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Автор chandra babu chandru (15 дней)
superb sir.. i was fasinating to learn Music.. i think u are lessons will
be great inspiration for that.. thank u very much and ful of respect
towards your teaching.. looking forward to learn ur lessons.. thank u once
again grt job

Автор Sanjay Barthwal (11 дней)
Ur great teacher boss

Автор Yokso Ysol (24 дня)
Thanks a lot, it looks like a good exercise. You explain very well, those
examples help a lot.

Автор Aaron Bañez (2 месяца)
I'm so confused on pressing the base and the lead together. Please make
some video of that. By the way, this video totally helps me. Thanks a lot!

Автор Michaël Wisse (4 месяца)
very use-able advice

Автор Amit Sharma (3 месяца)
Dude you are just a awesum for guys lik me who don't have a piano teacher
just brought a keyboard 2 days ago and now practicing your exercise for my
fingers to work and it is working efficiently ..

Автор Sherryl Peters (5 месяцев)
This is so encouragaeing, it have writers block, but I have piano
Block.Having a hard time but by the grace Of God I will get it, Thanks and
God Bless.

Автор nanokd (4 месяца)
Thank for this tutorial, it has been very helpful :)

Автор Bob Smith (8 месяцев)
Great lesson!!

Автор Singer Balark (4 месяца)

Автор JokerMansBeats (4 месяца)
One of the best I've seen on youtube. I have to checkout the website

Автор Hazhar Ghaderi (4 месяца)
Nice! Thanks 

Автор Luis Antonio Santiago (9 месяцев)
me... oh i PuT the Letters on MY keyboard

Автор Vijaya Karpur (9 месяцев)
You are awesome ! Thanks for the very detailed lesson. I'm doing harmonium
lessons, but after watching you I feel I can do this also. 

Автор Ksus Susk (7 месяцев)
Best teacher on youtube.

Автор Daley Salaam (5 месяцев)
Thanks for the lesson.

Автор MrArtist1971 (1 год)
Bless you man, you're a great teacher.

Автор Salei Pitt (10 месяцев)
Your teaching really show a clear understanding to the viewers. It shows
you really care about wanting people to learn which is a good thing.

Автор Yvette laFrance (1 год)
Thank you. Wonderful. It took me a minute or two to understand the
exercise but I got it. 

Автор YungExcIusive (11 месяцев)
Muscle Memory.

Автор oohlalap (10 месяцев)
Love the lesson.

Автор MrSmoothPursuit (1 год)
Wonderful tutorial, thanks alot. Cheers from Sweden!

Автор Jesse Hernandez (1 год)
Thank you for you time and knowledge it really helps me understand and is
not intimidating.

Автор Mark Allen (1 год)

Автор Maruja Camacho (1 год)
it can really helps to my kd to his piano lesson.. tnx a lot for

Автор nazaruddin abu zaharin (1 год)
Yes, it keeps us from rush .. good technique. Thanks for sharing ..

Автор Jayamohan Rajappa (1 год)
It is so good and useful. Thanks a lot

Автор Georgette Burns (1 год)
You hit the nail on the head when you said doing finger exercises is
excellent practice. I live in an area where not one of these musicians know
any scales. They are getting new keyboards for Christmas and off to church
they go with no training. I am a musician of over 40 yrs and am amazed at
what has happened to true musicians. Thank you for posting this for the
generation coming behind us to learn the true method of playing music.
Blessings To You!

Автор John Boy (1 год)
Thank you so much. I'm a novice at piano, not for long though! I will do
this a couple times a day...

Автор Goldie Knox (1 год)
thank u so much for this video ;) i have just started playing and am in
desperate need to learn really helpful exercises ;)
so have a nice day and greets from Vienna, Austria

Автор Abah Moses (1 год)
This is cool.

Автор Kevin Burch (10 месяцев)
Thanks alot teacher!
Those practice patterns have made something click in my ability to play
I can now play them more than double the speed i could before i started
practising this pattern (both hands too!).
Its amazing!
After just 2 days there was a massive improvement.

Thanks for the lesson. Its very helpful

Автор planetgas (1 год)
I'm starting to learn piano, this is great. Thanks!!

Автор TheMpganesh2009 (1 год)
I am working Oman. My native is tamilnadu in India; your lesson is inspired
me to learn piano. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

Автор carmen luisa rosell-senhenn (1 год)
I think this a really good way to get acquaited with the piano keys. I
have no idea how to play but I have a piano at home sitting there doing
nothing, thank you for sharing. Is there anyway I can contact you besides
this site?

Автор Piano For Beginners (1 год)
Wow, you really make an effort to post and discuss here the different
finger exercises. This is good and I believe that many people will learn
from this video :)

Автор ilikerossi (3 года)
Thank you for this - it really helps! From the UK :D

Автор webpianoteacher2 (1 год)
you bet!

Автор Godmaximum Gabriel (1 год)
your video had make me good pianist in my church because now I can play any
song by strong fingers.

Автор Maaz Masood (3 года)
in addition to this excercise, i also play scales and arppegrios. I want to
start using the metronome for them too. But i don't know what is the proper
way. the way i play is......uh....i play three notes in two beats, so
beat1+ note1 and then note2 (b/w beats) and note3+beat2. and for appregios
i play for notes between two beats. eg for C major, i start with the tick
on C and end on the next C with the next tick is that the proper way?

Автор Jonashj (4 года)
Thank you so much! =)

Автор webpianoteacher2 (4 года)
@aidanboland2008 I don't know. YouTube must be doing maintenance or

Автор warzsolo (4 года)
thanx for this but iv been waiting to see a 2nd part for moon light sanata
mvt 3 if you have already made one then please send me a link or something

Автор Wu Ming Da (2 года)
Thanks .I want more Sir.

Автор Elizabeth Overmyer (2 года)

Автор okielahjiajia (4 года)
Thank you! =D love the exercise and helps me to maintain my fingering on my

Автор webpianoteacher2 (2 года)
Thank you.

Автор Aidan Boland (4 года)
can't favourite the video??

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