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Kobi Levi out of this world shoe designs

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When discussing shoes, one might notice a certain flurry of excitement overcome any red-blooded woman. The rules of logic cannot explain why shoes, more than any other piece of clothing, leads to such a reaction. Though one person knows why, Kobi Levi's "shoe creatures". They might make you wonder how it's possible to teeter on high heels inspired by chewing gum, chopsticks or toucans. But the Israeli designer says they're intended to be worn — just ask Lady Gaga, who wore a pair of his shoes in her video, "Born this Way."

The Israeli designer Kobi Levi specializes in designing unusual footwear that blurs the line between fashion and art. They are the jewel in the crown of shoe design. For him, the shoe is just a canvas for creating something unexpectedly beautiful. Levi graduated from bezalel academy of art & design, Jerusalem and has worked as a freelance designer since. he describes his personal shoe creations as 'artistic footwear' making each pair in his studio by hand. The trigger to create a new piece comes when an idea, a concept or an image comes to mind and then to life.



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Автор Sonia Garcia (3 месяца)
At 1:12 they're by Alexander McQueen. You need to remove those.

Автор Yvonne63Sydney (2 месяца)
Shoes are meant to accentuate the leg. They were all gross as wearable
pieces. Artistic yes but not something u could wear and look hot in.

Автор Tracy Smith (2 месяца)

Автор vicky the cookie panda (2 месяца)
No just NO!! Why did I watch this vid✌️ I'm out

Автор Александра Ан (4 месяца)
Прикольно о.О

Автор Rubaba Kerimova (5 месяцев)

Автор Lana Dalis (1 год)
Very creative

Автор Samantha webb (9 месяцев)
very inopropriet shoes!

Автор Eff Moondust (10 месяцев)
Thank you for sharing the info you did a good job on the research. 

Автор Marie Dusseau (1 год)

Автор Martyna Rosiak (11 месяцев)
widać że polka pozdrowienia dla tych którzy to rozumieją (Polish)

Автор Elise Ras (1 год)
That chewing gum shoes :p

Автор Coryn Cynthia (1 год)
that's cool

Автор Popi Rose (1 год)
Look Nu coz you can't walk on it. I can only when is wedges heeless shoes
but my friend viola is the next level is the heel make for walking heeles
shoes. I can get viola to teach you how to walk in this heels if you want.

Автор angel reimos (1 год)
This is no art!! this is what drugs do 

Автор China Dolly (1 год)
What i like the most? Jimmy Choo. I'm sorry but this is insanity.

Автор Shan Sweetie (1 год)
all i can say, hes very creative

Автор angel reimos (1 год)
This is no art!! this is what drugs do 

Автор Chris Ramirez (1 год)

Автор Компания Shoozu (1 год)
Израильский дизайнер Коби Леви создаёт пожалуй самую необычную и
экстравагантную женскую обувь.
Для создания своей оригинальной коллекции Леви использует животный и
растительный мир. Реалистичный подход к созданию женской обуви просто
потрясает воображение своей простотой и изысканностью. Босоножки в виде
собаки или удобного кресла на колёсах, туфли напоминающие клюв гуся или
банан - вся эта необычная обувь может и является некомфортной, но зато
своим внешним видом скрасит этот "недостаток", тем более, что нынешние дамы
готовы отказаться от комфорта ради красоты.

Автор Ramzy b (2 года)
at 1:11 it's Alexander McQueen

Автор leatherfacelove1981 (2 года)
i would break my ankel in all of them lol xD

Автор urquelli (2 года)
I LOVE his shoes! where are they sold?

Автор P Tyrka (1 год)
banana shoes!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Kasia Bosne (3 года)
I agree 100%

Автор Anna Marta Bombarta (3 года)
amazing polish accent

Автор caitlynloveslions (3 года)
Hmm I want ALL OF THEM Like if you aggre

Автор LaDyGaGaFaNchi Sp (3 года)
the shoes in 1:10 are Alexander McQueen !

Автор Kasia Bosne (3 года)
Good news some of them will be coming to nY soon

Автор salena missy (2 года)
i <3 all of them

Автор Kasia Bosne (3 года)
@scepticly Hate is a strong word without knowing its substance. These shoes
are not made to be worn to the supermarket. Designers this kind of caliber
as well as Christian Louboutin make uncomfortable shoes on purpose. They
are meant to be united with your body as one piece of art. I had a pleasure
to meet the artist last week and tried the shoes on. They are indeed very
comfortable and I m going to post a video soon I took during our interview.

Автор XxDucKyxX (3 года)
what is 1:42 supposed to be it don't look right

Автор YouveBeenRead (3 года)
1:47 madonna lol

Автор Edy (2 года)
The banana shoes are perfect for Katy Perry

Автор Kasia Bosne (3 года)
That's right. One pair is Alexander Mcqueen.

Автор beijo7 (3 года)
but wózek mohera ja pierdole xD

Автор Araceli Annesley (2 года)
Love this one→ 1:11

Автор LOVEAGENT7 (3 года)
Amazing !

Автор Kasia Bosne (3 года)
Very easy to arrange that!

Автор katzzam (2 года)
Ridiculous really.

Автор cheyanne579 (2 года)
slides :P

Автор mike hahn (2 года)
the last one with the gum

Автор AlenaSchatzi (3 года)
He's crazy :) I love his works %)

Автор sanbitterlover (2 года)
2:22 that one is really cool and creative!

Автор Maria-Georgiana Baronescu (2 года)
where you from ?

Автор Kasia Bosne (2 года)
That's right. i will let her know she must have them

Автор tonique noyb (1 год)
I never saw shoes like that their to cute

Автор Gabbiehaha5 (3 года)
I want the playground ones lol!!!!!

Автор Nikky Doll (2 года)
Hi...the shoes at 0:47....what brand ordesigner are those? I want them?

Автор Edy Setiawan (3 года)
i see alexander mcqueen in one of those photos

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