9 Craziest Japanese Video Games (Feat. Tats)

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Japan has contributed more awesomeness to the world of video games
than perhaps any other country on the globe.
A short list of Japanese video game companies
reads like a laundry list of the most influential developers in history. Little companies like Konami, Namco, Capcom, Sega and Nintendo, to name just a few, set standards for design, gameplay and marketing
that shaped the video game industry throughout the 80s and 90s.

Japan, however,
is a country with famously weird sensibilities, which helps to explain why the most influential game of all time is about a plumber fighting turtles in a magical mushroom kingdom.
Many of the games we’ll be talking about today saw limited
or no release in the Western world, because these are the flat-out weirdest video games Japan has ever offered.

Stage 1 - Mr. Mosquito

Let's Play Ka 2: Let's Go Hawaii / Mister Mosquito 2 (Part 1) - Let's Suck Together ;3

Muscle March Wii All Stages 60fps

とんねるずのみなさんのおかげでした モジモジくんHYPER:おぎやはぎ 東野幸治 食わず嫌い:小池榮子 松岡昌宏

[Fun] Japan World Cup 3 - Part 1

HATOFUL BOYFRIEND : Do no watch this ever!


Hatoful Boyfriend HD (ENGLISH) - [21/28] [Bad Boys Love - 02/09: 1st Class]

How Dinosaurs Went Extinct!

Dove, Pigeon | Taube, Tauben in der Stadt [Free HD Stock Video Footage | HD 1080]

Mike's Video Game Reel #13 - Seaman (Dreamcast): Playthrough In One Session (2015)

The Lost 1984 Video: young Steve Jobs introduces the Macintosh

First 30 Minutes: LSD: Dream Emulator [PS1]


Rapelay Gameplay HD Part 1 ( 18+ Adult and Uncut )

風雲!たけし城 第61話

Apple – September Event 2016

Super Mario Bros. (1985) Full Walkthrough NES Gameplay [Nostalgia]

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Автор lemonjuice and spongebob ( назад)
what was censored in Japanese world cup 3

Автор SuperNovaThomas ( назад)
I remember Takeshi from that re edit show MXC I loved it as a kid.

Автор Anna Russo ( назад)
the forth one...... its probably used for vaporwave videos.

Автор Abby22 Hgirl67 ( назад)
I like it when you don't make scary videos, please keep making fun videos
like this!

Автор Agent Larson ( назад)
My Indie Game will, at some point, will be in development. It is about the
Nightfall Agency, a Agency consisting of a Humanoid Species from Island
Muerte Negra (translated from Spanish: Black Death). This Island is called
Muerte Negra due to the Humanoid Species inhabiting the island. This
species is hostile around humans they identify as "threats". Species mutate
as they grow older. They mutate into disturbing Eldritch Abominations that
are highly dangerous. They can also reproduce at a high rate due to all of
the species specimens (including males) reproduce by replicating
themselves). They first escape from Experiment-T-1371. The manage to escape
the facility and report back to Muerte Negra. The next chapters of the game
have yet to be thought of.

Автор Darth Maul ( назад)
What do you ever think if Nintendo bought Disney, and Disney bought
Microsoft, do you think Mario would be the mascot of all?

Автор Ike Black ( назад)
i love rapelay

Автор Osuka The Oracle Turret ( назад)
Wouldn't a game where you have to stalk and kill people in first person be
fun? You know without the....... r a p e

Автор 258th Hi Guy ( назад)
Don't you mean (Feat. Teats)?

Автор Jack Bredesen ( назад)
I thought she ink had that was gonna be here it is weird

Автор Tomar Ruun ( назад)
RapeLay was actually decent.
But seriously though, it was.

Автор Tigron101 ( назад)
In LSD Dream Emulator, the most iconic part of course is the Shadow Man. I
really wanna know what his story is, if he has one. For the most part, he
seems like a dream demon or a demonic shadow being. There's also the
Violence District. I'd like to think there's a story, or meaning for every
realm in the game and I wanna know exactly what this place represents or
why it's in the game. Compared to the other places in the game, it just
seems to be a place made purely of horrible memories and negative emotions.
Oddly enough that really colorful and trippy world is where the Shadow Man
is supposedly seen the most although he seems more like a product of the
Violence district that is able to roam freely through the dream realm.

Автор Red Ned ( назад)
I recomend Deadly Premonition. It is A great game despite being weird and

Автор rascalpod833 ( назад)
Did the neckbeards come in to defend rapelay yet?

Автор Jomb Jong Liribop ( назад)
2:36 bottom left corner

Автор Gordan Ramsey ( назад)
No wonder I hate weebs

Автор Blue Tsunami ( назад)
I remember when Rapelay came out. It was popular over here in Macau but it
got banned by the CCP real quick

Автор JOE BRO ( назад)
you sound like vexxxd

Автор Jhon Yoon ( назад)
who saw PewDiePie play Mr mosquito?

Автор Mr Damnit ( назад)
Blameitonjorge should do a video about anime

Автор MysticalJesters ( назад)

Автор PluageDoc 2.0 ( назад)
My thoughts:
9. surprised that mosquitoes can't actually calm people.
8.Japanese grils version of dead or alive xtreame.
7.early development version of something like goat simulator.
6.Not as weird as a few other dating games. I think one had a
werewolf-alien.(still have the nightmares.)
4.another one to ad to the list of games you can't beat without taking
3.Also famous for a related Creepy pasta.
2.Just another normal day in japan, entertainment wise.
1.Just look what it did to Jontron.
Overall thoughts:
Like the cross over you two, LOVE IT!!!!!!!! just one thing,WHY YOU NO ADD
CHO ANIKI, That game is the ultimate definition of crazy!!!!!!

Автор hero awesome ( назад)

Автор KingSpook ( назад)
Let the doki hit you.

Автор Alec Kreitler ( назад)
Wow cool

Автор Sailor Moon Generation ( назад)
you now have 473,862 subs :)

Автор Guitar Overlord ( назад)
Konami doesn't even deserve to be mentioned in this list anymore.

Автор Socio Muff ( назад)
I played Rapelay a few years back and broke the girls. Even though it
involved rape it was actually an alright game. It gave me something to do.

Автор SilverKid 9 ( назад)
clickbait thumbnail

Автор lazyjason 7980 ( назад)
great video and great song

Автор Zero Knight ( назад)
but wasn't Muscle March released on the Wii virtual console?

Автор Maiuka Rena ( назад)
we had so many weirdness from Japan, that it's not even surprising anymore
whenever they do more weird things

Автор Rigbyjr10 The Gamer ( назад)
Takeshi challenge shouldn't be number one that game is hilarious it's the
definition of trolling

Автор Rigbyjr10 The Gamer ( назад)
Oh it's you

Автор unknown ( назад)

Автор Natt Tenshi ( назад)
Woah, woah, woah, WOAH! ....Hatoful Boyfriend has been out on the AppStore
since 2014.... WHY DID I NOT KNOW THIS!? I'm out of money now! 😫

Автор Dark Lord Morgoth ( назад)
RapeLay should have been #1, simply for the fact it is a hentai game where
you rape women into submission.

Автор NetherTraitor258 ( назад)
You didn't mention how in #2, one of the daughters is 10 years old or how
one of the bad endings involves pregnancy and suicide.

Автор NinjaGengar 1999 ( назад)
+blameitonjorge I think you should really do a Countdown of Apperence Of
Death in Cartoons or Adult Cartoons if you have the time that would be

Автор Joey Geraghty ( назад)
Jorge AND Tats, with his glorious voice, that chorus of a thousand angels?
I'm fucking on board, dude.

Also, number two fucked me up. That's just... odd. It's the most surreal
thing. A rape simulator? It's almost like it was made solely to be

Автор Ali Chakroufali ( назад)
Love ur vids KEEP IT UP

Автор LoziChu ( назад)
Fucking love Hatoful boyfriend

Автор OfficialOpit ( назад)
Please do more CVOTI! I've been waiting like 4 months!

Автор The GalvaKnight ( назад)
Sea Man is perhaps the single most disturbing game ever made.

Автор Tayla April ( назад)
gotta admit tho hatoful boyfriend is pretty amazing

Автор Mark Joseph Tolentino ( назад)
pewdiepie played all of this even tho its wierd 😂

Автор super bowie ( назад)

Автор Despair ( назад)
I loved Hatoful Boyfriend xD

Автор LuigiGamer ( назад)
you should do top ten creepiest anime moments

Автор TheShangryLlamas ( назад)
I haven't seen Tats in a long time, whoa

Автор Shelby The Yandere ( назад)

Автор Shelby The Yandere ( назад)
ty for putting my old user in ur google plus circle. :D

Автор Saphira Luxray (K.I.R.A) ( назад)
I haven't watched any of Tat's vids in a while but did they change voice

Автор Cody Tesch ( назад)
hey blameitonjorge how does it feel to have 400000+ subs

Автор star shine ( назад)
the side steppin' horse annihilated me

Автор CAB1802 ( назад)
Where's Hong Kong 97?

Автор 12DAMDO ( назад)
taikasi's castle is my favorite japanese gameshow...

Автор 12DAMDO ( назад)
i saw musclemarch on dashiegames...

Автор Icyangel10 ( назад)
The pigeons aren't anthro & the dream diary from LSD's writer is female.

Автор Rock ( назад)
omg...eastern mind!

Автор BlueDoodlez ( назад)
I jumped at 8:48 when the lion showed its face

Автор Loki Laufeyson ( назад)
Is #7 where some of Cr1tikal's videos come from?

Автор josuke higashikata ( назад)
I thought tats was the guy with the cryptic voice.

Автор Dime TheDude ( назад)
Ahhhhhh Donald trump heads with arms and legs!!!!

Автор TrainerRubyCheah ( назад)
Theses games are one of the reasons why the Japanese people get backlash

Автор ConveyedAsh ( назад)
I remember I had to do a report on Rapelay in 6th Grade

Автор mochichan ( назад)
TATS omfg

Автор Goggles Podwano ( назад)
TakEshi. Not TakAshi.

Автор can't stump the trump ( назад)
"I constantly have conversations with my Seaman."

Автор StarbitsCG ( назад)
Rapelay 👌

Автор Mushrambo Kinniku ( назад)
RapeLay is awesome :D

Автор Makoto Itoshi ( назад)
How come AVGN hasn't played Takeshi's Challenge? It looks like it would be
the ultimate episode.

Автор VideoGameHero95 ( назад)
10:53 'the Nintendo NES' gg

Автор Madi_Rose ( назад)
My brother had/has SeaMan,not sure if he still has it though.

Автор Panda ( назад)
This video is interesting...

Автор SuperMikeyBrothers ( назад)
I gotta do for Nimoy FOR NIMOY!

Автор Sharon Pereira ( назад)
This is amazing.

Автор SHADE A.I Gaming Chamber ( назад)
;O and i have played most of these! xD

Автор Shark fan of the sea ( назад)
japan is so WTF?!?

Автор Preázinho Play ( назад)
I Just need Some lolis, lol.

Автор Tega Onabedje ( назад)
i prefer his creepy videos

Автор Kaitlyn Queiroz ( назад)

Автор Dragon Zilla ( назад)
Do you know the Angry Video Game Nerd?

Автор James Mason ( назад)
"Little companies like Konami." Well yeah, they're definitely little now.
Not undeservingly. Also I want to play eastern mind the lost souls of tong
nou. It looks like the best kind of weird.

Автор Protagonist Von Badperson ( назад)
Great video. Hatoful Boyfriend is an amazing game, I have a lot of hour in
that game.

Автор Dante Sparda ( назад)

Автор justkaz ( назад)
bkamitonjorge and tats are the best top list channels that I know. :3

Автор Warped Reality ( назад)
I am in no doubt that the Japanese are the best manufacturers of games.
Where America has Halo, Call of Duty, and other good franchises, Japan owns
2 different mass media franchises, and they have made Mario, Legend of
Zelda (considered the greatest ever), Metal Gear Solid, and Silent Hill.

Seriously, Japan are the masters of writing and making games, as in America
you would find a game with 3000 bugs and server crashes.

Автор Ben Culbertson ( назад)
He's back praise ChinChin

Автор Venom3254 ( назад)
10:42 - 10:45
MXC, childhood memories coming back to me.

Автор Matches Mcgee ( назад)
Is Joe Pasquale in this video? Listen at 4:14

Автор Killerstar13 ( назад)
And you said your voice ruins top-videos, Tats. You are great!

Автор Mina Del Cali ( назад)
Meh I've heard of most of these except the surrealist game ,not the dream
one the one before it, those eyeball in mouth games give me the creeps...

Автор Riley K-Nine ( назад)
What is the censored bit at 3:08?

Автор D Bammstein ( назад)
Tats sounds a bit like the typewriter/bug monster from Naked Lunch

Автор Nate Vines Music ( назад)
its Tah-Keh-Shee not Tah-Kah-shee

Автор Travingel ( назад)
funny that i saw at least 2 games on here on the AVGN reviews.
and i could swear its called ''takeshi'' not ''takashi''

Автор Armageddon Dragon ( назад)
Only in Japan!

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