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Автор Karma The savage Hughes ( назад)
I have a white mom

and a black dad

Автор Blackthunderhwd hwd ( назад)
Wait your indian

Автор DragonGirl ( назад)
Girl I feel u I'm also mixed😂😂😂😂

Автор paris elizabeth ( назад)

Автор Jessika Eaton ( назад)
Hispanic + Indian + Columbia + a white equals a very confused white chocolate and dark chocolate mocha latte

Автор Jessika Eaton ( назад)
I'm Hispanic Indian and Colombian

Автор kiara And Alexa ( назад)
You and I are muts ☺️☺️🤗🤗

Автор alix 1202 ( назад)
I relate to this so much 😂

Автор Goldylox Craft ( назад)
I am just like u lizzza i am mix but my mom is filipino and my dad is omani

Автор Jolanda mambo ( назад)
technically you are Asian Liza

Автор Krystal Gaming ( назад)
Liza I have the same problem because my mom comes from 5 other countries and my dad comes from 1 other country

Автор Creepy Reds ( назад)
My mom doyalodical dad is black so i am kinda black and i get really confused what i am

Автор My fun Corner ( назад)
I am an Indian

Автор legend of leafeon and eevee ( назад)
i didn't know you were in YouTube rewind 2016

Автор Savanah Burnett ( назад)
I'm fully white like white chocolate and olive oil (warm toned ivory color) lol...Scottish, English, Irish, Norweigan, Finnish, Swedish (mongolian), German, Russian, Chezovalkian, Scandavanian<--spell right?? Bohemian (not the fashion) a lil French

Автор Mariah Felder ( назад)
ur just like me ppl think im mexican my mommy is white and my daddy is black LOVELY😍😍😍

Автор abby mulligan ( назад)
Growing up mixed is hard because everybody always thinks your something your not. And when u identify as something, and have pride, people think you are ashamed to be the other half!!!!

I'm half Irish, and half El Salvadorian, and some people think I'm Portuguese, full white, Mexican, etc.

For some reason a lot of people can't understand the concept of being two different things.

Автор Rose C-Gunderson ( назад)
i am also brown

Автор Jade Slaughter ( назад)
I'm mixed too with a white dad and a black mom. My dad is British and my mom is Mauritian.

Автор HayItzJay ( назад)
I'm mixed but both my parents are black my mom is part Irish

Автор Maya Olivares ( назад)
Hispanic,latino and white in the girl

Автор Zoe Stanley ( назад)
Your eyes are so big and gorgeous

Автор Emma Ormond ( назад)
I have a Irish Dad and Hispanic mom. I'm white. White as hell 😂

Автор ot5h ( назад)

Автор Messy Hair2 ( назад)
i am half mexican and half white my mom is white and my dad is mexican, i am friends with everyone at my school and people ask me what race i am and i always say.......*whisper* a unicorn..........and they freak out lol

Автор Kayley Star ( назад)
Asians hello 🤷🏽‍♀️

Автор GalaxyPizza ( назад)
OMG! I'm mixed to! This relates to me so much.Like everyone thinks I'm white.No.I ain't white.

Them:Oh hey I like your white color!
Me:I'm not white.
Them:Oh your black?

Автор KittyClawsGaming ( назад)
lel im the same as liza XD so confuzled

Автор Cassidy Walters ( назад)
this was kinda racist

Автор maja mikol ( назад)
😂😂😂😂😂 I love your videos and i love you , you are the best girl in the YouTube! 💕

Автор Erika Herrera ( назад)
I am mixed to

Автор Jazmin Granados ( назад)
Liza Koshy my mom is from Pecos Tx

Автор Bellatrix Lestrange ( назад)
My dad is Guatemalan and Mexican and my mom is black and white

Автор Keira's world. ( назад)
I'm the same thing as Liza

Автор Lydia holoman ( назад)
Im black and white

Автор aly yang ( назад)
Who is watching this in 2017? I am!!! my like idk third time watching this

Автор Lilla Kocsmaros ( назад)
I love u btw liza
U my fav youtuber 😆😆😆😆😎u cool

Автор Lilla Kocsmaros ( назад)
I wish I had hispanic friends,I just think they are really cool people but I live in hungary 😟

Автор Sofia Resto ( назад)
I am Puerto Rican

Автор Krystal Chan ( назад)
I feel you..

Автор Jennifer Hobbs ( назад)
im just white

Автор Sarah Brewington ( назад)
hey me too!!!! im a really bright brown and white and part every thing

Автор Miguel Sabando ( назад)
I'm am a mix and I already subscribe

Автор Juliette Baerveldt ( назад)
Her skin color is really beautiful to me

Автор Alana Nguyen ( назад)
i used to think liza was african american lol

Автор Alana Nguyen ( назад)
im vietnamese sooooo 😂

Автор Inaya Lamour ( назад)
I'm a mixed girl the hair struggle is real and all the struggles you stated are real I listen to rap regular and Indian everything you said is what happens to me

Автор Oana Manuela ( назад)
I'm mixed to

Автор valu balu ( назад)
i swear i'm realy Brown XD

Автор Swagalicious sisters ( назад)
I'm mixed bro

Автор Minekat 22 ( назад)
one time this guy asked If I was Latina, Im whiter than the snow outside my door right now

Автор kristen parks ( назад)
my mom is native American and my dad is just white as hell n i feel this

Автор NadaTubeHD ( назад)
my birthday d8!!!!

Автор spark aj ( назад)
mixed to

Автор Josh _ ( назад)
Where your Oceanic friends at?

Автор Jeysso S. ( назад)
She's from Houston??? Omg that's awesome cause me too

Автор Gary Lilly ( назад)
I don't think you are adopted I just think you are normal

Автор Lilly Love ( назад)
Couldn't relate. Im black. Good video tho.

Автор Taylor Davis ( назад)
im a mixed child and everyone says I look italin and i mix in with every group.

Автор Kassidy Williams ( назад)
I thought she was white and black
but I'm Native American & black so this is relatable and I live in Texas wassup!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Leda Lascelles ( назад)
I'm mixed to but I have two friends who say I'm black .there racist!😤

Автор Sushi Rolls Gaming ( назад)
I'm Russian, Polish, and a bit German. Yet when I tell people, they automatically I'm only one of those.


Автор Ziona knight's fabulis world ( назад)
I am mixed dad:black and mom:white

Автор Iava Lui ( назад)
My mom is white looking but is also Samoan and my dad is brown and is also Chinese. I look white but I'm mainly Polynesian

Автор Stephani Chan ( назад)
i have mixed kid problems my mom is korean and my dad is puerto rican and i have albinism so i have no skin color or hair color so im blonde so people say im white

Автор Christine Christine ( назад)
I'm a brown girl.

Автор jayne rourke ( назад)

Автор Stary - Games ( назад)
I'm brown my mom is Indian

My dad is German and American

Автор Whimsical Cheese ( назад)
I'm turquoise and I feel so accepted!!!! 😀

Jk but I still feel happy!

Автор Jasmin Kisanga ( назад)
I have the same problem,lots of people ask me "are you Mexican or Phillipeno"but no.I'm a rich smooth creamy milk chocolate and both of my parents are dark chocolate ( I don't mean to offend them but dark chocolate has a very bitter taste) I don't even know how they created me?

Автор belinda acosta ( назад)
She should collab with the gabbie show and colleen

Автор belinda acosta ( назад)
I just realized you should collab with the gabble show and colleen

Автор Symone Catherine ( назад)
I freakin love her 😭😭😭😭😭😂💀

Автор Samantha Ingram ( назад)
I almost died laughing when she tried to twerk lol 😂😂😂

Автор Emileth Valdivia ( назад)
I love you

Автор Meow Meow Kitty ( назад)
I is a white girl and my whole family is white

Автор cutelittle angel ( назад)

Автор itznn105 ( назад)
My dad is white and my mom is black, and I was born in Houston, Texas.

Автор Megan Burp ( назад)
my brother is mixed cuz his dad was brown and his my is weit

Автор KML Studios ( назад)
I am 1/4 Mexican and my grandmas house always smells like azteca and chilli rienos

Автор babygirl dimples ( назад)
I know I am so late but you said my name 😂 Yahaira! I'll hit you up with them tortas! I gotchu ❤️😂

Автор Ruweyda Haji ( назад)
omg the first song is my moms fave ikd the name but she puts it on all the time

Автор Janio Nelson ( назад)
I'm mixed to but with jamaican and Indian

Автор Angel Resendiz ( назад)
Eyyy Houston tx

Автор Martyna Adamska ( назад)
I have the same problems!😂 (my mom comes from Poland, my dad from Turkey) but my biggest problem: my mom isn't with my dad and my stepfather is white too, so the most people ask my parents why I'm so brown and they think I'm adopted😂😂 #mixedkids

Автор Theresa D ( назад)
Hey you should get a 23andme test done. You could do a DNA reveal video.

Also, you have an awesome Mexican accent lol

Автор MQbeauty19 ( назад)
I'm just a Mexican living in really white community so yeah.... and people think I look philipino bc of my eyes 😂😂

Автор Leonie Gamer ( назад)
Hey watsapp I'm not wearing any pants 😂😘😘

Автор Jazmine Pina ( назад)
Im Mexican but look like a white girl lol

Автор Smiley Jonika ( назад)
Ok... My skin is most like yours. I am mixed too! my mom is Russian and my dad is Romanian. Dad is darkish (if that's a word😂😂) and my mom is white (like, REALLY white). So yeah. 😐

Автор Imaan ( назад)
So I'm a brown girl born in a brown family however I have lighter skin to other brown kids To which they made fun out of me and bullied me because I wasn't like them but now I just don't give a fruit cake about them. Thanks liza ily❤️😊

Автор Cocoafizz ( назад)
I'm half (West) Asian and Half European (mostly English). So I can relate

Автор Arshita Immanuel ( назад)
Not to be racist but is it wierd that I have this likkle squad called "DA ASIAN SQUAD" where everyone except me is bangali and I'm Indian!!

Автор Cute NekoCat ( назад)
I can't relate at all; I'm Chinese.

Автор _Duhitzaria_ ( назад)
My school makes me check white but I'm brown!!!

Автор Great Rao ( назад)
"melted Hershey's kisses". LOL

Автор Amelia Sandford ( назад)
I'm British, Australian, Serbian and a tiny bit of Italian!!!!!!!

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