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Автор Lina Wangue ( назад)
hi the most beautiful babies in the universe "mixed" show your colours
wohoooooooo 😅😝😝😂😂😂😂😎

Автор Sonja Alcocer ( назад)

Автор Yesenia Padron ( назад)
im half mexican and american

Автор Daniela Perez ( назад)
I'm biracial

Автор me at 3 ( назад)
liza lit I promise I didn't know she was from htown

Автор Zebrafish222 ( назад)
Half Croatian half Australian and i have olive skin. I go to a catholic
school and i a, probably the darkest skin there. I would like to have a
variety of friends like you but most darker skins are in the other school

Автор Sydney Woodford ( назад)
honey roasted barbecue

Автор AustriaSnake95 ( назад)
what's the song at 4:43 tho

Автор Christen Makhoul ( назад)
I understand people that are mixed like half, but not those people who are
like 1/8 Russian, 2/935 Australian, and so on. I'm 100% Syrian. Kinda.

Автор SIR DIXON ( назад)
it is hard to not like her videos because she so original

Автор DontTouch _MyFur ( назад)
I'm black but I look mixed I'm part Indian though

Автор Mimiki ( назад)
My parents Are Hungrarian an me well i look Like the adopded me from Mexico

Автор Mya V ( назад)
I thought you were Indian I mix

Автор Victoria Chavez ( назад)
I'm just Mexican. Not mixed... i wish i was also milk chocolate

Автор Geidy Obregon ( назад)
Liza i have the same problems everyone thinks im mexican or anyting but
cuban and im a chocolate color ;)

Автор tia walden ( назад)
im mixed but I look white with curly hair

Автор Shantaya Fairclough ( назад)
I am basically brown but I don't look like it

Автор laura olson ( назад)
I love war you come frome mmmaaahhhh and I mite be mixet jeast a bite

Автор Mal pal ( назад)
im just wondering what david and lizas kid would look like..... either very
white or light brown

Автор Khmericann _ ( назад)

Автор Khmericann _ ( назад)
Cambodian ppl r Asian but they liy

Автор Aliya Syed ( назад)
AYYYYEEEE my moms white- really white (Romanian) and my dads Kenyan (brown)

Автор Amila Khan ( назад)
im mixed race as well (im pakistani&arabic)

Автор Franku is bae ( назад)
Here's an idea:
You are neither black nor white,you're your own race.
Now for the name for it,I'll leave it up to you to make it up.

Автор Khloe Ramirez ( назад)
I'm a mixed kid Mexican and a American.

Автор Emma Drain ( назад)
Lizzza is

Автор Emma Drain ( назад)
Do a draw my life video

Автор Ariana & Taylor and Selena ( назад)
and I'm here wondering why everyone thinks that Indians eat curry only

Автор Ariana & Taylor and Selena ( назад)
im half half African and half Indian

Автор Vanessa Olmedo ( назад)
I'm Mexican American nd people either think that I'm white or latina

Автор Rhiannan Storrie ( назад)
I'm the same Lizza I'm a mocha xx

Автор 101 magic ( назад)
and I'm mixed too

Автор 101 magic ( назад)
I thought you were half mexican

Автор Crina Stanciu ( назад)
*have the hair

Автор Crina Stanciu ( назад)
I havethe hair like a mixed child ;)

Автор Yang Panuringan ( назад)
hahahahaha i keep laughing with this vid 😝😝😝😀😀😀

Автор Tori King ( назад)
My dad is African american and my mom is Mexican

Автор Antoko ( назад)
this is my favorite video ever 😂😂

Автор Wonder Women ( назад)
Plus I'm black and white and brown and mexican and Irish and everythang

Автор Wonder Women ( назад)
I'm mixed black and white I used to be black and white chocolate to make
creamy milk chocolate but I'm a normal kid that plays in the sun I want to
get creamy milk chocolate again

Автор Morten Floor ( назад)
im offended

Автор YellowGaming ( назад)
4:20 whats that song called

Автор John ( назад)
in the real world, no. one. cares.

Автор RobinBlueLucy ( назад)
I'm Hispanic born in America so I'm not a chent but I'm part Japanese
because about half my dad's family lives there and they are Japanese. Also
from Spain because of my mom's paleness from Nicaragua. my dad's from Peru
so basically he's a black Japanese guy. I'm brown and confused too wtf

Автор Amputated Octopus ( назад)
Omg I'm half German half Mexican, my mom is blond my dad has black hair and
I'm a redhead! Literally my siblings look nothing like me and people
constantly give me this look of : " she's adopted and no ones told her"

Автор Linda Rusch ( назад)
im dutch/romanian :O

Автор Ayesha King ( назад)
I'm mixed and people don't believe I am because I have Afro textured hair
and they say I'm too brown to be mixed.

Автор Donnapp ( назад)
I'm not technically mixed but I'm east african by race, born and raised in
an arab country, dad was raised in russia.. I can't relate to any country
and you can only imagine the amount of langauges we speak at home lol

Автор Krystal McLeod ( назад)
Where did she get her pants from??

Автор Sokaina Tadili ( назад)
White salt and black peoer makes a dish better😂😂😂😂

Автор Rasmira Wong ( назад)
im half chinese and half murut andmy fdumb malay friends keep saying im a
malay to other ppl when they ask "is u frend a chinese?" her: "nope shes a
malay bc she is a muslim"

Автор Ramaz Baasher ( назад)
Now days the mixed is like black Mexican white brown we all hang in one

Автор HUMMY P ( назад)
any small youtubers wanna be friends ?

Автор Miss Panda ( назад)
I'm White And Brown.
Buttttttt, I Look White :P
(Italian and Puerto Rican)

When I Told My Friend: (Stares At Me) No, Way. Really? Wow, You Don't Look
It :0


Автор Judy K ( назад)
i'm brown too but my 4 sisters are white

i don't know how o_O

Автор Liam Blakely (Liam) ( назад)
im half indonesian half australian

Автор Nurdy Doll Lover ( назад)
I have a white mom, black dad but I'm still very very very undercooked also
means I'm very very very white although I have a black dad

Автор Ginga Boss ( назад)
😂😂 I can relate. People think I'm all different races

Автор Savage Anika ( назад)
Omg the song u played at 4:21 is my favorite Indian song

Автор Serenity Burrows ( назад)
I'm half Vitnames and half white so I'm caucasion

Автор Aleigha McNulty ( назад)
I'm kinda like that cuz I say I'm Irish when I am technically, but I'm not
at all by blood. So, my dad was adopted and grew up with his adoptive
parent with another adopted brother and sister (I think it might've been
just my dad I'm not sure) and his adoptive parents are Irish so then when
my dad met my mom and had my 3 sisters and then me, on my dads side, I'm
basically Irish, yet I am in no way Irish. I always say I'm Irish to other
people because I don't know what other cultures I come from.

And that is the story of how Aleigha McNulty is Irish, yet not one bit
Irish. The End

Автор HwangPasta ( назад)
Can relate soooooooooooooooooooooo much, I'm from Guyana and I'm
Amerindian, East Indian, and Black...and I confuse the shit out of everyone

Автор Ruthie Bates ( назад)
I'm mixed too,my mom is Italian/Puerto Rican and my dad is black.i had
these exact problems,especially with the group of friends..except i
couldn't fit in anyones group.with the white girls it was because I was
brown,I couldn't fit in with the black girls because I was light skin,and I
couldn't kick it with the Hispanic people because I had no idea what they
were saying..

Автор Hannah Cooper ( назад)
This is so relatable bc my dads white but my moms Korean

Автор Yasmina Long ( назад)
I'm mixed too Kuwaiti and American but my dad is the white one omg I know
the struggle

Автор Caitlin Gonzalez ( назад)
I actually had my DNA tested to find out my exact ethnicity. I am 28%
Spanish, 18% Native American, 12% British, 11% Irish, 10% Italian, 6%
French, 5% other trace European regions, 5% West Asian, 3% African, and 2%
Asian. So yeah... try growing up with that ethnicity. People ask me nonstop
"What are you?!" ...please don't make me actually tell you...

Автор Maya Tabesh ( назад)
I'm with ya there, where was the box for middle eastern lol

Автор Diana Salinas ( назад)
you look fine don't change nothing

Автор MCR—P!ATD —TØP ( назад)
I'm puertorrican
and I'm the exact same color as lizza and I have puffy curly hair

Автор Missa B ( назад)
The only difference between us is our age and dads race

Автор Puppy wala ( назад)
Kind of my school has a lot of Mexicans so people always saying: oh hey are
you Mexican me: no them: oh and walk away...

Автор Isabella Flores ( назад)

Автор Gio Mele ( назад)
i'm Polynesian, European, Hispanic and Asian and i can never go out in
public without being asked what my ethnicity was

Автор Kaleoaloha Lum ( назад)
I have curry all the time and I'm white. all of my family members at from
different islands. I'm from Hawaii my step father is from saint Martian.

Автор Sarah Elliott ( назад)
I'm from the Houston area

Автор Hawaii time! ( назад)
ooh and I'm from Houston Texas too!

Автор Hawaii time! ( назад)
I'm half Polish, and a quarter black and Asian. I just started to tell
people I'm Mexican

Автор Tiramoana Taia ( назад)
yo any Māori girls or boys up in here ? I'm mixed with white and Māori
🙌🏾🙌🏾 chuuur from Aotearoa 😘😘

Автор Mercy Ditter ( назад)
i'm half Afrikan and German and i have the same problems in School 😂 they
always ask me if im from US just becouse i englisch . And i also do not
gknow with wich friends i should be with in lunch brake 😂

Автор Leahhh ( назад)
But Colombians are regarded as some of the sexiest people in the world, so
what's the real problem here? ;)

Автор Keonica Haynes ( назад)
I see a lot of unintended amethyst jokes XD

Автор Keonica Haynes ( назад)
When she said what kinda hole you crawled out of I thought of amethyst

Автор Elmer Dumbrique ( назад)
I am philipino,but American

Автор JASMIN CUSTODIO ( назад)
I feel her I have problems at school

Автор Sahara J ( назад)
I'm mixed just like lizzza were twins

Автор Vexatious Potato ( назад)
It's okay.... Trump is orange.

Автор Jack Arrants ( назад)
your Indian ? I would have never guessed :) I can see why people think
Brazilian LOL

Автор Raven Myles ( назад)
I relate so much especially to the first one because people think I'm every
but black and white

Автор Savannah Williams ( назад)
Tbh, this is the most relatable video I've actually watched in a long time.
I'm like, super mixed really. I have so many different races it should be
illegal xD Both my parents are mixed themselves and then had mixed kids as
well? Yep. We are the rainbow xD

Автор Anupriya Dhawan ( назад)
wow actual indian song none of those stereotypical stuff..

Автор Vaishu Devarakonda ( назад)
I'm just Indian, but I can relate to that first point

"Are you Mexican?"

"I'm Indian..."


"I Swear!"

Автор Serius (mrcool917) ( назад)
I wouldn't have trouble realizing she has black in her. Only black people
talk like that.

Автор Sofija Vrsajkovic Holo. ( назад)
No one knows my country!!Serbia,?

Автор Harvey Charles ( назад)

Автор Isabel Grace ( назад)
I'm half Puerto Rican and half Caucasian. 😅😂

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