автор faezwandy ( назад)
This is awsome!!!!!!!!:)

Автор Gavii N'Say ( назад)
cupa the wat i didnt watch the first chapter

Автор dukbun ( назад)
Why so questioning?

Автор Official Endless Gaming ( назад)
Cupa was first episode

Автор dianne elliott ( назад)
Why so short

Автор warhound1214 ( назад)
Omfg wat too short

Автор Senorlelelel ( назад)
Did u finish cupa if not please do

Автор emiliano alex ( назад)
yes and? is a video

Автор Krail Namik games ( назад)
Did you even finish this one?! It doesn't seem like it got finished.

Автор Krail Namik games ( назад)

Автор Hunter Forrest ( назад)
Is he creative mode

Автор minecraft lover ( назад)
Do one on a magma cube

Автор inthemassive outside ( назад)
Why are u doing them so short

Автор Spotiscuteable ( назад)

Автор Spotiscuteable ( назад)
I aferra with the comment below mines

Автор MyRPGames ( назад)
Do the blaze you didnt finish it, come back the next day and maybe she'll
ask you to do sex with her, or you'll ask it.

Автор Grace Brown ( назад)
Do a wither one PLEASE!!!

Автор turntech Splat ( назад)

Автор T.S. April ( назад)
Your kidding right ? Blazette's normal scripts even longer then this !!!

Автор Fail halo 14812 ( назад)
do a zombie

Автор Snowy Snowgolem ( назад)
Hey no one of the zombie pigman

Автор Exotias ( назад)
talk talk talk talk talk talk!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Cinnamon Puppy ( назад)
Wow, Difficult girl!

Автор Rowan Miller ( назад)
How old are you?

Автор mr enderman production ( назад)
я в няшности

Автор Lords Blade Ciarin ( назад)
WHAT THE FUCK MAN!? we came for quality sext messages! and we get a five
minute video for nothing. im just joking that we all came here for porn but
some of us did thats mean to all the pervs. sure they are a little creepy
but they deserve their wierd porn.

Автор khalid aziz ( назад)
that was short

Автор Matthew Crowthorn ( назад)
dis you didnt even do the other days

Автор Ramon Salvador ( назад)
Dis was so short

Автор Hesh Wójcicki ( назад)
Saxy XD

Автор brandon wedemann ( назад)
This one was a small episode could you do another on blazet

Автор Endermansmdooley ( назад)
add sound during the video

Автор Mariah Davila ( назад)
the best is cupa so cool

Автор Mariah Davila ( назад)

Автор iGamez ( назад)
Quit commenting about twilight people! Some people actually LOVE Twilight!
So stick a Blaze Rod up your ass and let it burn there! -.-

Автор MinecraftSheepGod ( назад)
It's good I've liked all of them romantic or not but this one wasn't your

Автор Jake LAN ( назад)
wow that was short

Автор jeremy cr ( назад)
thats y u watching?

Автор Isuke Sagae ( назад)
Me: *he's a player* why does he change to different girlfriends all the

Автор emmyandjeffy ( назад)
how do u put cats and dogs in your biome?

Автор Lily Larson ( назад)
Much better than the real script

Автор Madison Danner ( назад)
Love it

Автор Achiever 579 ( назад)
why was that one so short and.... PLEASE STOP SHOWING MRS.PRETTYWISKERS

Автор jonathanjong2012 ( назад)
3:14 WTF that smile

Автор slittleton2925 ( назад)
Way better than twilight more more

Автор Luxon Craig ( назад)

Автор Dylan Rodriguez ( назад)
Getting better with not killing people

Автор aboud diab ( назад)
-_- really that was really really bad im gonna dislike again

Автор Julie Hamm ( назад)
Dude to short!

Автор Joshua Emms ( назад)
Wow you kept the cat

Автор SteamEngineRedClicks ( назад)

Автор SteamEngineRedClicks ( назад)

Автор pivotman101cool ( назад)
Some chapters were really sad. But all of them were a better love story
than twilight

Автор Martha OBrien ( назад)
Like this comment if you think on the last/near the lest episode of this
series Andr comes back!

Автор Shawn Sankey ( назад)
the endings are kinda.... sad

Автор christian medina ( назад)
Who ever knows this guy tell him to do the zombie pigman

Автор Indigo Lazuli ( назад)
Nah don't change it. It's awesome

Автор Veronika Jurisic ( назад)
Why is he squrtel

Автор Keileish Minecraft and league of legends ( назад)
I miss Endr so bad! D'X

Автор jeanna Parchment ( назад)
make cupa come back and why so short?

Автор Ri Matthews ( назад)
this one was boring i like one of the more original ones like ubergons

Автор xD Tip ( назад)
Can you give me the beginning music?

Автор Xtremeexplosives ( назад)
Cupa was the best one

Автор Toby Jacobs ( назад)

Автор yolivega63 ( назад)
It's getting so short wtf

Автор Topaz Sapphire ( назад)

Автор Topaz Sapphire ( назад)
Eww again

Автор Jstb2123 ( назад)
Yeah have sex whith her

Автор James Tiernan ( назад)
Have sex with her

Автор LastKatanaGirl ( назад)
Oh I think I like Blaze^^ But these are getting short...why?

Автор Thanh Binh Huynh ( назад)
Can you o one to The Skeleton

Автор Anthony roeder ( назад)
had longr script

Автор Anthony roeder ( назад)

Автор cppietime ( назад)
Dat... squirtle?

Автор David te ( назад)
lol Blazette: "But if you're considering to agree on letting me stick one
of this up your --"

Автор Mister Saturn ( назад)
I'm trying to put Mob Talker on Tekkit. FML says it doesn't exist, and I am
sure I'm doing something wrong. Help!!!

Автор sgtnewbern1 ( назад)
Dude blaze has longer story

Автор sgtnewbern1 ( назад)
U should doit

Автор t3h3p1c0n3 ( назад)
STILL a better love story than twilight.

Автор Nothinghere23 ( назад)
Lol a tsundere

Автор Foevah Whovian ( назад)
The Blaze has a longer story line

Автор drew harmon ( назад)
the blaze is do f----ing sexy

Автор StormZorua ( назад)
And so the Blaze was burnt out by a Player who never understood sarcasm...

Автор Noah Smith ( назад)
ok just for that 1 line this was great LOL XD

Автор david gonzalez ( назад)
apparently neither the ghast nor the blaze mind about being kept prisoner

Автор Hulkbuster Mark 5 ( назад)
you got burned by a blaze

Автор Hulkbuster Mark 5 ( назад)
Do not get her angry!!!!

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