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Автор Tomáš Beck (10 месяцев)
I had to change the title to Compilation Album just because most people
didn't get it...

Автор Mark Green (3 месяца)
Stay sober, my friend. If staying out of 3DG keeps him sober and people are
angry about it, they truly don't understand addiction.

Автор Tomáš Beck (1 год)
It's not the actual album! It's a compilation

Автор Why Can't I Think Of A Name? (2 месяца)
when is the album coming out? It was supposed to be released in early 2014

Автор Kable732 (5 месяцев)
To be completely honest, I love all sorts of music and I'm glad he left the
band. I think the band wouldn't let him put what he actually felt into the
music. Him by himself now makes me really realize how much emotion he puts
into his music, its completely beautiful. I don't care what made him leave
in the first place, but it was probably for the best. I love Adam just the
way he is and we all should as well. Good luck, Adam. You're an amazing

Автор Na co mi nazwa ? xD (1 месяц)
Adam Gontier songs... Please subscribe.

Автор juicyjjazzy (1 год)
Adam has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard.

Автор Kristin B. (14 дней)
EPIC!!! Go Adam!!! I love this! Oh my gosh this was uploaded on my
birthday! :D

Автор Murphy (26 дней)
This "Compilation album" of Adam Gontier > "Human" from Three days

Автор Irving Piedra (19 дней)
What is the name of the very first song?

Автор Dakota Greenewood (1 год)
I loved Adam and his voice in 3DG, but I also love his new style and take
on music. Whatever he decides to do, I'm still a fan. You know someone has
talent when they can change their music style completely and pull it off,
just like Adam. : )

Автор TheAleoxChannel (11 месяцев)
I dont care if adam is solo or in 3dg , HE ROCKS! and always will be my

Автор RayAndJamesGames (4 месяца)
Too bad he left 3DG But more power to him!

Автор Shahid saher (1 месяц)
U r the best n Music that comes from heart. Gontier xD

Автор XxlDarkXQueenxX (1 месяц)
Adam still sounds amazing. The only thing different is there is not a full
band of instruments. We love you Adam and we fully support you. ❤️ 

Автор Josh Haynes (3 месяца)
I wish he would come out with an album with these song along with others!

Автор Jonathan Cooper (4 месяца)
how many of you listened to tdg who viewed this?? He just hoped that the
fame earnt from tdg was enough to get him going as a solo singer and he
thinks hes better than them, well enjoy your 258,102 views your obviously
not that good you fucking cunt.

Автор Zachary Stueland (2 месяца)
Adam sounds great, but now 3dg is hard to listen to and really awkward. I
don't want Adam to go back but I miss the 3dg

Автор Patrick Iebeu (1 месяц)
Hey, guys. Have you listened to 'I fought the law (Feat Adam)'. Hah...
That's shit. But Adam's performance saved the song.

Автор Marc Power (7 месяцев)
This shit is awesome all of you haters can go suck on a big fat dick....

Автор Romina Wutschitz (2 месяца)

Автор teengohan22 (3 месяца)
He's really fucking good by himself 

Автор Michael Miller (2 месяца)
I think this is bad. If he doesn't want to be in TDG then good, because
they don't need him. Matt might not sound good or look good in live
performances but so far their singles are good, and Adam can do his solo
career and see how far that gets him here.

Автор CharlieEst1981 (1 год)
To everybody saying go back to 3DG, your better there Adam, but apparently
you never had to TRULY deal with addiction and dealing with those you let
down in the process of using this addiction to kill pain. This is a must
for Adam, one step closer to a full recovery. Adam I fully support you, I'm
no huge fan but I still think you make damn good music and do whatever it
takes to keep yourself straight. 

Автор Cristi Cristi (1 год)
Fking shit!
Adam, go back in 3DG right now!

Автор Sploorky (1 год)
All you people who want Adam back in 3DG, shame on you.
Most of you just want him back for his music.
He had problems with the band and he wasn't feeling anything in that band
since about the Transit of Venus album came out. I personally don't care if
Adam comes back, if he does, good for him. It was HIS choice to leave.
You people only care about the music and yourselves.

Автор AdamSinghPannu (9 месяцев)
NONE OF THESE WILL BE ON THE ALBUM. only song that might be on his solo
record is a beast in me. Which is a demo, might make it to the album, might
not. And sure as hell will probably be touched up to sound amazing I'd it
does . So chill the fuck out. 

Автор Marcos Giraudo Perez (6 месяцев)
a totally deserved Like!

Автор Tomas B. (2 месяца)
Adam gontier = 3DG

Автор Joshua Spicer (8 месяцев)
People who are calling for Adam to re join the band, understand he left
because he couldn't stand it anymore, the bands most recent full length
"Transit of Venus" was disappointing and painful for Adam to release, he
didn't feel the emotional connection with most of the songs claiming they
were just wrote for the radio, losing this connection made him leave. Being
a fan for as long as I have, I am still seeing them in 5 days it wont be
the same and it never will, but like a true fan ill be there supporting the
band I grew up with and love please, for the sake of Adam leave him to do
his own stuff, its still great.

Автор Ellen Ar (8 месяцев)
Me gusta Adam, y fue su decision dejar 3DG.Seguire siendo fan de ellos por
separado T-T. Arriba Adam Gontier I love you :)!!!

Автор A Winchester (1 год)

Adam is the band. I go where he goes.

Автор Yuri Guimarães (6 месяцев)
Adam <3.................

Автор andile Duku (6 месяцев)
HE is so great, now I GET why he said 3dg music was made for radio and not
being truly

Автор MCSalamouny (9 месяцев)
Adam has become so gay...

Автор JBrandGT (7 месяцев)
Amazing voice, but where are the screams?. The screams are Adam Gontier.

Автор DAVID CRUZ (1 год)
I love him voice 

Автор Jorge Rangel (7 месяцев)

Автор GiveMeMyWhammy (7 месяцев)
Why did he leave three days grace? What a cunt

Автор Gabriela Amezquita (8 месяцев)

Автор Angela Esteves (9 месяцев)
I love os3DG and I love Adam but I do not think he is going in a good
direction. As a solo artist I miss the intensity of his fantastic voice, I
miss the great music and lyrics to which he has accustomed us and most of
all I miss the passion and happiness that he transmitted to sing.
Adam does not need to return to the 3DG he needs to rediscover himself and
reconnect with the public. That's my opinion.

Автор Shamus Gerrity (9 месяцев)
Adam sounds better than he did in Transit of Venus...gives me hope for the
solo album

Автор Denise biersack (7 месяцев)
i am literally crying i wish he was still with three days grace but i still
support him and them ! ugh he is such a great musician it makes me mad (not
really) lol

Автор SharpShooter897 (10 месяцев)
I actually like this, Ive been listening to 3 days grace for about 4-5
years now and I think some of these songs are better than any other song
from when he was with 3DG... I didnt think I was going to like this at

Автор Ro Land (2 месяца)
3DG needs you😰😭

Автор EvilCupCake! (4 месяца)
Adam didn't left TDG.He is Three days grace.

Автор RyderOfD3TH (11 месяцев)
after I heard Adam left 3DG, I stopped following the band. this new guy may
be great and dandy for the band but Adam made the band. His powerful
emotion and songs were the driving force, not only with 3DG, but with his
appearance in Apocalyptica and many other features. I will continue to
support Adam and his decisions.

Автор Mathoue Mays (9 месяцев)
Omg he covered The drugs don't work ? :o 

Автор DephTInDepth (1 год)

Автор Fede Maldonado (6 месяцев)
muy acustico 

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