Thanks to Donald Trump for Ending the WAR ON CHRISTMAS!

In addition to a message about Donald Trump and the Republican's bogus "War on Christmas," I wanted to say thanks to each and every one of you for all of your support this year. In less than a year this channel has gone from virtually zero subscribers to almost 40,000. That is ALL because of you and I appreciate you for it.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Kwanzaa, New Year, or Holidays.

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Автор Jamie Corrigan ( назад)

Автор Dana M ( назад)
We love you, too!
You always catch the BS and throw it right back! You hammered that pitch!⚾️

Автор Aracelis Morales Garcia de Ramos ( назад)
Don't forget us pagans for witches celebrate the holidays as well!

Автор MultiMicelle ( назад)
your an idiot.

Автор Rwallace 36 ( назад)
Faux news ain't even trying to hide there bias huh? crazy

Автор Daniel Fraley ( назад)
I remember the darkest time during the War on Christmas, when you could
only say "Merry Christmas" in your own home...and in public...and at
church...and at work...and on television...and on the internet...but that
was it. Anywhere else and they'd get ya. I mean, at one point, they only
played Christmas music on the radio 22 hours a day. How could we survive
under such tyranny? I remember when the mall went down to only 1 Santa, and
even he was there for a single month before the "holidays", as the tyrants
forced us to call it. Oh, it was a dangerous, horrible time to be someone
who loved Christmas. But now that the dreaded one, Kaiser Obama, is soon
ending his reign of terror, we are now free to say Merry Christmas again
and the music will return to the airwaves not just 22 hours, but 24. Not
just after Thanksgiving, but year-round. We are free once again! Hallelujah
and praise be to the Trump, for he has freed us from the tyranny of
placidly allowing other holidays to be acknowledged by others, if one so
chose. We won the war, brothers!

Автор John T ( назад)
Doesn't Doofus Dollemore laugh like Betty Rubble?

Автор xiTrollerx ( назад)
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, why does it matter?

Автор SurfK9 ( назад)
Yea! The war that never was is over!

Автор Aramai Jonassi ( назад)
WTF?? He tried stealing credit for people saying Merry Christmas too? When
did anyone ever stop saying it? Why are these people making up wars? 😂

Автор Hogman Go ( назад)
Happy Holidays everyone! Fuck Trump!!

Автор Joseph Watson ( назад)
YOU FORGOT SATURNALIA! kidding happy holidays

Автор Jay & Katie ( назад)
Donald trump is the king of the idiots. the orange tornado. the tangerine
shit storm. the most ignorant human on earth


Автор mrruud0101 ( назад)
3:25 minutes This video = FAKE!!! Look good!! Dolemore is a FAKER!
The lips of Obama don't agree with ''merry Christmas'' Dolemore is a
this video = Fake.
We all know the anti-Christian attitude of the neo liberals replacing
Christmas-cards with some ''holliday's'' cards.. all over the
So Trump was right again!

Автор Aaron Stuffwell ( назад)
When the hell did people stop saying Merry Christmas 😐

Автор KlondikeG ( назад)
Why is it that a majority of Gingers are a bunch of pudgy-fisted Regressive
Skidmarks? Where's the bleach when you need it!?! Libtards, pour yourselves
a double & take a long nap.

Автор Jlong908 ( назад)
ive actually been seeing more people get angry at happy holidays this year!

Автор Felicia Freeman ( назад)
When did we stop saying Merry Christmas?

Автор Fit Con ( назад)
You should see if you could actually engage with Tomi Lahren in a debate.
That would be hilarious to see! Someone actually who can press her.

Автор Ross Boss ( назад)
I didn't know it was a war on X-Mas I thought u say Happy Holidays for
X-Mas and new years.

Автор Kane O'opu ( назад)
ACTUALLY, I believe yer a white supremacist - go play with yer dolle in a

Автор Tiffany Flowers ( назад)
#TangerineTitan LOL!!!!!!!!!

Автор libtopmodel ( назад)
love u too...I look forward to your videos

Автор mrruud0101 ( назад)
3:25 minutes This video = FAKE!!! Look good!! Dolemore is a FAKER!
The lips of Obama don't agree with ''merry Christmas'', this video = Fake.
You don't know the facts at all.
We all know the anti-Christian attitude of the neo liberals replacing
Christmas-cards with some ''holliday's'' cards.. all over the
So Trump was right again!

Автор Cy B ( назад)
Whites people was not saying happy holidays because Obama being in the
White House. Some whites wasn't saying it, because they didn't want to be
associated with christianity religious, so stop with all the bullshit fox

Автор thramagen ( назад)
I think it was bill maher who said people without a religion in the us was

Автор Sashine B. ( назад)
Yeah, OK. Merry Christmas to my Jewish friends.

Автор dollemore ( назад)
Thanks for engaging with me on my humble little channel. After you've
clicked the LIKE button I would love for you to subscribe and/or share this
video with your social network. I appreciate you!

Автор Boam Boam ( назад)
It may be more Christian to say
'happy holidays' rather than 'merry Christmas'. The Christian Bible in Two
Corinthians 6:3 reads: “Giving no offence in any thing, that the ministry
be not blamed:”
King James Version (KJV)
Now if you know saying 'merry Christmas' is going to offend your Jewish,
Buddhist, Muslim neighbor then I say you may not want to do it any more
than you would want them to over and over repeatedly greet you with
reference to one of their religious holidays.
Saying 'merry Christmas' is not Biblical, it's a tradition of man.
And Jesus said: Mark 7:9
"And he said unto them, Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye
may keep your own tradition."
So don't worry about not being politically correct, worry about not being
Biblically correct.

Автор Daniel Irvin ( назад)
A day late, Merry Christmas!

Автор G W ( назад)
Blessed Yule!

Автор Tommy Courtney ( назад)
Feliz Navidad !

Автор superfuresh ( назад)
When was it a fucking problem to say Merry Christmas. Jesus Christ these
people are fucking idiots

Автор joe lee ( назад)
this guys a joke..

Автор D Boz ( назад)
Merry X-mas!

Автор Mike Kimmen ( назад)
I never stopped saying "Merry Christmas"

Автор Dead Man's Shadow ( назад)
Happy Holidays everyone!

Автор Pauline Amrasa ( назад)
I did not realise people were stopped from saying merry chritmas. Who knew?

Автор mattw70 ( назад)
Merry Giftmas! Because without people buying shit, no one would care.

Автор Bitvar ( назад)
You don't dodge the draft when you are in higher learning. It is stupid to
waste your intelligent people who can serve in unique ways on the beaches
of foreign invasions. It is a perfectly legal opt-out plan, which he did 4
times, because he was in college.

I did the same opt-out program. The government needs leaders, workers and
grunts. Not JUST grunts. As for the whole "refused to disavow" not only did
he disavow David Duke but he didn't need to. Why didn't you ask Hillary to
disavow her mentor Robert C Bryd who was heard saying N*#$ER until the day
he left the Senate floor. He was also the only man evil enough to
filibuster the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Go ahead, look it up. I'll wait.
She spoke at his funeral and posted this on the Official State Department
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryweuBVJMEA (she didn't even try
to hide this, she was PROUD of it). Yet you try to conflate some bullshit
non-existent relationship with a former klansman? Asinine. What kind of a
cuck are you?

Автор Dogma Jones ( назад)

Автор Josh Rami ( назад)

Автор Abdul Aziz Dobbs ( назад)
Trump is scary https://youtu.be/-xAJ7n1T0IE

Автор Texas Turner ( назад)
This guy is a joke.

Автор Texas Turner ( назад)
Merry Christmas !

Автор MFPhoto1 ( назад)
There sure are a lot of people out there who don't have a life. As if the
factious war on Christmas is more important than the war on terrorism,
global warming, maintaining the economic recover. . . . Need I go on?

Now if you will excuse me, I have to launch a mortar attack on the corner
Xmas tree lot. Those Cub Scouts are at it again! ;-)

Автор El León Heart (TheOne) ( назад)
Lol... Conservatism is like a false prophet, it thinks it's Holy, but it's
actually just a waste of space

Автор jgreg95 ( назад)
Stop messing up our wars with facts. It's nearly 2017 and facts are
so...outdated. Merry Christmas!

Автор Jody Sephus (Jodysephus) ( назад)
Oh yes there has been a war on Christians!

Автор LastxNamexEver FirstxNamexGreatest ( назад)
I thought we had to say happy holidays because Christmas isn't the only
thing to be celebrated in the month of December. It made us recognise that
different cultures celebrate or believe in different things from us. Plus
I've had to say happy holidays since pre school, so how is this Obama's

Автор Joe Friedman ( назад)
Since when has it been the government's role to determine how we say
things? It's absolutely ridiculous that Trump is taking credit for this,
and its even more stupid that we're even having a debate on something so

Автор SuperPlastered ( назад)
Good video, Dollemore! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays as well.

Автор Olivia Fischer ( назад)
merry Christmas. thank you danold Trump. who Careabout Obama thinks.

Автор Danny Bennet ( назад)

Автор jaxson trickey ( назад)
u are another brainwashed idiot

Автор Matthew Lo ( назад)
I feel really happy about this.

Автор Kabbage1985 ( назад)
Radical Christian Terrorist also suck.

Автор Kabbage1985 ( назад)
Happy Holidays because I can say whatever I feel like.

Автор jonmaxwell74 ( назад)
Let's hear Obama say "radical Islamic terrorism." Obama was too weak to
tell the truth, and made the USA look weak because of it.

Автор Brian C ( назад)
Doley, Try listening to President-elect's own words as he said them,
instead of drinking the #lying mainstream news media manure.
The first encounter with the #ClintonCartel's KKK employee was a young man
wearing a $5. T-Shirt with the letters handwritten in magic marker.
Trump had the disrespectful disruptor promptly ejected from the rally.
Then for weeks after that, the mainstream news media repeated
#CrookedHillary #lies about it while Trump #disavowed the Democratically
created KKK narrative, over and over, again and again.
I hope you don't claim to be awake and aware because you've sadly missed
the train - many months ago.

Автор leonard blush ( назад)
Because of Barry Obama, I've been forced to celebrate Christmas the last
seven years while cowering under a stout work bench in a dark corner of my
basement, while shaking with fear and being frightened that gays would find
me and turn me over to Jewish Hilary Clinton supporters and force me to
undergo an abortion!

Автор 1stMARDIV IraqWarVet ( назад)
We need an official war on Christmas campaign medal......

Автор Bo Panagiotopoulos ( назад)
political correctness was the cause of people not saying Merry Christmas so
yes there was a war on saying Christmas dummy

Автор Realstuff Steve ( назад)
? you are truly an idiot

Автор Lys Tromp ( назад)
Merry Christmas to USA, from Aruba.. Big Hugs and blessings

Автор Link Gordon ( назад)
Who or what organization(s) etc suggested , pressured stores ,
manufacturers to switch to the beyond lame "happy holidays" ? To say it
hasn't happened is ignorance, denial or a blatant lie ... the "be more
inclusive" liberal vomit never happened ? ... Bizarre ... MERRY CHRISTMAS ,

Автор OH Yeh! ( назад)
🎄🎄 Merry Christmas Americans 🎄🎄
💕💕Let's stop bitching and unite 💕 💕

Автор Luke Skywalker ( назад)
You're such a legend. thank you world star for showing me this dude.

Автор mrruud0101 ( назад)
Obama and Hillary hated Christianity in many ways.
They remained in silence for 2 years while Christian women where crussified
on the squares in Syrie...
The same time supporting and funding together with their ''allies'' Saudie
Arabia and Turkey both Al Qaeda, Al Nusra and ISIS... by example with
weapons via Kroatia...
And always sending postcards (double talking Obama!) without the simple
word ''Christmas''...

Автор Daisy Mae ( назад)
It's is very true. I have never heard people say " merry Christmas "
especially at work we had to say "happy holidays" . I was told we don't
want to offend anyone. I'm only hearing "Merry Christmas" now.

Автор Ed Card ( назад)
Feliz Navidad Merry Christmas to you all and more blessings for America !

Автор Gone Fishing ( назад)
I care. Because America was founded on Christian principles. Diversity is
not strength. A Kingdom divided must fall. So Merry Christmas.

Автор Ariel Mckenzie ( назад)
Wtf, who really gives a fuck whether someone says Happy Holidays or Merry
Xmas? 🙄

Автор Sheree Bunyan ( назад)
merry Christmas to you all and happy new year

Автор U.S.A. ( назад)
Findlay, after 8 years is nonsense!

Автор jeremybr2020 ( назад)
Fuck you FOX NEWS!! Fuck you and everything you stand for you lying pieces
of shit. I really can't stand FOX NEWS. Their dishonesty disgusts me and
they should be embarrassed to call themselves a legit news organization.
Fair and balanced my ass!

Автор The American Superman ( назад)
What a liberal snowflake... he just stated a racist Name "hooks"... LOL!
Obama has nearly ruined America and all of it's values in which it was
founded on! Thank you Donald Trump! Merry Christmas and may God bless the
United States of America!

Автор john barry ( назад)
its about time

Автор Juan Guzman ( назад)
Obama put out Christmas videos his entire time in office.

Автор Mbula Nzoka ( назад)
HAPPY HOLIDAYS JESSE. Love you back Jesse😄😄😄😄

Автор Tia Rose ( назад)
Stupid. Bass Ackwards ReThuglicans.
Racist Hateful bitches.

Автор Raheem Williams ( назад)
happy kwanza

Автор וַלֶרִי Yisreal ( назад)
i like this guy he funny n informative

Автор mscardioqueen ( назад)
"...tangerine titan, Donald Trump." LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Fantastic.

Bill O'Dummy said,

"...the war has been won, this is a cleanup operation. Was it that fucking


Автор Kyile Vanderpump ( назад)
Love you too!

Автор Kyile Vanderpump ( назад)
Right wing Trumpsexuals don't believe in free speech. Holidays!!

Автор Ed Pujol ( назад)
Love you too.

Автор Joe Doe ( назад)
Smh Murica makes christians look bad

Автор BROCK BOSS ( назад)
Fix News has y'all dumb republicans brainwashed.. ctfuuu..Obama always said
Merry Christmas you dickheads

Автор wadi gaji ( назад)
dolemore is not very nice ....he just excoriated the repugnant , er, the
republicans on xmas day. hot diggiy dittiy.

Автор chellebelle914 ( назад)
legit i want to bang my head into a wall until i die. war on
Christmas=white privilege CITY!!!! jesussssssss fucking

Автор Allen Greer ( назад)
ALL HOLIDAYS MATTER!!! (Great video)

Автор AAA Atheist ( назад)

Автор waterandafter ( назад)
I said merry crimbus all day long and no one noticed.

Автор waterandafter ( назад)
If the war is over then I can say what I want now... I want to say happy

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