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Автор Mary Fiori (2 месяца)

Автор Rembo Mrembo (2 месяца)

Автор Dante Velasquez (23 дня)
that looks great!

Автор M. Colvin (2 месяца)
Nice end result! But... you have wrecked your own beautiful hair. What you
call deflated is actually over processing. Your scalp hurts because it
needs you to give it a break from the torture of sew ins and chemicals.
Heck, wrap it up in a Gale' for a little while, you can get away with
anything and still look like a million bucks. You are gorgeous!

Автор Kalsum Tambwe (1 месяц)
Your so Gorgeous, Did you play a Nigerian movie before ? 

Автор Mary Fiori (2 месяца)
Showwww :):):):):):):):):):☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Автор Khyla Whyte (1 год)
This hair is BOMB! LOVE LOVE LOVE the curl pattern. I've had a pattern
similar and can not find any other close to it until now. Will def order
this unit.

Автор Nell John (6 месяцев)
Awesome-awesome job. Thank you. 

Автор xiomy782000 (8 месяцев)
She looks in agony!!!! Not worth the pain!!!

Автор Tonia Leviege (10 месяцев)
I love your tutorial, thank you. I'm sure many have inquired so anyone can
help and thank you. Where can I purchase the full lace piece from and would
I need to send head measurements? Thank you in adavance

Автор asianrice bowl (1 год)
you remind me of Janet Jackson

Автор maria ruiz (1 год)
wow that looks fast and better than glueing it .love it

Автор Venessa Smith (9 месяцев)
Does anyone know how to reach Style by Ese? 10 weeks, no wig.

Автор Bri Ukaonu (7 месяцев)
i love this hair, its so Diana Ross

Автор Zakeya Dodson (1 год)
omg youve helped me do muvh in this proccess thanks for macking this video
and the hair is absolutly fabs!

Автор agcrafty1 (1 год)
I think she's from Montreal or Quebec since she is Canadian I think she has
a French accent I know because I'm French 

Автор Regan Allen (10 месяцев)
I'm really late.. But is this wig just a regular lace front?

Автор linda Smith (1 год)
U are so cute

Автор 9900savannah (8 месяцев)
Vanessa how did you get your money back?

Автор Jaz M (1 год)
Thanks for the tutorial! Looks great. New subbie!

Автор ely bless (1 год)
very good video thank you for your help

Автор Newshipment (11 месяцев)
omg ppl she is Nigerian, thats where you hear the accent anyways I recently
installed the unit almost a wk now and I love it!!! Honestly Ive purchased
the wig almost a yr ago but took my time researching how to properly care
for the hair. I also istalled the hair for my sisters, they are now on
their second install. Long story short if you follow Ese's direction in the
hair care process you will have ease with the hair.

Автор jade lisa (10 месяцев)
Are you French ?

Автор Richy Ng (11 месяцев)
this look like ririhhhh wig install!! i was looking this for a longtime i
just fail in love lol xoxo 

Автор Bennaa A (1 год)

Автор TheAndreProject (1 год)
I'm trying to get onto your website to see how the price list for the wig
but your website doesn't appear to be working. Can you help? Thanks

Автор enibaby4 (1 год)
looks great

Автор Myeisha Coppage (1 год)
Wow amazing job Hun looks great!!

Автор Monroe puente (1 год)
What kind of hair is that like the type and where did u get it from it
looks awesome also does it make a difference if u leave hair out or dont

Автор Chelly Marie (1 год)
Can you use a regular lace front and sew it in like a full lace

Автор Cashmere Kinks (1 год)
Ese, do you not have any in stock? Do I have to order custom? I just didn't
want to wait. I wanted to use this wig as a protective style during the
winter season. If I wait 6-8 weeks, winter will be over. 

Автор Sheneka Smith (1 год)
Absolutely love this! 

Автор Reange king (1 год)
where do you buy it

Автор stelly Turney (1 год)
Good vidéo

Автор nieka gates (1 год)
IM soooo happy that I came across this video. I was so tired on the u part
wig. wasn't able to wear or style as if it was growing from my scalp.
but THANKS to u I have found a miracle wig... THANKS SO MUCH. I will be
pursuing one very soon 

Автор margherita sitar (1 год)
Hello i just sew in a wig lace like you...is very nice...now... how i can
wash the wigs? and how much time i can wear it? 

Автор Kelly Gass (1 год)
So pretty<3

Автор mirahh hicks (1 год)
Good! And it kinda sounds like you're faking your accent , lol

Автор Love In The City (1 год)
Where did you get lace for wig?

Автор Aatoya Diaz (1 год)
I fell in love with this hair....

Автор Bianca Diamonds'bruh (1 год)
oh my god.
you miss. are amazing. 

Автор Ashley Pope (1 год)
Could someone make a review on the hair if they own it?

Автор Dee AngelVoice (1 год)
hi how do you do those deep curls you had in your hair in the video you was
talking about your fashion show?

Автор WESTCOAST 1994 (1 год)
is it uncomfortable wearing a full lace front wig

Автор earthichik (10 месяцев)
I love this vid. I'm just curious how did you blend your natural hair with
the wig before the perm.

Автор Kiana Marie (1 год)
She deffly has a stronger accent than Canadians, she sounds more African or
Maybe from an Island lol 

Автор Diinaa Everlasting (1 год)

Автор Kay ya (1 год)
Where is your hair from?

Автор Tori Griffin (1 год)
Awwwww @ 12:59

Автор Amber Arrington (1 год)
Your hair looks amazing. How did you get the natural parts without the lace
showing? Sorry if it is a stupid question. I am new to the wonderful world
of hair lol.

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