James Arthur - Say You Won't Let Go

James Arthur 'Say you won't let go'
Get the song here: https://smg.lnk.to/sayyouwontletgo
Stream it on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/5uCax9HTNlzGyblStD3vDh

In just a few short week, james has made an unbelievable comeback with his single 'Say You Won't Let Go'. Following two years away from the spotlight, the 2012 winner of 'X Factor' has held the #1 spot on the official charts for several weeks in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Sweden.
'Say You Won't Let Go' tells the moving story of a love, which nearly would've defeated by fear.

The album 'Back from the Edge' is out now:

Visit James:

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Автор Milly Bedwell ( назад)
when i get married if i get married i want this to be my marriage song??

Автор Finn Deacon ( назад)
It's my birthday today

Автор Simply Sookie ( назад)
I LOVE this song sooo much!! It makes me feel in love without being in ❤️.
I did an a capella cover of this. Check it out if you want ;)

Автор 55555 Lohr ( назад)
i had to cry! this video is so emotional. this moment where the old man
lost his wife! i was so sad, cause i know that i have still this moment
before me! I love my grandmother and grandvather so much. i cant believe if
there arent on this earth, my world will be broken cause they mean so much
to me, and when i think at this...i have to cry, you cant imagine how i
love them! Or when i am so old, and then when my husband die omg...that
moment will be happen by everyone of us and that is terrible. when i think
on my future, then i´m frightened of it! to lose a very importend person of
my life...i know that this happend still often to me and im so frightened
of it!

Автор Estephanie morales ( назад)
This make me cry 😭 so beautiful

Автор chourouk zouaoui ( назад)
i love this song ♥♥

Автор MYLESvlogs 2ndchannel&STOP MOTION ( назад)
So he wants to bang his daughter

Автор 0Nishat0 ( назад)
Who else listened to this and thought about their Parents

Автор Das Haus Anubis ( назад)
ich libe dich

Автор Vely the Mermaid ( назад)
Get in my wedding's playlist!

Автор Laura_Hessner ( назад)
Omg That song makes me cry❤️😱😭

Автор Coillot Angel ( назад)
Y love you 💕💕

Автор ILUZJA. ( назад)

Автор Monika Szymanska ( назад)
I Love this song 💋❤

Автор Wolf ( назад)
Drinkin coffee to this

Автор Niklas Ojala ( назад)
i Like this ✌👌 You too? if you like this, like this comment because you

Автор alex elland ( назад)
best song 4ever

Автор TheComb18 ( назад)
c'est magnifique quelle voix

Автор Axel Villahermosa ( назад)
This is what I song to my crush then we become girlfriend and broke up and
I write this then die

Автор Muskaan Shah ( назад)
This Song Is Like Nicotine- Who Agrees?

Автор Diane Smith ( назад)
love this song

Автор TheOnly Houda ( назад)
I'm loosing my man today the one that I want to 💍 do my life with... So
much promises... Pls pray for me so he would be able to love me again like
he used to do ... I know I did so many mistakes but I know I'm changing for
him ... Pls don't leave me 😞

Автор Saimon Mici ( назад)
Hello People! This song is very popular in Albania. Greetings : )

Автор Janette Bates ( назад)

Автор Cheerdancenastics101 ( назад)
fave song right now

Автор Juicer ( назад)
James Arthur is back again!!

Автор Elsa White ( назад)
*falling in love*

Автор grace varney ( назад)
this song makes me sad in a good way every time

Автор Lois Timmermans ( назад)
Love dissss song ♥️♥️

Автор DutchNickHD ( назад)
Like to find this number fantastic

Автор Brieanna Schwab ( назад)
omg how come I didn't know this exsisted O_o

Автор naji boo ( назад)

Автор gingerbread man ( назад)
so sad

Автор Lulú De Blas ( назад)
i wanted this to keep like a secret

Автор Pitisi Ngalu ( назад)
this was published on my birthday and I'm being honest too 😀😁

Автор Stephen Mangham ( назад)
He is a true artist give 10 likes if you agree

Автор Evie Julia Morrin ( назад)
listened to so much music today cas it's my birthday 😅

Автор fakhrul aiman ( назад)
he sound like he singin this song while sleeping

Автор Leo Valentine ( назад)
On a talent show and I WON

Автор Leo Valentine ( назад)
I sang this

Автор Kiko Nagy ( назад)

Автор That's Court ( назад)
Beautiful and talented😍😍

Автор Cat Sparrow ( назад)
Does anyone else think he sounds like Michael Bubble?

Автор Onizuka klm ( назад)
So much feeling hearing this song. What a Masterpiece ! This is what
"Music" mean to me. Congrats

Автор Nathaniel Rudolf ( назад)

Автор Aveto Chotso ( назад)
James Arthur or Calum Scott?

Автор Angely Santiago ( назад)
Me encanta 😍

Автор Juliana Schkade ( назад)
doof oder

Автор Michelle Yew ( назад)
My wedding song?

Автор Tyler Holmes ( назад)
how has this got 19k dislikes. thhis songs the best 😀😀

Автор Kortney Taylor ( назад)
OMG I legit love this song I learned in 2 hours

Автор Ele-Phant Wood ( назад)
great song!😓 good and unique voice!😉

Автор Duchesscarml ( назад)
Love this. Played it on loop for am an entire day. Ngl

Автор Pretty Shienna2 ( назад)
ilike the song :) :D

Автор Jessica Binns ( назад)
Hey I love you 😘

Автор JustAlter ( назад)
Relate, :( only just confessed to a girl after she confessed a long time
ago. She has a boyfriend now. And it aint me.

Автор omi lavinia ( назад)

Автор Vale Depi ( назад)

Автор Charina Acuar ( назад)
i just cried. this is beautiful.

Автор Santas Top 5 ( назад)
Aww the baby is sooo cute 😍😍😍

Автор Vanessa Simon ( назад)
i just discovered u n u are amazing your my inspiration I hope I'll see u
one day even doe I may never see u am still hoping

Автор Blanche Neige ( назад)
j'ai me ta chanson

Автор Its Ella X ( назад)
I Love You 👻👻👻👻👻👻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Автор Innocent Timbwa ( назад)
great voices

Автор nikki fung ( назад)
this song sounds a little bit sad... am cried for it
i hope am with you now and you wont let me go ..

Автор Lacey Campbell ( назад)
Best song ever 👍👏💟

Автор James Mcgowan ( назад)

Автор Melina Petersen ( назад)
geiles lid das höre ich den gansen tag

Автор Feemon Dorley ( назад)
real James Arthur fans know what he had to go through to come to this been
a long hard grind #dayones

Автор Mika Reiter (Lucario) ( назад)
I love this Songs. This Song is so Beautiful. i think James Arthur is a
really good singer!!!!!

Автор PoProstuMaciek ( назад)
I just broke up with Girlfriend and I need some kind of music like this

Автор Mania1982 ( назад)
I love this guy!

Автор will1362 ( назад)
If you love James Arthur's video of SYWLG please vote for him to win best
video at The Brits on twitter , @Brits let's get him an award!

Автор Bowkeeps ( назад)
i cried. the song reminds me so much of my late mom

Автор Kirsten Jayam ( назад)

Автор anjo agotilla ( назад)
say you wont let go..please..
I wanna live with you.
until we're grey and old.
I miss you😢😢

Автор L ' univers de l'équitation Jourdan ( назад)
I love 😢

Автор jokerandharley quinn ( назад)
my mum loves this song

Автор Federica Ferrario ( назад)
Amazing song 😍🔐❤

Автор eni setyowati ( назад)
the song name say you wont let go

Автор Ella Bella Boo ( назад)
It's my birthday in 6 days can I get a like or comment

Автор soul eater ( назад)
Its my birthday and im lying can i get likes pls

Автор Sofia Arwen ( назад)
please watch my cover of this song! :) <3

Автор Xnaxe ( назад)
in the thumbnail i thought u were the guy from star trek and big bang

Автор Ánh Trương Hiền Minh ( назад)
1million dance studio <3

Автор Silence the gamer65 ( назад)
Them 42k people who disliked are dick heads

Автор Woof Woof ( назад)
Hi, i dont really know what to comment and i dont really know where im
going with this so i should probably stop typing and do something useful
and you should probably stop wasting your precious time reading this random
comment and do something useful too.

Автор LaketheDragon Msp ( назад)
does anybody else think its wrong to use a old man whos ill for a music vid

Автор luyunfei santos ( назад)
nice music

Автор mango xjwxnxy ( назад)
im to late to be his fan 😭😭

Автор belle jake ( назад)
im in love with this song

Автор Francis Otanes ( назад)
I like this so much

Автор Jackielou Gacusan ( назад)
Its not my Birthday, Can I have likes from you ?

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