How To Put Text Over Your Video In Sony Vegas Pro 9

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Автор Nadeem Mohammad ( назад)
Make sure that text thing is in the 1st channel ( on top )

Автор Tommy BE ( назад)
It doesnt work to me, when I do that, it is a movie.. Could you help me

Автор Muhammad Abbas Abd Al-Hamid Akeem El-Hakeed Ahmad Muktar El-Housseini ( назад)
i dont have media generator..

Автор Muhammad Abbas Abd Al-Hamid Akeem El-Hakeed Ahmad Muktar El-Housseini ( назад)
that means you're in the trial version. 

Автор Kickass Mgee ( назад)

Автор Decaf Oats ( назад)
how do you put it anywhere on your screen? 

Автор Juriën van Arum ( назад)
where can i find the text button fking nerd

Автор antidevil86 ( назад)
tactical mute in bound !!

Автор Sercoz Makaveli ( назад)
Thanks dude

Автор Rafael Adl Zarabi ( назад)
Hey. I have an intro which is played in VLC Player. And Since i got that
intro, i can't put a text in a video, when the intro is in the timeline.
Can u help me?

Автор Matt Dearing ( назад)
You should've put This Is SPARTA!

Автор Arshi Kaffash ( назад)
the thing doesn't pop up for me, what do i do

Автор Tommy Thai ( назад)
would this be the same for pro 10 too?

Автор ivailo7 ( назад)
10x for the video !!!!

Автор Bentzi Penya ( назад)
Basicly is just to open a new track just for the text the hell a spend of

Автор masa matala ( назад)
Hi! I want my text to right top corner. How i can do it?

Автор pokegirl4581 ( назад)
i try this soo much time and it didnt work can u explain how to do this

Автор aldrin germanotta ( назад)
my preview box is lost i cant see my work help!

Автор Jimmy Smith ( назад)
$600?!?!?! WTF!

Автор Epikrika ( назад)
I put it at the top but it does not show on the video.:(

Автор Clipscape Productions ( назад)
@lollipop36621395 yup

Автор Janek W ( назад)
@lollipop36621395 600 dollars mate. I got mine for free though...

Автор QUABEnCARL ( назад)
@lollipop36621395 its 600 dollars

Автор .sdfsdf ( назад)

Автор Sven Boele ( назад)
@m0d3rnw4rfare Be sure that your text your going to put in, Is that above
your clip. Your footage at 2 and text as 1 

Автор kynqsu du ( назад)
My text is coming up transparent too! where can i change the transparency ?

Автор Eric Lopez ( назад)
What was the glitch lol???

Автор RsBown ( назад)
hey guys don't h8 on the vid just make sure ur text track is above the
video track hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор 3V0Lu710N ( назад)
You guys sitll have 720 p why !!! go 1080 like me PROOO !!!

Автор vikki rousseau ( назад)
Thank this helped..

Автор RaginVille ( назад)
that was helpful thanks

Автор Christian ( назад)
my text is comming up as transparent help please!!!!!!!

Автор razorboymike3 ( назад)
Thank you so much

Автор zainuintel ( назад)
thanks you i favorited! and 5/5 this rules and it helped me with my new vid

Автор Lian Zekun ( назад)
Thaks that really helps! hey pal can you tell me what recoder you use ?

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