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'Airport Syndrome' EP by Vinyl Future available to buy from iTunes and other major digital download sites, use the following links:...
Armonía - Sustitución y Reemplazos de Acordes - Jesús Amaya
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Clase de armonía con reemplazos y sustituciones de acordes, con ejemplos de la vida cotidiana, en el aire de LV16 por Jesús Amaya, en el programa...
e bow taksim
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cenk erdogan,ebow,fretless guitar,perdesiz gitar,makam,turkish music
Phil Keaggy - "Off The Record" (On The Ph'lip Side)
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Phil Keaggy performing in his home studio from the DVD, Phil Keaggy - "On The Ph'lip Side.
Ravel Bolero on Ebow guitar - High Def

Просмотров: 30212
Since this song is Public Domain I created my own drum track (without the annoying snare drum) and played a "Short Attention Span" version of this...
eBow Pink Floyd Marooned - Boss GT-10 Improvisation & Live! Echo's
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An improvisation with ebow on Pink Floyd's, David Gilmours "Marooned". Drop me a mail if you want this patch for the GT-10. Sorry for the bad...


Автор whisperingaprayer vai (4 месяца)

Автор ThePennyProductions (2 года)
Nice playing! :D

Автор punkbitch61 (3 года)
despite the shit talking, i think thats some cool ass shit

Автор urbancasbah (3 года)
well...if you want to create a sound like this you have just to use a
reverse delay....

Автор Guitaristscreamer (2 года)
@newmagazek oh cool, do you think you could make a short vid just
demonstrating the ebow without any effects?

Автор James Purcell (2 года)
@W11BO1 this or something by radiohead

Автор ZOMBIELANDakaUSA (2 года)
Thank buddha i found this video before going out and buying some overpriced
EXTRA pedals, friggin sweet!

Автор Andrea Portieri (3 года)
@W11BO1 You should also check Phil Keaggy Ebow

Автор Auro Magazek (1 год)
So easy ! :)

Автор Negativerything (3 года)
is this reminding me of blade runner music? or am i mistaken?

Автор guitargeniusofficial (2 года)
Excelente uso do Ebow e bela melodia!

Автор niasboiii (2 года)
nice tunes! you would suggest one for space rock?

Автор professorbastardizer (2 года)
how much does it cost any idea?

Автор Auro Magazek (3 года)
@ryanspeed thanks man !!! /o/

Автор Auro Magazek (2 года)
@professorbastardizer + - 100 $

Автор tommydisimone (3 года)
Fajny włącznik światła

Автор Marcelo Mythology (1 год)
Awesome.... The sound of the EBow plus the sensibility of Auro gave him
more than 60.000 views #GoMagazek!

Автор Ag Za. (3 года)
I have a Cort...Good guitars :D

Автор Auro Magazek (1 год)
Ohhh ! sure! go ahead !

Автор Barbara Lee (2 года)
Curti demais... Realmente, dá vontade de meditar... ^.^

Автор Gasa band (11 месяцев)
Beautiful demonstration, bro :)

Автор Lilhaan (3 года)
mt féra*-*

Автор professorbastardizer (2 года)
shinedown used this thing but i wonder how much it will cost me to buy one?

Автор Evan Drane (2 года)
I could make an ambient drone record with this thing. I'm buying it.

Автор Ragy Haddad (2 года)
nice prs

Автор faselblaDer3te (1 год)
Damn, I do need to get one of those =/ Playing guitar is going to make me
poor instead of rich...

Автор Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow (7 месяцев)
Russian Circles-esque

Автор lanninha2 (4 года)
Nyaah mesmo tendo tirado o outro eu ainda sou a primeira a comentar :P Ta
massa korujo ^^

Автор Pirug8 (2 года)
hello I've got a question. When U put an Ebow to the strings can U play on
more than one string or is it work only for one of them. I mean if can I
for ex. play two notes on wto different strings right on the same time?
Sory for my english, but I can't say it better or simpler.

Автор theedgemike (3 года)
Haha, I'm wearing that exact same shirt now... Love this vid btw!

Автор Jagstaldincola (3 года)
sounds like a agalloch intro!

Автор Auro Magazek (3 года)
@theedgemike Awesome ! Thx man ! =D

Автор DemonInJerseyCity (3 года)
@urbancasbah wrong. reverse delay does not sound like that. I have a DL4.
There is nothing reverse about this guys playing.

Автор Auro Magazek (4 года)
Nhaa brigadaum Korujaaa ! Adoro seus comentarios ! *-* realmente sempre a
first a comentar =D

Автор Alexander Hedén (3 года)
I will get an E-Bow today, I'm really excited!

Автор LunarFeet (3 года)
Very fucking tasteful man, awesome. It caused an acid flashback or two.

Автор Suckedintooblivion (2 года)
This reminds me of Shape of Despair. Would be brilliant in my doom band! <3

Автор rotarydialz (4 года)

Автор Anthony Mace (1 год)
Sounds awesome!!! This vid has made me want one!

Автор Maria Raquel O. Souza (2 года)
Adoro esse estilo musical... É muito relaxante!!!! ... Faz a gente voar...
Viajar... Até o céu!!!!!...Encantador!!! Siga em frente e muito sucesso!

Автор Andrew Golden (3 года)

Автор troutshooter (1 год)
This is an amazing musical tool i don't understand why more people don't
put i to good use

Автор Auro Magazek (1 год)
I used Delay and Reverb ! :D Equips = Zoom g2E + Monster Cable + Cort Kx
Custom/Seymour Duncans :D

Автор Hagen McCombs (3 года)
I love it when TOOL uses this.

Автор no941726 (3 года)
@tommydisimone Klamka też spoko.

Автор BadgerSV650dotOrg (2 года)
Nice vid man

Автор Poonbot (3 года)
this + post-rockband = eargasm

Автор Evan Drane (2 года)
That guitar tone is AMAZING. I love the E-bow. I manipulate the hell out of
feedback with it.

Автор Rachel Wehri (1 год)
God it sounds so amazing and beautiful! I want one soooo bad!

Автор Auro Magazek (2 года)
@barbaracuri Muito obrigado Bah ! *-* =DDD

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