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Автор Andrew Bennett (2 года)

Автор BigBOSS (1 год)
USA won the empire of Japan because of the atomic bombs.

Автор The King of all things Muffins (1 год)
(cont) I myself often ask why we dropped them in the first place, but from
what my grandfather told me (he was a pilot in the Pacific theater), the
Japanese were incredibly devoted to their own nation, and perceived
"defeat" as dishonorable and a disgrace, thus the kamikaze and the extent
to which they'd go to win. Just look at their past-- samurai are a good
example (they took their duties so seriously, they'd commit seppuku if they

Автор Angela Miguel (1 год)
Though Roosevelt may use the surprise attack on Pearl Harbour as his
primary material for propaganda, I believe him, of all persons, know best
that he left Japs no other method in order to save herself from

Автор Mia Dispiace (1 год)

Автор Kim Il-sung (1 год)
I've got bad ass over here.

Автор Xeasion (1 год)
sauber, minecraft harbor, fette sache! ...

Автор Desire329 (1 год)
Oh yeah.

Автор Claus Klöbner (1 год)
Dann kanst du aufpassen, dass ich dich nicht gruen und blau pruegel, aber
wahrscheinlich stehst du krankes Schwein ja noch drauf.

Автор Kim Il-sung (1 год)
It's truth!

Автор 5680pertive568 (1 год)
Both, they also used torpedo planes

Автор Lelord Kun (1 год)
they use alternate route to surprise american fleet and not to be seen

Автор MCAA6556 (2 года)
Actually we sent like 4 nukes to them and nuked the sh*t out of em'

Автор Caleb Morgan (1 год)
You are pretty stupid.

Автор SuDDeNHacK (1 год)

Автор nelson lederer (1 год)
Was the plane they used Val or the zero

Автор Mia Dispiace (1 год)
DU stirbst besser ASSIE ! Wir werden rausfinden WER Du bist 0 ! Dann !

Автор beelzmon (1 год)
At that point japan actually agreed to surrender, it is well known that the
nuke was not something that should have been done.

Автор Trend101Warrior (1 год)
If FDR knew that Japan declared war on US hours before the Pearl Harbor
bombing, why did it come an hour later after the attack was over? If FDR
knew that Japan was coming to bomb Pearl Harbor, why not set up an ambush
and win from day one? The US intelligence before 1942 was new and very
faulty. It is a well known fact US knew that Japan's attack was coming but
many thought it was supposed to directly aiming at the Philippines since it
was closer to Japan and Hawaii was farther away from Japan.

Автор Kim Il-sung (1 год)
Please tell me more about how you don't need an education.

Автор luis g (1 год)
That is not a fact, that is your own opinion. The fact is that the Japanese
government decided to surrender only after seeing their cities devastated.
The Japanese government felt responsible for the devastation that they did
not wanted another one.

Автор Grand ArchDuke of Doggerland (1 год)
Isoroku Yamamoto said this himself: "I fear all we have done is to awaken a
sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve" and do not say there
is no evidence of him saying this as I have seen him giving a speech on a
war documentary with my own to eyes. I suppose all the US did was nuke
Nagasaki and Hiroshima in revenge. If you are going to start a fight with
someone know absolutely sure you can win.

Автор ChainAlgorithmOfficial (2 года)
Unfortunately, they did. In fact, they aimed at small cities that had a
military presence. They could have hit Kyoto, or Tokyo, or Yokohama. Total
number killed was less than died in fire-bombing raids. To put it all in
perspective, The japs killed a quarter million chinese civilians just
looking for the pilots who flew the Doolittle raid. Point being, the war
was a bloodbath, the nukes were shock-and-awe, and ultimately it was a
small sacrifice that had to be made..

Автор wood avid (1 год)
You bombed Pearl Harbor but we bombed Japan's 20 top cities

Автор MortenStorvik (1 год)
They got scared of the power of the bombs. Not the loss of the two cities.
Wich means dropping the bombs on desolate areas would have had the same
effect. Wich means the sacrifice was pointless. Both the invasion and the
sacrifice could have been avoided by dropping the nukes on desolate areas.
It was pointless and people still suffer today because of the nukes.

Автор Qarnix (1 год)
i love how the guy at 7:12 comes out with his toothbrush like "i dont give
a fuck"

Автор Ich Selber (1 год)

Автор Angela Miguel (1 год)
Emperor Meiji's "The four seas of the world that are united in brotherhood
will know no high waves nor wind"(composed during the Russo-Japanese War)
won the appraisal of your uncle, Theodore Roosevelt as you yourself know.

Автор KrishnaRao Ragavendran (1 год)
"The Japanese never surrendered, to them it only marked the end of a
military era and the beginning of an economic era!" Everyone can coin such
statements to psychologically hide their defeat. India was powerful during
the Gupta era and then it took over to peace marking the end of a military
era and the beginning of religious era with the advent of Buddha,
Sankaracharya, Ramanujacharya, Madhwacharya, Chaitanya Maha Prabhu etc..
Who said India was a colony? Only the British believed so!

Автор MortenStorvik (1 год)
And they could have been dropped on a desolate area and had the same
effect. Wich means the sacrifice was needless.

Автор Lelord Kun (1 год)
that`s why they were flying too low.,

Автор brian critchley (1 год)
You seem to have a lot to say but only in short terms, why? I would like
for you to tell me all about US ideals..

Автор Claus Klöbner (1 год)
Ja beeil dich mal du du abgefuckter Penner. Von mir aus kannst du Scheisse
fressen. Ich wuerde lieber heute als morgen sterben, bevor ich noch mal
meine Eltern oder meine Drecksau "Freunde" sehen muss.

Автор MortenStorvik (1 год)
Yes and the second bomb made them surrender. If the bombs had been dropped
on a desolate area, they would still have the same effect. Most likely even
bigger effect because that would have given the impression that they had so
many bombs that they could afford to "waste" some.

Автор Trend101Warrior (1 год)
If a country wishes to go in an all-out war against another, then you have
declare war. Article 1 of the 1907 Hague Convention (III) didn't say you
have to declare war. It says that you have to give a neutral nation an
explicit warning "in the form either of a declaration of war, giving
reasons, or of an ultimatum with conditional declaration of war" which
Japan didn't do before and during the PH bombing. If you declare war
against a country over something small, it would invite more bloodshed.

Автор Raj Ravichandran (1 год)
why? awful human being

Автор ChainAlgorithmOfficial (2 года)
nukes are a psychological weapon. It basically says "We have a weapon that
can destroy a city in a single hit. You cannot defeat us, not even on your
own soil." those bombs saved tens of millions of lives.

Автор Mikael Salander (1 год)
There is no good guy on war, everyone's a son of a bitch. Americans aren't
the "innocent harmless saints", they are crazy motherfuckers, so as
japanese soldiers, SOLDIERS, not people.

Автор Mia Dispiace (1 год)
DU DEPP ! Niemand will Dich hören / sehen hier !

Автор CrazyPolishGuy1102 (1 год)
Because they wouldn't surrender. The allies actually gave them two chances
to surrender or face ultimate destruction. The government of Japan had no
intention of surrendering and would have fought to the last of inch of
land. It would have cost thousands more American lives and millions of
Japanese lives.The cities were actually military targets unlike most
liberal media will have you believe. Nagasaki was the biggest port for the
imperial navy and Hiroshima had bases in the middle of the cities

Автор ChanoineStraub (1 год)
It's now known that Roosevelt knew the attack was coming. He let it happen
on purpose to declare war. The so-called surprise attack was really a trap.
Roosevelt's action left many Americans dead, but American people didn't
know it at the time.

Автор MortenStorvik (2 года)
Well, since the military wanted to fight to the death and surrendered after
the bombs then im kinda right as well. But youre also right since the
peaceful ones tried to get peace before that.

Автор Bersain Lazaro (1 год)
I hate america!!

Автор david gamboa (1 год)
bad azz scene

Автор Angela Miguel (1 год)
(continued) This was all done before the dropping of the nuclear bomb,
which was dropped by his command. Killing 50% to 90% of the people of 67
Japanese cities and then bombing them with two nuclear bombs. True hero was
only one person. As an aside, Curtis Emerson LeMay Killed German civilians
by the bombing campaign strategy. It's four times for the Hiroshima.

Автор michaeluhrmannmu (1 год)
fu..ing americans great attack

Автор Mr56320 (1 год)
This is sick.

Автор galoon (1 год)
Actually, Kyoto, Tokyo, and Yokohama had already been flattened by the
conventional incendiary B-29 raids. Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which did
indeed have a military presence, were "saved" for the atom bomb. War in
general is a bloodbath, of course. The two atom bombs saved lives by ending
it sooner.

Автор TheBunnyist (1 год)
No worries. I believe we took care of THAT in August, 1945.

Автор daveonfire2 (1 год)
Very well done film, thank you america for your bravery.

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