[rubik's cube] 3x3 tricks and pattern

part of them

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Автор hardeep singh ( назад)
can any one tell me the algorithms for these cool tricks
and how did he lube his cube???sooo fast

Автор Monobear Despair ( назад)
I was here to learn some patterns,
you teached nothing by the way

Автор bren bernardo ( назад)
so basic patterns dude

Автор minecraft videos daily ( назад)
I wanted to learn moron

Автор EmulatE42 ( назад)
this is 2008 year cmon dont judge :D

Автор Cherry ble ( назад)
Huh??what r u showing

Автор ProjectNumaGaming ( назад)
What cube

Автор Matt San Diego ( назад)
I feel like its gonna break

Автор Vesselin Mishev ( назад)
why the hell are you doing this sh*it. nothin' personal... it is unuseful ;)

Автор santiagokof ( назад)
i bet u got a lot of girls hahahah

Автор superclaw900 ( назад)
you are slow. im not kidding, i go to competitions and im about twice maybe
even 4 times faster

Автор Artūrs Blaubergs ( назад)
O_O SPEeeeeed !!!!!!!!!

Автор 1313opkko ( назад)

Автор Nikoxx23 ( назад)
instead of masturbating, you use a rubiks cube

Автор DynoBaybeezLOL ( назад)
can i marry you ^.^

Автор Sandwichfilms167 ( назад)
is that a rubik's type A DIY?

Автор Ahmer Shaikh ( назад)
can u tell me how can i disassemble it?

Автор Ahmer Shaikh ( назад)
I have the same cube!

Автор MrBornwarrior ( назад)
You can do the trick from 0:31 - 0:37 faster and easier : 2R , 2L , 2U , 2D
, 2F and 2B

Автор Vacmachine ( назад)
the last pattern i can do it in like 4 moves and i learnt it myself

Автор Frog Zee ( назад)
You are very slow with the cube OP.

Автор wouter420 ( назад)

Автор KidInVicious ( назад)
wow, if you do anything enough times, it goes back to where it
started.....nice one on the first few

Автор dascal26 ( назад)
hey, where did you buy that cube-please do tell

Автор Sevenputput ( назад)
what, no algorithms listed?

Автор jessuribe96 ( назад)
where did u get thAT CUBE from

Автор Cameron Archibald ( назад)
crazy speed dude!

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