Tutorial - How I Install My Brazilian/Peruvian Full lace Sew-In

This Video demostrates how to install your full lace sew in and also the different ways you can wear it

Hair: www.stylebyese.com "hair by ese"
Length: 22"
Density: 170"
Lace: 0.2 Hard Lace All over
Texture: Brazilian and Peruvian Permed Hair.

Necklace: www.stylebyese.com

Email Address: info@stylebyese.com

Like on Facebook: www.facebook.com/stylebyese

Follow Me OnTwitter: https://twitter.com/StylebyEse1

Visit our Website: www.stylebyese.com

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or @eseazenabor

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Автор leuayva sparks ( назад)
+drakethebest44 this is for you!

Автор Jacqueline Williams (1698 лет назад)
I love it!! perfect in every way

Автор Kelsada Dunn ( назад)
This is definitely the best wig ive seen so far and the model make the
installation look so easy. Does anyone know how to contact her company

Автор zaynah beth ( назад)
sooooo she's gonna just keep that part out even though its almost gone?

Автор crazyconfedy (890 лет назад)
Does anyone know how to actually contact her buisness??

Автор Andrea Sullivan ( назад)
This is the most natural lace sew-in... LOVE IT!!!

Автор Tiara Taylor ( назад)
i love how you put your wig in more then anyone on youtube it took my
forever to find this video to do it for my self. Thank you so much for your

Автор babyy2fine ( назад)
Best I've seen so far...I love this 

Автор Dante Velasquez ( назад)
that looks great!

Автор Kalsum Tambwe ( назад)
Your so Gorgeous, Did you play a Nigerian movie before ? 

Автор Mary Fiori ( назад)

Автор Mary Fiori ( назад)
Showwww :):):):):):):):):):☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Автор Rembo Mrembo ( назад)

Автор M. Colvin ( назад)
Nice end result! But... you have wrecked your own beautiful hair. What you
call deflated is actually over processing. Your scalp hurts because it
needs you to give it a break from the torture of sew ins and chemicals.
Heck, wrap it up in a Gale' for a little while, you can get away with
anything and still look like a million bucks. You are gorgeous!

Автор Nell John ( назад)
Awesome-awesome job. Thank you. 

Автор Bri Ukaonu ( назад)
i love this hair, its so Diana Ross

Автор 9900savannah ( назад)
Vanessa how did you get your money back?

Автор xiomy782000 ( назад)
She looks in agony!!!! Not worth the pain!!!

Автор Venessa Smith ( назад)
Does anyone know how to reach Style by Ese? 10 weeks, no wig.

Автор Tonia Leviege (1113 года назад)
I love your tutorial, thank you. I'm sure many have inquired so anyone can
help and thank you. Where can I purchase the full lace piece from and would
I need to send head measurements? Thank you in adavance

Автор earthichik ( назад)
I love this vid. I'm just curious how did you blend your natural hair with
the wig before the perm.

Автор Batman Fan ( назад)
Are you French ?

Автор Regan Allen ( назад)
I'm really late.. But is this wig just a regular lace front?

Автор Richy Ng ( назад)
this look like ririhhhh wig install!! i was looking this for a longtime i
just fail in love lol xoxo 

Автор Newshipment ( назад)
omg ppl she is Nigerian, thats where you hear the accent anyways I recently
installed the unit almost a wk now and I love it!!! Honestly Ive purchased
the wig almost a yr ago but took my time researching how to properly care
for the hair. I also istalled the hair for my sisters, they are now on
their second install. Long story short if you follow Ese's direction in the
hair care process you will have ease with the hair.

Автор Zakeya Dodson ( назад)
omg youve helped me do muvh in this proccess thanks for macking this video
and the hair is absolutly fabs!

Автор Kiana Marie ( назад)
She deffly has a stronger accent than Canadians, she sounds more African or
Maybe from an Island lol 

Автор asianrice bowl ( назад)
you remind me of Janet Jackson

Автор linda Smith ( назад)
U are so cute

Автор Love In The City ( назад)
Where did you get lace for wig?

Автор Khyla ( назад)
This hair is BOMB! LOVE LOVE LOVE the curl pattern. I've had a pattern
similar and can not find any other close to it until now. Will def order
this unit.

Автор agcrafty1 ( назад)
I think she's from Montreal or Quebec since she is Canadian I think she has
a French accent I know because I'm French 

Автор Jaz M ( назад)
Thanks for the tutorial! Looks great. New subbie!

Автор ely bless ( назад)
very good video thank you for your help

Автор Myeisha Coppage ( назад)
Wow amazing job Hun looks great!!

Автор margherita sitar ( назад)
Hello i just sew in a wig lace like you...is very nice...now... how i can
wash the wigs? and how much time i can wear it? 

Автор Bennaa A ( назад)

Автор TheAndreProject ( назад)
I'm trying to get onto your website to see how the price list for the wig
but your website doesn't appear to be working. Can you help? Thanks

Автор maria ruiz ( назад)
wow that looks fast and better than glueing it .love it

Автор Diinaa Everlasting ( назад)

Автор mirahh hicks ( назад)
Good! And it kinda sounds like you're faking your accent , lol

Автор Cashmere Kinks ( назад)
Ese, do you not have any in stock? Do I have to order custom? I just didn't
want to wait. I wanted to use this wig as a protective style during the
winter season. If I wait 6-8 weeks, winter will be over. 

Автор Jana Thomas-Puente ( назад)
What kind of hair is that like the type and where did u get it from it
looks awesome also does it make a difference if u leave hair out or dont

Автор Chelly Marie ( назад)
Can you use a regular lace front and sew it in like a full lace

Автор Ashley Pope ( назад)
Could someone make a review on the hair if they own it?

Автор Reange king ( назад)
where do you buy it

Автор Aatoya Diaz ( назад)
I fell in love with this hair....

Автор nieka gates ( назад)
IM soooo happy that I came across this video. I was so tired on the u part
wig. wasn't able to wear or style as if it was growing from my scalp.
but THANKS to u I have found a miracle wig... THANKS SO MUCH. I will be
pursuing one very soon 

Автор Sheneka Smith ( назад)
Absolutely love this! 

Автор Bianca Diamonds'bruh ( назад)
oh my god.
you miss. are amazing. 

Автор stelly Turney ( назад)
Good vidéo

Автор Kay ya ( назад)
Where is your hair from?

Автор Kelly Gass ( назад)
So pretty<3

Автор WESTCOAST 1994 ( назад)
is it uncomfortable wearing a full lace front wig

Автор enibaby4 ( назад)
looks great

Автор Dee AngelVoice ( назад)
hi how do you do those deep curls you had in your hair in the video you was
talking about your fashion show?

Автор LALITE89 ( назад)
you put that thing on and your whole swag transformed like you knew you
were fly...and you are! I feel the same way when I get my hair done...life

Автор Concerned Citizen ( назад)
Your so pretty, you look like a doll !

Автор Frankie F ( назад)

Автор Tierra Douglas ( назад)
hi i have a question what is density on this hair is that something similar
to how many bundles? Also i love your hair it looks really naturally on you

Автор Tori Griffin ( назад)
Awwwww @ 12:59

Автор Artesha Elmore ( назад)
Where do you get your lace wig?

Автор Sophie M ( назад)
I just wanna say that yours is the most natural full lace wig sew in I've
seen on YouTube. This is how it's done!

Автор BoSS Ladi Miracle ( назад)
I know they told you , you look like Janet Jackson right?? I love your

Автор CTTV ( назад)
so happy i came across your video !

Автор TheSpiritRoom23 ( назад)
u are soooo freaking cute!!!! U look like a doll:-)

Автор S Johnson ( назад)
A friend of mine purchased the unit you're wearing and it shed like
crazy.With the density and length she got it was well over $500 and I would
think for $500 there should not be a strand in her brush.I was mad for
her.It's so dull and dry and no matter what she puts on it,its still dull
and dry....Wow,she's emailed and gets no respone.

Автор Christina Johnson ( назад)
You're so pretty

Автор Kalii Kushh ( назад)
hey doll. I emailed you awhile ago. I really want to order this wig! please
message me on here ASAP!!! Thanks doll!

Автор portiasT123 ( назад)
can I have your doggie he's so cute

Автор Jehania ( назад)
You did a great job! Was that a glueless lace wig or just a regular full
lace wig?

Автор shinycat01 ( назад)
Gorgeous!! love the hair, makes me want to buy one like that! Chelsea is
just adorable too :)

Автор Amber McCaskey ( назад)
where have you been?! lol we want more videos! you're so fab

Автор Posha Nap ( назад)
Can I sew in any full lace wig?

Автор Petal Joseph ( назад)
Did u have to cut your wig?

Автор Nea Nicole ( назад)
do you buy your hair from a certain website? and how much is it?

Автор Mikki R ( назад)
You are so beautiful! I love your technique for the sew-in. I'll definitely
have to try it! Thank you!

Автор Sharia S. ( назад)
Are these still available

Автор lola w ( назад)
<3 you are so gorgeous

Автор Niky9965 ( назад)
Thank you thank you thank you!

Автор Zae Jackson ( назад)
I still can't get over the fact you're 29 lmbo . Like OMG you're beautiful
and you look about 19 or 20 !! I love this technique <3

Автор esjohnson1 ( назад)
OMG I love this. You are gorgeous! New Subbie.

Автор Stephanie Floyd ( назад)
I was curious where you order your custom lace wig from...and could you do
a video on bleaching the knots? Btw love this video your hair looks so
natural...great work!!

Автор NikkiSaMoneforever ( назад)
Thank you!!! Finally someone on you tube that shows their technique during
the process except before and after!!! You're gorgeous! Keep up the good
work. I just subscribed!!

Автор nicole vickers ( назад)
Love this!!! I've been literally stalking YouTube for a lacefront wig that
suits me, and I'm SOLD. Thanks for sharing your technique girl. I'm about
to rock this for the fall! And big ups to the website - fabulous stuff! ; )

Автор TheMrsDelightful ( назад)
Where do you buy the custom wigs

Автор Shalom ( назад)
You kind of look like Janet Jackson, lol. :) anyways, GREAT video! I like
the curls.

Автор Sciencedude011 ( назад)
Are you from nigeria?

Автор ajjay25 ( назад)
Do you hav to leave hair out at the back? I only want to leave hair at the
front not at the back. Plzzz help :D

Автор derrickaMKB ( назад)
Where do u live ?

Автор brama ( назад)
I hope she fed and took the dog out after getting her excited for it. :O)

Автор YOAMOROSA ( назад)
First Thing, Wow. Great skill to braid your own hair.. I have original
latin hair I recently cut and did trim it, cause the end of my hair was
splitting. I am afraid to use wig, or some extension hair.. I have a
question, How do you deal, in a relationship when an encounter intimacy
your boyfriend pull accidentaly the wig and realize everything is fake... I
have this crazy idea in mi mind.. so afraid to wear it.. but, I have to
say, I admire your skill ... You are beautiful, thanks to share

Автор gia azur ( назад)
can you make a video showing the natural state of all of the wigs? bc im
not sure if i should get deeper luster body wave or the natural body wave i
want whatever one has a tighter wave

Автор Mayc340 ( назад)
Hey Ese, I like everything you do and your good at it but I must say that
your customer service department is horrible. You don't respond to emails,
inquiries, problems. I am very frustrated right now.

Автор Mayc340 ( назад)
On the box it says 16" custom made virgin Brazilian/ Peruvian and the
density is 200% but unfortunately the hair is very thin. It doesn't look
like the one your showing us on YouTube. I can't return it cause its custom
made, so please advice me on what to do

Автор Mayc340 ( назад)
The density is 200, I ordered that cause I really wanted it thick. It's
very unfortunate cause the lacewing is not that cheap.

Автор Mayc340 ( назад)
I ordered the same hair and received it but mine is not as think as yours.
Its so light though the density is over 170

Автор StyleBy Ese ( назад)
Yes. Finally

Автор StyleBy Ese ( назад)

Автор StyleBy Ese ( назад)

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