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It's 2016 and everything is offensive... but is it, coming from an ethnically mysterious little brown girl? I LOOK LIKE IM FROM THE WORLD. lol check out my other social medias down below for more brown! I also really love my boyfriend because he fixes my descriptions when im not able to!
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Автор Alexandria Green ( назад)
Same my mom is White and my dad is black and I'm brown

Автор Sara Elizabeth ( назад)
i'm filipino and swedish so i'm pale brown. i look like i got a slight tan. i like my skin tone.

Автор David Wene ( назад)
I'm mixed to. People think I'm Mexican

Автор Firelight gabudir ( назад)
unicorns dont poop cookies!....... they poop ice cream, duh

Автор RickiiTensee ( назад)
So she's half Indian. Literally not that hard to explain lmao

Автор Charlotte Anderson Anderson ( назад)
im as white as people come and i know that panjabi mc song( im talking about the first one)

Автор Susan Macneil ( назад)
I look like u

Автор Gloria Martinez ( назад)
my mom is white and my dad is black and when i was born my dad thought i was a mexican and that i wasnt his child #Tatiana Awesome Reyes

Автор Jacob Frittata ( назад)
hold it.. im brown.. but both my parents r white... oh meh gawd

Автор Mia Greenslait ( назад)
I'm mixed too 😂 but I'm Colombian, Puerto Rican,black,white😂

Автор Rachel Lauren ( назад)
Salt + pepper= garlic powder. Haha

Автор KeiraDhaliwal ( назад)
im Indian and American to

Автор Themaster gamergirl ( назад)

Автор Themaster gamergirl ( назад)
I know how you feel liza I'm African and English and some people think im Mexican and people thought I was adopted becuase my mun was black and my dad was white 😕😅

Автор Raychelle Artu Ramos ( назад)
so true
mom white
dad brown
But both from Puerto Rico
So people think I'm Mexican

Автор SSG Goku ( назад)
i completely lost it at 5:18

Автор Slime and Playdoe ( назад)
My moms white and my dad is Filipino

Автор Noa Rauh ( назад)
I am mixed and I swear everything she says is so true😂

Автор thomas hugo ( назад)
You should REALLY read(I know) Trevor Noah: Born a Crime. Really good book and you can relate!

Автор Kc K ( назад)
I am mixed with

Автор sierra sam ( назад)
this by far the funniest YouTube video I've seen in a minute because it's sooo tru I'm a Hispanic and black mix so when I'd go groceries shopping with my mom, parents would ask if I was adopted😂😂😂😂

Автор Gaming with BananaWaffle ( назад)
my mom is white and my dad is black and i'm a mix too

Автор 707 Meow ( назад)
I have the problem where my mom is really super pale and my dad is Mexican. So I just look a little tan. So like most white girls. So when I tell them that I am half Mexican they don't believe me XD But my dad's first language is Spanish and my grandparents and aunt are from Mexico. He is dark. I just look light...

Автор Alondra H ( назад)
I always thought she was a black and white mix but I totally can see the Indian now. And she can speak Spanish so I can see why she was so racially ambiguous 😂

Автор Alondra H ( назад)

Автор Brokendub AJ ( назад)
my friend is the same color as you so is my sis friend tbh i wish i had your skin tone you know your lucky no matter the problems always feel great about your body hair everything just know that you are a kind lucky person :)

Автор Jazzzy angelucci ( назад)
i kno how you feel liza i am a half breed so i just hang out with everyone

Автор Ayesha Furtick ( назад)
Asian mom
Black Dad
Blasian child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
People think I'm Mexian
Because Tagalog (search it up) is almost like Spanish
People think I'm also adopted
Little kids think I'm their age
*Thanks Mom*

Автор Totally Not Emo ( назад)

Автор CRYBABY ALERT ( назад)
hi Elizabeth

Автор Michelle Clark ( назад)
Liza guess what my daughter is just like youe

I am kind of mixed too

Автор L. E. Soto ( назад)
Im puertorican

Автор charles vincent jones ( назад)
my mom is white plus my black dad eqals me milk chocolate and i love you lizzza

Автор kitty Lover ( назад)
I'm mexican

Автор Asian Potato ( назад)
Korean: I'm Asian.
Non Asian: Sooo you're Chinese?
Korean: *bitch slaps*

Автор gamers to guiding 12345 bman ( назад)
I wish I could meet liza Koshy

Автор Rosie does Everything ( назад)
I'm Mexican and Italian people think I'm Chinese......

Автор HenzieTokyo ( назад)
My friend is Mixed xD

Автор KHANIMATION ( назад)
Are you me?

Автор neha ghauri ( назад)
You know that Asia is quite Big and India is in Asia sooooo......WHY YOU PEOPLE JUST CONSIDER CHINA TO BE ASIA....BDKSKAGSKSJFUCKKJK

Автор Dolls to dolls ( назад)
I'm brown to s cappentiono

Автор Olivia Anderson ( назад)
Omgggggg #relatable!!!! I love you girl!

Автор Diy Girl ( назад)
I've been asked if I'm Mexican others Egyptian I swear I was adopted I know how you feel really dark dad and white chocolate mom

Автор GreyWarden Sara ( назад)
h-town love!

Автор ANE!!!!!!!! BOTHA!!!!!!!!!!! ( назад)
Both my friends are mixed and they are really confused too

Автор Sandiana Berki ( назад)

Автор Victoria Victoria ( назад)

Автор Victoria Victoria ( назад)
You're so addictive I cant take it. It's 3am been watching you since 1. In short: I hate you.

Автор Brittney Hill ( назад)
Liza I'm brown like you too

Автор Camille Ching ( назад)
My mom is Mexican.
My dad is Chinese.
I'm a little white girl.

Автор Maddison M ( назад)
My cousins are mixed and I showed them this and they totally related

Автор Emily Autrey ( назад)
I love Texas

Автор crystal simon ( назад)
People think I'm Mexican all the time like nooooo my momma is black my daddy is white. Simple.

Автор Cockatoo Luck ( назад)

Автор Sonya More ( назад)
God I can totally relate omg my mom is French and my dad is Indian 😂😂😂

Автор Ariya C ( назад)
OMG I've had people come up to me every time I go out and start talking to me in Spanish 😂 My parents called me their little Mexican daughter all the time because my brother looks Indian AF 😅

Автор Ariya C ( назад)
I'm a brown girl too ♥️ exactly like you except my mom is brown and my dad is white 😂 I look like a tan white girl though lol 🙈

Автор Strawberry lover 1111 Live Love Laugh ( назад)
....... I'm mixed too!!! ☺️

Автор H20 cookiecat ( назад)
I look like a white black kid in the morning!

white kid with afro

(im exremly pale :/)

Автор Alexander Dipto Dipto ( назад)
Wooohhh!!!! This girl is freaking awesome....

Автор Kelly Hernandez ( назад)
I am exactly like Liza!!!! Not to be racist, but my mom is white, but she's Hispanic. And my dad he's brown and he is also Hispanic. And the y made a baby and that was me. So I'm basically milk chocolate color like Liza

Автор SonicEpicWind ( назад)
I'm mostly first nation/native american BUT I'm a 1/4 white (my grandpa was white), so I'm way paler then the rest of my family. lol My cousins would always say I was adopted. :P

Автор Taylah mccormick ( назад)
I'm 100% Australian and my skin tone it pretty much white out colour thing

Автор Christie XX ( назад)
Liza did you make this video for me because its so relatable #LITTLEBROWNGIRLPOWEREVENTHOUGHYOURINDIANANDIMGREEK. But i swear people think im aboriginal (I'm Australian)

Автор Kitty Black ( назад)
Hey Liza is it weird to talk to yourself and/or the camera

Автор Ruben Piskacek ( назад)
I am green

Автор Ruben Piskacek ( назад)
I love u

Автор Marissa Mitchell ( назад)
Liza this is me my mom is white and my dad is black and people think I'm everything and everything and then they ask what are u and I'm like a.........human😂😂❤️❤️love u❤️❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Strawberry Rachel ( назад)
My mom Peruvian/Hispanic And Dad's American/ White

Автор Strawberry Rachel ( назад)
I'm mixed too

Автор Olivia Nakhle ( назад)
Does anybody else see this white lady stealing this little Mexican? LOLOL

Автор Kawa11kats 4 ever ( назад)

Автор Alexia Grant ( назад)
I am mixed, my mom is black mixed with Indian, white, Asian and Lebanese while my dad is brown and mixed with white, black and Syrian. They created me and I have brown eyes with a blue ring around it curtsey of my dad, and my friends keep asking if I am Latino, black or of white background with a little bit of Indian. Me= confused

Автор kj8990 ( назад)
I can't wait to have my mixed babies lol. My husband is Arab and I am Aussie white but with a little bit of Aboriginal. I am often mistaken as Italian. I think our babies will be like caramel. Or end up as a weird baby poop colour. Who knows. Lol 😂

Автор David Jones ( назад)
I fell the struggle

Автор LeeDiamonds87 ( назад)

Автор XxxLYON PAWxxX ( назад)
Turquoise is fucking green. Get fucked.

Автор A_s_S Whole ( назад)
I was white when I was a baby but know I'm black

Автор KittyGold1212 ( назад)
I told myself I would just watch one video...

Nope. It's binge time.

Автор Pastel Jem ( назад)
my dad is Arab brown and my mum is British white..... WHAT RACE AM I??!?!!

Автор x.nathix ( назад)
I'm German and thai, and I'm proud.
I'm yellow white chocolate xD

Автор DIY_Kitty ( назад)
(For Lizza to read) Hi Lizza, it's your biggest fan, Audrey. Don't worry about what those FRICKING STUPID RUDE MEAN HATERS say! You are yourself, you are beautiful, (not to be a petifile😂) From Audrey,
To the caramel of the world, Lizza Koshy

I see you crying Lizza😏

Автор Rosa Ibarrola ( назад)
OMG I can relate a 100%

Автор Areeba Salman ( назад)
That beyonce expression😂

Автор calistabc5 ( назад)
does anyone see this white women stealing a little mexican?

Автор Olga Lopez ( назад)
im Puerto rican

Автор MusicLover5034 ( назад)
I showed my mum a picture of Liza and she thought she was Middle Eastern😂

Автор Karol Porto ( назад)
I'm a white little girl but I want to marry a white boy with white hair but I have brown hair but I am not racist because my friend is brown

Автор Sasha Weststen.Offical ( назад)
Elizabeth makes my day😄😍

Автор Ken Aldea ( назад)
Well im brown btw whos watching this in 2017 (like if u still watching this tho)

Автор Kacy Warkentien ( назад)

Автор PrincessTiaun ( назад)
YESSSS, girl, i didn't know you were from Houston ❤

Автор Blue the unicorn ( назад)

Автор Georgia Walkinshaw ( назад)
Chxerry Msp that is so gross just saying

Автор Sapphire Maple ( назад)
They think I'm Phillipno but I'm not

Автор a chinese dumpling ( назад)
im mixed too ahahaha

Автор Queen 001 ( назад)
1k thumbs down, she is showing she is proud of both sides of her family and she respects other peoples culture even at a young age, so these people just being butts quit while your ahead just some adivice.

Автор Jasmine's Story time ( назад)

Автор Marisa Kintu ( назад)
This chick is hilarious!

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