Special looong Balloon ride nonpop!

This is a Balloon ride, without popping the Balloon.
Just listen to the sound of the Balloon getting squeezed under my butt :-)

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Длительность: 3:20
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Автор bennmug (7 лет)
Looove looong non popper ride that was a great ride!!

Автор undertaker3214 (5 лет)

Автор nickrohn93 (6 лет)
is part of a porno?

Автор Garrus Vakarian (5 лет)
What the hell makes you think that?

Автор Gato303co (6 лет)
Cool video, yay for nonpopping ;) you show balloons can be enjoyed without

Автор bennmug (7 лет)
Nice nonpopper you gave it a good ride!

Автор freak60763 (5 лет)
hey, what are you useing to ride (chair?!)

Автор gunner6084 (1 год)
just like making love to a girl:D well the only difference is that balloons
are sensitive but hey they not complain about our penis size or premature
ejaculation.....now i am sad i am going to hug my big balloon i have for a
pillow in my bed.....:/

Автор Jitterbug200714 (3 года)
In most parts of the world, this would be seen as an act of respect to the

Автор ozzyballoon (7 лет)
Great video, much appreciated.

Автор hamboy4 (4 года)
this is a great way to let off some steam when your horny

Автор WitchKloonie (7 лет)
Fantastic vid. xx

Автор chrisjs123 (7 лет)
That was great, thanks!

Автор FireDevel (5 лет)
oh so many possiblitys come from this, and my dick got as hard as a rock.
Nice vid can you do some more of these.

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