America's Got Talent - Taylor Ware (Final Show)

America's Got Talent - Season 1 (2006)
Taylor Ware in the Final Show

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Длительность: 4:2
Комментарии: 270

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Автор Tammy Winkler ( назад)
i like how she is pollite

Автор feel*the*rain ( назад)
What's the name of the song she's singing? Does anybody know?

Автор Tanisha Pardesie ( назад)

Автор Tanisha Pardesie ( назад)

Автор Megan Ortiz ( назад)
its kinda fucked up that the black girl is always laughing at her

Автор Cuttiecookiecupcake ( назад)
Her first two performances were better. There was too much crap in the
background this time

Автор Martin Jean ( назад)
I love Yodel

Автор John Creese ( назад)
When you feel something for the first time, it changes how you feel that
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self, is to not be an individual. Without a sense of self is one really
one? Is the many really many? Or is one just an amalgamation of feelings
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For destruction is creation, and creation is destruction. They are but the
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Автор Allissa Edwards ( назад)
I thought she was brilliant. She has a strong voice and a bit of a
commanding presence.

Автор lynx1698 ( назад)
I Think Taylor was fantastic watching Brandy in all her Auditions, she
didnt really comment in the first one apart from laugh like a clown, 2nd
final it seems she didnt like the music when shes said pleased she found a
style that she connects with, very happy in the Final when Peirs put Brandy
back in her place when she was trying to turn things around to the
negative. Bianca Ryan had nothing on Taylor, Taylor was a lot more Vibrant
and a lot more electric.

Автор Roby_Craft ( назад)
Good ;)

Автор Mike K ( назад)
I envy the dude who will be his husband one day

Автор Ted Coleman ( назад)
A joy to watch.

Автор Gabriele Jedrzejczyk ( назад)
Super Super Super !!!!!!

Автор Janet Workman ( назад)

Автор Rev. Paul L. Vasquez ( назад)
Vocally the weakest of her yodel performances. I think she moved around
too much and couldn't keep her breath control.

Автор Anime Lubber ( назад)
she should have been on the sound of music

Автор Shelby Broschay ( назад)
Did she win?

Автор Arionna Boyd ( назад)
What song is that

Автор joanaboleo ( назад)
It's really cool once, then it's just more of the same...

Автор Kevin Johnson ( назад)
I almost started to understand what the black judge was attempting to say
but NOPE I I Totally disagree that she was not as great as her first
performance. I truly believe she out shone her first performance which was
absolutely perfect to begin with. If she had come out with just the
innocent young girl Yodeling then I might have been persuaded to say
something like You Need to Up the Hype a bit there Girl. But no, she did
what all Talented Singers do and UPPED her performance to Stardom. Down
with the Black Judge and right up into the Stars for Taylor Ware. P.S. Her
Smile and Face shines her enjoyment of the singing and performing which for
me is what makes Entertaining such a happy event. Oh and just listening to
it again,,, there was plenty of Yodeling, what was the Judge talking
about????? Need a better judge for Real Star Performers like this.

Автор Sara Nicole ( назад)
The judges weren't pleased with her anymore lol

Автор Kirsty Wendt ( назад)
She is so good

Автор Veronica Meinen ( назад)
I love it so match :-) 

Автор adam9898ful ( назад)
Taylor Ware should start to sing country instead, i think that will get her

Автор MrFightBoys ( назад)
Redneck yodeling x)

Автор Noah Faison ( назад)

Автор Raphael Sylvester ( назад)
Getting onnoying

Автор faye cummins ( назад)
i've only heard one other yodeling that compares and she was a canadian
back in the 1950's

Автор Bad Unicorn ( назад)

Автор Tierra Lester ( назад)
terrible the dancing she can yodel good but i get tired of it

Автор 22adamrennolds ( назад)
Hope she won.....Thank You .

Автор Jespruss ( назад)
I don't actually know why im watching this... But...

Автор theysee metrolling ( назад)

Автор Richard Mitchell ( назад)
your so very awesome and talented .I hope you win the show

Автор kleemkleem ( назад)
I wanna say i like it but...i hate it.

Автор Echo696 ( назад)

Автор Keldemption ( назад)
Talented, but so damn hickish that yodeling gets on my nerves.

Автор Anukii ( назад)
LMAO Brandy was not happy to be interrupted! Honestly, I don't think Brandy
was being rude. People today easily equate a simple difference of opinion
as rudeness.

Автор TC1931 ( назад)
WOW phantastic

Автор Goobermanguy ( назад)
...How? Amazing. Grammar sensorz down due to awesome overlode!

Автор IndieRockArt Chick ( назад)
I could NEVER do that!!!

Автор freethrice ( назад)
Damn Brandi, forget to take your meds today? She was amazing and you were
just utterly rude.

Автор casper kauppinen ( назад)

Автор TheOnlyBit ( назад)
YEAH! /watch?v=dHE2ckvvv6o

Автор francesco amato ( назад)
Oh my god oh my god

Автор Mro2 ( назад)
Putin elle est incroyable

Автор Dominique D ( назад)
awesome !!!

Автор T. key ( назад)

Автор Xsia Blair ( назад)

Автор ginger johnson ( назад)

Автор Alli Cat ( назад)
Funny I love it

Автор Val Lamon ( назад)
wow wow wow

Автор adriana jimenez ( назад)

Автор Rudy Schima ( назад)
super,super einfach super Talent.weiter so.

Автор Kawaii Lemon ( назад)
Can't stop watching this!!!! LOVE IT!!!

Автор Cory Chapin ( назад)
Really?? Really?? First of all Brandi is due back at the strip club. Brandy
however is a Grammy-winning recording artist who has had multiple
top-selling albums and number one singles. Second, yodeling is only
interesting if you can't do it and even then after awhile it gets
irritating and old. Especially when it's delivered the same way every time
which is what Taylor did. I can understand wanting to be a fan of someone
but to criticize Brandy for being untalented is petty and blatantly untrue.

Автор Mark. G. ( назад)

Автор GopherSolid ( назад)
who let Frazel Lang have kids.....

Автор ImGinge ( назад)

Автор Domenico del Bene ( назад)
she's so sweet

Автор Nomad heart ( назад)
Brandi is a jealous little bitch. pick on non talented people like yourself
brandi not superior talent like taylor has

Автор James David ( назад)
Taylor was awesome and deserved to win. Well said Piers, his comments were
spot on.

Автор hobbysonfire ( назад)
All of her performances are basically all the same

Автор rickyb007 ( назад)
stupid Brandi

Автор Marceelena ( назад)
que linda que es y que lindo canta!

Автор Zoecannoteatpickles x ( назад)

Автор MoltenSamurai ( назад)

Автор Joe Blow ( назад)
Some people shred a guitar. This girl shreds yodel.

Автор Danny Hansbach ( назад)

Автор Thomas Jenkins ( назад)
Taylor Ware?...I think I knew her sister...Tupper.

Автор jerlan23 ( назад)
She just graduated from high school. I don't know what her plans are.
She'll turn 19 in Sept. I hope she will do more yodeling sometime, if she
wants to. Miss Ware not yodeling is like Babe Ruth not playing baseball.

Автор jerlan23 ( назад)
This video was uploaded on the same day as that of the winner. It has about
4 times as many views. Miss ware won the competition but not the election.

Автор potatopielover300 ( назад)
Whatever happened to Taylor? I want to know :(

Автор johnberg181 ( назад)
Something is missing in her yodeling. It is known as maturity.

Автор Chiew Wei Jie ( назад)

Автор Sandra Samantha ( назад)
She's amazing!!

Автор Gabac 08 ( назад)
Yes :) She´s hilarious :)

Автор Ginkoman2 ( назад)
Ist the "Zillertaler Hochzeitstanz" a Danco from Austria.

Автор Juanita Autry ( назад)
So is she rubbish or is she a fence? I'm confused.

Автор Layla Lopez ( назад)
'She wuzz so good, she's got talent!

Автор hans jacobs ( назад)
50 sec!!!

Автор haylee young ( назад)

Автор SARA CARAMEL ( назад)
Wtf did I watch

Автор c dunsh ( назад)
"A fence" : a structure serving as an enclosure, a barrier, or a boundary,
usually made of posts or stakes joined together by boards, wire, or rails.

Автор Abigail Lupton ( назад)
How?? She can change her voice dramatically and do it really well at the
age of 11, she also learned this by herself from a tape and a booklet. Not
to mention Yodeling is hard and takes skill.

Автор onetoneman ( назад)
She`s gorgious ! You are just a piece of.... you know what ! Flush you !

Автор ffion gould ( назад)
shes rubish no a fence

Автор jerlan23 ( назад)
World class.

Автор dweller an ( назад)
admit it, everyone did tried to copy her but fail

Автор alana young ( назад)
No it was 2006

Автор mark aaron ( назад)
Wasn't this 2008?

Автор nadimul haque ( назад)
So good singer, but hated two judges

Автор 3xFace ( назад)
your a good singer i love you

Автор Ivanana Kossey ( назад)
she reminds me of sandy cheeks :)

Автор jerlan23 ( назад)
Piers got it right. Brilliant.

Автор Wily Bluesrocker ( назад)
Great Job Taylor !!!!!!

Автор Alexa Gutierrez ( назад)
U have 4 words.. -_-

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