deadliest bull ever

i wouldnt go near this guy!

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Автор fadethetrade (16 дней)
Baddest of ALL TIME. No Bull came close.

Автор Bronson Sewell (1 месяц)
U get mostly all the bones broke in your eyes see how it feels not to good
buddy i bet there tougher than u

Автор Angilix (1 месяц)
They use a prod that generates 5000 volts of electricity before the bul is
let out. Rodeo is public animal crueltyand abuse.

Автор Waterlec (5 месяцев)
@ 1:20..Is this idiot bragging or complaining ? Just shut up & take it like
a big boy. And next time, don't go to the hospital to get fixed either.

Seems obvious to me that bull doesn't want to be ridden,,.But " hey" if you
want to ride it...Whatever.

Автор bdemaree (2 месяца)
My favorite videos are the ones where the bulls jump into the crowd and
injure the spectators. Those are the smart bulls that know to go straight
to the source. Without retarded hillbillies to watch, other retarded
hillbillies would probably stop breeding roided up retarded hillbilly
killing machines. HAHA stupid dead retarded hillbillies. Dead hillbillies
make me smile.

Автор Margaret Nobbs (1 месяц)
Please explain more

Автор Chaz Tomberlin (9 месяцев)
i firmly think lane frost would have rod em for 8 second if not longer! RIP
Lane Frost

Автор Jayne Mansfield (6 месяцев)
Rodeo's are the stupidest thing.

Автор TyNette Hillman (6 месяцев)
I have wanted to be a bull rider since i saw 8 seconds and yeah i am a girl
but so what? Oh and i have been reading the comments and holy shit people
just calm down. it's not the end of the world.

Автор katie brown (1 год)
I can't believe they are talking about that poor bull like he is their
property, he is only doing this because he does not want his spirit and
wildness to be broken, he is a fighter. Treat animals how you want to be

Автор EyesOpen55 (11 месяцев)
So basically these hard asses retired the bull because it was a challenge?

I think I'm starting to see this sport for what it is, bullying.

Автор Tyler Poling (11 месяцев)
it is just part of the f***ing game i lost a cousin due to bull riding but
tht is how he said he wanted to go 


Автор Charles Beckwith (1 год)
These bulls are treated like kings. Fed well, they are pampered, and never
get hurt in competition. Only the riders get hurt.

Stupid, tree hugging hippies can F off

Автор teloiv1 (1 год)
I'd say spending a day mashing men around is a good day's work for
Bodacious. Makes my heart swell to see people get what they deserve!

Автор Daniel Pantoja (2 года)
@dethmaul Bull riders wear helmets for safety. Most of the riders who wear
them are those who trained riding with them on. Those who never wore them
training say that it throws off their balance and vision and makes riding
harder. Personally I still wear mine for protection but i can see where
they are coming from as it does feel very confined inside. And no they dont
get docked points.

Автор advflynn (2 года)
man, im not a bullrider, or really a fan, i just started watching this on
youtube, but these are massive animals, you know how you puts kitten
mittens on a cat, and it walks weird because its trying to walk out of the
little shoes? that's seems to be what its like for these bulls. they aren't
getting hurt, its just a minor inconvenience.

Автор Delaney Parrish (1 год)
when people ride them sure they will hurt u they want to be left alone

Автор coley4evr (1 год)
It's not the PBR and bull riding most of the youtube comment warriors have
problems with, it's the extreme injuries from calf roping and steer busting
that most people have problems with. I've done show jumping all my life,
but I have many friends who work their horses in a ranch under saddle.
Sadly most people do not understand the difference from fake cowboys at
many rodeos and true riding =/

Автор Zack Burris (3 года)
@erick476 haha funny dude get a life

Автор dekippiesip (3 года)
This is more ethical than the bull fights in Spain. The bull doesn't get
seriously injured with this sport.

Автор Reggie Real (1 год)
Wow, how cheesy, and cowardly. Get a bull that you can't handle, so you
retire him. I thought that it was all about being competitive. So, as long
as they can conquer the bull, its ok lol. That's like, if there was a
football team that could not be beat, you ban the football team for

Автор mrsBlomsten (2 года)
I hate rodeo

Автор SnakeEyesAndSevens (1 год)
Cows are suppose to make money; if they didn't, nobody would bother to
raise em ! And no steak sandwich to go with your fries, Voltaire. We love
our animals ! My lil' sister pets em on the head & speaks softly to em in
Frenchy; they like that kind of thang. You ain't one of them fancy pants
encouraging our girls to go over to Motocross ? We don't hanker to that
kind of disregard ! Bad enough they get all stuck up just cause they hit
the 11th grade. Next time be more considerate, son.

Автор bigtruckgirl09 (2 года)
@FREDDYBAKE dude your a complete dumb ass that isnt fake that is real. you
shouldnt even be able to say you rode bulls. i have rode for more than 20
years and when a bull has that much power he doesnt know what he is doing..
he isnt even acting bad. and when a rider gets jerked down that hard he is
going to get hurt its common since. Dont talk anymore because you will just
make your self look worse.. if that is even possible.

Автор toro0145 (1 год)
Well done on a highly clichéd, uneducated and non-responsive comeback.
Proves exactly who are the kinds of people that support this. Thank you.

Автор Devinbatsbak (2 года)
@1boysinblue i hope they go dead

Автор RankBullRider12 (2 года)
@FREDDYBAKE so your saying that when tuff hedeman got his face bashed in by
bodacious that was fake yea right ive been riding since i was 15 and this
is the toughest sport there is its nothing like that fake wrestling crap

Автор Demonofthedarknight (2 года)
man,bos was the best badass mother-fucking bull ever

Автор blackwushudragon (2 года)
Didnt want to be rode.

Автор toro0145 (1 год)
So why don't you volunteer to be the bull and have men sit on you while you
buck? The last time crap like that happened to humans was in Roman times,
but apparently it's okay because it's an animal and you're Dr Dolittle who
has been told first hand by the bull that it is enjoyable for it. When have
you ever seen a happy bull act like that dumbass??

Автор sorryipwnu69 (2 года)
that bull is my new hero

Автор Delaney Parrish (1 год)

Автор debunker1 (2 года)
@bulldogger311 I agree with you mate,I'm in the uk but I love the PBR we
get it on cable,the bulls are as much 'celebrites' as the cowboys,this bull
in the video has a brand of condoms named after him,what made him dangerous
was his habit of pulling his head up on the way down he did it to a few not
just just the poor guy in the video and in true cowboy style at another
event this same guy drew this bull again and rode him so fair play,but
sometimes accidents do happen much like any physicalgame

Автор Heidi Crane (2 года)
it is scary

Автор SnakeEyesAndSevens (1 год)
"... the cowboys were whining." - Anon ymous It would be a smart business
move, if you, Anon ymous, knew exactly how much money your talkin' about !
Hey, Anon ! I've got some beach-front land in Nevada, for sale real cheap.

Автор Ken Faverty (3 года)
People only go to these hoping to see the bullrider die. I LOVE IT

Автор phyllis arrowsmith (1 год)
the bull s and horses are taken care of, they are fed they have nice travel
trailors the bulls are like mustangs never been rode so their instinct is
to buck and throw anything on its back off, same as the broncs, there are
no sides to be on when it comes to rodeo

Автор dethmaul (2 года)
Do riders get docked points if they wear a helmet? Why do most of them
decide not to? Jsut to show off?

Автор Clovis Hianne (2 года)
yes riding horse and breed them is abuse of course we don't have to fuck up
their evolution like that. And bull fighting is also abuse but this is not
worse than any of the breeding stuff nor riding this is all the same and
one abuse

Автор COUSIN HENRY Baker (2 года)

Автор bulldogger311 (2 года)
@BlueMoon858 How are these bulls getting abused? Bucking bulls lead a
better life than most people do. They work for 8 seconds a night, then go
lay in their pens and eat a very tasty high energy diet. The PBR has only
had to euthanize 4 bulls for injuries that happened during one of the 960
events they have put on, that's 1 out of every 23,735 outs, or at .004%
chance of getting a life threatening injury. And its not just white people,
there are plenty of black and hispanic cowboys.

Автор zelibober (1 год)
Ya you love your bulls the same way slave dealers liked their Gladiators.
Love'em till they making you money but will not cry if they will die -
because it live to perform... or caz it doesn't have other choice?

Автор kooki85 (2 года)
I think it got to a point where people didn't want to watch him bucking any

Автор yoshiotamura (3 года)
well kinda like training a dog.this beast figured out a specific maneavour
to buck guyz off.the head butts were deliberate.imagine if they let that
bull buck for one more season....

Автор Jeffry monsalud (1 год)
I'm on the bulls side, those people torture bulls and horse,

Автор JoLee (1 год)
Rodeos work in harmony with mother nature. Evolution by way of natural
selection. If you find this logic is confusing, you truely belong in Rodeo!

Автор James Spencer (2 года)
he was one bad dude..i seen him handle business...

Автор MsLaurarose (1 год)
he was permanently retired to stud, as in woudnt be used again for bucking.
a hell of alot of rodeo bulls hav a huge fan base and are treated well
right through to old age. the best are used for stud work, there are alot
of people out there that dont mtreat animals well, but the majority of
stock contractors treat the bulls as the athletes that they are.

Автор Almonster ZERG (2 года)
that thing earned its freedom

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