Scott Johnson's Legal Eagle

Thanks so much Scott!

It is going to take me a while but I think I can do this...

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Автор J Gale ( назад)
how much for one, I want a price for ownership at around 8.000 dollars and

Автор Jerry Smith ( назад)
looks as well

Автор Jerry Smith ( назад)
sounds beautiful

Автор Олександр Ивасюк ( назад)
me in such engines - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iV8yObU1jzY . where to

Автор Roderick White ( назад)
Looking for ultralight aircraft for sale call Roderick White at

Автор Howard Johnson ( назад)
I guess they don't answer any questions.

Автор Myster IH ( назад)
how much did building that cost?

Автор thangamajig ( назад)
good gas????

Автор MANUEL Fernández ( назад)

Автор dz1sfb ( назад)
I love watching this video. Just seeing and hearing that 1/2 VW purr away
is just so sweet and inspiring.

Автор Jairo Gutierrez ( назад)
wanna sell it?

Автор Sky Pup ( назад)
Damn it man, you made the prop spin the wrong way. Are you English or

Автор Time Travler ( назад)
its a beauty! the tubing is it aluminum? can you send me youre blue print ?

Автор Antonio leggio ( назад)

Автор Bass Player ( назад)
First one I've seen with a muffler, I like it better....

Автор Teddy Craig ( назад)
The 2cv boxer's a very smooth runner.

Автор dozer1642 ( назад)
I love good gas. 

Автор Wyatt Earp ( назад)
wow that is really quiet... i dont trust those carbs though or reliability
i mean you have to have dual ignitions dual fuel pumps etc redundancy all i
see are a vw motor there not made for this.. you need a aircraft motor 

Автор Arnold's Design ( назад)
That is really a nice build. I can't believe how quiet it is. Hand spun
prop spinner, machine turned aluminum wing gap, upholstered seat.
Outstanding craftsmanship.

Автор Grant “MrG” Booth ( назад)
Scott what carbs are you running ? need some for my DE

Автор Boone Jones (1550 лет назад)
How much would it cost to buy one of these?

Автор Hans Zarkov ( назад)
Sounds very healthy.

Автор GILSAUN ( назад)
hello, friend, would like to build the legal eagle, where can I buy his

Автор elviss13 ( назад)
any videos of it flying ?

Автор Donna Scott ( назад)
Add guns to any air planes orchoppers when needed because when your flyin
you then saw zombies or anything rhat needs to be in jail or death

Автор Sylas Alonso ( назад)
quero um desses

Автор Paul Kersey ( назад)
Congratulations, that's very russian

Автор alanyoung2 ( назад)
Are you sure? What about the sport pilot licence? 

Автор Will Fitzpatrick ( назад)
Scott: I have some basic questions for you on the plane you built. Wanted
to be in touch with you sometime if you would be able to offer. You can
contact me through my contact page. Thank you! Will. WmFitzpatrick . com

Автор orlando enrique ( назад)
Estos vendepatria del gobierno ademas de censurarnos,nos invaden con

Автор Rudy Berkvens ( назад)
Illegal Eagle would even sound nicer.

Автор Peter Lustich ( назад)
Is that a motorcycle engine?

Автор Eric Cole ( назад)
That engine sounds incredible. Like a German Harley! :) 

Автор njm vermont ( назад)
Do they actually weigh the plane to check?

Автор retah omoh ( назад)
it really does songs wonderfull!!! 

Автор Arnold's Design ( назад)
Wow! That plane is beautiful, and QUIET. Is that a glasspack muffler? It
looks as though you had the crankcase vapor blasted as well. That's one of
the nicest Eagles I've seen.

Автор ROCKSTARCRANE ( назад)
GOT to have one of these!! If I remember correctly, when hand starting,
NEVER curl fingers around edge of prop-blade...only palms of hands against
blade surface. If she backfires, bye-bye fingertips.....

Автор Music Man ( назад)
it's a old VW engine, cut in half. Yes 4-stroke

Автор John M ( назад)
That must be a 4 stroke engine is it?

Автор R. Michael Pitman ( назад)
And how many aircraft engines have you hand started? Any?

Автор joe schmoe ( назад)
Legal til its hydrogen powered...see if "they'd" let one of those fly?no
pun intended

Автор stealhty1 ( назад)
i "ll say with this engine ,around $5000 - 6000

Автор stealhty1 ( назад)
the tuning of this engine sound like music 

Автор ProChoiceJesus ( назад)
Perhaps it would be a good idea for anyone who doesn't know much about
hand=propping an airplane...The method used in this video, standing behind
the prop, should NEVER be attempted by anyone who is not very experienced
in hand-propping! It could be very dangerous, even deadly. Please look up
the proper hand-propping method if you are inexperienced at hand-propping.
Not saying there's anything wrong in particular with this man and what he
did with his airplane, just that others should be wary.

Автор Rekozz ( назад)
How much is this plane? 

Автор Superdaddy Jake ( назад)
Great video, engine has a really nice note to it. 

Автор Roberto Zampatti ( назад)
Hello. I could tell what the full weight of the engine with the gearbox and
generator included. Thank you.

Автор SgtPickledic ( назад)
Nice aircraft, She purrs like a kitten..

Автор OzParkPilot ( назад)
Man that motor is smooth !!! Great job on the plane.

Автор 1pdigit ( назад)
my bmx has ths same wheels

Автор samodelkinify ( назад)
Пересмотрел еще раз, не "субару", у "субару" выхлоп с низу, а у этого
спереди. Извините. VW.

Автор samodelkinify ( назад)
Это "субару" опозитный, 4 цилиндра.

Автор Scrapheap71 ( назад)
Do the BMW motorcycle boxer engines make the weight limit too??

Автор Dimitri Del Corral ( назад)
sweet sound of the engine, very smooth! no bump or miss....

Автор fizzguts ( назад)
Thanks for sharing. Makes me smile everyting I watch this video

Автор Atom Quark ( назад)
@capitanosman Yes, just attach a prop to the crankshaft.

Автор FPVandotherprojects (1903 года назад)
@Migueldeservantes It is a gasoline engine with spark plugs. The clicking
sound is the "impulse" on the magneto. 

Автор clockguy2 ( назад)
Sharp looking little plane!

Автор thejetdrvr ( назад)
Sweet build! 

Автор ber pow ( назад)
Jeez i love that little plane .could be taken for a TIME MACHINE lol great
good luck.

Автор Migueldeservantes (131 год назад)
Diesel? the sound at the start make me think about it! and I didn't see any
spark plug wires! 

Автор brofun ( назад)
sweet looking plane..how much horspower does a half vw engine produce? 

Автор RenaatClassic ( назад)
@FPVandotherprojects Thanks for your info. How much HP does this engine
have? I have about 28hp at 3500 rpm. This is what it looks like:
i42.tinypic. c o m/64f4i0. jpg

Автор FPVandotherprojects ( назад)
@iRenaatsouvagie I'm not sure what prop that airplane uses but I'm building
the same type of airplane and I'm using a 54x20 "Tennessee" brand prop

Автор FPVandotherprojects ( назад)
@battisa for an "ultralight" (that we can fly without a license) here in
the usa we are limited to 254 pounds empty weight and a full VW would put
us over the weight limit. 

Автор cab ( назад)
why half engine?

Автор RenaatClassic ( назад)
What brand and type of propeller are you using please?

Автор FPVandotherprojects ( назад)
@RCFoam the red plane in the beginning is a quad cities challenger, I know
that, don't remember what the white plane at the end was though...

Автор RCFoam ( назад)
Hi sir, lovely plane, but at the end of this video, what plane stands in
the background? Looks like my secret (get away from wife one day) project
in my workshop...

Автор FPVandotherprojects ( назад)
@pradeepknsiva There is a "double eagle" airplane by the same designer.
That is a LSA category design, but takes a full VW and can carry a

Автор Pradeep Kumar ( назад)
is ti possible to fix a 4 cylinder VW engine??

Автор scott johnson ( назад)
@biminibob1 I got the spinner from LEAF (Leading edge airfoils) The bolt
pattern was wrong for my prop hub so I had to drill for my pattern. I think
it was originaly for a rotax engine.

Автор scott johnson ( назад)
You are close on the carbs. They are VM-28-200 Mikuni carbs. I bought them
on line through e-bay. Don't remember where though. They came with # 200
main jets and after testing and tuning went with # 170 main jets. Scott J

Автор FPVandotherprojects ( назад)
@cornfieldflyer Those are generic Mikuni motorcycle / snowmobile
carburetors, I believe about 34 mm. I just did a google search and it looks
like "bikebandit" has good prices on them. There are yahoo groups for these
airplanes and 1/2 VW builders. A quick search of archives should get you
started with jet sizes. He made the 2 into one system himself, if I recall
he said it has parts of a ford 8n tractor and other parts he made all that
out of. 

Автор Tony Sweet ( назад)
I love the muffler and carbs. I fly behind a 1/2 vw. Please give me some
pointers on where to get this parts. I bet HP went up with two carbs. It
sure does sound good. I like the muffled sound and I am going this route

Автор FPVandotherprojects ( назад)
@mmichaeldonavon That is a Legal Eagle, the one place Part 103 ultralight.
I'm building a Legal Eagle XL but I think that is the original design Legal
Eagle. If built exactly to plans they will be a few pounds under the 254
pound limit. 

Автор Michael Donavon ( назад)
Is that a Legal Eagle, or a Double Eagle? If a Legal Eagle, how close to
the FAA Part 103 254 lbs does it approach? Very nice looking flying

Автор FPVandotherprojects ( назад)
@underbird Thanks! Got my first load of spruce today! have a prototype rib
built, just like building a RC plane, although bigger! And instead of
weeks, it takes years I suppose. 

Автор underbird ( назад)
nice looking plane. You are certainly living in the right area for putting
together a homebuilt

Автор windsock777 ( назад)

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