Giant Mystery Unboxing...


Nissan gave me the opportunity to check out the 2017 Nissan Rogue: Rogue One Star Wars Limited Edition. This Limited Edition model is 1/5400.

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*This video is sponsored by Nissan.

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Автор Unbox Therapy ( назад)

Автор xW0kN0odles ( назад)
definitely not sponsered by nissan

Автор RaidingBadger ( назад)
(almost) Every FUCKING comment is either "MAI ADDBLOKK IZNTT WRKING" or "DIS IZ JUZT ANN ADD". Fuck off.

Автор AnasPlazeGameZ ( назад)
Cannot even afford the keychain

Автор Tirk Thai ( назад)
only use to see him unboxing from the table still smh seeing him from you to head now ahhhhhhh haaa lol

Автор Robert Oli Runarsson 8B Hobro Søndre Skole ( назад)
now put a Subwoofer in that bitch and go to town

Автор wolfgang gates ( назад)
How many people did not car that the car was a limited addition "Star Wars".

Автор Trevor Phillips ( назад)
for those of you wondering you can buy those exact keychains at Hot Topic for $8

Автор D.J SAM ( назад)
Love To See
That's a great u got

Автор Travis Biro ( назад)
as the biggest star wars nerd Im so jealous.

Автор Travis Biro ( назад)
the secant he opined the first box I new what it was.

Автор HeyItsEvan ( назад)
<) )
| |

Автор Black Estella ( назад)
this are awesome

Автор Black Banana ( назад)
I wish I have this car.🤑🤑🤑🤑

Автор Bryce 930 ( назад)
I thought it was gonna be a gtr

Автор HELLO Banana 123 ( назад)
Man this is so rad for Star Wars fans like me

Автор Pita Leon ( назад)
Awesome car!!

Автор fadzilah minhaj ( назад)
what the rich !!!

Автор Georgi Lazarov ( назад)
wow, this was big!

Автор Anonymous Plutocrat ( назад)
whats the name of your tracks

Автор Ali Khan ( назад)
please tell me buget 200 $ best cemra and best battery

Автор pray4jpitts 8 ( назад)
give it away

Автор Joseph Gardner ( назад)
did you get to keep the car?

Автор DriftyRifty333 ( назад)
Who else got a Nissan ad before this video?

Автор DriftyRifty333 ( назад)
So now Unbox Therapy is doing car ads?

Автор briansivley2001 ( назад)
I want it I want it I want it I want it😀😉😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀. I'm a huge fan of Star Wars and having something like this would be a dream come true😆😆😆😆😆. Even though I don't have a license or learned how to drive (BTW I want to learn how to drive but I have learning disabilities and I'm obese so I need some suggestions for affordable driving schools around Chicago Area so I can learn how to drive and get my license to drive.) but it doesn't mean I can't dream about having it😉😉😉. But this is so cool.

Автор Let's Smash It ( назад)

Автор The firsts Playasas ( назад)
DID YOU SAY THANK YOU OMG sorry but that is the best car I've ever seen no I don't like Star Wars but my cousin love Star Wars and I'm nine so I can't drive BUT JUST ITS so awesome any bye

Автор curtislee ( назад)
Who gave you the car
It costs billions!if you don't break the car and sell it a few months later
U can sell it for millions ,!,,,,,,,,,,,!!!!!

Автор JeffLemon ( назад)

Автор harambe h ( назад)
Help me get rid of this publicity channel disguised as a review channel. https://www.change.org/p/youtube-ban-unbox-therapy-a-massive-clickbait-channel-from-youtube

Автор bv3 ga ( назад)

Автор Devon Phipps ( назад)
Do you get to keep the car

Автор Dylan R.C ( назад)
needs tinted windows

Автор TheChubbyPikachu ( назад)

Автор GrafiVlog ( назад)
Is incredible..

Автор Adam Palmer ( назад)

Автор shehab elsaeidy ( назад)
that's a huge box

Автор Sean Kelson ( назад)
Could I have one of your key chains

Автор dudeson 666 ( назад)
nord mobil hehe

Автор Daniel Widjaja ( назад)
Giant Mystery Unboxing Alien Technology.. very strange!! beware its danger!!!

Автор Chase Logue ( назад)
this is the reason why I unsubscribed

Автор Ty Vasquez ( назад)
I though YouTube red meant no adds

Автор Young Cheong ( назад)
yeah basically he was paid to advertise the car. Certainly not worth the extra cost for this Rogue simply for some helmet or a limited number somewhere on the car.

Автор Harnoor Singh ( назад)
wow 😮😮😮😮😮

Автор Nikos Droutsas ( назад)
Nissan is the best you are so lucky!!!

Автор TheWubBubble ( назад)
what's the name of the song that start at 1:38 ??

Автор Ameerun Nessa ( назад)
the box that came with it reminds me of Rihanna's music video

Автор Sean Mcphail ( назад)
New Dodge Charger in white looks most like a storm trooper

Автор Max Lyall ( назад)
is that jack at 4:42?

Автор Chad Porter ( назад)
Mmmmm look at that steamy pollution. If only it could summon :(

Автор Michael BigBotz ( назад)
They should have used Vader's voice instead of that girl. It would've been the beez neez!

Автор MrB18 ( назад)
No homo but I really dig your beard style. Mine is in need of a trim, do you do yours yourself? You should unbox a new trimmer and show us how you get your beard like that

Автор Endergo YT ( назад)
You could just go to west coast customs and upgrade your suv to those colours like legit.

Автор Lucena ( назад)
What a beautiful car..

Автор nick smith ( назад)
I wished I had that car but I'm 15 😞😑😒😔😖😢😭😭

Автор Clone Trooper 99 ( назад)

Автор Mister Unboxer 444 ( назад)
Watch inbox videos in my channel

Автор Greg Hansen ( назад)
Link to the song if anyone's interested https://m.soundcloud.com/dj_immex/immex-its-all-connected-smooth-boom-bap-instrumental

Автор Laugh With Us ( назад)
okay just shut your fucking mouth okay just relaxe we are going to buy it

Автор Yash Gupta ( назад)
4:49 Calvin Harris vibes.

Автор Ilir Sejdiu ( назад)
Fucking star wars is so creepy and childish i will never watch it

Автор Anderson Aquino ( назад)
Did Nissan really give you this car? Or it's only to show the car's brand? (Just a question)

Автор BledderGaming [BG] ( назад)

Автор León Coretz ( назад)
So did they use real Duck Tape on the giant present box or what? I gotta know.

Автор Benjamin Shaffar ( назад)
is it yours?

Автор donn4540 donn4540 ( назад)
Yeeee booiii

Автор Aman Pareek ( назад)
Very nice channel

Автор the prince of fresh air ( назад)
if you want to see "jack" pause it at 4:44

Автор Big John ( назад)
The car is a beast

Автор roberto Jorge solis conzales ( назад)
that car is not yours right i mean for one ultimate bad ass car

Автор George Karelis ( назад)
A want this present too

Автор Costeler ( назад)

Автор DJVIDEOS ( назад)
just take a second.... its a nissan giant mistery unboxing... and he doesnt know what to expect... when the box is "thaaat" bigger? -.-

Автор Game bee's ( назад)
car name?

Автор Jann ( назад)
when i saw the box i knew it was a car and if i saw helmet from back it sayd nissan so i also knew what car it was gonna be

Автор arya joy ( назад)
nxt level unboxxxxxx....! 😱

Автор Pokemon ash pikachu Rider Nagano ( назад)

Автор Derp Wizard ( назад)
Lol, I thought it would be a car xD

Автор Z3R0CON ( назад)
Who else here has a rouge but wants this one badly?

Автор RYAN 101 ( назад)
nice music system LOL

Автор Shaheb Uddin ( назад)
sad none of these are in the uk

Автор Dylan Orellana ( назад)
Do you get to keep everything you unbox?

Автор Sketch Out Loud ( назад)
Is it weird I'd be more excited about the helmet😂😂

Автор Brian Whittle ( назад)
wow.... way to go guys... and you got to do a quick review ??? sweet

Автор edinstube ( назад)
Hi, i would really like to know about the glasses youre wearin.. what brand are those?

Автор Stephano 024 ( назад)
A Nissan with a few star wars badges on it? No thanks. However that helmet tho...

Автор Vishal Verma ( назад)
It makes me realize how poor I am

Автор jaiwant raghav ( назад)
that's a nisson

Автор PhantomGaming ( назад)
Seizure Hall...

Автор SREE GIRI S ( назад)
I love star wars

Автор iPoop ( назад)
So did Nissan actually give him this car, or is he only supposed to promote it?

Автор Anthony Peterson ( назад)
do you now own this car?

Автор BOUNMY SOMBATH ( назад)
Unbox Therapy, my brother is Autistic and is a real die hard fan of Star Wars and i think he will love this car if my parents or myself would drive this new Nissan vehicle that is in this video.

Автор Frank Xia ( назад)
throwback to when Lewis actually cared about his videos and not just the money

Автор wan drew ( назад)
Do u get to keep it?

Автор Denil Silva ( назад)
wow congratulations

Автор Tidgy ( назад)
Normally I don't like nissan cos they're shit, but cos it's a Star Wars one I love it.

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