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Автор Art's Bobcat (2 месяца)
Where is Jason From ? and what is Sturgeon Motors.? and who are the
blondes. 1 is playing Violin and the other is driving the 4 wheeler. 

Автор Joshua Sass (4 дня)

Автор Carol Franklin (1 месяц)
petersburg, in he is the best for sure 

Автор WRANGLER359 (2 месяца)
he needs to come out with more stuff! best song ever!

Автор grandchaser91 (3 месяца)
Best kind of life to live.

Автор Forest Webb (3 месяца)
Frio county texas yall!

Автор Diego Fanti (5 месяцев)
God bless America

Автор Noah Renshaw (3 месяца)
My life

Автор Dumbass699 (4 месяца)
home of rat's and IPL and good old Buchta Trucking

Автор Austin Ashby (5 месяцев)
Yeah buddy pike county!!!

Автор Hopper, Dustin (4 месяца)
Anderson, SC

Автор Kyle Peeters (5 месяцев)
I do live a simple life that's the best way to live 

Автор caleb elber (10 месяцев)

Автор Jeffrey Godron (1 год)
This is the way life should be !

Автор doapSauce (4 месяца)
generic as fuck...

Автор Dylan Hollow (8 месяцев)
Describes exactly where I live. ;) +1s for the trucks!!

Jason Sturgeon - Simple Life - Official Music Vid…:

Автор M Lane (1 год)
The simple life, hell yea!
Check out the #trucks!

Автор Mark Hyer (11 месяцев)
how can anyone dislike this song

Автор awhitecouple (5 месяцев)

" A people who are not convinced of their uniqueness and value will
perish." " In the final analysis, a race or specie is not judged superior
or inferior by its accomplishments, but by its will and ability to
survive." David Lane

Автор Mark Leonard (1 год)
Hell yea

Автор DavidnMissouri (1 год)
damn where Have I been great song and on a great day to upload it

Автор Patty Pat (1 год)
this is real country!

Автор Jeff Goers (1 год)
this guy seems fake as shit.

Автор Patrick Saxon (1 год)
Sounds great! I love the mandolin!

Автор Sean spurgeon (1 год)
similur lastnames

Автор Elijah Jaham (1 год)
at 1:45 you hear him grind his gears. hahaha

Автор Adam McAlpine (1 год)
why haven't I heard this guy?!?

Автор DJ KEVANO (1 год)
nice sound !!

Автор James Horton (1 год)
I felt alone once then bought a hamster and he was my best friend until it
had a pee on my hand and I felt like he betrayed me and I let him run free
in the local field 

Автор Sam B (1 год)
No better life than a simple life.

Автор Eureka Rebel (1 год)
Jason you are more then just a simple man.

Автор Tristan Goucher (2 года)
And "Ace" the Mud Dog... *Wearing a ridiculous grin* Gotta love the muddy

Автор FordTower97 (1 год)
Lol saids the kid.......kid please stfu.... and who maybe be my "butt buddy"

Автор Jesse Isbell (1 год)
Your name even says it. You tow fords.

Автор 92jurassic (1 год)
Kid? Only at heart. I'm old enough to join the finest fighting force in the
world. What have you done? Exactly. Respect your elders son.

Автор 1stokedmonkey (2 года)
My point was not invalid. Out of all four trucks i've owned my full sized
chevy had more problems than the three combined. Bad 4x4 actuator, blown
radiator hoses, mangled tie rod end, shitty oil pump, no cab corners,
engine knock. Was stranded more than once with that p.o.s. and I take care
of my vehicles. So just wait til you go to start it in the middle of winter
and realize you can't go anywhere either bc it won't start or it became 2wd

Автор Zakery Sloan (1 год)
thank u for your service!

Автор preston driggars (1 год)
your the little that needs to shut the fuck up and do you kiss your mom
with that mouth? thanks have a nice day!

Автор FordTower97 (1 год)
No your the ass hole that needs to shut the fuck up and mind your own
biz...and i dont have a mom so stfu and have a nice day!

Автор Gearhead till Death (2 года)
First on race day Found Out Recovering Dodges

Автор Klash3d Bulletz (1 год)
i live in southern indiana, i respect what you do and have done to protect
our country. what town did u live in?

Автор DodgeD100Sweptline65 (2 года)
:D Ford Dodge Chevy doesn't matter Trucks all the way!

Автор 92jurassic (1 год)
I love little kids. Especially the ones that dont shut up.

Автор 1stokedmonkey (2 года)
At least the ford can get to the top of the hill.

Автор preston driggars (1 год)
idk who you think you are telling all of these grown ups to shut the fuck
up so you can go shut the fuck up your self and have your butt buddy have
his way with you

Автор kirkferentzrocks (1 год)
I'd let the blonde in the video suck me DRY. OVER and OVER

Автор goattttttttttttttt (1 год)
Say what you must about whichever truck is better but you should know, my
group of budys and I all go mud runnin religiously. It doesn't matter what
make of truck you have.. If you don't take care of it it will be a piece of
shit. It doesn't matter what truck you have when you break traction.

Автор sutsuj14 (1 год)
My dad and me both have old chevy that dont have a spot of rust you just
have to take care of your car dumb ass

Автор Austin. Allerding (1 год)
my favriote song

Автор Jacob Hill (1 год)
Pike County Indiana. Cmon and visit. Ask for Matt "Chope" Welch

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