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The EBow or ebow (brand name for "Electronic Bow" or Energy Bow) (often spelled E-bow in common usage)[1] is a hand-held, battery-powered electronic device for playing the electric guitar, invented by Greg Heet in 1969. Instead of having the strings hit by the fingers or a pick, they are moved by the electromagnetic field created by the device, producing a sound reminiscent of using a bow on the strings.[2]

The EBow is used to produce a variety of sounds not usually playable on an electric guitar. By varying the EBow's linear position on the string, the user can produce different string overtones, and also fade in and out by lowering and raising the EBow. Furthermore, starting with the current generation of EBow (PlusEBow, the 4th edition EBow), the user also gains an additional mode known as harmonic mode, which produces a higher harmonic sound instead of the fundamental note.

A many different artists have used the EBow in a wide variety of musical styles. An early pioneer of EBow playing was Max Sunyer, who used it in a 1978 live album "Iceberg en directe", recorded and released in Spain Picap. It was used later on by Bill Nelson, who introduced it to Stuart Adamson of The Skids. Adamson went on to use it heavily with Big Country, and it formed an integral part of their well-known "bagpipe sound". Jimmy Page used an E-bow in the songs "In the Evening" and "Carouselambra" on the Led Zeppelin 1979 album "In Through the Out Door", to create a "droning" effect. Contemporary Christian performer Phil Keaggy is also a prolific user of the EBow, more notably in his 1979 instrumental release The Master & The Musician, which features many different sounds created with the EBow. More recently, it has been used by U2 in the song "With or Without You" on the Zoo TV Tour. The EBow is frequently used by Radiohead guitarist Ed O'Brien in live performances of songs such as All I Need. It has also been used on Opeth's 2001 album Blackwater Park, in order to create ambient background melodies.

Besides its appearance in Rock and Jazz music, the E-Bow also made its way in the domain of contemporary art music, being used by John Cage in his harp piece A Postcard from Heaven (1982), Karlheinz Essl in Sequitur VIII (2008) for electric guitar and live-electronics, Elliott Sharp on SFERICS (1996), Arnold Dreyblatt in E-Bow Blues (released 1998) and David First in A Bet on Transcendence Favors the House (2008).

While the EBow is not normally used with the electric bass guitar, which has heavier strings, Michael Manring (who uses light bass strings) has persevered, and it features heavily on his 1995 album Thönk. He has even been known to use two at once.

Although the EBow is most commonly played on the electric guitar because of the ease of use and the responsiveness obtainable from the pickup, it has also been used in applications with the steel-string acoustic guitar. For example, Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour used one on his Gibson J-200 acoustic in the 1994 song Take It Back to great effect. Generally an acoustic guitar gives a limited response for varying reasons, including the density and spacing of the guitar strings. But despite these limitations, using an EBow on an acoustic guitar gives a rich, flute and clarinet-like tone with a slow-swelling response.

Furthermore, an EBow can also be utilised on a grand piano (with depressed sustain pedal) in order to create sustained sinusoidal sounds as it was used by Olga Neuwirth in Hooloomooloo (1997) [3] and Karlheinz Essl in Sequitur XIII (2009) for extended piano and live-electronics. [4]

Queen guitarist, Brian May, used the EBow to mimic the sound of a complete Dixieland band, in the song Good Company, from the album A Night at the Opera. That was probably one of the first uses of the EBow in a recording.

R.E.M. used the EBow in the song E-Bow The Letter, form their album New Adventures in Hi-Fi.

Andy Timmons uses the EBow extensively on the intro to his song, Beautiful, Strange. [5]

Zakk Wylde also uses the EBow for the song, Here for You from the Ozzy Osbourne album Black Rain.

Enter the Haggis guitarist Trevor Lewington employs the EBow in live performances, most notably in place of the cello from the studio recording of the song Broken Line. Russell Lissack, of Bloc Party fame, uses the EBow during live performances of the track 'Uniform'.

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Автор siddhartha verma ( назад)
I am surely gonna have JD tonight😉

Автор yukkun ( назад)
Forever sustain(^^)

Автор michaelo1013 ( назад)
Nope, wrong. Jimmy Page used a Gizmotron for the intro to "In the
Evening," not an E-bow, although an E-bow through a flanger would have come
in handy when Zep toured in support of "In through the Out Door" briefly,
before John Bonham died. The Gizmotron was such a pain to use precisely,
they just substituted a weak snare drum solo through a wash of flangers for
the recorded intro and hoped nobody would much care.

Автор Maria Raquel O. Souza ( назад)
Lindooooo!... Parabéns Auro! Sucesso para vc! 

Автор whisperingaprayer vai ( назад)

Автор Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow ( назад)
Russian Circles-esque

Автор Gasa band ( назад)
or sis? xD well, nice video.

Автор Gasa band ( назад)
Beautiful demonstration, bro :) 

Автор faselblaDer3te ( назад)
Damn, I do need to get one of those =/ Playing guitar is going to make me
poor instead of rich...

Автор Marcelo Mythology ( назад)
Awesome.... The sound of the EBow plus the sensibility of Auro gave him
more than 60.000 views #GoMagazek! 

Автор troutshooter ( назад)
This is an amazing musical tool i don't understand why more people don't
put i to good use

Автор Auro Magazek ( назад)
I used Delay and Reverb ! :D Equips = Zoom g2E + Monster Cable + Cort Kx
Custom/Seymour Duncans :D

Автор SharpWalkers ( назад)
What other effects did you use?

Автор Anthony Mace ( назад)
Sounds awesome!!! This vid has made me want one!

Автор Plaswuff ( назад)
How'd you get the tone? My e-bow sounds like ass compared with that.

Автор Rachel Wehri ( назад)
You could make some amazing shoegaze music with one of those.

Автор Stefan Moreno (1812 года назад)
I'm horny.

Автор Auro Magazek ( назад)
So easy ! :) 

Автор Mr420rush ( назад)
Are these hard to use?

Автор Rachel Wehri ( назад)
God it sounds so amazing and beautiful! I want one soooo bad!

Автор Auro Magazek ( назад)
Ohhh ! sure! go ahead !

Автор scotticusnorvegicus ( назад)
Stuart Adamson of Skids/Big Country fame was a master of the e-bow.

Автор niasboiii ( назад)
nice tunes! you would suggest one for space rock?

Автор Evan D ( назад)
That guitar tone is AMAZING. I love the E-bow. I manipulate the hell out of
feedback with it.

Автор Auro Magazek ( назад)
@professorbastardizer + - 100 $

Автор FromTheseWounds ( назад)
@Suckedintooblivion It's very Pantheist-sounding, too. (Don't Mourn) :D

Автор FromTheseWounds ( назад)
This reminds me of Shape of Despair. Would be brilliant in my doom band! <3

Автор Marcelo Mythology ( назад)

Автор guitargeniusofficial ( назад)
Excelente uso do Ebow e bela melodia! 

Автор Bastian P ( назад)
Great sounding instrument..totally obsessed with it...its enchanting..

Автор Evan D ( назад)
I could make an ambient drone record with this thing. I'm buying it.

Автор Marek Serwiński ( назад)
hello I've got a question. When U put an Ebow to the strings can U play on
more than one string or is it work only for one of them. I mean if can I
for ex. play two notes on wto different strings right on the same time?
Sory for my english, but I can't say it better or simpler.

Автор Guitaristscreamer ( назад)
@newmagazek oh cool, do you think you could make a short vid just
demonstrating the ebow without any effects?

Автор Guitaristscreamer ( назад)
Im considering buying one but is it worth it? like how easy is it to use
and does it sound like that normally or did you have some reverb or

Автор Ragy Haddad ( назад)
nice prs 

Автор James Purcell ( назад)
@W11BO1 this or something by radiohead

Автор ZOMBIELANDakaUSA ( назад)
Thank buddha i found this video before going out and buying some overpriced
EXTRA pedals, friggin sweet!

Автор ThePennyProductions ( назад)
Nice playing! :D

Автор Maria Raquel O. Souza ( назад)
Adoro esse estilo musical... É muito relaxante!!!! ... Faz a gente voar...
Viajar... Até o céu!!!!!...Encantador!!! Siga em frente e muito sucesso!

Автор Negativerything ( назад)
is this reminding me of blade runner music? or am i mistaken? 

Автор Helter Skelter ( назад)
THIS is why people shouldnt hate U2 or Coldplay or Radiohead

Автор Jagstaldincola ( назад)
sounds like a agalloch intro!

Автор no941726 ( назад)
@tommydisimone Klamka też spoko.

Автор Hagen McCombs ( назад)
I love it when TOOL uses this.

Автор tommydisimone ( назад)
Fajny włącznik światła 

Автор Andrea Portieri ( назад)
@W11BO1 You should also check Phil Keaggy Ebow

Автор Alex H ( назад)
I will get an E-Bow today, I'm really excited!

Автор Jake Downing ( назад)
This is the only video I think accurately portrays what this thing is
capable of

Автор Ag Za. ( назад)
I have a Cort...Good guitars :D

Автор punkbitch61 ( назад)
despite the shit talking, i think thats some cool ass shit

Автор Andrew Golden ( назад)

Автор urbancasbah ( назад)
well...if you want to create a sound like this you have just to use a
reverse delay....

Автор rotarydialz ( назад)

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