Internet Pop Quiz with Rhett & Link

Rhett & Link (Good Mythical Morning) take the Tonight Show Internet Pop Quiz, answering questions about their most-used apps, their favorite Snapchat filters, and favorite throwback YouTube videos.

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Internet Pop Quiz with Rhett & Link

Просмотров: 913708
Длительность: 7:22
Комментарии: 1084

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Автор Kelly Frey ( назад)
last thing I ordered were 2 GMM mugs! :D Love GMM!

Автор Kassy Addin ( назад)
I LOVE that they talk just as if it were a GMM or GMMore, not changing because they have a different audience

Автор Snas Teh Sketlen ( назад)
"It's an application on your phone"
"*but who is phone*"

Автор Minio's Ark ( назад)
Link said "when you fall in your fucked" then looked at the camera crew like oh shit I cussed 7:20 lmfao

Автор Jamie D ( назад)
6:43 Did Link just say "If you fall in, you're f*cked"?

Автор skyler jasmin ( назад)
anyone else notice Link say "and if you fall in you're f*cked" followed by a massive 'fml' face

Автор jojojaykay ( назад)
Hearing Stevie melting in the background had me melting tbh

Автор Nicholas B ( назад)
Rhett ❤ Link!

Автор Halya 224 ( назад)
They should put buddy system on Netflix or put good mythical morning on Netflix.

Автор Son Goku ( назад)
Silicon valley is great, glad to hear I'm not the only one who likes it.

Автор Nicholas FitzGerald ( назад)

Автор Sydni Bigelli ( назад)
Link is such a dad

Автор Mukesh Bhai ( назад)
xxxx v.

Автор Lina Mertens ( назад)
Controversy military jail drwbpe maximum ideology deer mean genetic sheet.

Автор Grizzle ( назад)
what does link say at 6:42 , he looks kinda nervous after

Автор TheRocknRollZebra ( назад)
I'm so conflicted right now I love rhett and link but I hate Jimmy Fallon

Автор Therealchunion ( назад)
Links new hair ruins the hair song they made. His hair no longer goes down!

Автор Antasma1 ( назад)
Are the boots and fanny pack going to be an episode?

Автор SDchargersfan00 ( назад)
If you somehow find this comment you are amazing.

Автор Horse_WT 1084 ( назад)
I have a dog treat bag thing

Автор Zoey Wright ( назад)
Nice one unlocked

Автор Mr. Maddox ( назад)
it sounded like link said " And if you fall in you're fucked" but he actually said "And if you fall in you're fired"

Автор Lady of Darkness ( назад)
Wait so if they were in NYC, where did they shoot the "will it tea" one? I know they have a "portable" version of their studio but that seemed very real... good job guys, I thought Jimmy was in LA!

Автор Matilde Cardoso ( назад)
favor oversee funeral contribution immigrant fight professional attractive ruling

Автор Travis Trice ( назад)
I know what lil fellers are thanks to rhett and link.

Автор Alyssa Lucia Bustamante ( назад)
7:21 what?? 😂

Автор Carrot Juice ( назад)
*HAHA **2:06** It's what a woman's hair sounds like* I died

Автор Mia Chanphimarn ( назад)
They are the cutest mythical beings ever

Автор TF2Fan101 ( назад)
You know you've made it as a celebrity when you're on Jimmy Fallon.

Автор kokokoko shooshooboop ( назад)
did Link say "and when you fall then youre fucked?"

Автор Epsilon Star ( назад)
My record for most episodes binge watched is 13 :D I watched all of Luke Cage in 1 day xD

Автор Amer Aldabagh ( назад)
lol silicone valleyS

Автор Karen Johnson ( назад)
my most binge watched was 4 seasons of MLP lol idk why

Автор MythicalAGDoll ( назад)
They made it

Автор The Beat Project ( назад)
Wow, this is the nicest YouTube comment section I have seen. Ever🙂

Автор B ( назад)
Droky dads.

Автор B. C. Sharpe ( назад)
is it sad that I already had the exact white noise app as Rhett?

Автор Emma Lewis ( назад)
Don't forget Lilly Singh #iiSuperwomanii

Автор huan tran ( назад)
I got an add with jimmy in it

Автор Faithfully Taehyood ( назад)
Aww, that little panicked, "I've just messed up", guilty look on Link's face after around 6:42 kills me..

Автор Z Smith ( назад)
I'm so proud of them they've come so far!!!!

Автор theQiwiMan ( назад)
Love these guys!


Автор System K ( назад)
When Link said "you're fired" I thought he said "you're fucked"

Автор Isaiah Lindley ( назад)
I was thinking this would be a pop quiz of things on the internet, not an unconventional interview.

Автор Spencer S ( назад)
Random Comment

Автор Natalee Ballangee ( назад)

Автор Beakbeard The Barmy ( назад)
u dont have phone because amy stole it

Автор Carter Stegenga ( назад)
That was boring

Автор stuminator GamingHD ( назад)
Bug cake ew !!!

Автор MaioMaio415 ( назад)
i knows these two since the facebook songs :'D

Автор Polar ( назад)
uh i watched 3 seasons of the flash

Автор xx_gothicbunny_xx ( назад)
I would love to see Rhett and link do something with either Paul McCartney or Ringo Starr.

Автор Alexander Read ( назад)
I love how even the camera people laugh at their jokes and antics. Rhett and Link are the best.

Автор Dolphin DIY and Beauty ( назад)
2 out of 3 of my fave YouTube channels (my other one is lizza)!!!!!!!

Автор Mckena Smith ( назад)
I love how close Rhett and Link always sit, even when there's pleny of room... maybe its just instinct from sitting so close in GMM episodes XD

Автор tophatzz barber ( назад)
fuck you two i like gmm and this is scripted bullcrap not the scripted brilliance of gmm... OUT!"

Автор Connor Hill ( назад)
6:42 did link just say if you fall in ur fucked

Автор Ponylover219 ( назад)
hey gurl
i like your boots

Автор Fatty McGee ( назад)
Fuck these guys...

Автор Rhys Curran ( назад)
are that gay

Автор Damien ( назад)
These guys seem like cool parents

Автор Jordan green ( назад)
1:23 I think you are a bunch of white noise

Автор Fire Element Gaming ( назад)
did link cuss at end

Автор TillyCJ ( назад)
well now i feel ashamed that i watched like 20 episodes of buffy in one sitting.

Автор jolene691 ( назад)
Guarantee Rhett and Link physically froze for their opening freeze-frame, even though they knew it would be done in post!

Автор James Pincin ( назад)
How is this an internet pop quiz? More of a "Hey, Rhett and Link! What's on your phones?" pop quiz.

Автор Carl ( назад)
my god this was boring

Автор Uzair Barday ( назад)
audio is kak

Автор MadelynOfficial ( назад)

Автор once2008 ( назад)
Last winter my white noise was my neighbors fucking the whole night with the windows open .. hated those days when they were fighting lol

Автор yensid123 ( назад)

Автор Cha Robertson ( назад)
Why are they so cute!?

Автор NotMyDivision ( назад)
Any other Beasts think of pick−up lines at the mention of boots?!

Автор 00176304 ( назад)
Rett and link are great so funny

Автор Jake Neal ( назад)
Link is my dad

Автор Ben Minotti ( назад)
6:43 Does Link say fired or f*cked?

Автор Joseph Crossley ( назад)
Link's phone got stolen in Buddy System and he still hasn't got it back.

Автор equiv0kate ( назад)
This show has a huge budget, how can you not afford to mic them properly?

Автор Kiera Thrift ( назад)
Rhett: White noise......."hmmm"
Link: Weather..........."huh"

Автор michaelthomson123543 ( назад)
What did link say at 6:40? "And if you fall in, you're _______."

Автор Fish Fish ( назад)
Rhett's dog trainer sounds like a scammer ...

Автор Shelby Beers ( назад)
The last thing I ordered was a good mithical morning 1000th episode coin.

Автор Dakota Small ( назад)
Are you guys still in New York or in California

Автор Freya Corrigan ( назад)
6:42 did link just swear O.o

Автор Evi ( назад)
link is acting very weird

Автор Danky Kang ( назад)
Saw Rhet and Link *click*

Автор Shorouk A ( назад)
4:58 what? just 2? you are truly mythical Link!

Автор ryan woodall ( назад)
I'll probably die tonight, but at least I killed legend27.

Автор Bailey McMahon ( назад)
Did he just say if you fall in youre fucked

Автор ICanLlama ( назад)
What if I got top comment with out saying anything constructive?

Автор Scott K VEVO ( назад)
I watched four seasons of a show in a row once

Автор TheThumbelina111 ( назад)
as soon as I saw this I started crying

Автор Maxwell Beeman ( назад)
this is a q&a not a pop quiz

Автор Jimmy Cho ( назад)
6:43 what did link say??

Автор CommanderAlly ( назад)
I've been a Mythical Beast since early 2012, and it's so amazing to see how far Rhett and Link have come...

Автор JaiiGi ( назад)
Q: What's your favorite Snapchat filter?
Link: Snapchat.... Hasn't that died?

Yep... Link Neal, ladies and gentlemen.

Автор Bernice Mosala ( назад)
These guys are so darn great. <3

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