Old Time Holiness Convention Style Singing at its BEST!

(Gloryland is Nearing)

(Verse 1) While passing along on life's journey, Harbor lights of that homeland appear, and they cheer me each day for they tell me, That the end of my journey is near.

(Chorus) I know that glory land is nearing, harbor lights now appearing (They are) shining all the night, leading me aright For the King of glory land is guiding, homeward safely I am riding And I know that surely I'll get there, bye and bye.

(Verse 2) When at least in the harbor we anchor, and shall dwell in the home of the soul, There with Jesus, our friends and our loved ones, we'll be happy while ages shall roll. "

Tathum Family Singing At Bethany Holiness Church

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Автор 123tominator007 ( назад)
Praise the Lord! I'll take an old fashioned small country church filled
with the Spirit of the Lord than a modern day mega church void of the
Spirit any day. This makes my heart yearn for my old church in the country.
A pastor doesn't know all of his sheep in a mega church.

Автор Michael Carolina ( назад)
Where 2 or 3 are gathered in my name....Jesus will be there.

Автор Courts francis ( назад)
These churches still exist, I went to one (here in England) they sang from
hymnals, they all dressed modestly all women were dress according to
scripture and men top ( covered up and decent) the women believe in head
covering so they had their hats on. The worship was genuine and God really
poured out his spirit. The pastor preAched a biblical message with the
spiriting leading. The people's fruits were genuine and true. Can't wait to
attend again

Автор Shai Asher Cohen ( назад)
Church we are in the last days. We may never hear this type of worship
again this side of Glory . The world had taken over the buildings of our
churches, and now it seems as though everyone professes to be a Christian.
Inspect the fruit it's rotten, and it is powerless. The bride is still the
bride ,and she is preparing herself. BE ENCOURAGED BRIDE SOON, WE ARE GOING

Автор Bruce Cox ( назад)
So true. Love this singing 

Автор george goss (725 лет назад)
The churches today needs to get back to this kind of worship. Even the
holiness churches dont have this spirit in them anymore or I should say
they want let the spirit come in the service. 

Автор Ron Shank (1271 год назад)
To EVERYONE on this page that have posted comments:We see so much trash in
our churches now that they e
resemble a bar, a disco, or a rock concert!!! Blasphemous people like this
will NEVER make Heaven their home!!!! I'm glad for the worship presented
here. I used to go to a Holiness church in Verona, Virginia. Sadly,
however, that church became RIDDLED with gossip, backbiting, and even the
pastor was involved! I know this personally, because he used me for
information concerning other "preachers" that were in our fellowship. Over
time, because sin rampaged through that church like a wild-fire, that
congregation has literally dwindled down to, so I am told, a figurative
baker's dozen. We need to remember these words "Righteousness exalteth a
nation, but sin is a reproach to ANY people"!!! Please pray for me-I'm
desperate to find a great BIBLE BELIEVING church that I can fellowship in.
I believe in old-time Holiness. I just want to be part of a church that
does, too, without a bunch of junk that'll destroy it!!!

Автор Ben Hulgan ( назад)
love it!!!!

Автор paul pilgrim ( назад)
Good ole fashioned prison singing. Prisoners looking forward to the day of
their release.

Автор Charles Anderson ( назад)
This reminds me SO MUCH of my early days in the United Pentecostal Church
(holiness, oneness). Seeing that sister dancing in the Spirit reminds me
so much of my dear grandmother, who has gone on to her eternal reward.
Will Jesus find faith when he returns?

Автор Hannah Hawkins (1731 год назад)
I was raised in old time holiness where the men where long sleeves and
women where long dresses and dress decent in every manner. My mama and
daddy planted that seed in my heart as a child and I still believe its
right today. 

Автор Scotty Searan ( назад)
This kind of worship was what I was raised on. Hard to find it any more

Автор Teresa Teague ( назад)
my great aunt Osie is in this video.. wow.. just ran across it..

Автор Clarence Hannon ( назад)
I love this kind of singing. I might add it is so nice to see women looking
like women. I was raised to believe that women should not wear slacks. I
respect you for upholding your standards in a very changing world.

Автор Charles Anderson ( назад)
I thought that this type of holiness had been lost from the earth.

Автор Tim S ( назад)
Not a "seeker-sensitive" group there! The Holy Ghost anointing there is
proof of that fact!!

Автор hamburgerdan1963 ( назад)
Thank GOD for old time HOLINESS singing and preaching. It's still alive at
our church... The Westminster Pentecostal Fire Baptized Holiness Church.

Автор Derrick Noe ( назад)
Reminds me of many years ago in the church of God when I was growing up!
Still sounds good today! :)

Автор Corey Johnson ( назад)
I wanna go to a holiness church I'd love to experience the worship there

Автор Cowboy Ty ( назад)
I sure do miss these old time church services...reminds me of those great
days at the North Bowling Green Church of God in Bowling Green, Kentucky
with my mamaw and papaw shouting in the aisles and how the Holy Ghost
would come down and bless everyone. This is the best video of those old
days I miss so much that I have been able to find on the internet. thank
you for posting. 

Автор April Toliver ( назад)
Wow! Love hearing this once again! My husband pastors this church, Bethany
holiness church ...it's in Sand Springs, ok. Come visit if you are ever in
the area!

Автор Keith Lowe ( назад)
Eric McDaniel I believe I know you. Have you been to Pickens Free Holiness
Church for weekend services before? 

Автор 123tominator007 ( назад)
Wow! This is awesome! God is a spirit and they that worship Him MUST
worship him in spirit and in truth. I used to attend a church like this in
Little Rock, OK. Makes you just want to jump in a praise along with 'em.
May the Lord allow little Spirit filled churches like these to continue to
press on. Let the Lord have his way!

Автор William Holder ( назад)
God, He is the same yesterday, today, and forever..... thank God there is
still a remnant of Hos people that still worship Him in spirot and truth
like this here. Im thankful I attend a church like this still, but have
seen the new modern strange fire churches. Repent and come home to the old
paths wherein you fimd the Good Way and rest for your soul. Its the way of
HOLINESS, and Jesus is the Way!

Автор Eric McDaniel ( назад)
They are from Sallisaw, Oklahoma.

Автор Eric McDaniel ( назад)
This is the Tathums. She has passed away, but he is still living. They are

Автор logbedsrule ( назад)
I slept on the wooden benches as a child while this same worship went into
the night. It's a familiar and beautiful sound to hear.

Автор American Nationalist ( назад)
Just cry out to Jesus from your heart sir and you will see. God bless you

Автор holinesspentecostal ( назад)
Thank you Rebecca. Hope it was a blessing to ya!

Автор holinesspentecostal ( назад)
You're right! The modern church hates it, but it's real and it's right!

Автор holinesspentecostal ( назад)
Hey, thanks for sharing this with us. I have a friend who was just at the
same meeting...Bro. Matt Bourgault. I think they let him testify the first
night. I'll be checking out your videos brother! God Bless y'all!

Автор holinesspentecostal ( назад)
Implying that God can move in a "new age" mega church is NOT OK! If you
like "new age" entertainment centers...that's your business. Thank God some
of us know the difference!

Автор ministeroffire1970 ( назад)
It's been a high privilege to have grown up in these types of services and
the worship of the Lord. I don't know of anything any better than this
style of Spirit filled worship.

Автор ministeroffire1970 ( назад)
Sister Tammy Tathum is at Melber, Ky at Bro. Davin Burnett's 'Gospel Tent
Meeting'. Bro. Lindell Birdsong is preaching it. I'm videoing the services
and will have them available for upload in a while.

Автор 20Glenndon13 ( назад)
Certainly no disrespect, but how is that scriptural? When a missionary
prepares to go abroad and share the gospel they must learn the language,
the culture, the customs, whatever they have to do to bridge the gap so
they can actually share the gospel. Why can't the American church do the
same thing? If this is your preferred style, wonderful. But implying that
God can't move in a different way than this is not okay.

Автор American Nationalist ( назад)
I realy miss having church this way. Forget this new aged mega church's
this is where GOD can realy move.

Автор holinesspentecostal ( назад)
Glad you enjoyed it! I thought you may know some of these folks.

Автор Keith Lowe ( назад)
The Tathum family is some good people. I have heard Sis Tammy (the short
lady) preach and pull the power of God down. I think highly of Sis Sue
Tathum also. They have came to Pickens at different times. Always enjoy
seeing Bro Keith and Sis Tammy at Brushy Mountain. Thanks for posting.

Автор holinesspentecostal ( назад)
Click the "Show more" button just above the comment section and you will
find all the lyrics right there.

Автор Lana Rush ( назад)
I sure would love to have the words to this. Love this... They are

Автор Allofme_0113 ( назад)
Hey!!!!! Yes suh!!!!!! I like this!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Pastor JC ( назад)

Автор holinesspentecostal ( назад)
Praise God Brother Strange! There's nothing like the way of Holiness! It is
a joy to serve the Lord in the way called strait! GLORY BE TO GOD!

Автор Rayford Strange ( назад)
These precious saints of God possess more wisdom than the whole world. They
learned the secret. The secret is to WORSHIP THE LORD IN THE BEAUTY OF
HOLINESS according to I Ch 16:29, Psa 29:2, Psa 96:9. If your spiritual
eyes were opened you would see a great wall of fire about them. Their
pursuit of God down the avenue of holiness is rewarded with unspeakable joy
and the GLORY OF THE LORD...! When Divine love transcends understanding
there is joy unspeakable and full of glory. I Peter 1:8.

Автор Sonja Wilson ( назад)
Church of God worships and believes just about the same way. Maybe person
in Canada can find a COG church.

Автор Dallas W ( назад)
Very good! I grew up singing this stuff! I love it. God bless!

Автор stephen Mosman ( назад)
where can I obtain a copy of the music/words to this hymn? is it in a
hymnal ?

Автор Michael Jenkins ( назад)
That's wonderful

Автор Luke Harris ( назад)
Were from up in Brevard.

Автор holinesspentecostal ( назад)
We are currently in Georgetown, SC. We have a home in Sumter, SC.

Автор Luke Harris ( назад)
What part of S.C. you from? I'm from up in N.C.

Автор holinesspentecostal ( назад)
We sure will! Thanks for contacting us.

Автор holinesspentecostal ( назад)
I was invited to preach in a Church up in Newfoundland last summer for Bro.
William Taylor. He use to pastor in Ontario. Where are you folks from in

Автор holinesspentecostal ( назад)
Amen! We still worship like this in the Free Will Baptist Church of the
Pentecostal Faith here in South Carolina! You would be welcome among us!

Автор holinesspentecostal ( назад)

Автор jdgoodwin3 ( назад)
I felt the shekinah Glory from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet
about 30 seconds into this. 16 years after the recording, and its just as

Автор holinesspentecostal ( назад)
I pray the Lord will lead you to a solid congregation that will stand for
the truth and worship in Spirit and in Truth!

Автор blackstock404 ( назад)
The church has changed greatly in the last 20 or so years. I love this
video. I do not believe in shouting at the drop of a hat or for the sake of
working up a shout . But this is a true move of the Holy Spirit. Please
pray a prayer for me that I will again find my place .I haven't found the
church that I think I should be a part of since moving todifferent city. I
have saved this video to my favorites and listen to it sometimes.

Автор holinesspentecostal ( назад)
Click on the "show more" button just below the video and they are right

Автор MY BRAND ( назад)

Автор holinesspentecostal ( назад)
AMEN! There's nothing like being in a church where folks just obey God!

Автор DeWayne Niece ( назад)
Well bless the Lord! I have watched this video over and over for months and
every time I see it I could run a country mile just praising the name of
God! I have seen people break out into song and that's when the Holy Ghost
really spreads like fire through the church house! It only takes a spark to
light a fire in the house of the Lord when people have their hearts and
minds on the Lord!

Автор Dma A ( назад)
wow I didn't know some caucasion brothers and sisters have church like this
this is truly a blessing to see this what a time it will be when ALL of
Gods children praise God together in heaven

Автор holinesspentecostal ( назад)

Автор sonny Godly ( назад)
spontaneous outburst !! That is what real church is all about,I was born
into that, spontaneous fire is what God wants , in the preaching, praising
and that is his way of getting in the real folk.

Автор holinesspentecostal ( назад)
That sister sounds like our former pastor's wife (Sis. Pam Knapp). They
fellowship with this church often. She use to break out in song like that
often when we attended the Prim Full Gospel Holiness Church in Prim, AR. I
like that spontaneous outburst of singing and worship.

Автор holinesspentecostal ( назад)
Look up jflowers10. They are good holiness folks who live in Columbia, SC.
Tell James Flowers that Bro. Troy sent you!

Автор blackstock404 ( назад)
I enjoy it too. That is the freedom of the Spirit of God as I am sure you
know. I sooooooooooooo miss this kind of music. Is anyone out there in
columbia,sc that goes to a church like this or interested in starting a
Bible believing,anointed ,Cross of Jesus preaching church ?? Contact me
Just leave me a note here and I'll reveal me email address.

Автор R Hill ( назад)
everytime I listen to this song I keep getting blessed love it the further
they get into it I can really feel the presence of the LORD in this song so
much like what I was raised up in southern w va to just good old time
singing to the lord

Автор sonny Godly ( назад)
Who is the voice of a woman who keeps starting the song over again when it
sounds like its going to stop? Who ever it is I hear the Holy Spirits voice
in her voice.It has made travail everytime I hear it. Praise God Halleujah

Автор Paula7379 ( назад)
Praise God. Heaven will one day be my home.

Автор Dominic Sweeting ( назад)
do u know who wrote

Автор holinesspentecostal ( назад)
I've been told the name of the song is "Harbor Lights". To be honest, I'm
not 100% sure what the name really is.

Автор Dominic Sweeting ( назад)
what is the name of this song

Автор Andrew Gonzalez ( назад)
I've always loved hearing them sing! Dear saints of God! Wonderful family.

Автор holinesspentecostal ( назад)
Thanks for sharing with us what you did know! God Bless!

Автор holinesspentecostal ( назад)
I just posted some of the words to the first verse and chorus under the
"Show more" button just above the comment section and just below the video.
If anyone knows the second and third verse, let me know. I'll be glad to
post it as well! God Bless!

Автор blackstock404 ( назад)
I posted a comment a few days ago. I love the sound of this and can
understand some of it but not all . Does anyone know the name of the song ?
I love that happy singing about going to be with the LORD . It's not about
death .It's about home.

Автор blackstock404 ( назад)
I like the sound but I can't understand most of the words. What is the name
of the song and can you provide the lyrics. Thanks

Автор holinesspentecostal ( назад)
This took place at the Bethany Holiness Church in Sand Springs, Oklahoma.

Автор Rmw Brown ( назад)
Where are the services?

Автор holinesspentecostal ( назад)
Your nana is a real good piano player! I really like her style!

Автор levi tay ( назад)
Thats my nana sue playb then panio

Автор roger ward ( назад)

Автор sonny Godly ( назад)
Amen! now were having church

Автор holinesspentecostal ( назад)
These contemporary churches don't sing and shout about heaven

Автор sonny Godly ( назад)
Yes its called Apostate or the Falling away from the truth,No blood
songs,or Holyspirit songs,Why? You cant sing about what you dont have .And
Yes they not only do not want the Spirit of God ,but dont want those around
that have it!!

Автор holinesspentecostal ( назад)
Yes it does.

Автор Dakota Owsley ( назад)
Does this Church still have Services?

Автор holinesspentecostal ( назад)
It is in an old convention song book from back in the 30s.

Автор sonny Godly ( назад)
Let it start in you brother!

Автор sonny Godly ( назад)
Is that song in the old song books?

Автор sonny Godly ( назад)
amen thats the devil gettin in, Get him out and regroup under the blood of
lord Jesus.

Автор holinesspentecostal ( назад)
Amen! These new songs have no meaning and no melody. That's why there's no

Автор Dakota Owsley ( назад)
Alot of Churches (not all of them), have changed to "new" songs that have
NO meaning, and then they have a program for the services, so that shows me
they don't want the Spirit of God moving in the services, the Spirit of God
is a Gentleman you have to envite him in... Praise God

Автор Dakota Owsley ( назад)
Old time, love it!

Автор holinesspentecostal ( назад)
Amen! It's still a good way!

Автор sonny Godly ( назад)
that is exactly what were told to do in jerimiah 6;16

Автор holinesspentecostal ( назад)
Hey, that's great Cindy! Do you happen to know the second verse too?

Автор holinesspentecostal ( назад)
I would too!

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