Apocalypse Now Intro (The Doors - The End)

This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end
Of our elaborate plans, the end
Of everything that stands, the end
No safety or surprise, the end
I'll never look into your eyes...again
Can you picture what will be
So limitless and free
Desperately in need...of some...stranger's hand
In a...desperate land
Lost in a Roman...wilderness of pain
And all the children are insane
All the children are insane
Waiting for the summer rain, yeah

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Автор parody onetwothree ( назад)
The horror of war. It may fade but it is never forgotten. The memories come
haunting back when one least expects it. That is my interpretation of this
amazing opening sequence.

Автор oe te ( назад)
after isnt -brand NEW!

Автор Bri G. ( назад)
I spent time off the coast of vietnam, we Sailors played antiwar songs on
the ships radio station including the FU*K song. I thought that was pretty
cool our captain let us do that.

Автор Take Janner ( назад)
It sounds higher pitched than the original. That's not just me right?

Автор daniel mchale ( назад)
for the 58000 men that we LOST I GIVE THIS SONG TO THEM

Автор james woody ( назад)
Fucking brilliant!!

Автор Tommy Udo ( назад)
Lost in a Roman wilderness of pain

Автор ITersmus ( назад)
My favorite movie and one of my favorite songs. Such a great intro to an
awesome movie. Other fantastic movies you should see are, Goodfellas, Back
To The Future, Rushmore, The Big Lebowski, etc. I could watch this movie
over and over again. It is timeless just like the other movies I mentioned.

Автор dianalee84 lee ( назад)
What a great film.The books 'dispatches' and Conrads 'Heart of Darkness'
the films based on are well worth a read.

Автор Dark Night Of The Soul ( назад)
explosions right on que

Автор Bill Douglas ( назад)
I sure wish Americans would have learned how insane our wars are, before
Iraq, etc. Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Автор iCarillon inChrist ( назад)
I was in university during Vietnam War with many friends over there, and
clear memory of protesters fixing their rant on them as well instead of
SOLELY against cruel leaders subjecting them to attrition and atrocities
inherent in cruel and sinister agenda crafted over Scotch and cigars in the
oval office. My relatives fought in World Wars and Vietnam, and my justice
career linked me with exponentially more NOBLE soldiers of all ages. The
horror of past, present and especially real-time, all precious souls in
boots on killing fields, again subjected to attrition and atrocities
inherent in cruel and sinister agenda, is heavy in my soul. O GOD, protect
the righteous and give peace to all who can never forget, in Jesus’ name.
~iCiC <3

Автор Michael Barajas ( назад)
I love the shot when the f5e Tigers fly over and drop napalm awesome shit

Автор Michael Barajas ( назад)
Every time I was home I wanted to be back in the jungle....... Every time I
was there I wanted to be back home

Автор Clark Air Base ( назад)
Best Vietnam movie.

Автор Brent C ( назад)
Saigon. Sh!t...

Автор Carol Kean ( назад)
Never before or since has a ceiling fan carried so much visual impact, such

Автор Red Wolf Gang ( назад)

Автор TheTOMCONNIE ( назад)
TICK... TICK... TICK... . . . _ _ _ . . .

Автор 3dfreak2000 ( назад)
Any middle/end 60's psychedelic rock music sounds even better with a Huey
whop,whop,whop background sound.

Автор Kyle Delcambre ( назад)
Greatest movie ever made

Автор elizabeth kemp ( назад)

Автор Maxime ( назад)
"'Every time I think I'm gonna wake up back in the jungle..'"

Автор Ronald Charles Epstein ( назад)
A great song for an unusual film.

Автор Thomas W. Brinkley ( назад)
Wow, I finally got to sit down and watch this movie uninterrupted. WOW!

Автор Mando Pando ( назад)
best opening scene for a movie

Автор Michael Wilson ( назад)
in my top 3

Автор robagiuffre ( назад)
Current mood

Автор fred linne ( назад)
RIP Wayne Kimmell and his F105!

Автор mosquitobight ( назад)
I predict that within the next 10 years, Apocalypse Now will be remade.
Probably with something like the following cast:

Colin Farrell.........Capt. Willard
Kevin Spacey.............Col. Kurtz
Denzel Washington.........The Chief
Seth Rogen.....................Chef
Chris Pine....................Lance
Owen Wilson.....The Photojournalist
Mark Wahlberg..........Col. Kilgore

Автор Calvin Lala ( назад)
One of the greatest movies of all time.

Автор Daniele Ronga ( назад)
One of the best intro scene of all time!

Автор Jake Harris ( назад)
"Some day this wars ganna end...."

Автор SuperBbishop ( назад)
The end... fine.

Автор haiku231199 ( назад)
beautiful fried

Автор Flokinable ( назад)
Somehow, i find the song even better with helicopter sounds.

Автор Robert Henderson ( назад)
Ms. Robison , thank you .

Автор Kammers10 ( назад)
So brilliant, the helicopters swooshing, scooping low, it's like wtf? But
it's also Nicolas Cage's ceiling fan...

Автор Eziokilla9595 ( назад)
This is the only movie to ever get Vietnam right. Filmmaking of the highest

My all time favorite film. 

Автор LimelightImages NYC ( назад)
I was a combat soilder in Vietnam and I don't remember ever hearing The
Doors being played in the 24 months I was there!

Автор Terri Robison ( назад)
“Apocalypse” is a Greek word that actually means to "uncover, reveal, or
unveil" the truth that has been ignored, forgotten, misinterpreted and
misunderstood, and the Greek phrase “apokalupsis eschaton” literally means
"revelation at the end of the age."

Of course, the common meaning of words Apocalypse and Apocalyptic are
commonly misused referring to a catastrophic, cataclysmic event, widespread
destruction, an epoch battle and "final" war, and so on. That is evident in
all the myths told in books and movies that depict scenarios of such
imagined horrible events. And the "fire and brimstone" sermons of
sanctimonious right-wing preachers of gloom and doom for all
"non-believers" add to all the misunderstanding.

The misunderstanding and the reason the original and true meaning was
replaced was because most prophecies foresaw and foretold that prior to the
revelation and subsequent judgment, there would be a terrible tribulation
and “signs” that would occur prior to the coming of the modern son of man,
whose revelation is the real Apocalypse.

Many of the Jewish prophets foresaw it, as did many other prophets around
the world. Jesus of Nazareth said that the signs would occur or appear as
the end of the age approached, and the signs would include horrible
corruption, injustice and inequity, terrible conflict and division, wars
and rumors of war, natural disasters and plagues, and many other terrible

Those prophecies of Jesus have come to pass -- all of which have been the
consequences of Man's vain folly, greed, corruption, carelessness, gross
errors and wrongdoing. Most of humanity has been suffering from such
horrible and terrible events and circumstances increasingly during the last
hundred years. And with each passing day the world becomes more dark with
fear, frustration, anger, conflict and suffering, and more and more people
feel more and more helpless and hopeless — even as the relative few who
rule the world continue in their corrupt and greedy ways and live higher
and higher in the lap of luxury.

Most of the prophecies of the world’s religions envisioned this scenario,
these circumstances and this tribulation, and that includes Judaism and
Christianity, upon which Islam was originally founded. For if we study the
major world prophecies we can see that there is general agreement that the
fulfillment of prophecy is about the world going through a terrible
tribulation prior to a divine intervention or intercession, and one could
say it is like going through “labor pains” leading up to a new paradigm and
greater civilization being born into the world.

That divine intervention and intercession is brought about because of the
revelation, the Apocalypse, and the i intercession comes with the promised
judgment that will change the world -- delivered by the modern "son of man"
and "Messiah," the principal messenger for the Spirit of truth Jesus said
would come, to issue judgement, guide you to the truth, show you things to
come, and glorify God and the Ancient One who is in heaven with God.

All religious scriptures speak of it, but EGOCENTRIC, ETHNOCENTRIC Man has
not understood!!!!!!

Автор * * ( назад)
Clint Esatwood was offered Martin Sheens part but refused because he
didn't want to spend months filming this in the Philippines. Imagine how
much better it would have been. Greatest Vietnam war flick!

Автор Uck Youf ( назад)
Saigon....aka Ho Chi Minh city is a pretty happening place now...

Автор allen simeon ( назад)
I love the smell of napalm in the morning.
You know, one time we had a hill bombed, for 12 hours. When it was all
over, I walked up. We didn't find one of 'em, not one stinkin' dink body.
The smell, you know that gasoline smell, the whole hill. Smelled like
....victory. Oh!... What a lovely war.

Автор Davidathf ( назад)
Fuck yeah!!!!!

Автор SecretAgentMan00 ( назад)
"Saigon....... shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit"

that line always makes me laugh

Автор john Thaerough ( назад)
Anger management

Автор mill kills ( назад)
the horror, THE HORROR...

Автор daniel mchale ( назад)
the end is my best friend

Автор JackBolly1 ( назад)
Will the self-absorbed, Obama voting Millennials understand any of this? I
doubt it. Even though I was just a kid, I'll never forget the the kid next
door who went to Federal prison for tearing his draft card up and not
going. Nor can I forget the face of the Green Beret I happened to see at
the base hospital - such a soilder - His face said it all.

Автор MateoKalifas420 ( назад)
Sell the house,
Sell the car,
Sell the kids,
Find someone else
Forget it!
I'm NEVER coming (home) Back
Forget it!!!

Автор Rob T ( назад)
Great song and movie! 

Автор matt rodgers ( назад)
Good song and good movie

Автор Bigjohnn23 ( назад)
"In an insane world, the sane man appears insane"

Автор Ralphie_dude ( назад)

Автор Paintball enthusiast ( назад)
This film is it, should of win over Kramer vs. Kramer best goddamn film of

Автор Robert A Poet ( назад)
Smells like democracy... 

Автор ronjamesful ( назад)
Napalm in the morning...

Автор AIC4life47 ( назад)
Best opening scene ever.

Автор Andrew Vandenberg ( назад)
I loved this movie.

Автор Brooke Brown ( назад)

Автор Mike Blake ( назад)

Автор Albert Flores ( назад)
thats right we kicked ass, u want some more, far out i'm first.

Автор Fabisch Factor ( назад)

Автор Bluetoe2 ( назад)
Jim Morrison and the Doors were prescient. What was done to Vietnam and
it's people will one day be done to the U.S. and it's people. It's called

Автор pbruc brooks ( назад)
Very Surreal, but Hollywood. "Coming back Home" really hit home as a
Vietnam film. Still the special affects were good by Coppola. I'm sure
missions like this were done over there. War is war; nuts!

Автор Bob Donovan ( назад)
Saigon... shit; I'm still only in Saigon.

Автор Daniel Brossard ( назад)
Screw religion. Ive seen too much.

Автор Rich Kiene ( назад)
DaNang RVN 1969.Was listening to this back then.Groovy....

Автор Petit Lama ( назад)
a fucking good film !!!

Автор The Speak Easy ( назад)
I love the smell of napalm in the morning...

Автор Andrey ( назад)
my headphones tickle

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