How to Use Watercolor - Introduction Tutorial

The first of hopefully, many tutorial videos to come! PLEASE, keep in mind that this isn't the 'ONLY' way to go about watercolour; it's what I've learnt through my years of practicing, so take what you can from it!

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Автор NWEkakashi ( назад)
Hey, its so Great.!
You Can explain it x). Thank you.. and have fun with drawing.

Автор Babe ( назад)
I'm just seeing this for the first time. And I thought kelogs was a girl. .

Автор Jared Clark ( назад)
You should really keep going with these tutorials. Thank you

Автор glass eyes ( назад)
trying to learn something new in art can be so hard and frustrating i am
literally crying right now

Автор Kaname 0901 ( назад)
thanks for the tutorial! I love you! #nohomo

Автор Bindu Menon ( назад)
so helpful! thank you

Автор khkairi12 ( назад)
Really late but Yay! A tutorial!!!

Автор Marie Martinez ( назад)
Your art is so beautiful! I'm better at drawing than I am at painting and
painting is such a weak spot for me. I've always liked water color
paintings though so watching your tutorial will definitely be helpful to me
in the future when I get started on getting my painting skills better.

Автор jasneskis ( назад)
Great beginning, encouraging video. Next explain positive and negative

Автор Evan Taufik ( назад)
I ADORE YOU AND YOUR WORKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор PERFECT ( назад)
i dont even know how to hold the brush

Автор Helena TP ( назад)
You are absolutely gorgeous!

Автор Abby Lorene ( назад)
how do you keep the paint inside the preliminary sketch you made? usually
for me it just bleeds out in a mess

Автор John Milton ( назад)
It's one thing to do speed paintings (i.e show off videos) or even
tutorials but to explain what you're doing, and why you're doing it, that's
infinitely valuable and also, pretty damn rare. Great job 👍

Автор Itzz Mickyy ( назад)
Amazing! Gonna try to watercolor tomorrow aha😊

Автор bree torious ( назад)
Ily for this(:
Your art is SO beautiful
Glad to have found your channel.

Автор laina marie ( назад)
this is extremely helpful!

Автор Raven Rose ( назад)
This was so helpful thank you!

Автор Pamela Martinez ( назад)
No se hablar ingles :'c, pero me encanto!

Автор Sarah Rayle ( назад)
Thanks, wonderful helpful tips.

Автор Kate Angelic Evasco ( назад)
THANK YOU FOR THE VIDEO!very informative! U earned a sub! I love the voice
too, Very relaxing and suitable for my hearing buds! Thank you kelogsloops!

Автор Georgia Rose Abbott ( назад)
This was really useful - could you do a tutorial on sketching hair??!!

Автор merlanda sanon ( назад)
very helpful, just picked up my first ever set of paint

Автор Anvir Gill ( назад)
YOURE A GUY !"!?!??!??!??!?

Автор Chemical Smile ( назад)
any recommendations on palettes??

Автор CyberKyo ( назад)
One of the most useful tutorials I found so far! Thanks ;;A;;

Автор kristina cassandra usi ( назад)
I'm curious about your watercolor palette. what brand is that?

Автор Kathlyn P. ( назад)
stumbled upon your video. I'm not even an artist, but I wish I was.

Автор Sevim Gölkaya ( назад)
It always looks so simple when the artists make it, when I try it is not
even close to beautiful 😳

Автор Teal Cat Dancing ( назад)
This is very helpful! Thanks a lot!!! Really want to do some watercolor art
but always ended up messing it up hahaha

Автор hanna kuro ( назад)
I'm a beginner with watercolor but your video and tips help a lot! :)

Автор MrJuniorer ( назад)
Thank you sooooo much for making this video!!!! Very informative!

Автор Ghalia Benhamida ( назад)
thank you

Автор Raven sim ( назад)
This was helpful nice video

Автор michaella m ( назад)
i've always been reaaally bad at watercolour and seeing this has given me
motivation to at least give it another go. thanks for the tips !! instant

ps the way u paint is so cool, plus it's v helpful. can't wait for more

Автор Terry Mae ( назад)
what kind of watercolour palette is that?

Автор Annah Sasqia ( назад)
i still can't use watercolor:( it's too hard for me..

Автор Jad Wooz ( назад)
your works is good tho the way you positioned your camera isnt that kinda
good. it feels like im looking down a cliff feels. whatever, youre great
anyways ^_^

Автор Hunniya ( назад)
i love this!! thank you :)

Автор Розовая зефирка ( назад)
My hands from ass :/

Автор anna crichton ( назад)

Автор Taylor R ( назад)
the outro music is sooo soothing, mind telling me or linking me the full
thing? pls?

Автор Amy Hunter ( назад)
Crazy I was thinking about getting into water colour just this morning,
this is seriously such a lovely tutorial and I learnt so much!!

Автор Abby Lake ( назад)
Really interesting for a non artist like myself! Thanks! 😊

Автор • Debby • ( назад)
is there an alternative for water color papers?

Автор Lauryn Grayce ( назад)
Watercolor is my favorite medium, and it's extremely fun to work with.
Thanks for the helpful tips man!

Автор Jenn H ( назад)
Why pay for painting classes when YouTube exists. Thank you so much.

Автор DiamondSquidGirl ( назад)
Well this is odd I just got a water color ad for this vid

Автор Weaboo boy asf ( назад)
hey fam thanks for the tips this is all i really needed to figure shit out.

Автор Ukulele Daisy ( назад)
Where do you get the watercolors?

Автор WendyBt Vlogs ( назад)
Lol I just got an ad for watercolour XD LOL 😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Amy Ramirez ( назад)
This was actually really helpful and not too long or too much talking, I
really liked this!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Автор Anna Bononcini ( назад)
The add before this video was a water color add. What the heck.

Автор P for Purvee ( назад)
So helpful!

Автор Bella Kozlowski ( назад)
Thanks for making this video! As a beginner in watercolor, this really
helped my out!

Автор Pastel Unicorn ( назад)
This is very helpful. Thank you for posting this. btw Im a beginner.

Автор encorebeautification ( назад)
This was really great 😊thanks for the well presented tips xxx

Автор iceberg 1001 ( назад)
this is so awesome really helped me alot as being a beginner . Experiment
is the real way to achieve it . :)
thanks for such awesome video .

Автор haru 一天 ( назад)
I've followed you on tumblr forever and this entire time I thought you were
a girl lmao. Still rly rly like ur art, wish I can get that good one day

Автор Carol Campelo ( назад)
wow, thank u!!

Автор Michiko widawati ( назад)
hi, new subscriber from Indonesia-UK here! thanks for showing basic skill
of using watercolor, gonna Try it!

Автор sahika civelek ( назад)
Thank you! :)

Автор camille mangune ( назад)
Thanks to this!!i learned a lot

Автор puchmarnyk ( назад)

Автор Hannah Banana ( назад)
What tape is he using? I want to have the sharp line effect but the tape
I've tried years the paper

Автор Natasha Cole ( назад)
I am new to watercolour painting and the video was very helpful

Автор Ellie K ( назад)
Why didn't my art class teach me this?! You're amazing!

Автор kika kapi ( назад)
thanks for help ^-^
good video

Автор Greta Morshead ( назад)
This was helpful! I've watched many tutorials, but none this good.

Автор Bárbara de Medeiros ( назад)
You are incredibly talented and an amazing teacher!

Автор sounds like rain ( назад)
I'm a water color artist and I had to paint this giant backdrop mural for
my school performance and I'm just so used to using water to blend what I
want so when the director came and was watching me paint he was amazed at
me dipping my hands and sponges into a bucket of water. hahaaa I'll never
quite get how to blend acrylic paint without water.. The mural turned out
great tho 😄

Автор The chicka Maria ( назад)
very helpful man. great job. definitely subbed

Автор elaynuh ( назад)
this helped me a lot thank you so much

Автор bulbul singh ( назад)
I can't find the watercolor pan online would anyone mind sending me the

Автор Yeşim Cimcoz Yazı Evi ( назад)
This was a great video. Thank you...really clear and effective.

Автор Ice-cream Lover ( назад)
Just realized you have to be good at drawing too T_T

Автор Clara Johnson ( назад)
Do you sketch your drawings in pencil before using watercolors? Or do you
use pen?

Автор JoJo Saures ( назад)
THIS IS A GREAT VIDEO i was introduced to water color last summer i didnt
know how to use watercolor so this HELPED ALOT!!!

Автор Jenn Park ( назад)
I wish I could paint like you omf

Автор Jennyfer Tellez ( назад)
You are a good teacher!! Thank you!

Автор Zyra Bañez ( назад)
This was so helpful omg! Will definitely come back to this for future
reference 😀😀

Автор Tiffany Nguyen ( назад)
For the second one do u add more water to blend it?

Автор Paddle ( назад)
I just bought water colors, so thanks, this was super helpful! thanks! 👍 I
assume the tube water colors work the same - you just mix with water?
(there's no instructions :p)

Автор galdexia ( назад)
I want to get into watercolor because I like being messy, because I'm still
5. :>

Автор Hodan ( назад)
Is the tape duct tape or is there a special tape for it ?

Автор Amali RC ( назад)
What did you use to draw the dwg? Normal pencil?

Автор Rachael Borley ( назад)
outro music??

Автор Thereshia Valentina Karenhapuk ( назад)
I would like to try it 😆😆

Автор alinexugh !! ( назад)
this was such a beautiful video!!

Автор Fool ( назад)
I NEED the name of that outro song

Автор Sazumi Taswa ( назад)

Автор Vianca Oraa ( назад)
Hey how much are your Winsor and newton paint?

Автор Andrea Gomel ( назад)

Автор ChocolateChipWaffle_48 Uzumaki ( назад)
Very useful ^-^

Автор Manisha Mo ( назад)
really nice explanation

Автор Amira Kamaruddin ( назад)
best vid ever!!!

Автор cel lea ( назад)
its so cool😍 I love it so much.

Автор letsASMR ( назад)
This was awesome thanks

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