Bionicle 4 Trailer

This is the all new Bionicle The Legend Reborn Trailer from Amazon. I think it may be the final one..

Bionicle 4 Trailer 10.

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Автор atrumluminarium ( назад)
Lego should reissue some bionicles... for old time's sake :'/

Автор Spagoreng ( назад)
the fourth movie has a lot more... "child-ish" effects for the new
audiences.... So we're kinda used to bionicle being more serious than this.

Автор Mick Tate ( назад)
@ChippY7991 you got a point

Автор ChippY7991 ( назад)
Mata nui kinda sounds like obama.

Автор FlameWolf Gamer ( назад)
*eye twitch*

Автор Shadow ( назад)
Chances are that to see that you looked at my comment through show comment
even though the reply said I spoiled the movie. Your fault not mine.

Автор FlameWolf Gamer ( назад)
dude that is not cool to spoil

Автор zillafire101 ( назад)
You said lord of chaos!

Автор KatS_z3 ( назад)

Автор Shadow ( назад)
Woah was that a spoiler?

Автор KatS_z3 ( назад)
you are retarded

Автор Shadow ( назад)
More spoilers: We are all going to die.

Автор The Ice Viper ( назад)
Spoilers :(

Автор Jakey C ( назад)
Omg it's Worf!

Автор Cyber_Jek ( назад)

Автор Cyber_Jek ( назад)

Автор Scott F ( назад)
The story was left on a cliff hanger because it was dropped after Hero
Faggotry came out ...

Автор Scott F ( назад)
You said it! I almost cried when I found out Bionicle was over :(

Автор TheAspasia13 ( назад)
It came out awhile ago actually...

Автор cal hughes ( назад)
The first three are fantastic. Although I may be a little bias due to the
fact that I was obsessed with those movies when I was little.

Автор UndeadLord12345 ( назад)
Come on you have to say that it's kinda better then the other 3 movies. 

Автор cal hughes (923 года назад)
What has humanity come to?!

Автор Taran Jaiden ( назад)
When did the other stories take place? Like the Toa Mahri and Toa Nuva (the
flying generation because I know everything up to the Toa Mahri) didn't
they get the mask of life?

Автор FLufy ( назад)
oh and why are the glatorian and agori rusty i thought that they were
organic with a few mecanical inplants

Автор FLufy ( назад)
ive compared the animation from this movie and hero factory shit and its
the same so i think this was just getting fans ready for hf ps berixs voice
is mark surges voice and gresh is furno and kina is breeze

Автор Voxovan ( назад)
Yea, Miramax's movies were badass

Автор Lukas Sprehn ( назад)
@FoxCircuit101 What do you mean? Bionicle 2 and 3 was taking place before
the first film...

Автор Lukas Sprehn ( назад)
@shilmoov Yes, some of it does. But some of it is just awful. Like the fact
that the Agori and Glatorian are actually supposed to be 100% organic with
a few mechanicael implants, but instead they're just like replicas of the

Автор Andon “Bagel” Burns ( назад)
And now, were stuck with Hero Factory, the toy made souly for thumb

Автор FoxCircuit101 ( назад)
So wait Mata Nui actually went off world? No wonder everyone couldn't find
him after Bionicle 2 or 3.

Автор bitjezeverpeisek ( назад)
ugh : /

Автор Meech Films 1 ( назад)

Автор Kazuya Kaizen ( назад)
@shilmoov it wasnt

Автор Nara Countess ( назад)
aaand the trailer became a review of the movie.......

Автор Counterstruck420 ( назад)
nothing beats bionicle 2 legends of metru nui

Автор Ben Plumb ( назад)
Mata nui looks abit week, id have expected him to be twice the size of
makuta aswell

Автор Lake Stomp ( назад)
you know, its like they made the movie, and forgot to pan/crop!!! after
they were done, they were just TOO cheap to redo it... URGH!!! Worst camera
angled movie EVUR!!! it was terrible, the camera also helps provide action,
and the left it on boring angles...

Автор Cole Frambes ( назад)
if this was the transformers g1 movie mata nui would be hot rod/rodimus
ackar would be kup kiina=arcee and gresh=? tuma is galvatron 

Автор MtfOtaku ( назад)
@domce953 the mask of life u dumass

Автор domce953 ( назад)
what is the mask in 0:36 ?

Автор ling ding ( назад)
Yes, i'll message it to you now.

Автор Elliot Davies ( назад)
This completely wrecks mata nui, I expected him to be much more awsome :(

Автор ling ding ( назад)
There will be no Bionicle 5.I have the link to the script of the 5th
Bionicle movie. i'll message it to you. 

Автор ling ding ( назад)
No he didn't, He combined Spherus Magna, Bara Magna, and Bota Magna
together.He is still alive but he is currently Floating around in the
Ignika in space(Again).

Автор KroMag ( назад)
Oh my god! Forces of evil!

Автор Regina Gerhardt ( назад)
I saw is awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Автор c4dowgy ( назад)
they need to improve on the dialoge if you were to mark it with pg-13 then
it would be misleading..... this stuff is for kids :( so they make it with
5 year olds in mind

Автор Keano Simmons ( назад)
the movie is soooow awesome can't wait till the next one comes out.

Автор fantacylandfilms ( назад)
iv seen the movie its awesome!

Автор Isaac Seanor ( назад)
Great way to spoil the movie. >:(

Автор Shadow ( назад)
i watched it metus is traitor

Автор lejzer1 ( назад)

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