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Автор TheLatexVictor (1 год)
Shame we didn;t see you dressing in it would have been great

Автор latexenclosure (4 года)
@latexitaly Read up^ :)

Автор dupont roger (1 год)
je suis dans le sac j'e recherche in maitre pour me faire rentrer les bras
et le fermer au dessus de la teteil ya un petit trou pour respirer et pour
boire ca permet les trips longue duree "rubberlatexman@gmail.com"

Автор latexenclosure (4 года)
@fetishkitsch2 Thank you! :) I got it from eurocatsuits. c o m Ordered it
in February and got it in august, but it was well worth the wait! :)

Автор latexenclosure (3 года)
@mxjudd Yes! its quite nice actualy, especialy funny to alk around in this
in the sunshine :) All I need now is a latexdoll! >;-D

Автор catwomanencased (3 года)
awesome latex i just purchased a total enclosure suit. can you describe
what they feel like mine is a spiderman suit! cant wait to get it was
wondering how intense they are. thanks!!

Автор morticialatex (4 года)
SIX MONTHS?!? I will never EVER order from Eurocatsuits, thanks for the

Автор oscar8239 (4 года)
for that long it looks real bad like they were in a hurry to make it

Автор fjoa123 (4 года)
@morticialatex those are definetly worth the wait, eurocatsuits are top
quality catsuits!

Автор SDSMovies (2 года)
I agree with latexrubbertoy... Too much soon and way too dark! Not bad

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