Finger Exercises For Piano That Really Helped Me

I not only teach you these 20 exercises, but give you a mountain of information on HOW to play them in the 11 videos on http://www.webpianoteacher.com. I talk a lot in this video, but I think you need to hear it if you are really serious about solving the technical problems you face in trying to play your favorite music. Pro football players train to play the game, and we should train to be the best at our instrument. Enjoy!

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Автор Edmond Hines (1731 год назад)
Thank u!!

Автор Sameo porter ( назад)
That was very helpful , please keep coming with great learning tool
everyone will be bless by this lessonThank you so much mr piano man smile

Автор Diaz Qlasik ( назад)
i wish i was staying with u.Greetings from Ghana

Автор Shawn Gord ( назад)
my right hand is better then my left hand, i also have trouble
co-coordinating both hands to do the same movement, this seems to help a
lot thank you!

Автор Bluesy Piano Scales ( назад)
Thanks for posting ... crucial info

Автор Sandeep Korde ( назад)
Very Helpful

Автор Andrés Palomino ( назад)
Great exercise, thanks a lot for sharing it!

Автор Isaac Bright ( назад)
I have now made sure that my fingers will hate me for the rest of my life

Автор Guvna Goeby ( назад)
Fortunately I HAVE been playing piano/synth/MIDI for about 15 years but I
taught myself so I'm not classically trained and can't read sheet music. I
do really want to perfect my playing though by doing things like this
because sometimes, not often, I stumble over my own fingers and I'm not as
fluent as I'd like to be.

Автор Echo Shark ( назад)
Very nice! Thank you

Автор chandra babu chandru ( назад)
superb sir.. i was fasinating to learn Music.. i think u are lessons will
be great inspiration for that.. thank u very much and ful of respect
towards your teaching.. looking forward to learn ur lessons.. thank u once
again grt job

Автор Yokso Ysol ( назад)
Thanks a lot, it looks like a good exercise. You explain very well, those
examples help a lot.

Автор Aaron Bañez ( назад)
I'm so confused on pressing the base and the lead together. Please make
some video of that. By the way, this video totally helps me. Thanks a lot!

Автор Amit Sharma ( назад)
Dude you are just a awesum for guys lik me who don't have a piano teacher
just brought a keyboard 2 days ago and now practicing your exercise for my
fingers to work and it is working efficiently ..

Автор nanokd ( назад)
Thank for this tutorial, it has been very helpful :)

Автор JokerMansBeats ( назад)
One of the best I've seen on youtube. I have to checkout the website

Автор Hazhar Ghaderi ( назад)
Nice! Thanks 

Автор Michaël Wisse ( назад)
very use-able advice

Автор Singer Balark ( назад)

Автор Sherryl Peters ( назад)
This is so encouragaeing, it have writers block, but I have piano
Block.Having a hard time but by the grace Of God I will get it, Thanks and
God Bless.

Автор Daley Salaam ( назад)
Thanks for the lesson.

Автор Ksus Susk ( назад)
Best teacher on youtube.

Автор Rohit Piyanist ( назад)
i like much your teaching pattern sir plz send me the exercise in pdf form
here is my rohitpiyanist101@gmail.com

Автор Frank Phillips ( назад)
Thank you bud I can actually make some sense of keys for once cheers Frank

Автор Adrian Witherspoon ( назад)
Fantastic once u got into the lesson I'm self taught for 10 yrs don't have
many songsi can play i believe this lesson will work

Автор Aquilesv ( назад)
Good Teacher

Автор Prabez Thapa ( назад)
nice job ...i also need some other exercises

Автор pearlylissanu ( назад)
i think what you're trying really hard to explain is muscle memory the same
way you type or dial numbers on a phone without looking at the keyboard or
dial pad. :) consice!

Автор Muneer Aboo ( назад)
very good

Автор Gachitadamunga ( назад)
Thanks for this. This is excellent. I only know of you from this one video
but it's easy to see that you are a very strong teacher with an
understanding of how to communicate knowledge and transfer skills. I like
the way you speak strictly to the point: concisely and efficiently
attending to all the important items. You are the kind of teacher who has
the kind of understanding and insights which qualifies a person to teach
other teachers to teach.

Автор kremmus loenen ( назад)
this one is great for your left hand! im righthanded and when i practice
this stuff my left hand just started to catch up. Just be patient and try
to sync left and right. hope it works for you, it did for me..

Автор David Elias Flores Escalante ( назад)
Amazing Exercise, we need more (rookies) Thanks in advance.

Автор AntiqueRadios ( назад)
These exercises are great! Do you have any exercises for the left hand
only? I'm right handed and my left is much weaker than my right? Many

Автор webpianoteacher2 ( назад)
you bet!

Автор sherrcon ( назад)
thank you for sharing my friend...

Автор rexyou55 ( назад)
Sounds like tom and jerry. xD

Автор ProjectifyMusic ( назад)
I need to stretch a 10th and my hand can barely play a 9th and I have to
slur the notes (I tried detaching and pedalling and I got told off :P) Any

Автор StudentfromJakarta ( назад)
i'm following you .. you're a great teacher .. please keep sharing your
knowledge ....

Автор ashish libang ( назад)
man this was so helpful.. thanks

Автор Godmaximum Gabriel ( назад)
your video had make me good pianist in my church because now I can play any
song by strong fingers.

Автор Jvizzlezz ( назад)
Many just tell me "start slow and get faster", but they don't actually tell
me the technique I need to use to play things such as the 128th notes on
Sonata Pathetique - Grave, specifically the downward roll right before
Allegro molto e con brio... what can I do to make it easier?

Автор adrian alonso ( назад)
im learing to play the talkbox.. this sounds important to play that
instrument. lol wish me luck!

Автор webpianoteacher2 ( назад)
You are very welcome.

Автор webpianoteacher2 ( назад)
Thank you very much.

Автор webpianoteacher2 ( назад)
Thank you.

Автор webpianoteacher2 ( назад)
you're welcome!

Автор Wu Ming Da ( назад)
Thanks .I want more Sir.

Автор karatebuff ( назад)
Discipline and a lot of patience is the key oh and most of all PERFECTED

Автор Lilia Hakimova ( назад)
I highly recommend to use A Dozen a day books. Kids love these exercises.

Автор Elizabeth Overmyer ( назад)

Автор webpianoteacher2 ( назад)

Автор la chaju ( назад)
thank you!

Автор Bidush Kumar Naik ( назад)
Its all great but how can I get the total 20 exercises? Can you help please

Автор lisa jin ( назад)
@alexis jones concentrate your thoughts on your left hand as you play.
That's what my piano teacher says :)

Автор Crystal Pelayo ( назад)
hey thanks so much for taking the time to make these videos... ive played
piano off and on with no lessons since i was very little.. i memorized the
piano but had no idea how to read music.. your instructions are clear and
precise, & are helping me a lot to really understand.. thanks again. Love &
music. x

Автор Tomm Swasthik ( назад)
Just one the left one...

Автор alexis jones ( назад)
how can i work more on my left hand because right now i cant do anything

Автор Charles Jefferson ( назад)

Автор iron man ( назад)
i've practiced a few of this exercises when I was 10 years old..

Автор noname ( назад)
THAT WAS A VERY THOROUGH LESSON! THANK YOU. You explained quite a lot in a
easy to understand method.

Автор Dobbie Walker ( назад)
@8:55 that's the key... get it?

Автор babiegirlC ( назад)
ive been playing piano for 7 years, and my left hand has always been weaker
than my left.. do you have any excercises that would help strengthen my
left hand? i can hardly play sixteenth notes in my left hand. if you could
give me any help and tips that would be awesome!! please respond!!!

Автор smthingcreativepls ( назад)
just curious, how long/frequency do you recommend practising this? and what
kind of improvement will we see in long run? thanks for posting btw!

Автор jazzyfosho7 ( назад)
Nice and Tight!!

Автор Maaz Masood ( назад)
in addition to this excercise, i also play scales and arppegrios. I want to
start using the metronome for them too. But i don't know what is the proper
way. the way i play is......uh....i play three notes in two beats, so
beat1+ note1 and then note2 (b/w beats) and note3+beat2. and for appregios
i play for notes between two beats. eg for C major, i start with the tick
on C and end on the next C with the next tick is that the proper way?

Автор Diego Vinicius da Silva ( назад)
can these exercises be helpful on hands independence?

Автор skantabulitios (1624 года назад)
@dougtheslug2012 shut up. he has beautiful eyes.

Автор MrKhupehha ( назад)
@webpianoteacher2 you really help me..thankss you so much..

Автор Hassan Alnagem ( назад)
Thank you for this - it really helps!

Автор ilikerossi ( назад)
Thank you for this - it really helps! From the UK :D

Автор Efrain Espinoza ( назад)
I wanted the whole 20 exercises

Автор Ermelo Lindi ( назад)
You look like J. Travolta, is he your brother?

Автор okielahjiajia ( назад)
Thank you! =D love the exercise and helps me to maintain my fingering on my

Автор webpianoteacher2 ( назад)
Start out with the metronome at an easy speed, about 80 or so. Make sure
you can do the exercises hand separately before trying to put both hands
together. Don't let the right hand get ahead of the left! Accent the first
note in every group of 4: N-n-n-n N-n-n-n...Let your wrists move slightly
to the right when ascending, slightly to the left when descending. Don't be
the tin man. No stiffness in your shoulders or upper body.

Автор warzsolo ( назад)
thanx for this but iv been waiting to see a 2nd part for moon light sanata
mvt 3 if you have already made one then please send me a link or something

Автор Jonashj ( назад)
Thank you so much! =)

Автор Sweepingreaper4 ( назад)
Ever see the music video for "When We Was Fab" by George Harrison? Kinda
reminded me of that?

Автор webpianoteacher2 ( назад)
@aidanboland2008 I don't know. YouTube must be doing maintenance or

Автор webpianoteacher2 ( назад)
@aidanboland2008 I don't know. YouTube must be doing maintenance or

Автор Aidan Boland ( назад)
can't favourite the video??

Автор Aidan Boland ( назад)
can't favourite the video??

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