How To Play Playstation Games on Your Computer

Run any kind of game and play them on your PC!

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Автор Tom Ranold ( назад)
Check this out guys working PSN 50 $ codes for free at:
bit.ly/PtQEJh?=ojjkjkkl I've tested 3 codes and works great!

Автор RamzaBeoulve02 ( назад)
If you check my comment, it also got 17 thumbs, which also means that other
people were looking for what I was looking for, and because of the
misleading title, they wound up here as well and did not get the answer
they were looking for either. So like I said in the other comment (now in a
more rude way) shut the fuck up unless you know what you're talking about.

Автор RamzaBeoulve02 ( назад)
Know what...? The extra stuff in the vid has nothing to do with actually
DOWNLOADING and playing the games. It doesn't say... download the emulator,
patches, bios, and THEN games and THEN play it. It says "How To Play
Playstation Games...ect". If it'd had in the vid description sections to
skip to if you have the emulator already, then it wouldn't have been a
waste of time not sifting through. Understand what you're talking about
before you open your mouth. After a year you comment... thanks.

Автор Nathan Palmieri (1673 года назад)
6mins vid! its against the law 

Автор ZER0XIII ( назад)
@RamzaBeoulve02 u r just a retard.. his tittle or label is correct.. he is
showing u how to play a iso or cd on your pc.. if u need roms or emulators
u can create them with alcohol 52 or psx rom search.. i have hundreds of
games on cd.. and because of this tut i can play them wherever my pc and i
happen to be.. Tard

Автор Jimi-Ray de Leeuw ( назад)
u need to make the vid bigger i keep seeing like 1 pixel only...

Автор Jam Jom ( назад)
Thanx really it worked ^_^ ur the best keep up the good work thaaaaankx
dude :)

Автор 0siLverstaR ( назад)
darn it.. T_T i have downloaded sooooooooooooooooooooooooo many epsxe's but
they wont work T_T help me pls dude..

Автор Shim Vic ( назад)
why can't i install v170 and only download v160

Автор Shim Vic ( назад)
OMG that looks SOOO easy im deleting pcsx2!!!!

Автор Shim Vic ( назад)
nvm about that u just hav to type @ so&so

Автор Shim Vic ( назад)
@MrBloodyzZz it was pretty fast but i could tell you 1 of them is Dragon
Ball Z Budoukai Tenkaichi 3 BTW im new to youtube so how do u PM some1

Автор Shim Vic ( назад)
isn't this just like pcsx2?

Автор MrBloodyzZz ( назад)
what game is that in 3:10-3:20 tell me all the games please

Автор Nick FLick ( назад)

Автор Agent360 X2 ( назад)
when it says "open CDROM" thats when you actually have THE GAME and enter
it into the CD slot?

Автор RamzaBeoulve02 ( назад)
@ToniFilth By this time, I'd already figured all that I needed out. I
researched till I found what I needed. I've heard of romulation, and I've
found ones that work for me. Believe I found broken downloads on this one.
But thank you. You're a pretty good person I can tell. I was WAITING (and
kinda hoping so I could get a chuckle.lol sorry) that by now you'd be
yelling and calling me stupid like MOST people who can't control their
emotions :) Have a good one ^_^

Автор RamzaBeoulve02 ( назад)
@ToniFilth Yeah... it says HOW TO PLAY THEM ON YOUR COMPUTER... so someone
who is trying to figure this out (like me) would be thinking... "HMM..! I
haven't been able to get them to work. THIS will do it! The title says" HOW
stuff, THIS came up, so don't come whining to me on an OLD COMMENT I made 8
months ago. Shouldn't have labeled it in a confusing manner. It says GAMES
not Emulator

Автор quechus13 ( назад)
@24okay i guess he is using XP but with edited options for performance.

Автор Phil Waite ( назад)
well im glad all this doesn't work

Автор Vante Walsh ( назад)
do you have to have the game in order to play?

Автор leevioutrageous ( назад)
ha get you, all helpful and detailed and shit. nice one man

Автор noelcaleva ( назад)
umm so i got a game but its not working am i supposed to put it somewhere??
then choose it when i run ISO??

Автор Zaicy ( назад)
do you know where i can download an ISO for free....? .. may i know

Автор drybonez2987 ( назад)
it says the burutter.dll was not found when i open the application?

Автор kao123456654 ( назад)
one of the best sights for downloading roms for any emulator is
emu-paradise jus type in what ame you want then press enter and your sorted

Автор narutoblockhead3 ( назад)
You Have 7-zip??? Me too

Автор whorocksnotyou ( назад)
i can only get rar files how can i play these

Автор ponkadolz ( назад)
you can download roms or virtual copies of ps1 and ps2 games from many
sites.. the fastest way is using torrents.. i usually go to romulation ( .)
net for ps1, ds, and gba roms and just download ps2 games from torrent
sites like thepiratebay ( . ) com.. i do own some games like my final
fantasy and resident evil games, but the other minor games i just dl from
those sites..

Автор kilograms2500 ( назад)

Автор ameedazam ( назад)
u can use isohunt . com

Автор SAMP Giggles ( назад)
do you have to OWN the game? because if you do, that sucks, i don't own any
games for ps1, ps2, OR ps3.... only pc..... i don't own them so i don't
have a cd to put in to use it

Автор nifuraka ( назад)
can i have a new link for the plugins????

Автор nifuraka ( назад)
the epsxe on mininova is deleted NOOOOO

Автор victoriano villadores ( назад)
fuck u

Автор Chris Godwin ( назад)
fk this to hell and back i just sti ck N64 the that isnt so god dam
confusing acully has everything when u download it <_<

Автор razerburst ( назад)
lol now i can use cheat engine on it >:)

Автор NeoKun ( назад)
why why 7zip

Автор Patrick Jobin ( назад)
zlib1.dll is unfind?

Автор Jeremy Koh ( назад)
if you're not a freakin computer nerd then get a playstation and buy the
game. So simple. Don't try to play games on your pc like us and bitch if
you can't.

Автор RamzaBeoulve02 ( назад)
You know... for those that DON'T know, some of us are having trouble
downloading the actual GAME and NOT the epsxe, and it would REALLY HELP if
you labeled this damn thing appropriately. I thought this thing was gonna
help me understand HOW to properly download games like Final Fantasy
7/Tactics, because i cannot seem to get them working. Please be specific
when labeling these titles, because this pisses me off.

Автор LuposMoon ( назад)
i tried clicking on Lewpy's Glide 1.40, it says webpage cannot b found,

Автор TheEddyMetal ( назад)
I've tried tons of tutorials for this and 0 have worked so far including
this one. Every time I try to open a game the ePSXe window just closes.
What the hell?

Автор nikosyv (95 лет назад)
i have Windows 7 Ultimate RC build 7100 and i got i for FREE..

Автор nikosyv (1980 лет назад)
jimmyr is the best!

Автор Gleiza Gabrielle Caresia ( назад)
Man you're right... I WANT PLAY OKAMI IN PC !!!!!

Автор Nicholas Lloyd ( назад)
It says all the links are broken

Автор esya1987 ( назад)
Is there anything for a Mac?

Автор IvanDal92 ( назад)
cool, but it fucks up my computer .. maybe ...

Автор luke cadwell ( назад)
yea u just said u downloaded all the parts of final fantasy so ur set now
put all them final F parts into a new folder and then put that folder into
the same folder as your emulator then launche your emulator and click file
then i think it says ''open'' ISO , basicaly the ISO is your game so u
browes through your files in your comp till u find were u saved final
fantasy and click on part 1

Автор Loot Stop ( назад)
great video

Автор luke cadwell ( назад)
jsut download the games and open them up using the emulator dont unzip the

Автор luke cadwell ( назад)
best thing to do is google emulator and roms and properly find out the
bmeaning of everything then try install a snes emulator cos thats far
easyer then play sumtin on that so u have an idea what u have to do i didnt
understand how to do anything at first but once you actualy understand the
meaning of everything u do its pretty obvious lol

Автор luke cadwell ( назад)
just make a new folder and put everything to do with your emulator and roms
into it

Автор Syranus66 ( назад)
does anyone know how to run this emulator without a disk?

Автор luke cadwell ( назад)
no after u get an emular u download files called roms which are versions on
te games that work on the emulator download them and put those zipped roms
into a folder along with all your emulator stuff and open the emulator and
load ur game up he doesnt show it in this vid as its only how to set up the

Автор Dan Zhukov (820 лет назад)
wow what an idiot he spends a year explaining such a damned simple thing
and tells us it doesnt work.....why couldnt he just skip to going to the
torrent sites

Автор FantaCan ( назад)
i played and finished RE3 with this program.

Автор lukeylad118 ( назад)
same here :/ its ded annoying

Автор lukeylad118 ( назад)
i cant find any plugins

Автор Bendik Eidshaug ( назад)
did u get a blowjob while speaking?

Автор Trimush121 ( назад)
will this work for Resident Evil??

Автор Bich Niga ( назад)
I need some help, When i try to use a silent hill iso. and it doesnt work.
the screen is just black screen

Автор Odysseas Tsigonias ( назад)
Hey,Jimmy Ruska

Автор pokemontrivia99 ( назад)
no you have to configure it on: configure> Game Pad> Port 1> Pad 1> then
pick you controls

Автор pokemontrivia99 ( назад)
no but you need "a keyboard"

Автор Jesper ( назад)
I got no Video config .. what shud i do?

Автор Troy Lucas ( назад)
hay can someone help i try to load a game from the cddrive and it say no
WGL extensions can anyone tell what i am doing wrong?

Автор pokemontrivia99 ( назад)
no, but you can

Автор Derek Jacobs ( назад)
you steal the video from the other guy you fucking bitch

Автор alanpogi ( назад)
No they don't, they only re-post it. they didn't say that they own this
video. Anyway thanks guys for posting this.

Автор rosehood101 ( назад)
you stole that guys video...

Автор michaelcat41 ( назад)
not breaking the law if you own the sytem and game and make the iso

Автор michaelcat41 ( назад)
just get ff7 pc version

Автор michaelcat41 ( назад)

Автор michaelcat41 ( назад)
video stealer!!!

Автор George Wilson ( назад)
im tryna play legend of dragoon an ff9 have u found them

Автор moxie345 (1293 года назад)
You fucker, you stole his video

Автор masterkill95 ( назад)
Do this work online

Автор Jetn Lo ( назад)
do you guys know what copyrights is this is compleatly illegal

Автор Blueman15432 ( назад)
I got it to work, but I need an ISO for a game!!!! Where can I find them?

Автор Blueman15432 ( назад)
It only illegal if you don't have a PS1 or the game

Автор Mort mer ( назад)
u stoled this video form jimmyr

Автор Petter Olsson ( назад)
cant run it. still says "burutter.dll cant be found" ... how do it do it..

Автор Sergio M Medina ( назад)
Actually its been updated quite recently...

Автор Sam Richards ( назад)
no jimmyR isnt with 5min, 5min just put this on their site

Автор somerandomguy987 ( назад)
ep sex? lol

Автор Olav Søhagen ( назад)
5instudio use them , because people upload the videos on THEIR website ,
and the people putting the video's up HAVE TO AGREE that 5minstudio can use
the videos.

Автор matikata ( назад)
i think he means JimmyR isnt with 5minute tutorials? probably wrong though

Автор littledreamer1969 ( назад)
5minStudio stop steeling vids and make your own vids

Автор Rusman8 ( назад)
kl vid, does this work on windows vista

Автор HumbleReform ( назад)
omg where do u get the games at

Автор BarrioBoyThe1 diaz ( назад)
how you dowload a game for this

Автор Buddha B ( назад)
You sound like Elliott Smith

Автор Kelysa9 ( назад)
Dark awp you need to redownload the ZIP or re extract it, their are some
strange errors like that, Or in some extremely rare cases your graphics
driver cant display the specific .dll Guidogast you need the CD of the
game...If you have the space I guess you can download the full game by
pirating it. And finally their are emulaters that let you play the one and
only specific game on any console (MUCH trickier). Nice work mate, I
wouldve explained unzipping programs but who cares really?

Автор Chuck Norros ( назад)
it's good but i dont understand..........

Автор Chuck Norros ( назад)
it's good but i dont understand..........

Автор DarkAwp ( назад)
I did everything in the exact order shown it the video and I still get i
get "*Error loading [plugins\cpka13.dll]"

Автор Mike ScrillaMusic ( назад)
nice!!! might have to try that

Автор DarkAwp ( назад)
i get *Error loading [plugins\cpka13.dll]

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