deadliest bull ever

i wouldnt go near this guy!

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Автор Red PRED ( назад)
I've met tuff headerman his wife bought my dads horse danaro

Автор Maria Ortega ( назад)
No way

Автор Cheops2112 ( назад)
Little cowboy dudes with even littler (sp) dicks trying to act all tough
and brave....give it a rest...this behavior has NO relevance in todays

Автор Them. Horse. Peoples ( назад)
Thats lane frost best friend lucky he didn't pass away as well # tuff

Автор Benny Hill ( назад)
What's the point of riding bulls anyway? I understand that cowboys have
their trade, and they are needed in the farms but c'mon, this is nonsense.
You can get your brain shattered trying to prove bullshit, the bull is

Автор kendra mkoj ( назад)
I hope someday these cows get revenge on these lowlife white trash disgrace
to be a person.

Автор cottonwood 359 ( назад)
Best bucking bull ever. From Red River county Texas

Автор Michael Roberts ( назад)
bull riding is one hell of a life the pay is good thoe if you score good
and hang on eight seconds

Автор MoXin ( назад)
What a beautiful animal...

Автор Luke ( назад)
What about bushwhacker

Автор Anita Ellen McGee ( назад)
He knew what he was doing a bull with brains

Автор josep1001001 ( назад)
that bull is an asshole kill it

Автор Andy Armstrong ( назад)
Sounds like a bunch of bitches....retire a bull because he's to
good.....that makes sense?

Автор Sam Cladwell ( назад)
Why hasn't bodacious gored any of those suckers to death before retirement
Well , i guess some other bull will do

Автор Tyler Paseka ( назад)
he is cool..

Автор shadow warrior ( назад)
i encounter this bull in 1995 i was in high school rodeo this size of this
bull was amazing but also made me nervous ..

Автор Jim Hiatt ( назад)
deadliest bull ever
Bodacious is a bull God

Автор Johnny Outlaw ( назад)
now that's a bread right bull right there bulls damn muscle build is insane

Автор tpsin713 ( назад)
The Only Bull to be retired on top. He perfected a head butt move that was
gonna get someone killed. Bushwacker not even close. Ask some who seen em
both. And has his own ballad 2.

Автор Joachim Sudergat ( назад)
A magnificent bull.
The finest I`ve seen in my life.

Автор Musa Digobo ( назад)
Tuff Bull...glad he handled his biznis an went out like a champ

Автор HaleyHobbies ( назад)
I don't get it, there looking for strong bull's, And kill it?

Автор Jutta Maier ( назад)
Great beast.

Автор mike voss ( назад)
I side for the bull way to go Bodacious!

Автор Bill Jamison ( назад)
This guy is tough but I think Bushwhacker was tougher.

Автор midairflyer ( назад)
wow. that was insane. dude wears a fuqing helmet and still gets
knockedthefuckout! is this bull still alive today? i got time and money. i
would love to visit this brute.......from a distance!!! LMFAO

Автор chercheurdor1944 ( назад)
It's not dangerous , with professional ! bad too young cowboy !

Автор Matt Yorek ( назад)
is coming out of retirement in 6 years because I'm gonna ride him

Автор Yer Baztard ( назад)
Bull riders MUST die!

Автор Brody Powell ( назад)
Anybody who talks shit about this sport is a joke, cause bulls we're around
a hell of a lot longer than your precious technology. This is blue collar

Автор Deanna Payne ( назад)
i meat vet

Автор Deanna Payne ( назад)
i dont now y people think the flank strap is on the bulls ball its not the
bull balls in between the hind legs not near the strap it's does not hurt
them the strap makes wanna like getting tickled would i own bucking bulls
nothing wrong with this activtiy bulls are'nt hurt go to a rodeo the bulls
are calm in the back in the chute their getting ready to buck they tuaght
like its a game and no they are not tased thats a rumor they are treated
very well any thing goes bad riders is in trouble and fined alot of money
the bulls are treated right away by the best vest their is

Автор nicholas barbosa ( назад)
history I ment

Автор nicholas barbosa ( назад)
why did they through out the bull just because hes the hardest bull in the
world doesnt mean u can through him out isn't is suppose to be hard

Автор Hawkin's Dog ( назад)
Good for you Bodacious!

Автор Behind the enemy's line ( назад)
yahh i hope he died :(

Автор Tap Dancing Crab Demon ( назад)
Titanium plates? holy shit talk about an upgrade

Автор Jass Nijjer ( назад)

Автор RatDaddy3 ( назад)
Yeah,I belived that,He was probally turned into a Barbecue and it was Gods
gift to knock those Bullriding assholes off.Way to go Bodacious.Bullriding
ashoulded be illegial,In fact all Rodeos shoulded be banned,cause our
Asshole neighbors don't belived in Animal Cruelty,Like Mexico,known as
thier Bullfightin arenas and Canada known as their Evil Seal Hunts and
other events.

Автор gavin russell ( назад)
they dont hurt the animals those animals are treated with respect and rodeo
is not animal cruelty if you think it is then your a greeny little bastard

Автор Joseph Stafford ( назад)
Honey badger I bet you woundent get your ass on one 

Автор 1bundy11 ( назад)
The bull was retired,not Tuff Hedeman

Автор ken lamar ( назад)
They speaking as if he is American Most Wanted, this is a bull, a animal,
who only answer to protecting itself. I don't understand "folks" why act
shocked, smh...

Автор reeceyburt ( назад)
Bull Shit

Автор fadethetrade ( назад)
Baddest of ALL TIME. No Bull came close.

Автор bronson2762 ( назад)
U get mostly all the bones broke in your eyes see how it feels not to good
buddy i bet there tougher than u

Автор Angilix ( назад)
They use a prod that generates 5000 volts of electricity before the bul is
let out. Rodeo is public animal crueltyand abuse.

Автор bdemaree ( назад)
My favorite videos are the ones where the bulls jump into the crowd and
injure the spectators. Those are the smart bulls that know to go straight
to the source. Without retarded hillbillies to watch, other retarded
hillbillies would probably stop breeding roided up retarded hillbilly
killing machines. HAHA stupid dead retarded hillbillies. Dead hillbillies
make me smile.

Автор Waterlec (1783 года назад)
@ 1:20..Is this idiot bragging or complaining ? Just shut up & take it like
a big boy. And next time, don't go to the hospital to get fixed either.

Seems obvious to me that bull doesn't want to be ridden,,.But " hey" if you
want to ride it...Whatever.

Автор Jayne Mansfield ( назад)
Rodeo's are the stupidest thing.

Автор TyNette Hillman ( назад)
I have wanted to be a bull rider since i saw 8 seconds and yeah i am a girl
but so what? Oh and i have been reading the comments and holy shit people
just calm down. it's not the end of the world.

Автор Chaz Tomberlin ( назад)
i firmly think lane frost would have rod em for 8 second if not longer! RIP
Lane Frost

Автор Tyler Poling ( назад)
it is just part of the f***ing game i lost a cousin due to bull riding but
tht is how he said he wanted to go 

Автор EyesOpen55 ( назад)
So basically these hard asses retired the bull because it was a challenge?

I think I'm starting to see this sport for what it is, bullying.

Автор Charles Beckwith ( назад)
These bulls are treated like kings. Fed well, they are pampered, and never
get hurt in competition. Only the riders get hurt.

Stupid, tree hugging hippies can F off

Автор teloiv1 ( назад)
I'd say spending a day mashing men around is a good day's work for
Bodacious. Makes my heart swell to see people get what they deserve!

Автор katie brown ( назад)
I can't believe they are talking about that poor bull like he is their
property, he is only doing this because he does not want his spirit and
wildness to be broken, he is a fighter. Treat animals how you want to be

Автор Anon ymous ( назад)
You never know. It's gambling. It's exactly like buying a million dollar
race horse. The horse may have the best blood lines possible, but it might
end up a piss poor investment. They retired Bodacious because they want
more bulls as rank as he was. If you're a rough stock contractor, the
better your livestock performs, the more money you make. Further more the
cowboys have no say in the quality of the stock. I've yet to hear a cowboy
complain that the bull was too good. Fuck Nevada. 

Автор SnakeEyesAndSevens ( назад)
"... the cowboys were whining." - Anon ymous It would be a smart business
move, if you, Anon ymous, knew exactly how much money your talkin' about !
Hey, Anon ! I've got some beach-front land in Nevada, for sale real cheap. 

Автор Anon ymous ( назад)
They didn't retire because he's hard to ride, and the cowboys were whining.
The stock contractor that owns him retired him for the purpose of breeding
more of him. That bull made him a shit load of cash. Why not breed more of
him? Sounds like a smart business move to me.

Автор Reggie Real ( назад)
Yeah, retire the bull for life because he's hurting the big bad cowBOYS. Go
find you a weaker bull that you can ride,,,,,,GO FIGURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Reggie Real ( назад)
Wow, how cheesy, and cowardly. Get a bull that you can't handle, so you
retire him. I thought that it was all about being competitive. So, as long
as they can conquer the bull, its ok lol. That's like, if there was a
football team that could not be beat, you ban the football team for

Автор Benjamin Arrowsmith ( назад)
"Face Smash!"

Автор VCthaGOATdunker ( назад)
No I mean is the Bull untamed and would hurt people if given the chance?

Автор Adam Smith ( назад)
Nope...he was breeding after that. Stop assuming.

Автор Adam Smith ( назад)
Go for it man...life is too short. 

Автор Adam Smith ( назад)
Just the way the bull bucked...every bull is different. 

Автор SnakeEyesAndSevens ( назад)
"Salinas Rodeo Vet Mis-Represents Injuries" 2013 & "Veterinarian Falsifies
Animal Death" 2013. Now them animal rights activists are goin' after
respectable Rodeo Veterinarians. Is there no limit to how far them trouble
makers will go. City slicks makin' lyin' & cheatin' comments. Bad enough
our perdier women are bein' lost to them Motocross boys ! And now these
animal lovers are flankin' us from behind !

Автор Mark Robbins ( назад)
Never heard of mountain oysters. Just looked it up- nice! Not fussed on
motocross, but I don't mind young women in bikinis... Was not disrespecting
rodeo riders or the sport - I've had dubious pastimes that pass for sport
myself. BTW, are you really my dad??? 

Автор SnakeEyesAndSevens ( назад)
You ain't heard of Mountain Oysters, have you, son ? Don't go ridin'
Motocross; it's a good way of breakin' your neck ! And just cause there's
more girls that go to Motocross, and a lot perdier, too. You gotta ask
yourself if you really want to Dis-Honor yourself & your family by
associatin' with young women who have lil' interest in the Rodeo, but think
Motocross is a sport, half of them indecently dressed; wearin' cut-offs &
bikini tops ! 

Автор Mark Robbins ( назад)
Smart bull figured out how to win. Evolution... Nice he got retired - in
Spain they would have killed it and eaten it's balls!

Автор renzokata ( назад)

Автор SnakeEyesAndSevens ( назад)
Thanks for your reply, Sir. I've never heard of anyone " ambushing " cows !
You animal rightleftists ought to get outside go for a walk.From the looks
of your comment, I'd say you didn't read most of my previous comment. Did
you see the part where I called you 'Voltaire' ? Bet you weren't expextin'
that from a Rodeo type Cowboy, wancha ? Yep, some of us got culture; read
Louis L'Amour books, buy expensive botles of wine from wine tastin'
magazines, got a lil' sister speaks Frenchy. 

Автор zelibober ( назад)
I am not talking about steak :) How not smart you should be to compare
killing a cow to eat it (like whole nature dose) and abusing the cow for
whole it's life just for fun and than when you had enough you will kill it
and eat it any way.

Автор Yamii Cardenas ( назад)
@naomi styles your obviously so fuking stupid if you seriously commented
"your stupid for riding it" its crazy how some people just have no fuking
lifee & decide to judge other ones! its just like your telling a soccer
playerr your stupid for kicking the ball .. Smh every sport has a risky
side & im pretty dam sure evry bull rider knows what they going for before
they step a foot on that arenaa . Check yourself :)

Автор SnakeEyesAndSevens ( назад)
Cows are suppose to make money; if they didn't, nobody would bother to
raise em ! And no steak sandwich to go with your fries, Voltaire. We love
our animals ! My lil' sister pets em on the head & speaks softly to em in
Frenchy; they like that kind of thang. You ain't one of them fancy pants
encouraging our girls to go over to Motocross ? We don't hanker to that
kind of disregard ! Bad enough they get all stuck up just cause they hit
the 11th grade. Next time be more considerate, son. 

Автор zelibober ( назад)
Ya you love your bulls the same way slave dealers liked their Gladiators.
Love'em till they making you money but will not cry if they will die -
because it live to perform... or caz it doesn't have other choice?

Автор SnakeEyesAndSevens ( назад)
Now pull up on them reins a bit, lil' lady; our animals live to perform for
the Rodeo ! They like that kind of thang. Our bulls are takin' real good
care of & we give em lots of good ol' fashion TLC; Tender Lovin' Care, they
like that kind of thang. They're family; give em names like Boss or Chief
or even Chiefy; that's what you call a term-of-indearment, which proves we
love our animals. We got enough troubles keepin' our women from goin' over
to Motocross, so no more name callin', hear ?

Автор Naomi Styles ( назад)
You little fag the bull did nothing your the stupid one trying to ride it

Автор ClancyGaming ( назад)
amen (2 down)

Автор phyllis arrowsmith ( назад)
that bull did nothing wrong, its just his instinct and doesnt want to be

Автор phyllis arrowsmith ( назад)
the bull s and horses are taken care of, they are fed they have nice travel
trailors the bulls are like mustangs never been rode so their instinct is
to buck and throw anything on its back off, same as the broncs, there are
no sides to be on when it comes to rodeo

Автор Honeysucklebommie ( назад)
I dont mind that you ride them, seems a fair battle the odds are more with
the bull surviving unscathed.But if the bull loves bucking why do you have
to use a flank rope around him?Personally Id like to put scuba gear on and
a hat and see how long I could hang onto a great white. 

Автор clint eastwood ( назад)
these fools on the bulls, stupid americans.....

Автор VCthaGOATdunker ( назад)
Would that Bull kick your ass in general? I mean is it mean like that or is
it just trying to get you off its back?

Автор Tammy Pluskett ( назад)
He is just trying to get you off his back, which is what you want in a
"good" ride isnt it? We abuse and mistreat animals for our own sick
pleasure and then label it "mean" "angry" , well it is going to do what you
train it to do. this is just sick.

Автор Delaney Parrish ( назад)
when people ride them sure they will hurt u they want to be left alone

Автор Delaney Parrish ( назад)

Автор Spaghetti Master ( назад)
I'm on the bulls side, those people torture bulls and horse,

Автор rebeks ando ( назад)
you guys are all ass holes why don't we tie a rope round your nuts and
while you sqealing and kicking put someone on your backs and sell tickets
fuckers hope the bulls break ya all....

Автор juniormints6 ( назад)
Finally someone knows what they are talking a bought. =)

Автор Manjoyt Kang ( назад)
"one day he is permanently retired"-they mean sent to some factory to be
slaughtered xD

Автор broncotrolly ( назад)
its so awesome that bulls have evolved to feel comfortable in an arena with
thousands of people screaming n havin a rope tied around em and a human
being on their back kicking the shit out of em. really a shame those bulls
are such bullies. I mean good golly I nearly shed a fucking tear hearing
about those darn bulls breaking them handsome cowboys faces. 

Автор svwtsvfcb ( назад)
no that's wrong, at those rodeos events, the animals are abused so they get
injured mentally and physically!

Автор Cody Kingery ( назад)
How do you figure? Did you not read the statistic? .06% of rodeo animals
will have any form of injury in their career.

Автор dvstrem ( назад)
Go Bulls !!! The bulls have no choice, the people do. Its a shame more
people are not severely injured.

Автор iamdantesonofsparda ( назад)
Damn!!! Mayweather should ride that thing before he retires.

Автор andy mar ( назад)
this is hilarious 

Автор mysterygirl20101 ( назад)

Автор svwtsvfcb ( назад)
This "sport" is cruel to animals!!!!

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