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http://www.poisonstinger.com Algorithms used it this step. Right Move (U R Ui Ri Ui Fi U F) Left Move (Ui Li U L U F Ui Fi) Get it out and...
how to make cool rubik's cube patterns (with algorithms)
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The Notations: B = Back F = Front U = Up/Top D = Down/Bottom L = Left R = Right ' = Inverse ( Anti-Clockwise ) 2 = 180 degree turn Note: If it is...
HOW TO DO FINGER TRICKS RUBIK'S CUBE FINGER SHORTCUTS How to do finger tricks for Beginners.
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Cool Rubik's Cube Tricks Designs and Patterns: How to!
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Hey guys! This is a video showing some tricks you can do with a solved rubik cube. Hope you enjoy! More Tags: a solved cube cool triks whith a...


Автор bren bernardo (2 месяца)
so basic patterns dude

Автор TheBrawlPro . (1 год)
I feel like its gonna break

Автор Artūrs Blaubergs (2 года)
O_O SPEeeeeed !!!!!!!!!

Автор Claribel Ho (1 год)
Huh??what r u showing

Автор EmulatE42 (1 год)
this is 2008 year cmon dont judge :D

Автор 1313opkko (2 года)

Автор Cameron Archibald (5 лет)
crazy speed dude!

Автор jessuribe96 (5 лет)
where did u get thAT CUBE from

Автор DynoBaybeezLOL (3 года)
can i marry you ^.^

Автор Sandwichfilms167 (3 года)
is that a rubik's type A DIY?

Автор minecraft videos daily (1 год)
I wanted to learn moron

Автор JDMBlah Blah (3 года)
can u tell me how can i disassemble it?

Автор dascal26 (4 года)
hey, where did you buy that cube-please do tell

Автор superclaw900 (2 года)
you are slow. im not kidding, i go to competitions and im about twice maybe
even 4 times faster

Автор 100chochotrain (4 года)

Автор Frog Zee (4 года)
You are very slow with the cube OP.

Автор MrBornwarrior (3 года)
You can do the trick from 0:31 - 0:37 faster and easier : 2R , 2L , 2U , 2D
, 2F and 2B

Автор Nikoxx23 (3 года)
instead of masturbating, you use a rubiks cube

Автор JDMBlah Blah (3 года)
I have the same cube!

Автор ProjectNumaGaming (1 год)
What cube

Автор Vacmachine (4 года)
the last pattern i can do it in like 4 moves and i learnt it myself

Автор santiagokof (2 года)
i bet u got a lot of girls hahahah

Автор KidInVicious (4 года)
wow, if you do anything enough times, it goes back to where it
started.....nice one on the first few

Автор wouter420 (4 года)

Автор Vesselin Mishev (2 года)
why the hell are you doing this sh*it. nothin' personal... it is unuseful ;)

Автор Sevenputput (5 лет)
what, no algorithms listed?

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