Jason Sturgeon - Simple Life - Official Music Video

The official music video for Jason Sturgeon's Simple Life

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Длительность: 4:13
Комментарии: 809

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Автор joe lober ( назад)
Grew up in a small town in Kansas and my mom met a guy who was in the army
they got married now we are living in an even smaller town in Indiana and
it's all the same. We all drive lifted trucks, we all dip Copenhagen, we
all know how to drive a tractor, and most importantly we all don't care
what you wear or what you listen to its where you grew up and what you
believe, that's what makes you country.

Автор buster Rhimes ( назад)
Great song!!

Автор Jonathan Engström ( назад)
A Video of any friday night in my home town in Europe Sweden!

Автор Nick Boisclair ( назад)
love this simple life, where some of the biggest decisions are ford or
chevy, which fishing rod I will use toaday or what kinda copenhagen I'm
gonna dip.

Автор Kool Ad ( назад)
that like my hometown movin soon

Автор Blake Bruning ( назад)
mean song this is why i hate being in the city cause in the small country
towns its a simple life unlike the city every thing is just to rushed

Автор country since 03 ( назад)
Nice. Song 

Автор Phillip King ( назад)
Like it brother. Good song. I love that you used good old farm
trucks...just like the ones we grew up driving when I was in my teens and
in 20's. Keep it up!

Автор Michael Davis ( назад)
long live God, America, and country music

Автор Carol Franklin ( назад)
petersburg, in he is the best for sure 

Автор WRANGLER359 ( назад)
he needs to come out with more stuff! best song ever!

Автор Noah Renshaw ( назад)
My life

Автор Forest Webb ( назад)
Frio county texas yall!

Автор grandchaser91 ( назад)
Best kind of life to live.

Автор doapSauce ( назад)
generic as fuck...

Автор Dumbass699 ( назад)
home of rat's and IPL and good old Buchta Trucking

Автор Hopper, Dustin ( назад)
Anderson, SC

Автор Austin Ashby ( назад)
Yeah buddy pike county!!!

Автор Kyle Peeters ( назад)
I do live a simple life that's the best way to live 

Автор Diego Fanti ( назад)
God bless America

Автор awhitecouple ( назад)

" A people who are not convinced of their uniqueness and value will
perish." " In the final analysis, a race or specie is not judged superior
or inferior by its accomplishments, but by its will and ability to
survive." David Lane

Автор caleb elber ( назад)

Автор Mark Hyer ( назад)
how can anyone dislike this song

Автор Mark Leonard ( назад)
Hell yea

Автор Jeffrey Godron ( назад)
This is the way life should be !

Автор Patty Pat ( назад)
this is real country!

Автор Elijah Jaham ( назад)
at 1:45 you hear him grind his gears. hahaha

Автор Sean spurgeon ( назад)
similur lastnames

Автор Adam McAlpine ( назад)
why haven't I heard this guy?!?

Автор DJ KEVANO kevin stoffer timmer ( назад)
nice sound !!

Автор James Horton ( назад)
I felt alone once then bought a hamster and he was my best friend until it
had a pee on my hand and I felt like he betrayed me and I let him run free
in the local field 

Автор Sam B ( назад)
No better life than a simple life.

Автор Patrick Saxon ( назад)
Sounds great! I love the mandolin!

Автор Jeff Goers ( назад)
this guy seems fake as shit.

Автор Eureka Rebel ( назад)
Jason you are more then just a simple man.

Автор 13craj ( назад)
the girl in this video is a 10 out of 10

Автор 13craj ( назад)
Bay City

Автор Leandro Araujo Kaiowa ( назад)
hurgs from brazil,, very good song...

Автор Matt Bingeman ( назад)
In the end, we're all family.

Автор Trev Builds ( назад)
Hey man, thanks for your service. I'm from the Lapeer area, where are you
from in Mich?

Автор slapoutz ( назад)
3:16 thats a nice truck.

Автор Tiffany Brooks ( назад)
Wow look at all the ridiculous comments. All of you want to talk about
arrogance, look at you all making a fool of yourself just to try and prove
a point. Ignore the ignorance and move and things will be fine. Instead you
all make a big argument over something so silly. You all look like fools,
not just the kid. It's a shame. Who cares what other ppl think, if it
doesn't affect your life then don't bother with it.

Автор Tyler Hochfelder ( назад)
a mandolin.

Автор jamie hall ( назад)
that is true as long as it does the job its good

Автор cougarrain ( назад)
Awesome I love it x)

Автор R5H4D0W ( назад)
Whats that little round guitar called?

Автор goober rownowsky ( назад)
I say POOP !!!!

Автор Alaap Bose ( назад)
Anyone is able to comfortably get over 3000 dollars per month just by
responding to basic surveys at home. This website shows every detail how

Автор Jacob Hill ( назад)
Pike County Indiana. Cmon and visit. Ask for Matt "Chope" Welch

Автор Travis Ordiway ( назад)
great song

Автор Alex Wharton ( назад)
Hell yea

Автор Sawyer Douglas ( назад)
It's something to keep us from dying from boredom.

Автор Sawyer Douglas ( назад)
The amazing tutelage of Vance Hays. Greatest choir director in the whole
damn world.

Автор DJruiz21 ( назад)
hola!! Donde se puede conseguir una camioneta asi me encantan desde pequeño
y son una de las cosas que me faltan en esta vida y la cancion me encanta!

Автор Renoz71 ( назад)
hey man thank you for your service, god bless you and i hope you make it
back home safe

Автор Nathan Champion ( назад)
I agree.

Автор Chace Rauder ( назад)
'Cept Texas, right? Stay safe and God Bless.

Автор Austin. Allerding ( назад)
my favriote song

Автор kchkaceha ( назад)
'Simple life' remindes me of Paris&Nicole ha ha (just kidding). Nice video

Автор Kross ( назад)
Semper Paratus

Автор russizle81 ( назад)
hey man im in the service as well ive been stationed in japan for 3 yrs and
have been home once i miss home darn near everyday im from Michigan and
listenin to country music helps me get threw the dys here got 8 months til
im back home livin the simple life for good! been to 8 countries and none
of them cept australia is even close ta home! thanks ya for your service by
the way!

Автор Matt Pope ( назад)
Thank You!!!!!

Автор howie EWHS ( назад)
Ain't that the truth!

Автор Tony Botcher ( назад)
If more people had country values this world would be a much better place
to live.

Автор Jonas Spry ( назад)
He sounds like Jason Michael Carroll

Автор Paladun Alter ( назад)
instead of enjoying killer tunes the trolls have to come out from under the

Автор Zakery Sloan ( назад)
thank u for your service!

Автор goattttttttttttttt ( назад)
Say what you must about whichever truck is better but you should know, my
group of budys and I all go mud runnin religiously. It doesn't matter what
make of truck you have.. If you don't take care of it it will be a piece of
shit. It doesn't matter what truck you have when you break traction.

Автор haajam ( назад)
Since when does a certain style of music have to come with a look? Most
people I know depicted Adele to be black, and what happened? She's English.
If we're going to put a picture to the music, then you're getting
stereotypical with it. Then Darius Rucker should be a rapper, right? There
is no 'look' to music. It's the music that should matter.

Автор Kirby Cole ( назад)
you are being judgmental, that is not country hoss!

Автор Klash3d Bulletz ( назад)
im from greene county

Автор Klash3d Bulletz ( назад)
i live in southern indiana, i respect what you do and have done to protect
our country. what town did u live in?

Автор Anthony Faith ( назад)
Im right here in Petersburg Indiana and this song is all about us. don't
believe Me drive threw here once. Jason is one of the best country music
singers in my opinion. don't believe me go watch him live.

Автор jake15504 ( назад)
fuck you

Автор devon Wiehe ( назад)
Fordtower your pissing everyone off. Nobody gives a fuck who you are, and
your like 12, no one sais stfu anymore unless you still havent hit
piuberty, no one came here to listen to your bullshit, ps. Dodge, chev,

Автор FordTower97 ( назад)
fuck chevy.

Автор Riley Brittany ( назад)
fuck ford.

Автор FordTower97 ( назад)
your mom is little... so go fuck your mom and shut up

Автор FordTower97 ( назад)
buddy please....noone cares about what you are saying..and i aint little so
stfu about that.... and stop acting like a bad ass when you aren't

Автор D ( назад)
how does this song kick ass? it's pretty weak to be honest. and It's really
not even true country. I can tell by looking at the artists.

Автор FordTower97 ( назад)
i do know about things....so stfu and have a nice day

Автор FordTower97 ( назад)
i dont have a dad... stfu

Автор TheBullyRam97 ( назад)

Автор FordTower97 ( назад)
Lol saids the kid.......kid please stfu.... and who maybe be my "butt buddy"

Автор preston driggars ( назад)
go cry to your dad

Автор preston driggars ( назад)

Автор preston driggars ( назад)
idk who you think you are telling all of these grown ups to shut the fuck
up so you can go shut the fuck up your self and have your butt buddy have
his way with you

Автор FordTower97 ( назад)
who you calling a child..? your the kid so stfu...

Автор Mike Wrecker ( назад)
you definitely are acting like a little kid....sorry to tell ya child...

Автор Colt9308 ( назад)
Hey bud, this is country music and you're talking to country folks so of
course there's gonna be arguing about which trucks better. Btw, BOWTIE OR

Автор John Krazek ( назад)
Damn straight, get us some good American energy for us out in Eastern Pa.
Wannabes from Phillly and Allentown not withstanding of course..

Автор 92jurassic ( назад)
I'm calling you one, in case it wasn't clear enough.

Автор JUDY RUHE ( назад)
Pretty good song

Автор JUDY RUHE ( назад)
Pretty good song

Автор FordTower97 ( назад)
No your the ass hole that needs to shut the fuck up and mind your own
biz...and i dont have a mom so stfu and have a nice day!

Автор preston driggars ( назад)
there are more Chevy's then ford's in the video

Автор preston driggars ( назад)
your the little that needs to shut the fuck up and do you kiss your mom
with that mouth? thanks have a nice day!

Автор preston driggars ( назад)
ford=found on road dead

Автор Brandon Hutchison ( назад)
The guy "from" Uncle Kracker? Uncle Kracker is a stage name for an artist
not a band, no this is not him.

Автор Kirby Cole ( назад)
Not a foreign truck in sight, MERICA!

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