Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Airbus A380 test run with FMGC demo

This Airbus A380 add-on is from Wilco. Start with demo of operating Flight Management and Guidance Computer (FMGC) and the Multifunction Control and Display Unit (MCDU), then a short test run of the Airbus A380 super jumbo from VHHH to ZGSZ including takeoff, climb, procedure turn, approach and landing. The focus of every FSX video is precision in operations, like approach with accurate glide path, touchdown exactly on aiming point marking and nose gear perfectly on centerline, engage/disengage reverse thrust at right moments, etc...

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Длительность: 6:30
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Автор Johnny Alexander ( назад)
For payware, this addon strikes me as inaccurate and unfinished....

Автор Nour Nasser ( назад)

Автор Sjuksköterska ( назад)
retard! retard!

Автор Sha Sta ( назад)
Link to the mod please?

Автор oliver rodriguez ( назад)
donde lo consigo

Автор DeiGamer18 ( назад)
Y el link de descarga?

Автор asim ghosh ( назад)

Автор clavin wilton sequeira ( назад)
one problem the a380 has only 1 reverse thruster on each side

Автор Ágoston Todonai ( назад)
nice land :)

Автор Miriam Annich ( назад)
that good i want to do that

Автор NubbleGaming ( назад)

Автор Akande Olawale ( назад)
Nice video. How can I get this game?

Автор Let's Play ( назад)

Автор 林爱玉 ( назад)

Автор Matthew duke ( назад)
Absolutely stunning

Автор Trung Nguyen ( назад)

Автор Firas Hawks ( назад)

Автор Ulfric Stormcloak ( назад)
the runway was a small?

Автор Hattan Shaker ( назад)
hi guys ineed link pleas

Автор Farxiyal Ehsan ( назад)
(Correct me if I'am wrong) at 4:10 the way the gear was hanging out it was
not realistic was it? It was more like a Boeing 747.

Автор Rafi Fadhillah Gaming ( назад)
are this with mod

Автор sukhmander singh ( назад)

Автор Ibrahem Badr ( назад)
Possible explanation of Microsoft Flight Simulator X Download ?

Автор MCYoshi16Gaming ( назад)
No need to flare at that height!

Автор Saeed Yaqoob ( назад)
great flight 

Автор ‫בוסתאן אל מרג'‬‎ ( назад)

Автор jean tsai ( назад)
can you please give me a download link ?

Автор luke b ( назад)
where did u get the add-ons from?

Автор kev brady ( назад)
how do you know to put that code in the begin 

Автор Darth Lord Spectre Nightblade ( назад)
and i thought the 747 was big but this is huge wow
but 747 will always be the legendary turn of the century

Автор iRockstar Ciprioni ( назад)
A380's only have 2 Reverse Thrusters, 744 has 4.

Автор Danish Mithani ( назад)
how do I get airbus on the game

Автор Женя цвиндин ( назад)

Автор Darren Elliott ( назад)
aweome...what airport did uoi take off at?

Автор prathyush rajeev ( назад)
Can you give me the download link for this A380???

Автор Red Phoenix ( назад)
How do you get those controls close to you?

Автор Red Phoenix ( назад)
How do you open that keypad?

Автор Dylan calheta ( назад)

Автор TheBreakZ ( назад)
4x reverse? :D

Автор Rolando Emmanuel ( назад)
hey where i find it ? the airplane

Автор Mohamed Ali Saleh ( назад)

Автор rudy EUSTACHE ( назад)
the wilco A380 is realy the most fake A380 on the net...and it's not a
freeware open door in the main gear,the number 1&4 engine are able to
reverse,no landing light,above all those scariest landing gear
position...FAKE and shamed A380...fmgc test was OK du to flight ...keep on
virtual pilot

Автор MCYoshi16Gaming ( назад)
X-Plane 10 is a much better simulator.

Автор Saw Irizar ( назад)

Автор Liam0125 ( назад)
looks insane man, so much action

Автор Lucas Cunha Gamer ( назад)

Автор ryan benmiloud ( назад)
c'est vraiment un virus mon frère dis que c'est un virus

Автор MultiGamerGeorge ( назад)
you can put link download on the description please?

Автор The Standard ( назад)
You have to buy it. Its like $30....I play this more then anything else..

Автор maconoseful ( назад)
you can add this to any plane,is called GPWS.download freeware at AVSIM web

Автор ylifin ( назад)
The voice is not included in FSX but from the aircraft add-on, in this case
the Wilco Airbus A380.

Автор jasiel baptiste ( назад)
any downloadable link for this game

Автор johanwykman ( назад)
Hi, I've played FSX for some days now, but I don't have any voices that
counts me down when I land. How do you fix this? Am I going to contact the
control tower or what? I just want these voices that counts me down. Please
help me! :)

Автор chavakron Phothong ( назад)

Автор chavakron Phothong ( назад)

Автор Richard Gollen ( назад)
remember the old flight simulator? classic

Автор Morne Van der Berg ( назад)
the scenery is as boring as mine

Автор ylifin ( назад)
The Vr is automatically calculated by FMGC depending on the weight and flap
setting, and can be anywhere from 140 to 170 kts. I rotated at 140 kts.
Flap setting for takeoff is 1+F for a long runway such as this one VHHH.

Автор Gregorius Neven ( назад)
the take off speed is so slow

Автор Gregorius Neven ( назад)
Fun, but confusing... But i like it :D

Автор Yuri Lopes ( назад)
como vc baixou o jogo

Автор caio guimaraes ( назад)
como vc baixou o fsx completo?qur eu fui baixar e foi o demo

Автор StormrunnerKC ( назад)
This looks like fun

Автор iLikeCheeseziez ( назад)
Lol, nope. The real A380 only reverses engines 2 & 3.

Автор ylifin ( назад)
Yes there is VC and quite OK. I didn't use it because it's not easy to show
the small texts in the instruments.

Автор DanyNBA ( назад)
Is there no VC or do you not use it ?

Автор Azzi Somazzi ( назад)
to be honest i think its the future of everyday airtravel

Автор julio renovales ( назад)
te falto algo pero bueno goo landy

Автор AceRaptor ( назад)
It's through a "Flight Sim" store On-line. You can buy Aircraft from there.

Автор AceRaptor ( назад)
Indeed, and it's more understandable.

Автор AceRaptor ( назад)
Indeed, and it's more understandable.

Автор ylifin ( назад)
That's the fault of Wilco's model, the landing gear is also wrong, but its
FMGC is probably the best.

Автор ylifin ( назад)
A380 is easier to handle than B747 :)

Автор Nicholas Handlery ( назад)
i only know how to fly 747-800 :(

Автор Phillip Lewis ( назад)
Hong kong and by the way all 4 ENG have reverser? look one time a real
video .... wilco......

Автор Simon Binnie ( назад)
What airport is this?

Автор Sam Wheeler ( назад)
Very nice

Автор LUX Spotting ( назад)
Retard retard ten

Автор Martin Gloy ( назад)
how do you get all these new planes??

Автор ylifin ( назад)
Thanks for noticing the details. The Vr is automatically calculated by FMGC
depending on the weight and flap setting, and can be anywhere from 140 to
170 kts. I rotated at 140 kts. Flap setting for takeoff is 1+F for a long
runway such as this one VHHH.

Автор ylifin ( назад)
Yes true, there was a little pause at 40% but I was still a bit too fast.
You really observe the details :)

Автор Ramon Albanaes ( назад)
Eu sou do brasil sil sil

Автор Volatus ( назад)
3:18 - youre meant to run the engine at 50% until it stabilises and you can
confirm ;)

Автор Gustavo Martinez ( назад)

Автор rafael estrela ( назад)

Автор Valdinez Borges ( назад)
o cara é muito bom...

Автор Giorgio ( назад)
I have this aircraft in fs9 and I land on a runway of 2.5 kml

Автор Alfred Clausen ( назад)
Is this the Fuerteventura Airport ? At the landing

Автор Alex Holman ( назад)
God fuck damn your good

Автор baldeneo ( назад)
You rotated too early during takeoff, and flaps should be set to 2.

Автор Michel Hedler ( назад)
how did u get the MCDU, is it a mod?

Автор TheKryst1010 ( назад)
u mean its fucked

Автор nathanael smith ( назад)
Damn u are good

Автор gfouty1 ( назад)
How do you know what all you are supposed to do prior to take off. is there
some training in the game that teaches you all this?

Автор Luan Oscar ( назад)
what you did for the plane take off? what is the name of this simulator?

Автор Robert White ( назад)
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Автор RAZERZ ( назад)
For a B747

Автор RAZERZ ( назад)
Great landing but i downloaded the A380 but the cockpit is f

Автор Francisco Alves ( назад)
ylifin Adding aircraft of Flight Simulator X. I'm using version "Gold
Edition Acceleration" and would like to add the following aircraft: C-130
Hercules, A380 and Sneca II. Can you help me?

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