Special looong Balloon ride nonpop!

This is a Balloon ride, without popping the Balloon.
Just listen to the sound of the Balloon getting squeezed under my butt :-)

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Длительность: 3:20
Комментарии: 11

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Автор Jitterbug200714 ( назад)
In most parts of the world, this would be seen as an act of respect to the

Автор James Miller ( назад)
What the hell makes you think that?

Автор FireDevel ( назад)
oh so many possiblitys come from this, and my dick got as hard as a rock.
Nice vid can you do some more of these.

Автор freak60763 ( назад)
hey, what are you useing to ride (chair?!)

Автор undertaker3214 ( назад)

Автор Gato303co ( назад)
Cool video, yay for nonpopping ;) you show balloons can be enjoyed without

Автор bennmug ( назад)
Looove looong non popper ride that was a great ride!!

Автор WitchKloonie ( назад)
Fantastic vid. xx

Автор bennmug ( назад)
Nice nonpopper you gave it a good ride!

Автор ozzyballoon ( назад)
Great video, much appreciated.

Автор chrisjs123 ( назад)
That was great, thanks!

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