James Arthur - Say You Won't Let Go

James Arthur 'Say you won't let go'
Get the song here: https://smg.lnk.to/sayyouwontletgo
Stream it on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/5uCax9HTNlzGyblStD3vDh

In just a few short week, james has made an unbelievable comeback with his single 'Say You Won't Let Go'. Following two years away from the spotlight, the 2012 winner of 'X Factor' has held the #1 spot on the official charts for several weeks in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Sweden.
'Say You Won't Let Go' tells the moving story of a love, which nearly would've defeated by fear.

The album 'Back from the Edge' is out now:

Visit James:

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Длительность: 3:31
Комментарии: 53200

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Автор Lydia Ruby ( назад)
I always cry when I hear this..:(

Автор Manuel Moya ( назад)
I sing this song actually quite well, wish I had someone to sing it too lmao.

Автор Roy Passenger ( назад)
Nice dedicated song!

Автор Roy Ms ( назад)
good job bro..

Автор Roy Ms ( назад)
good job bro..

Автор Johnnie ( назад)
I like this song

Автор Joshua Diola ( назад)
nice song

Автор jake ekaj ( назад)
aimer les francais 🔥👅👍

Автор carlacyron 19 villamar ( назад)
SOo Cute

Автор Dalvae Evans ( назад)
I made this song on my Rnb 90's baby mood I genuinely love this song especially the chorus hopefully y'all do tooSoooo comment, like,react, share this for me , Turn up that volume☝Also available on YouTube and SoundCloudDalvae - Gotta thing for you #rnb#newwave #rnb #share https://youtu.be/-uANLW6qXG8

Автор STONE ANGEL Savoy ( назад)
cool ♡D

Автор Ильшат Ибрагимов ( назад)
Спасибо, прослезился!!!

Автор Mr and Mrs Salvatore ( назад)
Jack: Dont fucking let go Rose.
Rose: ....
Jack: Say you wont let go bitch
Rose:I wont let go
Jack promise
Rose: I promise "crosses fingers behind back"
Jack: Pull me up!
Rose: Just lets go.
Jack: NOOO
Rose: Byeee

Автор Veronica Allen ( назад)

Автор look at that puppy ( назад)
The first 3 chords always gets me!!!!

Автор Nevaeh Tusani ( назад)
This is a cool song and my cosins like it and me too lololol this is like a partey

Автор HiiiPower LEGEND llX ( назад)

Автор Samantha Florencia ( назад)
now he's a idol!!

Автор Blablabla La ( назад)
when you become ghost you will lost your memory so you cant live with her sorry :(

Автор Kiel Benedick Gianan ( назад)
i like it

Автор Ady Haikal ( назад)
Damn i so fall in love with this song

Автор Kavir Solano ( назад)
This guy is great

Автор Nathan W ( назад)
girlfriend doesn't know I have a ring and already planning to use this song in the wedding

Автор Angie Bigchild ( назад)
I love you Brett Nicholas Roan... I love you always baby... your alwaus the one I will want in my entire life.... my baby....

Автор Cleant Olivarez ( назад)
James .😍💙

Автор Marcy ( назад)
I was fine than i saw the old man crying. Instantly started bawling my eyes out.

Автор Jakob Vachon ( назад)
Congrats, this song is a masterpiece 👌

Автор Julia Skagfjord ( назад)
I don't usually like cheesy songs....but I love this guy:))

Автор Yato God ( назад)
This is beautiful x3

Автор Jeffrey Gargoles ( назад)
you made me feel as though enough..

Автор kimber saya ( назад)
Why is the sub Japanese now? Where my Eng Sub at? xD

Автор Kaito Kid ( назад)
I think this song is perfect for an ost.Anyone agree?

Автор jeffrey sinclair ( назад)
omg I cant stop crying this is a good song

Автор Jamaica Lumague ( назад)
this song reminds me that never let go for who truely u love most

Автор baya hanes ( назад)
I always get emotional when it comes to idk people ahh idk what it is but my heart hurts when I think about it

Автор Sydney Lim ( назад)
How can people not like this song!? It always makes me like I might be holding the meaning of life or something along those lines. All in all I always feel hopeful.

Автор XxMarieeexX Love ( назад)
This song is beautiful❤️💍😍

Автор 137y407130476013247b ( назад)
I cry when I hear this song because it's just so beautiful 😭❤️❤️

Автор •SHAL LOWS• ( назад)
I think about a man who starts a family
He watches his kids grow up
He held his wife's hand while she died
He was true till the end

Автор Khoa Ly ( назад)
your song, moved me

Автор Ethany Akotnekoff ( назад)
I can't even describe in words how much I love this song. I dream of this being my wedding song <3

Автор Franchezca Santos ( назад)
bro in the middle i was crying its so BEAUTIFUL! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор James Jara ( назад)
ush ush ush... ella nunca ha querido entender que la quiero :( nisiquiera sabe lo que significa querer :(

Автор 102003je ( назад)
Oh that's for Deanerys profile picture no body elses.

Автор 102003je ( назад)
Why and by the way i love your profile picture it's cute. <3

Автор Dana Lapp ( назад)
I told myself I wouldn't cried, so I cried at the old man crying

Автор Channel 100 Where We Keep It 100 ( назад)
this song makes me so emotional

Автор Taria Miller ( назад)
he looks high

Автор Luxter Xiong ( назад)
The song for people who are to shy or nervous to ask their love or crush the question. The question of whether or not they like them. But in the meantime, you can imagine you guys together...and your future.

Автор Elite Gaming ( назад)
he deserves over 5 million

Автор Alexis Pierce ( назад)
this video is amazing i will watch it a million times if a can

Автор Mia ( назад)
I literally cry every time i hear this

Автор Aj Thicks ( назад)
there is a song that this beat sounds but its a girl does anybody know wat song im talking bouy please help

Автор Grant Clark ( назад)
I fucken love this song its 1 of my fav's

Автор Vina Valencia ( назад)
this guy please .. really love this song ..get emotinal..what a beautiful song!😍

Автор Mario Garcia ( назад)
im sobing

Автор Gaming with Ethan ( назад)
😱😱😱😱😱so good

Автор Alicia Brittingham ( назад)
This song is so beautiful! It'll be on my wedding playlist. :-)

Автор Francesca Negron ( назад)
He can make a song about dirt and I'll replay it till I'm 61

Автор skylerminecraftlover ( назад)
i love this song so much i even sleep with this song on.

Автор the gold skull ( назад)

Автор CroBoy ( назад)
i hate them 35 k people that disliked

Автор Evie .will2307 ( назад)

Автор CroBoy ( назад)
this reminds me when i loved my bestfriend but i was scared to ask her out because of our friendship,and now i enyoy my life with her as a bestfriend

Автор CroBoy ( назад)

Автор *Pink Pandas* ( назад)
Best part is from 0:00 to 3:31 <3 LOVE YOU James

Автор Mrs. Love ( назад)
Our song😘😍 thank you!

Автор Chrystal Lynch ( назад)
I love this song!!

Автор losertyjdd ( назад)
very good

Автор Bab ner ( назад)
this knocked my heart with a hammer slipped past my soul stayed there and exited as tears as there was just agony and no excitement where it rested ......

Автор Danielle Betts ( назад)

Автор WH ( назад)
My best friend recently moved school and I know it doesn't seem import like some actually dieing but whenever I watch this video I think f her and always end up crying 😭

Автор Honey Lindsay ( назад)
love, love, love this song........

Автор merli n ( назад)
Merlin,ich verliere dich nicht noch ein zweites mal❤

Автор Thomas Sørensen ( назад)
Hold kæft en god sang

Автор Taim Ahmed ( назад)
I am so so so so sad
when I here this song

Автор Taim Ahmed ( назад)
he might die dide

Автор CJ Gamer/Minecraft And More! ( назад)
My Wedding Song :D finally found it.

Автор yo lo123 ( назад)
so beautyfall

Автор Joel ( назад)
Sounds like "Que Sorte a Nossa" by Matheus e Kauan

Автор Safa ( назад)
The luckiest girl is the one whom her boyfriend sings this to her...! Just imagine ur crush is singing this to u...! 🤔😱

Автор Ariel Sweet ( назад)
i love this song i got this song sung to mee

Автор Taylor Baldwin ( назад)
ed sheeran / john legend / hosier - ish

Автор Richard van der Spaan ( назад)
heel mooi liedje

Автор Abigail Henderson ( назад)
"I swear that everyday will get better.."

Автор Boss TV ( назад)
l am Thai l listen to this song because It is a good song.

Автор Maria-Elisabeth Bloch ( назад)
did any one else cry

Автор Skyler Shoup ( назад)
Fuck Breakups

Автор Julia Bogumił ( назад)
On Valentines day my crush rejected me first he threw away my Valentine card away in front of the class then he told me that he dosent want me but after he said that he was acting strange for 4 weeks so i was depressed but i acted that i was okay but now I got over him and now were just friends:)and I have a new crush and I think he likes me too...

Автор christopher Baxter ( назад)
It's a good song nothing great but good.

Автор Nerea Teglas ( назад)
James Arthur is my favorite and my fav song is Impossible

Автор Jessie B ( назад)
i love your songs

Автор Shayley Colobus ( назад)
who is in love with someone who even don't know it?
I always think about him when I'm listening this song💔

Автор Samantha Critchlow ( назад)
I Love this song

It's black and white! What year is it? 1888? Jk its 2017. I hope

Автор the gold skull ( назад)
:) :) awesome song i watch it always i love this song

Автор The Great Antoine ( назад)
i sang this song on stage and failed at some notes and chords. a lot of people laughed but i kept going until i finished cause i saw my girlfriend smiling and cheering me on no matter what. i think i found her and i swear not to let her go.

Автор Jon R ( назад)
but stay woke
niggas creepin
they gon find u
gon catch u sleepin

Автор Yvette Vlogs ( назад)
Reminds me of my Jeremy! Sad we will never make it till he's gray and old. He committed suicide 5 months ago. But this song always makes me think of him. <3 JW

Автор Tong Yang ( назад)
just the thought of my beloved wife not being there in the future or leaving my wife when we pass is unbearable. I wouldn't be able to live without her. I would be lost.

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