Mount & Gladius: Shield Battle Event 11.02.2012 Part 1

Spartan Mora I are disbanded.

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/lordsealskin/
Website: http://www.cjtreviews.com/
Twitter: @Chris_IEC

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Добавлено: 3 года
Длительность: 15:01
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Автор MrGaming20ten (2 года)
shaaaaaaaaaaa dupppppppppp lol

Автор 2000rayc (2 года)
there a steam group i can get into play this

Автор MrGaming20ten (3 года)
Such an awesome mod man, M&B could well take a stab at the mainstream
gaming industries with ideas like this! Upload more if you can, remind me
of TotalWarRome =)

Автор superacer1 (2 года)
hope not

Автор Christian Tomlinson (1 год)
I see no games on there

Автор IECMountAndMusket (1 год)
I'm not the one talking, it was my commander.

Автор IECMountAndMusket (1 год)
There used to be a few shield battles recently watch?v=8K_DhwPUJTc however,
I haven't played since so not sure what's going on. There was an update a
new patch so probably everyone uses 3.1 version of the game.

Автор IECMountAndMusket (2 года)
Thanks xD I see what I can do mate xP

Автор Owen O (2 года)
Some of the worst roman tactics ever

Автор SxejokeR (2 года)
that is a lie there are a lot of players in the game you will always find a
lot of servers with players.

Автор BananaPieGod6 (2 года)
*Rome Total War*

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