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    It's 2016 and everything is offensive... but is it, coming from an ethnically mysterious little brown girl? I LOOK LIKE IM FROM THE WORLD. lol check out my other social medias down below for more brown! I also really love my boyfriend because he fixes my descriptions when im not able to!
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    Thank you, my little ethnic rainbow cuties!

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  • Nafisah Azar
    Nafisah Azar 45 минут назад


  • SourCandy
    SourCandy 59 минут назад

    I'm a brown kid Mexican French, Irish and American my family calls me Mexcain and a little bit of everything

  • Woolien`
    Woolien` 1 час назад

    You're barely brown lol now my mom is fully Nigerian and my dad Hispanic and Korean I FEEL YOU my skin don't wanna pick a damn side lmao. In the summer I look African with curly hair and in the winter I'm light fuck wtf.

  • Tereza Gregorova
    Tereza Gregorova 1 час назад

    "No matter what we all have our racial relatable problems. Even though it's 2016 and we should see those individual colors; but rather one big old beautiful rainbow with butterflies and cookie poop and unicorns." - Liza Koshy. Put that on a bumper sticker and stick it on my rear!...of my car! The rear of my car....

  • psychedelic.peanut
    psychedelic.peanut 1 час назад

    i'm a white noodle?? or white rice?? idk dad's vietnamese(asian) and my mom is russian (white) so i'm yellow chocolate??

  • VaL Espana
    VaL Espana 1 час назад


  • Erica Le
    Erica Le 2 часа назад

    I'm Asian

  • Shy Guy
    Shy Guy 2 часа назад

    Something I have meaning to tell you ;( no you just ran out of ideas

  • Rambert Reimers
    Rambert Reimers 3 часа назад

    same !!!!!

  • Erica Pacheco
    Erica Pacheco 4 часа назад

    oml, I thought you were Hispanic and when u were just talking spanish, u spoke it so fluently, but I'm Hispanic and I'm a toffee color, and I get called black and cant speak Spanish with a good accent....... if you hear me talking spanish, ill speak it, but I wont sound like it

  • Olivia Raikisto
    Olivia Raikisto 4 часа назад

    so, here is a little story: I (white girl) said to my friends that I am 1/4 and they belived me, now i dont know what i am😂

  • illuminatti not comfimed
    illuminatti not comfimed 4 часа назад


  • Remya Baby
    Remya Baby 4 часа назад

    Lol I am Indian and that song I know it that is like the song every Indian person hears at a wedding and Lizza I am I big fan

  • Jimmy Burnel
    Jimmy Burnel 5 часов назад

    We live in a facinating world.

  • precious litton
    precious litton 5 часов назад

    im in love i make puns all of the time and my friends say i look like you but im brown and love sugar get it brown suger

  • Jocelyn Moskowitz
    Jocelyn Moskowitz 5 часов назад

    I am a mix kid

  • Abdsamed L'espoir
    Abdsamed L'espoir 5 часов назад

    the deffrent between us is that ur parents r choclate but mine r coffee and milk :))

  • Lexy Winstead
    Lexy Winstead 6 часов назад

    I thought you were Mexican

  • Lillian Keophilalay
    Lillian Keophilalay 6 часов назад

    me and my sister are aMix

  • Loesy Castellanos
    Loesy Castellanos 7 часов назад

    im fully Hispanic and people never know what i am 😂

  • denwaka .R
    denwaka .R 7 часов назад

    I am brown and my dad is Afro-American and my mom are Germany and white

  • Billy Batson
    Billy Batson 9 часов назад

    Italian pride

  • TheRandom Show
    TheRandom Show 11 часов назад

    Personally your just perfect , This kind of skin colour Is neither too white neither too brown . And you dont need to get tanned ;-;

  • Chynna Johnson
    Chynna Johnson 11 часов назад

    cookie poop.

  • Funneh Fails
    Funneh Fails 12 часов назад

    Ppl think I'm mixed because my skin is a chesnut brown and I hang out with diffrent races. I always have to tell ppl "Both of my parents are white." then they ask,"Then why is ur skin the color of a moca frappe?" and I say, "I tan easly. Yet I don't burn." And yes, my friends are Liza Koshy fans. We call ourselfs "LKF's"

  • XxNoLimitzZ ._.
    XxNoLimitzZ ._. 13 часов назад

    I am White, Mexican, and Puerto Rican. I told my "friends" that I'm Mexican and they said NO YOU AREN'T YOU'RE WHITE. -.- the struggles mixed People gotta deal with

  • sau
    sau 13 часов назад

    Well so I went to japan....I think I should explain my story first.. So I'm half brown half Japanese and..I look nothing like both of my parents....so when I went to japan with my dad some years ago when I was 12 they thought I was......KIDNAPPED like really? (The shop lady asked me, is he your dad)......

  • AussieLife
    AussieLife 16 часов назад

    "Has anybody seen this white lady stealing this Mexican girl?¿" 2:08 hahaha cracked me up

  • Layla B
    Layla B 16 часов назад

    People ask me if I'm half black or Mexican and I'm just like nope just Indian spain and white I get really dark in the summer

  • Emily Ortiz
    Emily Ortiz 16 часов назад

    she's brown I thought she was liza😁😂

  • Alondra Orozco
    Alondra Orozco 17 часов назад

    "And when Alondra, Yahara, and Maria had turened 15 I was dancing Bachata........." I was all like Im hispanic and my name is Alondra Im all like wow she got the hispanic names right

  • Andy Denton
    Andy Denton 17 часов назад

    I'm white but can twerk, eat spicy foods, have parents that don't spoil me and I'm male :)))) (yes I said twerk)

  • Heidi Brannon
    Heidi Brannon 17 часов назад

    I thought she was a Latina. But this explains a lot

  • Supertaco Simmons
    Supertaco Simmons 17 часов назад

    l love pinatas

  • Supertaco Simmons
    Supertaco Simmons 17 часов назад

    tu hablan Espanol???

  • Supertaco Simmons
    Supertaco Simmons 18 часов назад

    people think I am Arabic and white but I am Mexican and black

  • themagicdiamondblock themagicdiamonblock

    Liza is a mix like me 😊

  • kay nicole
    kay nicole 19 часов назад

    I might be mixed I'm darker than liza and I'm white😂😂

  • lakecitylocs
    lakecitylocs 19 часов назад

    I can relate cause I'm mixed

  • Hailey Kasper
    Hailey Kasper 19 часов назад

    it's okay I literly have a pink tone to my skin so people would always ask me why I was pink and I would just look at them😐😐😐

  • felicityannfox
    felicityannfox 19 часов назад

    WHERE ARE MY Houstonians/People FROM Houston TX AT!!!

  • Sara M
    Sara M 20 часов назад

    one of the most relatable videos I've ever seen

  • Aly Wolf pup
    Aly Wolf pup 20 часов назад

    I am Hispanic

  • Faith, Love & Loyalty
    Faith, Love & Loyalty 20 часов назад

    So true! Love this video! I'm pigment challenged, but white and Puerto Rican. Hey maybe we're related! 😱 Prima!!!! 🤗 lol

  • 5h_cc1 .queens
    5h_cc1 .queens 20 часов назад

    "Cookie poping unicorns" XD

  • bellaa
    bellaa 20 часов назад

    every single kid at my school thinks I'm mexican BUT I'M JUST BLACK AND WHITE MAN. I literally can rant about my racial problems all day

  • Heyitzkate
    Heyitzkate 20 часов назад

    Love your puns 😂. Or her funny sayings 😂

  • Lauren Saunders
    Lauren Saunders 21 час назад

    I'm already jealous of you

  • Brooklyn Martinez
    Brooklyn Martinez 21 час назад

    I'm a mixed child btw im 8 years old

  • 21 thousand
    21 thousand 21 час назад

    btw, go to the philippines, you'll see a lot of mixed brown people lol me

  • Hellen Nascimento
    Hellen Nascimento 21 час назад

    I'm half Brazilian and half Italian but I look Dominican like WHAT!!??

  • Baka Chan
    Baka Chan 21 час назад

    does being Hispanic and Australian make you a liza?

  • Brandi Martin
    Brandi Martin 22 часа назад

    I'm mooving to Texas this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fularious
    fularious 23 часа назад

    I'm full Latina but my skin color is white, everyone kind of bullies me saying "you wish you were Latina" and I'm like "what the fuck? there can't be white Latinas???!!!"

  • Brie D
    Brie D 23 часа назад

    my Mom is Chinese & Panamanian (Hispanic) and my dad is Native American & white. So I get called a light Mexican or Puerto Rican cause I basically light brown honey skin

  • peace&wolves awesome sauce
    peace&wolves awesome sauce 23 часа назад

    I'm mixed and I told my half Indian half European friend and we were both laughing our heads off

  • Anna Reece
    Anna Reece 23 часа назад

    I'm German and black and no one can ever figure out my race 😂

  • Laila
    Laila 23 часа назад

    My dad is black and my mom is white and I'm tan but nowhere near black

  • Miguel Huerta
    Miguel Huerta 1 день назад

    you can speak Spanish

  • Mackenzie Rowsell
    Mackenzie Rowsell 1 день назад

    And also love you lizza

  • Mackenzie Rowsell
    Mackenzie Rowsell 1 день назад

    I have the same problem, I am Filipino and Canadian

  • Kwami Otoo
    Kwami Otoo 1 день назад

    Liza, how many languages do you speak? Which ones?

  • Rebecca Bowen
    Rebecca Bowen 1 день назад

    I'm half italian, half english, always white but in the summer I get so brown that people think I'm latin american or indian

  • and peggy
    and peggy 1 день назад

    I'm the same colour pretty much xD

  • Kitty Claws
    Kitty Claws 1 день назад

    Cookie pooing unicorns

  • akasha blake
    akasha blake 1 день назад

    I can relate so much I'm mixed 2

  • Daija Chandar
    Daija Chandar 1 день назад

    I know that song she played, I'm crying 😂😂😂

  • Keyper Squad
    Keyper Squad 1 день назад

    People think I'm adopted too!!!!!!!! My mom, dad and brother have brown hair and eyes and I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I was also born in Germany yet my mom, dad and brother were born in Canada. And yes, I'm Canadian.

  • Gabby Velasquez
    Gabby Velasquez 1 день назад

    I look like you but my hair isn't curly

  • Megan Nedrud
    Megan Nedrud 1 день назад

    you shud be a comedian

  • Chuberty McChubz
    Chuberty McChubz 1 день назад


  • Chacha Aranas
    Chacha Aranas 1 день назад

    Same all different but same

  • Excho
    Excho 1 день назад


    25% Indian
    25% American
    50% Dutch

    Weird mix....

  • Aria Marquez
    Aria Marquez 1 день назад

    I'm mexican and everyone thinks I'm asian

  • Browny Girl 2006
    Browny Girl 2006 1 день назад

    Me mom colombian me dad mexican me usaaa

  • Asya coşkun
    Asya coşkun 1 день назад

    Im half Japanese and half Turkish. People ask if i am from Peru. Same problems. :D

  • Emily G
    Emily G 1 день назад

    Mexican dad + Mexican mom = Hispanic child ( me ) i was also born in Texas :D

  • Nikhil Joseph P
    Nikhil Joseph P 1 день назад

    I like u more than !!!superwomen!!!

  • Patty Cake
    Patty Cake 1 день назад

    I'm full German, don't speek it and I'm kind of cute so I maybe part milk man. te he.

  • La'Shay Wiggins
    La'Shay Wiggins 1 день назад

    Liza I'm by racial too

  • Skyler Bahon
    Skyler Bahon 1 день назад

    XD really white grandpa *looks at ass* im dying!

  • Radha Kausik
    Radha Kausik 1 день назад

    Her Indian accent is 👌🏽

  • Brooke Zuley
    Brooke Zuley 1 день назад

    who else got hungry when she mentioned spanis foods

    Cause i did🍗🍗🍗

  • Life as Mia
    Life as Mia 1 день назад

    GROWIN UP WITH 4 cultures is hard
    Native American
    African American

  • Li Li
    Li Li 1 день назад

    I'm mixed with Brown and Puerto Rican 😜

  • Michelle Flores
    Michelle Flores 1 день назад

    I'm from Laredo tx

  • Teagan Dalley
    Teagan Dalley 1 день назад

    THIS IS SO DAMN RELATABLE!!! I am a multicultural kid too! Malaysia and UK

  • happy thelovestar
    happy thelovestar 1 день назад

    I am mix

  • Courtney Meyer
    Courtney Meyer 1 день назад

    I like your videos I subscribed to your second channel keep making your awesome videos and dab on them haters

  • Tae Hyun
    Tae Hyun 1 день назад

    Hell I Have 3 Arab,White,Black

  • Angelina Little
    Angelina Little 1 день назад

    I'm mixed too it's kinda awesome to be mixed tho:D

  • Madison Malanowski
    Madison Malanowski 1 день назад

    She forgot pink... 🙁

  • Jailah Johnson
    Jailah Johnson 1 день назад

    you indian I sware I thought u was  american

  • Diana żak
    Diana żak 1 день назад

    I am also Mixed race :3333
    My mum is from South Africa and my dad is Polish
    I don't look polish at all and when I go on holiday there to see my grandparents, I am alot darker (Like a tanish colour) compared to everyone. They also wonder why I am fluent in Polish :////

  • WeasleyGirl21
    WeasleyGirl21 1 день назад

    I'm white and half Korean and it's annoying when people ask me questions about my race and then get mad if I don't have an answer

  • Bloopers Yaya
    Bloopers Yaya 1 день назад

    I'm Mexican💋❤️💋❤️

  • marfaul
    marfaul 1 день назад

    My best friend's dad is black and her mom is white and her skin is as pale as can be but she has all of her dad's facial features. It's so fascinating. Love is all colors💕

  • kaitieskates
    kaitieskates 1 день назад

    Almost spit my tea at the computer when you said, "All the Chick-Fil-A sauces." And one of my former students was asked at an INTERVIEW (not ok), "Where are you from?" And her answer..."Atlanta." (she didn't yet understand where the interviewer was going with that one because it's not a question you should ever be asked at an interview ESPECIALLY in that format) Followed by, "No where are you really from?" "Oh sorry, Georgia." Much love and respect on that one!

  • CharityCharm TV
    CharityCharm TV 1 день назад

    I feel you 😕😂I'm German,Italian,Spanish ,French and Norway ....Now THAT'S messed up believe me😑😂

  • Emma Louise
    Emma Louise 1 день назад

    I'm biracial with brown grandparents and white mom and brownish dad and they both come from mixed areas and when I tell people I'm biracial or mixed they say don't try and be something your not an I'm like don't tell me I'm something I'm not