Modern Albanian Historians prove that Albanians are not Illyrians

Modern Albanian Historians, do not accept the Albanians as Illyrians.
When they came to Balkan Peninsula.
Have a look on their quotes and see what they say.

I shall dedicate this video to Mr.Albania455 and all the other Albanians, who honored me with their clueless video and desperately need a response to put them in the right path.

Albanian historians such as Dr. Kaplan Resuli, Dr. Adrian Qosi, Fatos Lubonja, Prof. Adrian Vebiu, and others.

1st Quote:
"(Dr Kaplan Resuli-Albanologist, academic and Albanian historian):

When the Albanians arrive on the Balkan and today's Albania, there is nothing else they can do except to take those toponyms. A large part of Albania is flooded with Serbian toponyms. Just as an example, I wish to mention the towns of Pogradec, Kor?a (Korcha), (Chorovoda), Berat, Bozigrad, Leskovik, Voskopoja, Kuzova, Kelcira, Bels and others.

More inside the video. And as always, thanks everyone for watching.

© Copyrighted by xIllyrianWarriorx's crew. ©

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Автор ArvaniteLegacy ( назад)
"The Albanians are a people who dream", we can apply this explanation to
Albanian made videos about how Pelasgians, Spartans and Alexander the great
were Albanians! LOL

Автор POTIS1 ( назад)

Автор POTIS1 ( назад)

Автор Wofka1986 ( назад)
Albanians are not Illyrians. Its fact, now stop barking and sit down
albanian gypsies!

Автор xIllyrianWarriorx ( назад)
Vetvetja99, you suspended as can everyone expect. Commenting against the
truth won't help. From now on, anyone who goes against logic will be
blocked in seconds.

Автор DIONYSISZANTE ( назад)
How can a people with 400 years of occupation be expected to have military
experrience and brilliance as you termed it , what we lacked we made up
with courage and determination and with the help of foreign powers managed
to expel the ottoman beast from our midst , the Arabs tried again to invade
from Egypt but in the end were beaten too, we've been attacked from just
about every nation during our history, and we are still here today to talk
about it, we must be doing something right to survive

Автор DIONYSISZANTE ( назад)
Your forefathers were with the Turks fighting Greeks and arvanites, scum of
the earth turkalbanians! It's funny how you can't answer the question I've
asked you twice now about doing what kastriotis did , ie convert back to
Christianity at the first chance he had! What's wrong your not enough of a
man to do what your greatest hero did? Of course not because you ate a
rurkalbanian brought from caucauses to kill arvanites Greeks Italians
whoever the Turks told you , fucking worthless mercenaries

Автор DIONYSISZANTE ( назад)
You idiot the questions are the ones with a question mark following them!!!
You mean their being treated like the Greek minority in Albania???? Listen
my little albo friend the world doesn't revolve around you and most people
in the world have never even heard of you, your insignificant and are
trying to steal history as well as everything that isn't bolted down in
Greece!!!! Pest , why don't you convert back like kastriotis did at his
first opportunity???????? That's a question

Автор DIONYSISZANTE ( назад)
You can't answer my questions can you???

Автор DIONYSISZANTE ( назад)
Marin barleti wrote a fairytale!!

Автор DIONYSISZANTE ( назад)
Also what did ancient Greeks wear??? Weren't they kilts??? Does that mean
that you and the Scottish are Greek??? It probably does with your logic!!
Don't forget the Greeks were being oppressed by Turks and any disguise
would do!!

Автор DIONYSISZANTE ( назад)
Moron who's being forced??? Greek arvanites are proud to be Greek !!! They
are ashamed of you giving them a bad name!! You mention kastrioti! Another
Greek arvaniti which fought many battles against you turkalbanians and
Turks !! A proud Christian he was! Even when he was forced to convert he
denounced Islam at his first chance!!! Why are you not denouncing at the
first chance if he is your greatest hero????????? Think about it!!

Автор DIONYSISZANTE ( назад)
You were on the Turks side and you were mercenaries, and that is a fact!!
Arvanites Christians are ashamed of people like you that are trying to take
their history as yours!! You're mixed up about which side you were on!!
Greek as a term was put on us by the west, we have ALWAYS been ΕΛΛΗΝΕΣ or
HELLENES! You used to be called turkalbano!!!

Автор vetvetja99 ( назад)
Had the Greek Emperors acted like Scanderbeg, the empire of the East might
still have been preserved. -Voltaire

Автор DIONYSISZANTE ( назад)
Arvanites and arberesh are Christians that once inhabited Illyria which
fled when turkalbans came

Автор DIONYSISZANTE ( назад)
When we ask for advise about culture and genetics we should ask the
Albanians , they are the experts!!! Lol lol lol

Автор DIONYSISZANTE ( назад)
The only thing wrong with Greece today is that it's getting inundated with
Albanian scum like you!!! If you don't like it get the fuck out, well even
throw in all the donkeys

Автор DIONYSISZANTE ( назад)
Your the one that needs a lesson 1 you are not a descendant of Illyria 2
your a descendant of caucausian Albania 3 you were brought over to fight
Greeks Romans 4 you tried to assimilate the original Illyrians but they
fled to Greece and Sicily and are called arvanites os arbaresh 5 they want
nothing to do with you turkalbanians and infact are embarrassed of you 6
all those so called Albanian Greek heroes that you guys go on about spoke
Greek and fought Muslim scum like you and Turks

Автор DIONYSISZANTE ( назад)
Well the logic is good! We have always known you Albanians as mercenaries
of the Turks and Arabs ! Have you watched the vids in my favourites?????!!
Don't reply till you do! Your making yourself to be even more stupid than
you already are!!!!

Автор vetvetja99 ( назад)
some Hellenic logic you have...

Автор DIONYSISZANTE ( назад)
Because there are still Greeks in Albania even today especially in the south

Автор DIONYSISZANTE ( назад)
Greece is being destroyed by Albanian thieves rapists murderers

Автор DIONYSISZANTE ( назад)
Greeks is what you call us, Hellenes is what we call ourselves! Έλληνες =
Hellenes , always has always will my caucausian friend!!!

Автор DIONYSISZANTE ( назад)
No they were arvanites that were the original inhabitants of Albania before
you imposters came along, can you explain why they call themselves Greek
and are orthodox Christians just like giorgos kastriotis yet all you lot
are Muslim????? Listen here , you've been kept like a mushroom, in the dark
with communism and Islam ! Type in caucausian Albania in brittanica !

Автор Sarris12 ( назад)
wraio video alla to illyria only greek ti to 8eles sto telos?

Автор DIONYSISZANTE ( назад)
You just go back to caucauses, that's where you belong!! Check out vid "
who are the Albanians" imposters!!!!

Автор DIONYSISZANTE ( назад)
Well maybe they are the few Albanians that actually are educated not
brainwashed by government, when you grow up and become a man you can then
make comments on vids little Albanian

Автор DIONYSISZANTE ( назад)
Re de eides ti egine sto Kosovo Kai stin Bosnia???? Pleiopsifia I horis
pleiopsifia prepei na xypnysoume min pathoume to idio stin xora mas!!!!

Автор DIONYSISZANTE ( назад)
Good vid, congrats also to the brave historians to tell the truth

Автор Thrakiotis ( назад)
****** 5 Greeks are unite and fully support you. At the address of all
Albanian, Skopjian and other ethnicities, we are a friendly and peaceful
people, but if you threaten one of us, its like threaten all of us, than
you have to bear the consequences. Stay calm and friendly, if you want to
discuss, than with arguments and documents otherwise keep away!

Автор xIllyrianWarriorx ( назад)
That's why all their coins and statues used the Greek language. Better take
a view to their ancients first.

Автор xIllyrianWarriorx ( назад)
Going against the logic true quotes and words of your historians bear the
penalty of block. Here we talk about Illyria. You leave Macedonia and
Epirus aside! These are liberated Greeks lands and are in Greece today. The
same will happen with Illyria soon. You Albos never know how to lose.

Автор TheAlbo4ever ( назад)
i have no thing against greek nation but the truth is that greek people say
ALEXANDER THE GRATE was greek! no he was not. he wa from MAKEDONIA. greek
nation did face many wars but with leaders that wer not greek, and never
ever won a war against turky, as the matter of fact even now days greek
nation is scared to death from turkish nation, but not albanian nation. we
not scared of turkish or serbs we have never been and we never will.

Автор TheAlbo4ever ( назад)
hahahaha i am sorry to laugh but you should not give reason to people to!
what proves do you have, where did you get thoes names from, and IF YOU ARE
nation is a nation with a very long history based on proves and facts. is
no thing to dream about we did save the rom and balkan from turkish wars

Автор FlankerVT ( назад)
I don't know if all the ancient illryan tripes were greek. One thin is for
sure, they were NOT albanian. Good video.

Автор theamazingone1111111 ( назад)
Greeks considered illyrian barbaric non greek.

Автор ThracianRhodope ( назад)
Sagapame ILLYRIAN 100000 **

Автор bosna501 ( назад)
BOSNIANS=ILLYRIANS Bosna(Bosona) is the real Heart of all Illyrian. Look
video: DNA of the Balkans

Автор domovinasrbija ( назад)
Све су то Србенде

Автор IllyrianGreek ( назад)
Kai mh mas les gia toys Arxaioys Alvanous tis Alvanopoleos dioti ekeinoi
itan pouroi ELLINES ILLYRIOI. Oxi san esas toys ALMPANIDES pou prota
latinistikate sto Latin Illyricum k epeita orismenoi ta koimiasate kai me
to TOYRKO. Koita na deis enan ALMPANI pou mas to paizei ARXAIOS ELLINAS,
apo ti fylh ton ELLINON ALVANON ek MAKEDONIKHS ILLYRIDAS. Mathe grammata

Автор IllyrianGreek ( назад)
Rota na matheis ISTORIA. Mh rotiseis mono kana Almpani Historian. Rota k
ton Papa tis Romis ama gustarizis. To poli-poli na sou pei pos kapote
eisoyn ELLINAS Arvanitis mexri pou plakosan oi Toyrkoi k orismenoi ginate

Автор IllyrianGreek ( назад)
To Illyricum to eipane etsi oi Romaioi. Oi ntopioi to legan Dalmatia,
Pannonia, Hystria, Livournia, Japygia etc..... Mono oi pragmatikoi ILLYRIOI
sti Voreia Alvania k sto Mavroboynio anaferontan stin idiaiteri patrida
toys me to elliniko onoma ILLYRIS poy apetelese prota Makedoniki eparxia k
epeita Hpeirotiki eparxia. Akomi k oi Romaioi kataktites onomasan NEA
HPEIRO tin perioxi pou oi ntopioi Ellines legan ILLYRIS sti diki toys
dialekto tis ARXAIAS ELLINIKIS OMOGLOSSIAS. Tzous tora...Ajnte.....

Автор IllyrianGreek ( назад)
Poia akribos itan i xora soy kata to Mesaiona? Mipos anaferesai sto
Despotato tis Hpeiroy? Mipos stoys polemarxoys Arvanites toy
ellinovyzantinoy Mesaionikou Arvanoy? Oso gia Servo-Ellinas, ti na soy pw!!
Mallon me mperdeveis me to Giorghi Kastrioti, ekeino ton Hpeiroti Prinkipa
pou oi filoi soy Toyrkoi prosfonisan Megalexandro (ie, Skender-Be'y...
Ajnte, more ksypna Anidee, Anistorite, Almpani ! ! !

When the Greek tribes, including Illyrians, were creating civilization, and
putting the corner stone for Western civilization, where were the
Albanians? What accomplishments do they have, to show us from the last
3,000 years?

Автор Νίκος Νίκ ( назад)
σουπερ βιντεο αδερφε σωστος * * * * *

Автор Albanian Fotballer ( назад)
Telos panton,8a rotiso ton Albanan Historian gia stoixeia pou deixnoun oti
pseudesai kai 8a sou po...To Illyricum pos 8a to legane
vreeeeeeeee??Eipame,otan eise Ellinas,den se apokaloun Elliniko Ellina.San
na les evdomadiaia evdomada,ase mas tora

Автор Albanian Fotballer ( назад)
re kaimene,ti den katalaves?Episis,den 8a me les tourkalvano,i xora mou
itan i megaluteri antio8omaniki dunami ston Messsaiona !!!! Me tin idia
logiki eisai Servoellinas ;)))))

Автор IllyrianGreek ( назад)
H teleytaia protevousa ton ellinon Illyrion vriskontan kapou ekso apo ta
Skodra. Esy ti sxeseis exeis me toys Illyrious? Se eixa gia Turkalvano.....
Sampos kano lathos!!!

Автор IllyrianGreek ( назад)
Isa ore vlakentie... Illyria Graeca legan mono tin elliniki illyria. Des
kana xarth zwon. Ti keltolatinismeni Illyrida ti legane ILLYRICUM.

Автор Albanian Fotballer ( назад)
sta 91 pige tora...

Автор Albanian Fotballer ( назад)
Oli tin Illyria legane oi Romaioi Illyria Graeca,kai afto den deixnei
katagogi ! An itan Ellines,den 8a xriazotan to Graeca apo piso,exeis
akousei na lene ''ellinikos Ellinas'' ? Afto deinei epireasmo.O Alvanos
pro8upourgos Ismail Qemali,eixe xaraktirisei tin romaiki autokratoria
elliniki,kai oi Italoi Ellines?

Автор Albanian Fotballer ( назад)
ti mas les vreeeeeeee,edo i SHKODRA itan i proteuousa ton Illyrion,itan ke
afti elliniki poli?Den me endiaferei ean se mia xroniki periodo eftane i
ipeiros stin Germania...Me tin idia logiki i Makedonia anikei stous
Boulgarous !

Автор Konstantinos Efthimiopoulos ( назад)
e ma ennooitai.kai oi ellhnes na mh kanoun tous malakes.koita genikotera
sthn evrwph opou laoi exoun megalh istoria,o ratsismos einai kati
synh8es.allwste ki otan peis kapoio kwloxontre ki afto ratsistiko einai.den
milaw kapoios se mia stigmh orghs h otidhpote allo na vgalei kati
ratsistiko.milaw genikotera gia tis antilhpseis tou ka8enos kai ton tropo
zwhs tou.pantws yparxoun ki alla onomata ellhnika sth voreia hpeiro pou ta
xete prosarmosei sth glwssa sas,sarande,durres klp

Автор IllyrianGreek ( назад)
Epirus, Hpeiros, Epirotan, Apeirotan. Thn palaiotera Grekia kaloymenh.
Alvania ekane o Papas tis Romis dioti etsi mono mporoyse na xtypisei to
elliniko Byzantio. To Despotato tis Hpeiroy eftane mexri to Mavroboynio
tote. Ayth einai i alithia, oxi ta paramythia ton toyrkemenon emigredon poy
ta len opos thene.

Автор IllyrianGreek ( назад)
Tote pou les pos ''i Servia eixe tin Alvania'', den yphrxe Alvania sto
xarth. Monaxa HPEIROS legontan. Ajnte

Автор Albanian Fotballer ( назад)
Den ksero an diavases ta sxolia mou....Den 8elo i xora mou na diekdikisei
edafi apo Ellada meria.Istorika oi antipaloi mas itan oi Asiates
Servoi,Skopianoi kai ta loipa !

Автор Albanian Fotballer ( назад)
Me tin logiki sou den prepei na les omos eimai Ellinas kai se gamo
skatoalvane,etsi?Gia na min leme mono apo mia pleura !! Tora,to Korca
grafetai me C Yugoslaviko,pou proferetai diladi san TS.Ontos eine
Slaviko,paremeine apo tote pou eixe i Servia tin Alvania !

Автор Bourimiri ( назад)
φοβερο βιντεο. και οι Ελληνες αντιστεκονται σθεναρα! ΖΗΤΩ Η ΑΙΩΝΙΑ ΕΛΛΑΔΑ!

Автор Konstantinos Efthimiopoulos ( назад)
re file to Korcha den einai serviko.ellhniko einai, voreiohpeirotiko

Автор Konstantinos Efthimiopoulos ( назад)
oso gia to oti yparxoun kakoi ellhnes,opoios leei oti oloi oi alvanoi einai
malakes kai oloi oi ellhnes einai poly kalos malakas.egw proswpika den paw
tous alvanous.den paw aftous pou to paizoun kai kala eimai alvanos kai se
gamaw skatoellhna kai paparia toumpana.ama o allos den prokalei,kanonika
kanei thn douleia tou giati na me enoxlhsei?? oso gia aftous pou vgainoun
kai lene gia megali alvania klp 8elw na pistevw pws einai akrode3ia
stoixeia kai pws den antiproswpevoun thn pleipsifia

Автор Konstantinos Efthimiopoulos ( назад)
se mia aftokratoria ypaxroun para polles e8nothtes.afto isxye kai sth
romaikh kai sth vyzantinh kai sthn o8wmanikh.ta e8nika krath emfanisthkan
poly argotera.anamfisvhthta omws kyriarxi stoixeio sto vyzantio htna to
ellhniko opws sthn o8wmanikh aftokratoria to tourkiko.afto pu eipes gia
tous servous kai tous allous den exei na kanei me to vyzantio alla me th
8rhskeia tous ka8ws einai or8odoksoi.

Автор xIllyrianWarriorx ( назад)

Автор Albanian Fotballer ( назад)
Pos edafika?? Kita na sou po,ego stin b lukeiou pou mai,buzantini istoria
kano...Ke mesa sto vivlio lei pos sto vuzantio itan polloi laoi...Episimi
glossa ta ellinika,alla oxi mono ta ellinika.Tespa,8a vgo,kali sunexeia !

Автор xIllyrianWarriorx ( назад)
Μόνο εδαφικά είστε κάτοικοι βυζαντίου. Η βυζαντινή αυτοκρατορία είναι
ελληνική. Ελληνικά μίλαγαν όλοι. Και την κιτρινόμαυρη αυτοκρατορική σημαία
της Κωνσταντινουπόλεως εμείς την κρατήσαμε.

Автор xIllyrianWarriorx ( назад)
Οι Σέρβοι έχουν τα εδάφη τους. Και δεν ενοχλούν την Ελλάδα πλέον. Και με
τους Πέρσες εχθροί ήμασταν. Γιατί δεν τρωγόμαστε πλέον; Πολύ απλά. Δεν μας

Автор Albanian Fotballer ( назад)
den eipe kaneis oti oi ellines den eixan politismo !! Apla na leme ta sika
sika,ke tin skafi skafi...Uparxoun kaloi Ellines,uparxoun kai kakoi
Ellines,p.x. straggalistis tis suggrou...

Автор Albanian Fotballer ( назад)
Mono i simaia mas eine???I simaia ton servon exi to vuzantino sumvolo,i
simaia ton maurovounion vuzantino sumvolo...Den eimaste oi monoi...Eks'
allou oloi oi proanafer8entes itan laoi tou buzantiou,istorika mporoun na
xrisimopoioun ton dikefalo aeto...

Автор xIllyrianWarriorx ( назад)
Δεν έχω ασχοληθεί με το Κόσοβο. Αν και ξέρω ότι είναι η αρχαία Δαρδανία.
Σου είπα το κανάλι είναι ιστορικό. Όχι φασιστικό.

Автор xIllyrianWarriorx ( назад)
Γιατί μας μισούνε; Γιατί το έθνος των Ελλήνων έφτιαξε τα κέρατα του από
πολιτισμό. Βάλε για παράδειγμα την Βυζαντινή αυτοκρατορία. Που η πολεμική
της σημαία, είναι η σημαία σας.

Автор xIllyrianWarriorx ( назад)
Τι να πούμε εμείς οι έλληνες, που μας μισούνε, εχθροί με το τσουβάλι. Να
ξεκινήσω; Τούρκοι, Βούλγαροι, Σκοπιανοί, Αλβανοί (δεν ξέρω αν και εσύ και
ούτε με ενδιαφέρει), Βόσνιοι, Ισραηλινοί; Μπορώ να πω και άλλους.

Автор Albanian Fotballer ( назад)
Telos panton,pisteuo o ka8enas exei dikeoma na lei tin apopsi tou,ke ego
den evrisa oute ke 8a vriso ! Esu den 8imase ton kero pou eixes antipalo
ton Servo?Giati ekanes ton GIO tou patroktonou sou aderfo?Metaforika milao !

Автор Albanian Fotballer ( назад)
Apla leo,oi Illyrioi den milousan ellinika,varvaroi legontousan apo tous
istorikous,eno den exo dei na leei arxaio istoriko na leei ''Illyria esti
Ellas'' i kati tetio...Anti na kaneis ena kanali gia Mikra Asia kseo go
(1920 klp),mou kaneis gia Illyria?Sumfona me esena,to Kosovo eine
elliniko,sosta ta leo?

Автор Albanian Fotballer ( назад)
Ma den me noiazei an miseis tin alvania...Oute o protos eise,oute ke o
teleftaios...Opos eipa,afto kalo kanei stin xora mou,otan exeis
ex8rous,simainei oti exeis aksia,sosta?Pote enas axristos den exi ex8rous !!

Автор Albanian Fotballer ( назад)
Esu ton polemises?O Fasistis den diakrinetai apo tin e8nikotita !!! Kai o
Bajram Curri Alvanos itan,alla polemise ton Hitler,opos kai alloi!O
neonazistis pou exis stin friend list ti eine,antifa eine?Eite Ellinas,eite
Alvanos eise,mpori na eise fasistas....

Автор xIllyrianWarriorx ( назад)
Καλύτερα θα ήταν οι Αλβανοί αν παραδέχονταν ποιοι είναι (λαός). Το κανάλι
μου κύριοι δεν λέει ότι η Αλβανία θα γίνει Ελλάδα. Και οι νότιοι Ιταλοί
έλληνες άποικοι ήταν. Σημαίνει ότι θέλουμε τίποτα από Ιλλυρία; Το κανάλι
είναι ιστορικό. όχι εθνικιστικό.

Автор SPARTANsenator2 ( назад)
ok xairetw paw gia fagito

Автор xIllyrianWarriorx ( назад)
Φασισμός εμείς; Εμείς πολεμήσαμε τον φασισμό και ναζισμό το 1940. Μην
αναφέρω τους Τσάμηδες γιατί δεν σε συμφέρει βάση των βίντεο και
ντοκουμέντων εδώ. Ο μόνος λόγος που δεν σε μπλοκάρω τώρα είναι λόγω του
φίλου μου. Αλλά μην προκαλείς.

Автор Albanian Fotballer ( назад)
Opote to sosto eine na stamatisoun ke oi duo pleures tis malakies...Den
pisteuo diladi ena kommati gis na stekete empodio anamesa se an8ropous ! Ti
na poume ke emeis pou anti na kanoume tin YUGOBANIA,eixame YUGOSLAVIA !!

Автор SPARTANsenator2 ( назад)
ok file, mazi enantia stous gyftoskopianous

Автор Albanian Fotballer ( назад)
nai,ma giati lene oti to durraxeio itan elliniki APOIKIA.Apoikia simainei
oti prin ton 9o aiona itan KATI ALLO,kai meta eksellinistike...Alla ke pali
leo,den itan Illyrioi oi ipeirotes

Автор SPARTANsenator2 ( назад)
to idio thelw kai egw.........

Автор Albanian Fotballer ( назад)
8eoro tous ellines an liksoume to 8ema me ta sunora,kalous summaxous.Mexri
ton 15o aiona eixame kales sxeseis !

Автор SPARTANsenator2 ( назад)
akou...... oi ipeirotes itan ellines kai opws oi ypoloipoi ellines itan
pelasgoi auto eipa, eksallou i ipiros eixe ena apo ta simantikotera
Ellinika iera, ti Dodoni!

Автор Albanian Fotballer ( назад)
Gia tous Illyrious den katalaves ti leo...Oi Illyrioi oute ellinika
milousan apo oti eida se ena video,oute se olumpiakous paizane...Opote
elines den itan...Opos ksanaeipa,os politikous ''antipalous'' 8eoro tous
Asiates Slavous ke oxi tous Ellines !

Автор Albanian Fotballer ( назад)
Eides file,to les kai monos sou !!! 400 BC,prin to 400 BC den Upirxe
Ellada?I Ellada den exi 9000 xronia istoria?Pos ginete i Ipiros na eine
Elliniki mono ta 2500 xronia apo ta 9000 xronia?Oute illyrioi omws den
itane !!

Автор SPARTANsenator2 ( назад)
min anisixeis den tha se blockarei! kai sto thema pou se pasxolei eimaste
mazi sou.............

Автор SPARTANsenator2 ( назад)
The Molossians were the strongest and, decisive for Macedonia, most
easterly of the three most important Epeirot tribes, which, like Macedonia
but unlike the Thesprotians and the Chaonians, still retained their
monarchy. All were Greeks, spoke a similar dialect to that of Macedonia.
(Malcolm Errington, "A History of Macedonia") California University Press

Автор SPARTANsenator2 ( назад)
den peirazei ase ton filo na pei

Автор Albanian Fotballer ( назад)
''alliws 8a pesei blockarisma'' Diladi lusi eine o fasismos tora?An deis
sto kanali mou,milao gia Kosovo kai ''Slavomakedonia''.Poia ellliniki
istoria,ego to ksero oti o Purros kai o Alexandros itan Ellines,alloi me
endiaferoun !!!

Автор SPARTANsenator2 ( назад)
The original ancient name was Apirotan [found on coins of Epiros from 400bc
til 100bc] The letter A in various Greek dialects becomes an "E" & the male
suffix 'os' sums up to: Ηπειρος=EPIROS The etymology of the word is
explained by the term apirotan = απειρωταν =απειρον meaning large Thats why
the name was used later to describe the larger lands of "continents

Автор xIllyrianWarriorx ( назад)
Όλοι εσείς οι Βαλκάνιοι πιάνεται ιστορία του Ελληνικού λαού γιατί ποτέ δεν
φτιάξατε δική σας. Τέλος τα σχόλια αλλιώς θα πέσει μπλοκάρισμα.

Автор SPARTANsenator2 ( назад)
an thes tha sou vrw kai gia ton thoukididi "The deluge in the time of
Deucalion, for instance, took place chiefly in the Greek world and in it
especially about ancient Hellas, the region about Dodona in Epiros and the
Achelous, a river which has often changed its course. Here the Selli dwelt
and those who were formerly called Graeci and now Hellenes." (Aristotelis,

Автор xIllyrianWarriorx ( назад)
Κύριε "Μεγάλη Αλβανία" που το όνομα σου μόνο δείχνη τι πιστεύεις και πόσο
"καλός" είσαι. Αν θυμώνεις με τα βίντεο μου, μην τα βλέπεις. Μην μιλάς για
δίκαιο. Ποτέ δεν είσασταν δίκαιοι στον Ελληνικό λαό. Μας πάτε κόντρα; Εμείς
θα απαντήσουμε.

Автор Albanian Fotballer ( назад)
Allo o dimos8enis pou to eipe gia POLITIKOUS logous ke itan ritoras an den
kano la8os,kai allo o 8oukididis o istorikos pou elege oti mono oi Aecidae
itan Ellines !! Alla kai pali,DEN pisteuo oti oi Ipirotes itan Alvanoi !!

Автор SPARTANsenator2 ( назад)
[Diodorus Siculus 17.1.5] Alexanders ancestry went back to Heracles on his
fathers side, while through his mother he was related to the Aeacids.

Автор SPARTANsenator2 ( назад)
prosekse omws, polles fores ta ypanaptikta ellinika krati antimetwpizontan
poles fores ws varvarika oxi me tin ennoi tou mi ellina.....auto itan kai i
megalitery prosvoli gia enan ellina gi auto ti xrisimopoiise kai o
demosthenis kata tou Filippou opws kai kata tou Athinaiou Aristogeitona!

Автор Albanian Fotballer ( назад)
Ke na sto po pali file pou ekanes to video giati nomizo xa8ike to sxolio

Автор Albanian Fotballer ( назад)
***O 8oukididis anafer8ike stous Ipirotes os Varvarous,oxi stous Aecidae

Автор Albanian Fotballer ( назад)
Ma ne,afto sou eipa...Aftoi oi Aecidae oi pos legontan telos panton,anikan
ston vasiliko oiko ton Molosson !! Apla eipa,o 8oukididis eixe anafer8ei se
aftous os Barbarous ton 5o aiona...Alla den pisteuo oti itan Alvanoi,oi
Ipirotes den itan Alvanoi...

Автор SPARTANsenator2 ( назад)
na ksereis oti kai polla kanalia einai fake ksereis posoi skopianoi exoun
kanalia kai to paizoun ispanoi kai skotsezoi? telos pantwn kalinixta.

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