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Kobi Levi out of this world shoe designs

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When discussing shoes, one might notice a certain flurry of excitement overcome any red-blooded woman. The rules of logic cannot explain why shoes, more than any other piece of clothing, leads to such a reaction. Though one person knows why, Kobi Levi's "shoe creatures". They might make you wonder how it's possible to teeter on high heels inspired by chewing gum, chopsticks or toucans. But the Israeli designer says they're intended to be worn — just ask Lady Gaga, who wore a pair of his shoes in her video, "Born this Way."

The Israeli designer Kobi Levi specializes in designing unusual footwear that blurs the line between fashion and art. They are the jewel in the crown of shoe design. For him, the shoe is just a canvas for creating something unexpectedly beautiful. Levi graduated from bezalel academy of art & design, Jerusalem and has worked as a freelance designer since. he describes his personal shoe creations as 'artistic footwear' making each pair in his studio by hand. The trigger to create a new piece comes when an idea, a concept or an image comes to mind and then to life.



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Автор Olivea Rodriguez ( назад)
Some designs where stolen by other designers not cool

Автор ‫توتة توتة‬‎ ( назад)
' روعا

Автор Angel Gutierrez ( назад)
best shoes ever!

Автор Jensen Clare ( назад)
1:13 thats Alexander McQueen...

Автор Carbon Ghetto Queen ( назад)

Автор Kostya Voitov ( назад)
Russian accent

Автор Pa Ti ( назад)
Are you polish ? Because you have a polish accent

Автор Monster Madness ( назад)
1:44 i called them the "fuck her right in the pussy" heels

Автор DalmascaRabanastre ( назад)
I don't wear high heels but I have to say the banana ones looks fancy and

Автор Phoebe Diamond ( назад)
You've used the wrong who's.
It should be "whose". Who's means who is, whose is possessive.

Автор Sarah McClellan ( назад)
I like them all!!!!!!!!!

Автор CreeperLover101 ( назад)

Автор Ara!a 2248 ( назад)
All i have 2 say is...wow😐

Автор Eve f ( назад)
listen, you can say what you want about the shoe and its artistic
expression, but more importantly to me is that the shoes weren't shown on a
foot model. So you can't see how it looks on a real foot or even on if it's
actually wearable. I would have prefer to see it on the foot and see how
the archway sits and how your foot naturally looks in it. To me that would
have been a more interesting and convincing video.

Автор Камилла и Алина ЯхьяеваИсаева ( назад)
Рашн вер из ю?

Автор Arshiya Bhasin ( назад)
are you Italian

Автор bree rose 23 MSP ( назад)
omg 0:54

Автор Akisha Brown ( назад)
we kind of had the same name except mine is spelled Keasia and if you don't
know how to pronounce it its Key-Asia

Автор Maranda Loop ( назад)
honestly those shoes are not artistic nor creative......theyre just more
ridiculous and over-the-top

Автор Tracy Smith ( назад)

Автор Yvonne63Sydney ( назад)
Shoes are meant to accentuate the leg. They were all gross as wearable
pieces. Artistic yes but not something u could wear and look hot in.

Автор Sonia Garcia ( назад)
At 1:12 they're by Alexander McQueen. You need to remove those.

Автор Александра Ан ( назад)
Прикольно о.О

Автор Mehman Kerimov ( назад)

Автор XChubby_KittyX ( назад)
very inopropriet shoes!

Автор Eff Moondust ( назад)
Thank you for sharing the info you did a good job on the research. 

Автор Martyna Rosiak ( назад)
widać że polka pozdrowienia dla tych którzy to rozumieją (Polish)

Автор Elise Ras ( назад)
That chewing gum shoes :p

Автор Coryn Cynthia ( назад)
that's cool

Автор Chris “MyBoii” Ramirez ( назад)

Автор Rima ( назад)

Автор Lana Dalis ( назад)
Very creative

Автор angel reimos ( назад)
This is no art!! this is what drugs do 

Автор angel reimos ( назад)
This is no art!! this is what drugs do 

Автор Popi Rose ( назад)
Look Nu coz you can't walk on it. I can only when is wedges heeless shoes
but my friend viola is the next level is the heel make for walking heeles
shoes. I can get viola to teach you how to walk in this heels if you want.

Автор Invisible Sun ( назад)
What i like the most? Jimmy Choo. I'm sorry but this is insanity.

Автор Shan Sweetie ( назад)
all i can say, hes very creative

Автор Shikufa Nazari ( назад)
i like all of them 

Автор TestMeatDollSteak ( назад)
Now you're gettin' the hang of it! ;)

Автор Kasia Bosne ( назад)
Thank for the tip

Автор TestMeatDollSteak ( назад)
In order for someone to know that you have responded to their comment, you
have to click the "reply" icon directly below the comment that you wish to
respond to, and type your response in the box that appears on the screen.
If you just type your responses into the main comment box, as you have done
repeatedly here, you are creating a new comment thread, and no one will
have any idea who you were addressing in your comment. 

Автор Kasia Bosne ( назад)

Автор Alan Espinosa ( назад)
I saw a pair of shoes from Alexander McQueen not from that other guy...

Автор P Tyrka ( назад)
banana shoes!!!!!!!!!!! 

Автор Paul slowley ( назад)
het how r u i am poison ivy from jamaica and i am asking you plz if you can
sponsor me one of those exotic shoes plz u can contact me at
(1)876-467-3372 thank you

Автор Jeremy Bitner ( назад)
i luff the one at 1:37

Автор Kasia Bosne ( назад)
my accent and audio editing makes it sound funny. Glad i could amuse you

Автор Herrington Merrangacot ( назад)
omg! i luuuuv da bubba gum!!!

Автор Leah Salwin ( назад)
1:39 is the best

Автор mandy habel ( назад)
what's the name of the designer?

Автор Kittay Stylez ( назад)
i like the last ones

Автор tonique noyb ( назад)
I never saw shoes like that their to cute

Автор Kasia Bosne ( назад)
Don't understand your comment. Please be more specific if you have a
question or need some help?

Автор Kay ( назад)
Looking at all the uploader comments, guess she hasn't heard of a direct

Автор Kasia Bosne ( назад)
Its not me who is crazy. I m just a messenger here of someone's amazing
talent and creativity. The artist was featured this year at the OSCARS on
E. I guess its not that weird if celebrities love his designs

Автор brienna lawson ( назад)
you are so crazy those are ugly weirdo

Автор Tomaira Chatman ( назад)
1:42 wats the first thing you see when you look at those shoes?

Автор The Wise Idiot ( назад)
1:59 how would you wear them

Автор The Wise Idiot ( назад)
0:55 WTF

Автор Kasia Bosne ( назад)
Since I did this video Kobi made a lot of new beautiful crazy styles 

Автор MrBenjg7 ( назад)
one day ill design shoes

Автор Caitlin Hayes ( назад)
wow love the dog shoes

Автор valentinas12 ( назад)
jak w takim gowniw chodzic? 

Автор Kasia Bosne ( назад)
They were just featured on E right before the Oscars

Автор JIM YATLUSER ( назад)
Wow! I like it!

Автор Kasia Bosne ( назад)
You can get is directly from Kobi's website google Kobi Levi and you will
be directed to his site

Автор Tina Chen ( назад)

Автор SweetCaroline ( назад)
Chewing gum one

Автор tousyteb ( назад)
they're so creative !!

Автор urquelli ( назад)
I LOVE his shoes! where are they sold?

Автор Lazer Razor ( назад)
What drugs is he on?

Автор beenie roach ( назад)
what a unique collection of shoes--I love his designs-what fun they
are--some are definitely wearable like the banana ones- I love those

Автор Araceli Annesley ( назад)
Love this one→ 1:11

Автор Dez Smith ( назад)
Like the last shoes with the gum lol

Автор Izolda G ( назад)
ugly shoes.

Автор nutellacraZy4801 ( назад)
AWSOME SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Kasia Bosne ( назад)
go for it. Good luck!

Автор maddie young ( назад)
kasia, i love your attitude. i want to be a fashion designer and i'm
sketching all of the time. i love fashion!

Автор Anika Escarez ( назад)
know children have a playground 

Автор salena missy (1364 года назад)
i <3 all of them

Автор Maura Kelly ( назад)
I wouldn't wear any of those things. Cowgirl boots or flip flops all the
way :) 

Автор xXTigOlBittiezxX ( назад)
1:04 the ladder ones aremmy favs :) i would sooo wear them

Автор MissWeronika2000 ( назад)
are you polish? 

Автор technopink01 ( назад)

Автор technopink01 ( назад)
I like the swan shoes

Автор ‫נעמה מזרחי‬‎ ( назад)
קובי לוי ואווווו ישראלל

Автор Karl Donatella ( назад)
ahahaha i love 2:22

Автор McKennah Lauren ( назад)
Seriously i wanna know if 1:42 is a penis and vagina or something else

Автор Tierra a. ( назад)
wow very creative

Автор Gia Szada ( назад)
i want every one especially the 10th pair you show! those r soo cool

Автор Jaydah Azeez ( назад)
is that gum real?

Автор Maria-Georgiana Baronescu ( назад)
where you from ?

Автор Kasia Bosne ( назад)
lol. That's what I thought before i tried them. They are actually very

Автор Ashley La Porta ( назад)
i would break my ankel in all of them lol xD 

Автор sofia gamboa ( назад)
We're do you sell them their cool

Автор Melani Perez ( назад)
i like it the best in 2;21

Автор mike hahn ( назад)
the last one with the gum

Автор Kasia Bosne ( назад)
That's right. i will let her know she must have them

Автор Eduard ( назад)
The banana shoes are perfect for Katy Perry 

Автор Nikky Doll ( назад)
Hi...the shoes at 0:47....what brand ordesigner are those? I want them?

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