Giant Mystery Unboxing...


Nissan gave me the opportunity to check out the 2017 Nissan Rogue: Rogue One Star Wars Limited Edition. This Limited Edition model is 1/5400.

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*This video is sponsored by Nissan.

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Автор Unbox Therapy ( назад)

Автор S Suhail ( назад)
Do you really get to keep all these stuff or you have to return them after you release your video?

Автор Alex 5.0 ( назад)
Likited edition with cloth seat ,not leather

Автор King Bobby The 2nd ( назад)
why did you bring a knife there?

Автор nando gamer 64 ( назад)

Автор Butt Cheeks ( назад)
I thought they just called it rogue for fun I didn't know it was connected with Star Wars and had Star Wars logos on it

Автор Jim Kallimanis ( назад)
it seriously wasn't a GT-R?

im dissapointed

Автор Dhananjaya Udupa ( назад)
its a car

Автор the Skull King hp ( назад)

Автор The Creative Cats ( назад)
I love the car, though, it's so....Star Wars....GIMME THOSE KEYCHAINS!!

Автор The Creative Cats ( назад)
It's obviously a freaking new car, it has Nissan on the box. BRUH

Автор Brocken knuckle productions 465 ( назад)
Awesome vid

Автор Ivelisse Soriano ( назад)
i didnt ser no ad

Автор E.E.L ( назад)
is that car yours

Автор Luna Sunshine ( назад)
Not a Storm Trooper, its gonna miss the stop sign!!! Get it because storm troopers miss every shot?

Автор Stasieg ( назад)
Why when i skip the ad, video ends?

Автор Technical Emoji ( назад)
Hey dude listen, can we exchange lives?

Автор Trevor Phillips ( назад)
Enjoying the life eh? I am positive people would kill for this, and this guy is standing here making even more money..

Автор Rahul Shetty ( назад)
how did u get it....!

Автор Technical NaBeEn ( назад)
how you get this gift

Автор Dyami Finley ( назад)
Do u get to keep the stuff they send you?

Автор Jeronimo Jimenez ( назад)
do you get to keep these things?

Автор Tomas Torterola ( назад)
Omg love star wars

Автор Mf P ( назад)
You get a car that easy

Автор Godskid Kobby ( назад)
that's a nice ride

Автор Alexandru Toma ( назад)
this is my dad car lol

Автор anonymous 616 ( назад)
its yo mama inside da box

Автор jose alberto gomez mena ( назад)
what are the songs when he turned on the stereo

Автор Tazyizan ( назад)
They made a car for the worst movie ever made

Автор Jack Lovell ( назад)
as if its not a gtr

Автор Daniel ( назад)
I love how from 4:26 he just goes with the rhythm of the song. 😂

Автор Lubetube ( назад)
Watched a couple of your videos in the last few days....could not get one simple thing.....who the duck is jack????!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Atlas naven ( назад)
storm trooper car
safest car in the world, it will never hit anything

Автор Viper ( назад)
Did The Car Drive on it's Own?

Автор Crazy Arabian ( назад)
i found "jack" 4:44 look at the reflection!

Автор Mohamed Bulbul ( назад)
I think that's his favorite music and the music is really creepy

Автор Dr Lucky 13 ( назад)
music at 1:38 pls

Автор Brandon Ware ( назад)

Автор bigsimbou ( назад)
it's going to junkyard one day or another because nissan

Автор Unbox Studio ( назад)
Subscribe t0 our channel!!!!!

Автор Padayogdog_123 Vernice ( назад)
I am so jealousssss

Автор CleanCleanPeace CleanCleanPeace ( назад)

Автор DarknoorX ( назад)
Clearly he is pretending to like it.

Автор sawan oberai ( назад)
I knew it was a car when I saw the Nissan logo printed all over it

Автор haryanvi new song ( назад)
you really win a car on you tube

Автор Jake Wallace ( назад)
a lot of you are giving hate because he's unboxing stuff sent to him for promotion, but why is that a bad thing we still get to enjoy an unboxing video and he gets to save money. your not fans if you complain over silly stuff

Автор Jaime T Rubio III ( назад)
it's clearly said in the description this video is sponsored by Nissan!!!

Автор Tyler ( назад)
Anyone else get that unskippable 6 minute ad?

Автор Tony MaverickTM ( назад)
Lew is cruising Star War's style, Im cruising Han's style... Solo...

Автор New Life Trucking ( назад)
you should've played this flip in there https://soundcloud.com/mr-exclusive-10/intergalactic-war

Автор srirangaraj nc ( назад)
The car is for you to keep? Or do you need to give it back??

Автор Jan R ( назад)
bro im pretty sure i saw someone in the car when driving it out no way that was auto pilot

Автор jort93z ( назад)
wtf? xD. starwars edition. but i already see a few people buying the starwars edition

Автор Karolis Zebrauskas ( назад)
just what i though a car

Автор Matthew Davis ( назад)
ugly piece of shit car that's probably overpriced

Автор Yeti Nation ( назад)
Why does he have a knife on hand 😳

Автор erik james ( назад)

Автор Michael the Guitar Magician ( назад)
the music at 1:40. anyone knows it?

Автор Mahesh Bandara Wijerathna ( назад)
This is where people come to intentionally watch commercials..

Автор Hajde Soap ( назад)
nice video...love that car <3 ...but what song was that which you played in the car? i like it :D
Btw...sorry for my english :(

Автор Jese R ( назад)
I love Nissan!!! They have the best speakers

Автор Aymen Malik ( назад)
All your music is shitty

Автор partha sikder ( назад)
there is a clear difference between Unboxing and Advertising..., please don't mix them up. or you will loose your Audience..., people are not Fools.....

Автор Hassan Melhem ( назад)
Its seems more like a publicity for Nissan

Автор Kaylynn Allen ( назад)
I love Star Wars you are so lucky Me not have the richest family

Автор Paola Rivera Soto ( назад)

Автор Darth Maul ( назад)
You should have played Star Wars music

Автор Pieter Kalkman ( назад)
i live in europe

Автор 🎃Chirovitrieri🎃 ( назад)
Shiiit. Gonna get bourgeois up in here! xD

Автор ModByCarlos ( назад)
what do you dont like grow some balls

Автор MrThunderweird ( назад)
did he keep the car?

Автор devin finnerty ( назад)
being limited edition should be full leather, big touchscreen, touch to fold seats, not that great for price.

Автор LorenzPlays Roblox and more ( назад)
is that your car

Автор Señor B ( назад)
No diesel no party (& emissions)

Автор takouriverlodge ( назад)
all of your videos have been great until a ad virus hacked your youtube acount

Автор somto onoh ( назад)
What's the name of the beats in this video?

Автор Butter Bark ( назад)
Does he get the keep the things he is sent?

Автор Tyler Durden ( назад)
I hope it's an elephant 🐘

Автор Paintball SKILLZ ( назад)
Staged much

Автор Parth Patel ( назад)

Автор braxton smith ( назад)
Did you get to keep the car? Or did they send it to you strictly for Unbox Therapy then come get it afterwards?

Автор A- Series ( назад)

Автор Muhammad Umar248 ( назад)
but how much it cost?

Автор Muhammad Umar248 ( назад)
it is limited right?

Автор Ais A ( назад)
so.. does he get to keep it?

Автор Jared Danley ( назад)
was there just a guy sitting in that car waiting for lew 😂

Автор Soap ( назад)
he needs ads to make money, so stfu

Автор Arnolo ( назад)
What model is that x trail?

Автор Gamer gorilla rip harambe Don't forget ( назад)
I'm so mad I got some 5:57 minute ad on some Nisan car with star wars stuff and i couldn't skip it

Автор James Melgar ( назад)
seriously? a car? inside a box? next time please unbox a fuckin house

Автор Zach Moscatello ( назад)
Wow he sucks at acting

Автор Lliam Moore ( назад)
what about the engine bay......what size engine ....for all we know it's a 4 cylinder 1 litre

Автор StefanGamerHD ( назад)
at 4:44 you can see jack in the reflection

Автор Miriam Gonczarska ( назад)
yes, even if it is a form of advertisement - so what - most ethical one. He presents unusual products, I am here to learn about what's out there. Done in a nice, more persnalized way. I hope it is the future of good advertising. It doesn't repeating itself, it's not invasive. Guy test the products - talks about downsides too (not so much this case, but I would love it too - sounds like an amazing car for decent price)...

Автор Stephen Tillman ( назад)
Gets the rare keychain...rips it open.

Автор The gaming garcia ( назад)

Автор Sarang Solangi ( назад)
what you do and why YouTube's give you things and plz give me answers

Автор PRIYANSHU KUMAR ( назад)
will he get to keep the car?

Автор Luis Rodriguez ( назад)
When the glass to the new studio is so clean, you can barely make out the reflection of Jack...

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