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Автор Akande Olawale (1 месяц)
Nice video. How can I get this game?

Автор Hattan Shaker (3 месяца)
hi guys ineed link pleas

Автор Ulfric Stormcloak (3 месяца)
the runway was a small?

Автор 林爱玉 (1 месяц)

Автор Dani CAT1978 (2 месяца)

Автор Farxiyal Ehsan (3 месяца)
(Correct me if I'am wrong) at 4:10 the way the gear was hanging out it was
not realistic was it? It was more like a Boeing 747.

Автор Trung Nguyen (2 месяца)

Автор jabir abdisamad (1 месяц)

Автор Firas Hawks (2 месяца)

Автор Ibrahem Badr (6 месяцев)
Possible explanation of Microsoft Flight Simulator X Download ?

Автор Rafi Fadhillah (5 месяцев)
are this with mod

Автор Matthew duke (1 месяц)
Absolutely stunning

Автор Saeed Yaqoob (8 месяцев)
great flight 

Автор sukhmander singh (6 месяцев)

Автор MCYoshi16Gaming (7 месяцев)
No need to flare at that height!

Автор Darren Elliott (1 год)
aweome...what airport did uoi take off at?

Автор jean tsai (10 месяцев)
can you please give me a download link ?

Автор Dylan calheta (1 год)

Автор luke b (10 месяцев)
where did u get the add-ons from?

Автор Danish Mithani (11 месяцев)
how do I get airbus on the game

Автор iRockstar Ciprioni (11 месяцев)
A380's only have 2 Reverse Thrusters, 744 has 4.

Автор kevin brady (11 месяцев)
how do you know to put that code in the begin 

Автор TheBreakZ (1 год)
4x reverse? :D

Автор prathyush rajeev (1 год)
Can you give me the download link for this A380???

Автор Женя цвиндин (1 год)

Автор rudy EUSTACHE (1 год)
the wilco A380 is realy the most fake A380 on the net...and it's not a
freeware open door in the main gear,the number 1&4 engine are able to
reverse,no landing light,above all those scariest landing gear
position...FAKE and shamed A380...fmgc test was OK du to flight ...keep on
virtual pilot

Автор בוסתאן אל מרג' (9 месяцев)

Автор Red Phoenix (1 год)
How do you get those controls close to you?

Автор Rolando Emmanuel (1 год)
hey where i find it ? the airplane

Автор Red Phoenix (1 год)
How do you open that keypad?

Автор Mohamed Ali Saleh (1 год)

Автор Lucas Cunha Gamer (1 год)

Автор Scot Nightblade (11 месяцев)
and i thought the 747 was big but this is huge wow
but 747 will always be the legendary turn of the century

Автор MCYoshi16Gaming (1 год)
X-Plane 10 is a much better simulator.

Автор Saw Irizar (1 год)

Автор Liam0125 (1 год)
looks insane man, so much action

Автор Luan Oscar (1 год)
what you did for the plane take off? what is the name of this simulator?

Автор Ramon Albanaes (1 год)
Eu sou do brasil sil sil

Автор Toni Rantala-Olsen (2 года)
Bill Gates ever had sex?

Автор Giorgio (1 год)
I have this aircraft in fs9 and I land on a runway of 2.5 kml

Автор Nicholas Handlery (1 год)
i only know how to fly 747-800 :(

Автор The Eighth (1 год)
I hav that game

Автор ylifin (2 года)
That's known bugs for the Wilco model, and also the landing gears.

Автор nkl710a (2 года)

Автор ylifin (2 года)
For the sake of simulation, Yes!

Автор Alex Holman (1 год)
God fuck damn your good

Автор murderblade7 (1 год)
3:18 - youre meant to run the engine at 50% until it stabilises and you can
confirm ;)

Автор ylifin (1 год)
Yes true, there was a little pause at 40% but I was still a bit too fast.
You really observe the details :)

Автор Cristian Radulescu (2 года)
True! Wilco does not make airplanes, they mak cartoons. I own Airbus 1 and
2. Even after tehir "drastic" updates of both, thei ars sooo many FMGC bugs
whith descent and many more, that it s impossible to fly on Vatsim or Ivao.
Wilco sucks...

Автор Phillip Lewis (1 год)
Hong kong and by the way all 4 ENG have reverser? look one time a real
video .... wilco......

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