Trident Missile Launch

This video shows the back-to-back launching of two Trident II D5 submarine launched ballistic missiles. From the Chief of Naval Operations, Submarine Warfare Division (navy.mil)

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Автор Masa3 ( назад)
where the hell is the audio?

All governments are ALL corrupt trust nobody in government they better
thier lives NOT yours there sons and daughters are not on the front line,
no sir they are not they are busy shopping with your money when you go to
war you pay for their fancy lifestyles

Автор giancarlo stanton ( назад)
Has a Muslims name on it

Автор Skate Punk Seventy-Seven ( назад)
The missiles are not Trident, that's just the subs. They are Cruise
missiles being launched.

Автор Wild Style Morales ( назад)
russia better tap out! miss usa will fuk you!

Автор Jake OZ ( назад)
You guys know that when Tridents reenter the have a red aura (US) but
Russian icbms have a blue aura upon reentry that can leave trail up to 15
mins. So that squashes the "Trident missile", and I doubt that Russia would
test one of their icbms near the coast of LA, and not think of retaliation
from the US. This thing also looks a lot like the blue aura lights in 2011
and 2013 in Australia, UK, and Europe. So what ever it is, it definitely
wasn't a Trident.

Автор -discontinued- ( назад)
Look at these comments, stupid Americans. You actually believe your
government's cover-up stories?

Автор PizzaCake360 ( назад)
so when these things are launched do they leave a trail that resembles like
a blue Aurora? or any type of glowing light? and do they leave the

Автор Barb Bishop ( назад)
One day headed for the Iranians heads

Автор Alexia Martinez ( назад)
The end of the world

Автор mindormood1 ( назад)
Nice, that's $70 million a pop

Автор Kamrad-TV ( назад)
America's Best. Death to Russia

Автор Wood Skier ( назад)

Автор moreme40 ( назад)
We have these things, and yet the Middle East still acts a fool. Go

Автор sonnyblack0870 ( назад)
What depth do they launch these from?

Автор Dimitrovich Kovalenko ( назад)
SS-18 is more larger, stronger in MT and faster and better than Trident

Автор patboone nueva espana ( назад)

Автор mpullen99 ( назад)
Did a 4 missile ripple launch in the early 80's. Felt proud as the birds
headed up range.

Автор drisdrisdrisdris ( назад)
And what if there is a fish boat and the missile hit it? 

Автор Hunter Harlin ( назад)
like this comment then press 1980 

Автор Boromir Denethor ( назад)
i love how everyone is talking like so tough about Britain from the
missiles....last time i checked these were American missiles...unless both
countries use them

Автор KrazyKommieKiller ( назад)
You people and your over exaggeration of the power of nuclear weapons.
Unless deliberately and cooperatively deployed to do so, nuclear weapons
cannot hope to wipe out humanity and are unlikely to even create a global
apocalyptic event. South America, Africa, and even Australia/New Zealand
would be practically untouched by the entire affair. Long term global
nuclear winter and excessively persistent fallout is an overblown farce
dreamed up by disarmament supporters in the 70's.

Автор ewe wewe ( назад)
salute that missile boys cause thats the lat line of defence if ww3 starts!

Автор Frye Pod ( назад)
Haven't pulled back from Afghanistan yet, and they conquered and trained a
force to withhold the government they installed, that seems like a huge
success for an empire. Vietnam on the other hand, just ridiculous thing to
do. Just went there and kicked the shit out a country, took some losses,
and left for no rhyme or reason. 

Автор sparrow2202 ( назад)
vietnam, afghanistan, 

Автор YamahaCruiser0 ( назад)
This is being used in the movie GI Joe 2 where they launch nukes.

Автор Oscar Banuelos ( назад)
Since World War II the USA has never pulled back from anywhere. There is
very little difference between the two political parties when it comes to
American mililtary hegemony on planet Earth.

Автор Oscar Banuelos ( назад)
As long as you fail to grasp the true nature of Homo Sapiens then nuclear
weapons will seem like a foolish waste of national treasure. Read history,
psychology and anthropology.

Автор frogstamper ( назад)
I couldn't agree more....nukes are a criminal waste of money.

Автор Peter Schliegel ( назад)
What other countries? There is only Russia. The NATO is badass. There
wouldn't be a third world war. Only China and Russia and Iran can be nuked.
The rest of this world is united. And don't remember me of Africa or South
America. These Nations rape themselves.

Автор mhsable ( назад)
naaaaw you think?

Автор mhsable ( назад)
india? that tiny overcrowded disgusting getto can't even feed its people
...pakistan can take out india...the US can wipe out the entire world and
we don't even need to start with china FUCKTARD.

Автор Lewis Smith ( назад)
Even tho israel is the USA's ally and if they attacked us the US won't be

Автор fauxbourdon64 ( назад)
If Mr Kerry's statement means that the US will pull back on forward naval
presence and power projection in the Western Pacific, which is how I took
it, then China has succeeded in its objective to buy time while they build
a bluewater Navy. It is clearly a strategic victory by Beijing. Xi and
Jiang have clearly outsmarted Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Автор ‫احمد الزهراني‬‎ ( назад)
الشيعه الايرانين ههههههههههههههههههههههههه

Автор prisonbreakouts ( назад)
What ? Israel can nuke britain... Forget Israel two asian giants India and
china are powerful enough to take out us and nato..... 

Автор mhsable ( назад)
Britain and the US

Автор Laythe ( назад)
Britian isnt the only one with that can launch nukes from a submarine

Автор gavin jones ( назад)
Underwater Battleship Tense since the Cold War

Автор FuRy ( назад)
k thanks

Автор 7777Scion ( назад)
There are several sub-launched anti-ship missles that were fired from the
torp tubes. They then break the surface, hug the surface, hit the ship, and
1000 lbs of EHEx and that ship, if it is smaller than a cruiser,

Автор FuRy ( назад)
oh ok, what missile could be fired out of a torpedo-tube? (for example)

Автор 7777Scion ( назад)
SLBM's? Basically "no" - or practically zero momentum. The entire ordnance
can be fired in less than 15 minutes. That's a VERY short window.
Torpedo-tube launched guided-missles - yes.

Автор FuRy ( назад)
I have NEVER seen a Chinese submarine. It all depends on technology and one
question which may lead to my point, can submarines fire missiles while
moving? (NOT Torpedoes)

Автор 7777Scion ( назад)
Only for a very short time, after that, these platforms DISAPPEAR. Unless a
boomer sub driver has a crew that is very amiss, they are very aware of any
attack submarine that may be close by and won't launch until ... something
changes. :-) I'm talking about NATO here, not Russian SSBN's - they are
basically junk that we track pretty easily the moment they leave their
ports. I'd say 90% of them would be destroyed before they launched their
birds. The Chinese boats are a joke.

Автор pakistanipatriot zindabad ( назад)
try pakistani missiles.

Автор FuRy ( назад)
I Think ICBMs Or Other Missiles Like The 'Tomahawk BGM-109C' Would Be
Better To Be Used, Nukes Cause Too Much Damage, Should Only Be Used For

Автор Phil M. ( назад)
yeah your right.. but if the anti-missile defences systems malfunctions,
misses or simply does not deploy (which are big factors) they are fucked -
big time. Nuclear subs are the future of warfare.. no question about it.
The advantages out number the disadvantages BIG TIME. 

Автор FuRy ( назад)
Anti-missile defence systems installed at the firing stations.

Автор LittleFilms ( назад)

Автор Phil M. ( назад)
wrong, - other countries have have built nuclear firing stations.. if they
fire off a nuke, they're obviously not going anywhere so they're going to
get hit back.. we brits can fire of many nukes in many different locations.
Plus enemy countries do not know the location of our nuclear submarines and
therefore cant prevent it. its extremely clever actually... 

Автор FuRy ( назад)
not very clever actually, because you would reveal your position. It would
become a game of hit and run.

Автор Phil M. ( назад)
its real.. its how us british fire off nukes, clever eh?

Автор AntiKoerper5 (2005 лет назад)

Автор pakistanipatriot zindabad ( назад)

Автор littlebigsociety ( назад)
@guitarrmasta Faslane, near Helensburgh on the river Clyde.

Автор guitarrmasta ( назад)
nice, where is that?

Автор Gabriel ( назад)

Автор littlebigsociety ( назад)
@retlaw I live nearby the naval base where the subs are stationed and the
warheads are stored nearby.

Автор Retlaw1995 ( назад)
that's impossible, they are in a submarine... 

Автор littlebigsociety ( назад)
I live a few miles from these.

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