adventure quest world private server

new private server at http://x-world.rixc.co.cc/ create a account play for free no virus no need to download new item i lv 72 at there see my ranks suscribe me

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Длительность: 7:31
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Автор zach hilligus ( назад)
how do i dowload it

Автор Chewie Gaming ( назад)
white page ...

Автор Pyromancer ( назад)
Thats adventureQuest, or is it just old and now Xtreme world is

Автор caspo ot ( назад)
this is not adveture quest worlds this is adventure quest not adventure
quest worlds u eijeiit 

Автор borjo8 ( назад)

Автор Stretcha ( назад)

Автор Just a passing comment ( назад)
how to download tis ?

Автор pongorooo ( назад)
guess what? :) its not worlds

Автор Walrus Knight ( назад)
@SepulchureDoom Dude.... really? It's a video game so stfu allready no one
cares if it's a rip off or not. A video game is a video game either way. So
go back to AQ and stop looking up private servers. You're most likely 8 -
12 years old anyway sooooo.... yeah....

Автор Walrus Knight ( назад)
Yeah, if you pause at 0:08 you can see # 1 and # 11 are mine.

Автор Walrus Knight ( назад)
@curtsarmiento My account's name is Jason. Last time I played I was around
level 102 or something like that and my secend guy was around level 80 or

Автор Walrus Knight ( назад)
I really wish someone would give me the new link...

Автор ricardok567 ( назад)
how do u get into the domain in co.cc

Автор AQWlinshen ( назад)
idk for new links i need ask owner shadow spax who make TQW

Автор WATERMELON ( назад)
every time i click a link it says (too long to respond)

Автор bollockschops ( назад)
@Shoman11228 Also, Learn to spell

Автор bollockschops ( назад)
@Shoman11228 Im not jealous, Im lvl 66 guardian so go die.

Автор StormGaming ( назад)
@SepulchureDoom your just jelous sepulchure u r mad that you dont have your
own private server for Adventure Quest!!!

Автор Walrus Knight ( назад)
Whats the new link for xtreme world? ( I'm Jason btw) I just want to play
again. I'm probably not even rank 1 now since I've been gone for so long :/

Автор Binson Koh ( назад)
@AQWLinshen why do you copy me anyway

Автор Nineshadow ( назад)
not haxor noob-.-i even play it to sum1 made thio server so shut up

Автор bollockschops ( назад)

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