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Language Is a Window into the Mind
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Psychologist Steven Pinker studies the interface between language and human computation, which he argues is the key to understanding human nature....


Автор josefvickers (25 дней)
Bono is such a fucking cunt.

Автор Arif Williams (18 дней)

Автор Marina Bakilin (28 дней)

Автор Craig Browning (4 месяца)
HR 3687 left out "Tits."

Автор Lorna Salgado (1 год)
//The Language of Swearing

This is hilarious and interesting at the same time :)
*Steven Pinker Explains the Neuroscience of Swearing (NSFW)*

*Steven Pinker is an experimental psychologist and one of the world’s
foremost writers on language, mind, and human nature. Currently at Harvard,
Pinker has also taught at Stanford and MIT, and his research on visual
cognition and the psychology of language has won prizes from the National
Academy of Sciences, the Royal Institution of Great Britain, the Cognitive
Neuroscience Society, and the American Psychological Association.*

Part 2 http://youtu.be/yyNmGHpL11Q_

via http://www.openculture.com/

#neuroscience #language #swearing 

Автор Nick Smith (2 года)

This post is by way of (sheepish) prelude to the post that follows, for
those of you with a sensitive disposition, prone to taking offence.

I’m an all or nothing man with regard to profanity… and never touch the
ground in-between. It turns me off when people swear every other sentence,
as if it was a normal part of everyday language. Better, I feel, to save it
for those special occasions when you can add a bit of passion and juiciness
to the conversation. If you are going to do it then for f**k sake do it
with feeling, with meaning and a sprinkling of gusto. ;)

Hat tip: +Landis Loftin for the link

Автор Victoria Chapman (1 год)
Stolen from the recent +InCommn email. The Psychology and Language of
Swearing. F***ing fun!! ;-)

Автор Emman Dacpano (1 год)
Taboo words activate brain areas related to associated with negative
- right hemisphere
- basal ganglia
- amygdala

Автор Wayne Radinsky (2 года)
Steven Pinker on swearing.

Part 1 is below, part 2 is here: Steven Pinker - The Language of Swearing

Автор Daniel Young (1 год)
Pinker is always awesome. But this is FUNNY.

Автор don wallace (1 год)
The cognitive neuroscience of swearing. (beep)! this (beep) (beep) is
(beep) good and so (beep) interesting, that its the best (beep) way to get
(beep) (beep) interested in neuro(beep)science.

Автор Youssef Alaoui (2 года)
Effing brilliant !!

Автор Xavier Villalba (7 месяцев)
That's one of the most brilliant examples of funny knowledge.

Автор Jerzy Kaltenberg (11 месяцев)
Steve Pinker on fuckpatois.

part 2 Steven Pinker - The Language of Swearing (2/2)

Автор christo930 (3 года)
@christo930 Pretty much any research can be justified, especially to
increase knowledge about man and how our brains work, but the bigger
questions should be answered first and there are ethical questions about
who should pay for it. Universities are able to run huge research programs
because the gov allows kids to bid up the cost of education when technology
and economies of scale should be driving the cost DOWN!

Автор DrFruedienslip (1 год)
Its not the brain' its the mind conditioned by the means,

Автор Iznaga1420 (2 года)
@tomsega Your reasoning is fuck.

Автор darkmiles22 (2 года)
@TheSuperFungus I would think it is partly a coping mechanism, an attempt
to claim a power or right that is denied to outsiders. Self-derision can
produce a wry humor and a camaraderie among a group that shares the trait.
I suspect "nigger" is also often intended to provoke negative emotion as a
means of pumping people up into a bloodlust, making the audience feel
powerful emotions that breach habitual politeness and alerting the audience
to impending violence.

Автор EpigeneticEngineer (3 года)
@christo930 I'm sorry, but you are not correct. Universities do not fund
this kind of research. In fact, universities fund virtually no research.
Research money comes primarily from government sources unconnected to the
university or private philanthropic agencies that dole out money for
research. The only research paid for by universities is when a new faculty
member is hired and receives "st

Автор Teresa Fawkes (3 года)
@cnestudy1 This from someone who posts comments like "white girls are
bitches." LOL

Автор christo930 (3 года)
@christo930 Pretty much any research can be justified, especially to
increase knowledge about man and how our brains work, but the bigger
questions should be answered first and there are ethical questions about
who should pay for it. Universities are able to run huge research programs
because the gov allows kids to bid up the cost of education when technology
and economies of scale should be driving the cost DOWN!

Автор DoneWithDogma (1 год)
"Christopher Hitchens had no linguistically merits" oh the fucking irony.

Автор PsychologyReaders (2 года)
Very intelligent man!

Автор i2v2s (2 года)
To understand human behavior people must read Verbal Behavior and other
scientific documents of B.F. Skinner and avoid superstitious nonsense added
to the observations Pinker makes.

Автор TheEthanwashere (1 год)
Again all this does is confirmed what I was saying, it's idiotic notions of
purity and disgust which lead to those feelings... Idiotic cultural
conservatives. None of these evoke negative emotions in me

Автор NavinJohnson90 (4 года)
Aaaaaaggghhhhh stopppp my head is gonna explode!!!!!

Автор kionay (4 года)
yes well we all remember that and how as mother fucker is a derivitave of
fuck, it is condemed to be off THAT particular list however their exclusion
of the adverb is pretty funny in and of itself

Автор Iggy Hazard (3 года)
There's a way around that eye-word trick. Unfocus your eyes and concentrate
only on color.

Автор Iggy Hazard (3 года)
@fairiebee That's funny! XD Some things are universal.

Автор deathlogic1 (2 года)
i am a fan of swearing for the simply reason that we as people give means
to the words we use. that brings me to the question, why are there taboo
words? what make them taboo the first place? over time, the meaning of
words changes and as we use "taboo" words, they become desensitized and
deluded, giving it a different meaning all together.

Автор Armuotas (6 месяцев)
Here's an observation: I can swear quite easily in English around other
people that understand English. I don't feel any discomfort or shame.
However, I have a slight hesitation when I want to use "bad" words from my
past (mostly Russian) even though people might not even understand them. My
guess is that word is "bad" ONLY if you believe it is bad and enforce it.
That belief comes from education, experience, orders.

Автор ronaldonacid (4 года)
Fuck anyone who doesn't like the way I talk.

Автор totallyspies1000 (5 лет)
In many cultures, swearing consists of insults to one's mother, and charges
that she is unchaste and that you are not really your father's child.

Автор Gilmaris (4 года)
What does that mean, anyway, "by inserting '(a)' before 'Whoever'"? Some
sort of legal language I'm not familiar with?

Автор christo930 (3 года)
@newcoyote This isn't about any of that, it's about why humans curse. Not
to mention that no student would voluntarily support this research with
their tuition dollars. Kids are graduating from college many 10's of
thousands of dollars in debt to support this shit.

Автор MomSaysImCool (2 года)

Автор Anti-Meta Man (1 год)

Автор christo930 (3 года)
@newcoyote This research is made possible only by the gov co-signing
student loans. I am far more concerned with students graduating from school
with a mortgage (and no house) to finance research that someone else ought
to be paying for. My nephew (for example) is paying 25k a year to attend a
state college and sits in lecture halls with 700 other students and is
going to graduate with 100k worth of debt to finance this stuff. If it's
important enough, they can get other funding sources.

Автор epicchessisepicfail (2 года)
X_Magneto is a stupid faggot. He sucks KC's and passwurdz balls.

Автор grooviant (4 года)
At 1:30, it gets eerily similar to Carlin's 7 words, although you can say
'prick' on TV, as well as 'suck'. Can pricksucker be far behind?

Автор Thrashaero (4 года)
@NavinJohnson90 No shit. those mother fuckers. I can understand being
annoyed by it after a fuckin while, though. But when people just say fuck
or shit and others freak out like it's personally offensive, I say to them,
shut the fuck up and cry me a fucking river, pussy. I also find it funny
that the right-winger douchebag's biggest defense is if he ever catches you
swearing. Then he tries to derail the focus on his bullshit and whine about
your decency.

Автор Teresa Fawkes (3 года)
@cnestudy1 So if college professors discuss why people use bad language,
and examine specific bad words, they are racists. But if you call everyone
within a certain race and gender a bad name, it's because you are awesome?
Wow. Good luck with life, you're going to need it.

Автор CamdenBloke (4 года)
Both spellings are correct.

Автор Zachary Rose (2 года)
Pinker is a genius. He has so much knowledge to share it's incredible.

Автор beforeiknow (3 года)
cool, so that's Harvard!

Автор Cape noctem (5 лет)
Lol at 2.08, that's class. I heard it before, saw him give a version of
this speech before. Though he never shows it, I sometimes wonder if Pinker
gets bored giving these talks and would prefer to spend his time writing.

Автор SuperDynamic CookingTime (1 год)
Bloody....? It has not been a Swear/Taboo word in Australia for a very long
time...and since when is Snot a negative word?

Автор notJoeKing1776 (1 год)
*You're* missing the sarcasm...

Автор Christheatheist1 (3 года)
Pinker is fucking brilliant!

Автор stumpdawg251 (1 год)
Wow, it hurts me to see this ignorance, but I accept that it is rampant and
text does not always translate the intent of the writer, therefore we will
never be totally free from these misunderstandings. That was a spoof of
your last sentence, in case you do not understand those either.

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