Nario's Beginner Tutorial : Episode 1 : Easy Punch Decap

before i start putting the joints here i'll tell u that im sorry i didn't put credits,song or any other stuff i hope to make the next tutorial a lot better than this...takes to long for the short info is a pretty kewl decap though

Weekly Tuts(Episode 5):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kw1FPKpdZI0
ok here are the Joints

Frame # 60
Press C
Lower Both Shoulders
Extend Right Pec
Contract Left Pec
Contract Both Elbow
Rotate Chest Right
Space X2

Frame #40

Rotate Chest Left
Contrast Right Pec
Extend Left Pec
Raise Right Shoulder
Space X2

Frame #20

Hold Right Pec
Hold Right Shoulder
Extend Right Elbow
Space x2+


This tutorial has been done in:

60+ Match Frames
20 or less Turn Frames
100 Distance
Gravity Normal (-9.82)

there ur done... idk if that works on the other side (instead of right is left and vise versa)
Hope u Enjoyed my First Tb Tutorial :D

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Автор Deadlyshot111Gaming ­­­­ ( назад)
All i did was punch someone in the tic tac XD

Автор TheNario94 ( назад)
For those who are having problems with the move in the description tell me
what's wrong in the comments.Because as far as I know the description is
right if you have the classic settings,this works in the current version of
toribash aswell(v4.95)so please let me know and I will try to help as much
as I can.If is a troll then good job on the troll.


Автор Jayden Bosscha ( назад)

Автор Butt Sniffer ( назад)
DUDE do the description right DAMMIT its wrong

Автор Ray Will ( назад)
Raise shoulder, space twice, contract hips, lower shoulders, space twice,
contract knees, space once, extend knees

Автор GamingCrusade ( назад)
Didn't work for me. I followed all the instructions and heres what happened:
My tori did the exact same motion, But did not hit the enemy tori. Was it
because I had my contact distance to 180 instead of 100?

Автор Declan Ahern ( назад)
Here's the solution... Buy a new PC, you can't just make it not lag by
using some special trick, it lags because your computer can't run it fast
at the maximum graphics.

Автор weegeniss rival ( назад)
This is so simple and awsome thats its undescrible epuc you got a new sub

Автор ike44ike ( назад)

Автор TheNario94 ( назад)
well thats cool :D thx for the comment btw xD

Автор 𝕲𝖗𝖊𝖊𝖓 𝕳𝖊𝖉𝖌𝖊𝖍𝖔𝖌 ( назад)
this was awesome,combining this punch with my pro skills,I did a grab I
call the "chuck norris head grab" basically,I do this,then one fram after,I
grab,so that way it barely looks like I punched uke,and then did some pro
acrobatics,and threw it far,when it looked like I barely tossed it...

Автор Vinicius Oliveira ( назад)
Or beginner, or standard players.

Автор Gevorg kuzbashyan ( назад)
noob movie

Автор Fajri Irfansyah ( назад)
Thank you Master

Автор TheNario94 ( назад)
its probably on the newer version of toribash or idk i haven't tested it
yet with shaders in the newer version

Автор BeastPlaysRoblox ( назад)
How do I put toribash on no lag when I put it on high graphics it lags like

Автор hum taob ( назад)
Wow, I already figured that out my own but didn't de-cap.

Автор Slendy Son ( назад)

Автор TheNario94 ( назад)
(idk if ur being sarcastic)just check the description the joints are there
in order

Автор Brandon Mills ( назад)
this whole vid is too fast!!!! i cant do it myself!!! i just started last

Автор TheNario94 ( назад)
i know is not that fast is more like an error in the vid cuz it moved rly
fast when i was editing lol my bad for wasting time

Автор Arakatski ( назад)
not too fast for me

Автор TheNario94 ( назад)
well tyvm sir welcome to the channel

Автор 2005 Sass ( назад)
You sir, have gotten a subscriber and a like and a favorite :3

Автор naqib hakimi ( назад)
not that i mean dont do the pages i mean serve your subscriber like in
twitter so you get more subscriber

Автор TheNario94 ( назад)
i was thinking on making a facebook just for the subs but until i dont get
the new pc or this pc fixed then i can't make it since i wont be able to
post any vids

Автор naqib hakimi ( назад)
i youhave a subscribers plss do like twitters 

Автор E.M.J.R. Milita "the last hope" ( назад)

Автор E.M.J.R. Milita "the last hope" ( назад)
Can you make more now lol I just seen this and I love it

Автор TheNario94 ( назад)
heh thanks and welcome :]

Автор Arita Duarte ( назад)
You got an subscribed :)

Автор TheNario94 ( назад)
I wish i could but i do not have a graphics card,in other words i can't
make vids :(

Автор Carl Akamatsu ( назад)
dude please make more toribash tutorial moves

Автор TheNario94 ( назад)
not rly u dnt need to pay to get tc u can play in the original servers like
Beginners,Intermediate,Advance etc. or u can win tourneys in some of the
servers also u can sell texture (like head texture,fullset etc.) u can find
ways to get tc on the forums

Автор Exdia's Channel | Gaming and Pony videos! ( назад)
you need toricredits to buy customisation (unfortinatly toricredits have to
be payen :())

Автор TheNario94 ( назад)
It worked and now im making episode 8 with this

Автор Exdia's Channel | Gaming and Pony videos! ( назад)
want my punch? Constract both elbows Extend right pec Right rotate chest
Lower left shoulder space 3 times Left rotate chest Constract right pec
space 1 time and shift-space 7 times Extend right elbow Like if it works

Автор TheNario94 ( назад)
If your watching this after July 2nd,2012 theres a playlist for all of the
tutorials. Thanks for the response to this vid and all the other vids :D

Автор TheNario94 ( назад)
@KIllingSpreeOfficial thats actually another way but the other ppl can't
see u wearing those textures while ur doing that unless u copy the
texture's picture and upload it on ur texture items on toribash's site

Автор Andy Pandy ( назад)
@TheNario94 ty

Автор TheNario94 ( назад)
@MorraDiErMann1000 well u need toricredits (tc) then u buy texture items
with them and then add a picture u get tc by winning matches from
Beginner,Intermediate,Semi-Pro,Black Belt,Ultimate and Tourney servers or u
can buy them in using paypal there also different ways to earn tc if u want
to learn more then check the toribash forum hope that helped

Автор Andy Pandy ( назад)
how do u customise your character, somebody pls tell me >.<

Автор Jaden Blind ( назад)
lol when i punched him right on the face my hand fell of xD

Автор Jake Wilkinson ( назад)
thumbs up for falcon punchbut better!

Автор TheNario94 ( назад)
@55guitarguru yea is very very easy i put all the joints on the description
well explained

Автор TheNario94 ( назад)
@bossjm20 hey np im just here to help :D

Автор rynjahninjah ( назад)
could you make more tuts for simple stuff like this?

Автор TheNario94 ( назад)
@ratyfeye thats a good point :o u deserv some thumbs up yah the "noobs"
word is kinda offencing so i take that back :D

Автор TheNario94 ( назад)
@ltsonic1 :D thx next time i'll work on a better tutorial right now i
forgot the moves i was going to put in the coming vids

Автор Twrmois ( назад)
its awesome also u did not have to add a song or credits its fine as is.

Автор TheNario94 ( назад)
@ProductionInferno oh rly xD

Автор TheNario94 ( назад)
@FUNNYGAMER3125 well if ur active in forums then join us btw if u wanted
triad then srry triad died long ago im currently on a clan called wind

Автор FUNNYGAMER3125 ( назад)
umm can i join ur clan i want to get in a clan a long time ago

Автор TheNario94 ( назад)
@FUNNYGAMER3125 xD thx and np im here to help im currently using the other
set the 1 that appears in my latest vid

Автор FUNNYGAMER3125 ( назад)
thx for the face punch nice set and head and trail XD

Автор TheNario94 ( назад)
@KCvideos65 well i used 800x600 on this vid on the other i used hd 720p and
for recording i use fraps and video editor Sony Vegas Pro 9.0

Автор TheNario94 ( назад)
@Karatekid11full Thx im making a tut for next week is a.....*Spoilers* nah
i wont tell it yet is a kewl and rly easy tut its only 2 turn attack so
stay tuned

Автор Kozi Ro ( назад)
nice flames and punch too 

Автор TheNario94 ( назад)
@cartoontko thx im thinking of making several tutorials more but i need a
tutorial song im also thinking of doing a remake of this 1 with sound and
better explanation xD

Автор TheNario94 ( назад)
@p2r252s ty cruzer xD

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