James Arthur - Say You Won't Let Go

James Arthur 'Say you won't let go'
Get the song here: https://smg.lnk.to/sayyouwontletgo
Stream it on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/5uCax9HTNlzGyblStD3vDh

In just a few short week, james has made an unbelievable comeback with his single 'Say You Won't Let Go'. Following two years away from the spotlight, the 2012 winner of 'X Factor' has held the #1 spot on the official charts for several weeks in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Sweden.
'Say You Won't Let Go' tells the moving story of a love, which nearly would've defeated by fear.

The album 'Back from the Edge' is out now:

Visit James:

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Автор Ira Watty ( назад)

Автор Ronjon Abrenica ( назад)
I cry when I listen in this song because no one likes me

Автор Lucy vlogs and more ( назад)
this is my sister's sister she died when she was only eight of cancer😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣so sad

Автор olivia Keira Hughes fry ( назад)
I absolutely love this song❤️

Автор Fallon Meadows ( назад)
i ove  that  song

Автор Linde Uhl ( назад)
this song is amazing!

Автор Paula Becker ( назад)
Love this man❤️❤️👌

Автор Bethany Rollo ( назад)
love this song

Автор And Lar ( назад)
When I first heard this in the radio, I thought Zayn was singing this.

Автор Dank Lyric ( назад)
its not my birthday today but can i get atleast 5 like for being honest

Автор Alycia Chatelet ( назад)
elle est très bien

Автор Marieke Thys ( назад)

Автор Ariane Delacruz ( назад)
I want to cry :‘(

Автор Herin Krisna ( назад)
Why.. Why.. why... WHY IM SINGLE...? And Thanks GOD I Not Feeling that hurts 😭

Автор minecraft s ( назад)
its verry good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Merles life ( назад)
its soo nice!!!!!!😍😍❤

Автор gelaii parkyy ( назад)
everybody can relate.

Автор gelaii parkyy ( назад)
its a nice song ,1st time i hear it , i say to myself WOW ! its very nice ..

Автор Laura Between ( назад)
so cute❤

Автор phiwokuhle yase ( назад)
I loved you from the moment i met you on X-Factor, I was young really young, I love this problem is I know for a fact that he will let go....And there's nothing I can do about it, Just forgive him, im still young,,,,Great Track UK

Автор Mark anthony Banal ( назад)

Автор Esmee Van Mourik ( назад)
235 million views! OMG

Автор Jam Jack ( назад)
such a beautyful song
this was my dads funeral song and everytime i listen to it or hear it on the radio all i want to do is cry. it makes me think him.
i wont let u go dad xoxo

Автор DMC RGB ( назад)
This song make me crying, because remembering someone.... :')

Автор Harry Harris ( назад)
What if the people who watch this video subscribed to james arthur? man.. pewdiepie dethroned..

Автор Jennifer Buckley McElligott ( назад)
Love this song,all his songs are the type of songs that give you goosebumps!❣💝✌😀

Автор Gabi Maniak ( назад)

Автор Andhika Younastya ( назад)
Can't stop listening this music ~_~

Автор King Son Maglasang ( назад)
i am lonely :(

Автор Adam Bush ( назад)
I think im in love

Автор Caleb Jackson ( назад)
dang I cry everyone as I sing along

Автор Dragon stein ( назад)
Very emo

Автор 1Sparkling Tween ( назад)

Автор JR Dapilaga ( назад)
this make my heart melt...

Автор Rolibeth Masangkay ( назад)
hate itjowk uch

Автор Katrina Mendoza ( назад)
this song makes me miss my non existant boyfriend whom which forgot abut me on valentines

Автор Carlos Avilez ( назад)
This song is literally life ❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯💯💯💯

Автор clintoy123 clint ( назад)
reminds me when my friend dies

Автор Karoline Rodrigues ( назад)

Автор Trevor Flowers ( назад)
i love the song

Автор Seth Man ( назад)
This song is beautiful

Автор Craig Ricalde ( назад)
😔 I miss you!!

Автор nadine reid ( назад)
love u

Автор Qya Yahya ( назад)

Автор nicole vidovic ( назад)
This reminds me of a friend that graduated I became depressed because of it, his birthday is in a few months but I don't know if I should text him anyway I like this song it reminds me of him for some reason 🙍 have a great day everyone !

Автор Mark Youneva ( назад)
fkn ninjas again man. I can't get some rest with the waterworks

Автор Arjay Almonte ( назад)
why the fuck am I crying like wtf im so affected by the song please eyes stop sweating
btw hes so freakin hot

Автор Dillon Lee ( назад)
pop rock = trend following crybabys

Автор Shity Nur Hidayati ( назад)
i like it

Автор Maricar Amaro ( назад)
I'm so shocked about this song

Автор Maricar Amaro ( назад)
yesterday I listen to this song😄

Автор Little Angel ( назад)
Went to prom with my crush (As friends) After we danced to this song, i comfessed about my feelings towards her..

Автор ouahmed yesmila ( назад)

Автор green goblin ( назад)
my fav

Автор Amanda Biersack ( назад)

Автор Cat Transcendence ( назад)
Did I messed up the subtitles?
Why is it Japanese? xD

Автор Mansi Pantola ( назад)
sweet song

Автор Russell z ( назад)
Fullinqx ♥

Автор It's Adore Kiyah ( назад)
This song is so beautiful 😭💕 hope my future husband sing this to me lol

Автор Stella Barafon ( назад)
so glad Nicole Scherzinger raised a great talented artist! ;)

Автор Joel M ( назад)
Why do people dislike this song?

Автор Nathawara Chaiyarach ( назад)
Like this song so much

Автор India Kool ( назад)
Is the old lady dead or alive the suspense is killing me

Автор Leena Mohamad ( назад)
What a beautiful song ❤

Автор Partisons ( назад)
perfect song with darling

Автор shyecf 16 ( назад)
finally Ive been waiting since he was done with x factor to hear him on the radio... I was so excited I recognized that voice the moment I heard it 😍

Автор Deborah Milhomem da Silva ( назад)
A mais linda 😍

Автор Little Family Big Love ( назад)
i love this song

Автор Casey Jervier ( назад)
he broke up with me the day before valentines day... this song makes me cry

Автор Herobrine ( назад)
I will sing this to my sick brother

Автор chinie cantiller ( назад)
like it :)

Автор Lorraine Rachel ( назад)
I did a cover of this song. I'm a singer songwriter and would love if you guys checked it out. I have a few originals up as well 💕

Автор Janice Carroll ( назад)
O.M.G......Just hearing this .! Absolutely beautiful song.

Автор Kipxi Mak ( назад)
this reminds me of my the people in my family that died, also the animals in my family that have died it is so hard not to cry because it is so hard  I am crying right now

Автор Pamela Montalvan ( назад)

Автор ItsMeGizelle Gizelle ( назад)
i dont know why people dislike this😂😂😂

Автор Jackie Jensen ( назад)
When I hear this song, I have memories I just want to let go.

Автор Kipxi Mak ( назад)
this song is so sad and makes me cry

Автор Cindy Persad ( назад)

Автор Connor Uzumaki ( назад)
This is actually a cool song.

Автор Hé Vos Daronne Elle Boivent Du Sprite Sa Mère ( назад)

Автор Shivon Kuria34 ( назад)
This song is the way to express urself

Автор kiersten sato ( назад)
it let me cry because of my grandpa and grandma ive never seen them even im not born

Автор marry marry ( назад)
nise baby

Автор marry marry ( назад)
like the baby

Автор Jhoehanes Laya ( назад)

Автор JawesDaMan ( назад)
is this the guy who won x-factor

Автор Saad.11 اmmmدطسسشذذط ( назад)
اغنية جميلة جدا

Автор Katja Dacaj ( назад)

Автор Andreia Teixeira ( назад)

Автор Abraham Appiah ( назад)
Wow he is awesome

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