Pearl Harbor Movie - Attack Scene - Part 1

Pearl Harbor Movie - Attack - Part 1 "Attack scene only"

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Комментарии: 1921

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Автор iLostHurley755 ( назад)
Thanks for the lesson, but after pearl harbor we basically shit all over
japan. soooo. yea. i agree with a quote from this movie. "I fear we may
have awoken a sleeping giant" yea. that's basically what they did.

Автор CrazyPolishGuy1102 ( назад)
Because they wouldn't surrender. The allies actually gave them two chances
to surrender or face ultimate destruction. The government of Japan had no
intention of surrendering and would have fought to the last of inch of
land. It would have cost thousands more American lives and millions of
Japanese lives.The cities were actually military targets unlike most
liberal media will have you believe. Nagasaki was the biggest port for the
imperial navy and Hiroshima had bases in the middle of the cities

Автор iLostHurley755 ( назад)
even though this is a month late. look where it got them. two nukes to the
country. hmm i wonder why.

Автор Grand ArchDuke of Doggerland ( назад)
The only real country who could have won WWII was Germany, they had the
world's best military I have ever seen, even better than the British and
Americans. The quality of armaments they made was so good a tiger could
destroy 80 Shermans. they created the first rocket, the V1 and V2. Hitlers
Nazi regime may have killed 40 million people in five years but in return
Hitler advanced weaponry beyond that of any other country since man began.

Автор Grand ArchDuke of Doggerland ( назад)
Isoroku Yamamoto said this himself: "I fear all we have done is to awaken a
sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve" and do not say there
is no evidence of him saying this as I have seen him giving a speech on a
war documentary with my own to eyes. I suppose all the US did was nuke
Nagasaki and Hiroshima in revenge. If you are going to start a fight with
someone know absolutely sure you can win.

Автор david stidham ( назад)
All Japan did was awaken a sleeping beast

Автор Mr. Scagnetti ( назад)
stfu with all your elitist arguments. the movie's well known to be fucking
garbage of the lowest common denominator, basically a heaping pile of
steaming rhinoceros shit. the real tragedy is why any clips from this
cocksucking faggot shit waste of film, time, and space is on youtube

Автор BzykN7 ( назад)
Respect to Japan from Poland! Japanese people are one of the most honorable
nation in the world for me!

Автор Kim Il-sung ( назад)
Please tell me more about how you don't need an education.

Автор Mikael Salander ( назад)
There is no good guy on war, everyone's a son of a bitch. Americans aren't
the "innocent harmless saints", they are crazy motherfuckers, so as
japanese soldiers, SOLDIERS, not people.

Автор Alexis Smart ( назад)
while these people below me are arguing about pearl harbor, DO YOU ALL
for using chemical warfare? we are entering world war 3.

Автор Trend101Warrior ( назад)
If FDR knew that Japan declared war on US hours before the Pearl Harbor
bombing, why did it come an hour later after the attack was over? If FDR
knew that Japan was coming to bomb Pearl Harbor, why not set up an ambush
and win from day one? The US intelligence before 1942 was new and very
faulty. It is a well known fact US knew that Japan's attack was coming but
many thought it was supposed to directly aiming at the Philippines since it
was closer to Japan and Hawaii was farther away from Japan.

Автор Trend101Warrior ( назад)
If a country wishes to go in an all-out war against another, then you have
declare war. Article 1 of the 1907 Hague Convention (III) didn't say you
have to declare war. It says that you have to give a neutral nation an
explicit warning "in the form either of a declaration of war, giving
reasons, or of an ultimatum with conditional declaration of war" which
Japan didn't do before and during the PH bombing. If you declare war
against a country over something small, it would invite more bloodshed.

Автор nanashi1253 ( назад)
What the article doesn’t point out is that the United States isn’t the only
power to have waged war without formal declarations. The overwhelming
majority of armed conflicts fought in the past 300 years have been
undeclared. . . . [O]ut of more than 100 recorded wars between 1700 and
1870, only 10 were formally declared. It’s a trend that has continued into

Автор nanashi1253 ( назад)
By tapping Japan's wire to the Japanese Embassy in Washington, America had
known hours before Pearl Harbor that Japan declared war against the US. FDR
puzzlingly did not warn Hawaii of this.

Автор don huk ( назад)
Canada = best

Автор don huk ( назад)
This movie should have only been 40 minutes long

Автор mcmill ( назад)

Автор Trend101Warrior ( назад)
Not only Japan bombed the US without a declaration of war but also commited
perfidy as they were negotiating peace-talks with the US as a guise to bomb
Pearl Harbor. Article 23 (b) of the 1907 Hague Convention on Land Warfare
states: "In addition to the prohibitions provided by special Conventions,
it is especially forbidden to kill or wound treacherously individuals
belonging to the hostile nation or army." They killed thousands of
Americans at Pearl Harbor while using peace-talks as a guise.

Автор CrazyPolishGuy1102 ( назад)
What are you talking about Im American

Автор wood avid ( назад)
You bombed Pearl Harbor but we bombed Japan's 20 top cities

Автор KokkaShakaiShugi ( назад)
No, its real. Look at this document: JB-355.

Автор Kim Il-sung ( назад)
Source: My country's textbook.

Автор brian critchley ( назад)
You seem to have a lot to say but only in short terms, why? I would like
for you to tell me all about US ideals..

Автор Texas-Doughnut ( назад)
In Korean books?

Автор Kim Il-sung ( назад)
It's truth!

Автор Texas-Doughnut ( назад)
i have idiot over here

Автор Xeasion ( назад)
sauber, minecraft harbor, fette sache! ...

Автор Kim Il-sung ( назад)
I've got bad ass over here.

Автор Texas-Doughnut ( назад)
lie to yourself

Автор Kim Il-sung ( назад)
Bias much.

Автор Kim Il-sung ( назад)
The war was caused by US imperialism.

Автор CrazyPolishGuy1102 ( назад)
What are you talking about Im an American and was defending the USA from
that idiot.

Автор Gunnar Grammond ( назад)
I'll keep that in mind.

Автор ChanoineStraub ( назад)
It's now known that Roosevelt knew the attack was coming. He let it happen
on purpose to declare war. The so-called surprise attack was really a trap.
Roosevelt's action left many Americans dead, but American people didn't
know it at the time.

Автор Bersain Lazaro ( назад)
I hate america!!

Автор KLEEVER Stuff ( назад)
august 6th, 1945 to be accurate.

Автор daveonfire2 ( назад)
Very well done film, thank you america for your bravery.

Автор Irregular Gamer & Repairs ( назад)
Well at least most of the comments are about the movie and not hating

Автор Alaskafish ( назад)
And to believe your polish. We shouldn't of saved your sorry ass.

Автор CrazyPolishGuy1102 ( назад)
We did.

Автор TheBunnyist ( назад)
No worries. I believe we took care of THAT in August, 1945.

Автор waterlilyqueen ( назад)
I know that this movie doesn't have the best reputation but I think the
first 1:35 minutes of this video is genuinely well done.

Автор SuDDeNHacK ( назад)

Автор 5680pertive568 ( назад)
Both, they also used torpedo planes

Автор Kim Il-sung ( назад)
Screw off.

Автор CrazyPolishGuy1102 ( назад)
Japan also kicked the shit out of your garbage country even before World
War 2

Автор dean dominic ( назад)
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Автор Nicole lederer ( назад)
Was the plane they used Val or the zero

Автор Claus Klöbner ( назад)
geh 911 geschichten erzaehlen

Автор Claus Klöbner ( назад)
halt's maul arschloch

Автор Kim Il-sung ( назад)
Fuck off.

Автор Vincent Raap ( назад)
gedenkt den 2403 Mann frauen und Kindern anstatt euch hier zu streiten!
mann euch kann man echt mit den scheis Japsen vergleichen

Автор Vincent Raap ( назад)
Fuck you you Asshole

Автор Kim Il-sung ( назад)
Good job Japan.

Автор Vincent Raap ( назад)
abgefuckte drecks Japaner hoffentlich passiert dass was in Fukushima
passiert is nochmal in ganz japan damit sehen was es bedeutet unvorbereitet
und ohne Vorwarnung getötet zu werden

Автор Claus Klöbner ( назад)
ach ja, bestimmt werden die naechsten x monate genauso wie die letzten 36
einen nachhaltigen positiven effekt auf irgend etwas irgendwo haben. Viel
spass weiterhin, Pflaume.

Автор Claus Klöbner ( назад)
Dann kanst du aufpassen, dass ich dich nicht gruen und blau pruegel, aber
wahrscheinlich stehst du krankes Schwein ja noch drauf.

Автор Claus Klöbner ( назад)
Ja beeil dich mal du du abgefuckter Penner. Von mir aus kannst du Scheisse
fressen. Ich wuerde lieber heute als morgen sterben, bevor ich noch mal
meine Eltern oder meine Drecksau "Freunde" sehen muss.

Автор Mia Dispiace ( назад)
真珠湾攻撃(- しんじゅわんこうげき、英語:Attack on Pearl
目次.. You're ALL Sons of the Bitch ! I understand your problem and your
HONOUR! It will be a SHAME that we have fight together! But there is NO
other HEIL ! And BE ALIVE !

Автор Mia Dispiace ( назад)

Автор Mia Dispiace ( назад)
DU stirbst besser ASSIE ! Wir werden rausfinden WER Du bist 0 ! Dann !

Автор Mia Dispiace ( назад)
DU DEPP ! Niemand will Dich hören / sehen hier !

Автор Mia Dispiace ( назад)
the ZERO was the Fighter all over !

Автор excalebuir ( назад)
Mitsubishi A6M5 beautifull plane

Автор Claus Klöbner ( назад)
Wie mies billig diese "Filmkunst" ist faellt mir auch geraegerade mal auf.
Geradezu lachhaft. Wieso trinkt da eigentlich auf der Bruecke keiner
Cola??? kommt wahrscheinlich spaeter

Автор Claus Klöbner ( назад)
Ach frueher war alles besser, da war wenigstens noch was los.

Автор Under Satan ( назад)
Really? OMG, I didn't know that. Same thing happened with Titanic, did you
know it was a true story? I mean I know some films are based on true events
like Braveheart (awesome film to watch for scottish history, Wallace is
basically Rocky with a sword) but I know this and titanic were, doesn't
help when they said on tv "it's like a real life titanic".

Автор douchebag Indras ( назад)
of course yes

Автор Under Satan ( назад)
Is it true pearl harbour actually happened?

Автор Angela Miguel ( назад)
When I have read his word , I thought Tojo was not guilty. He was simply a
old breed. "People of second-generation Japanese-American who was born in
the United States, should fight for their country America as Americans.
Because, to fight for the motherland, for the monarch.. It is namely the
Bushido." (After the outbreak of war between Japan and the United States,
Through the principal of the Japanese School of Americas, To Japanese
people with U.S. citizenship. 1941 - Hideki Tojo -)

Автор Angela Miguel ( назад)
(continued) This was all done before the dropping of the nuclear bomb,
which was dropped by his command. Killing 50% to 90% of the people of 67
Japanese cities and then bombing them with two nuclear bombs. True hero was
only one person. As an aside, Curtis Emerson LeMay Killed German civilians
by the bombing campaign strategy. It's four times for the Hiroshima.

Автор Angela Miguel ( назад)
In that single night, Curtis Emerson LeMay burned to death 100,000 Japanese
civilians in Tokyo: men, women, and children. And they went on from Tokyo
to firebomb other cities. 58% of Yokohama. Yokohama is roughly the size of
Cleveland. 58% of Cleveland destroyed. Tokyo is roughly the size of New
York. 51% percent of New York destroyed. 99% of the equivalent of
Chattanooga, which was Toyama. 40% of the equivalent of Los Angeles, which
was Nagoya.

Автор BigBOSS ( назад)
USA won the empire of Japan because of the atomic bombs.

Автор Angela Miguel ( назад)
Mr. Roosevelt ...

Автор Angela Miguel ( назад)
Emperor Meiji's "The four seas of the world that are united in brotherhood
will know no high waves nor wind"(composed during the Russo-Japanese War)
won the appraisal of your uncle, Theodore Roosevelt as you yourself know.

Автор Angela Miguel ( назад)
His Imperial Highness, as clearly shown in the "Rescript of the Founder of
the Empire" "Yosei"(Justice), "Choki"(Sagacity) and "Sekkei"(Benevolence),
contained in the above three fold doctrine, rules in the realization of
"Hakko-ichiu"(the universe under His Sacred Rule) in His Gracious mind. The
realization of which means the habitation of their respective fatherlands
under their own customs and traditions, thus insuring the everlasting peace
of the world.

Автор Angela Miguel ( назад)
Though Roosevelt may use the surprise attack on Pearl Harbour as his
primary material for propaganda, I believe him, of all persons, know best
that he left Japs no other method in order to save herself from

Автор MscJohnDoe ( назад)
US make history. Who cares about evidence against xx. Is always found after

Автор Pseudonym25 ( назад)
No, just consistent. What is very obvious is that you're not too bright.

Автор goyle Gar ( назад)
Pseudonym25 <- typical Jap lol... they always twist the history without any

Автор goyle Gar ( назад)
0:36 those Japs are fkin scary >.
Автор Skinflintster ( назад)
My indignation died with Bin Laden and you're obviously demented.

Автор Desire329 ( назад)
Oh yeah.

Автор Pseudonym25 ( назад)
The Yanks earned those 4 planes for their bombing of Iraq in the first Gulf
war! Screw their self righteous indignation over 9/11!!!

Автор Skinflintster ( назад)
The Japs earned those two nukes for the Bataan Death March and the rape of
Nanking! Screw their self righteous indignation over Hiroshima and

Автор Pseudonym25 ( назад)
The Japanese offered to surrender on January 20th, 1945, 8 months before
Hiroshima. There only condition was that their emperor was not to be
harmed. If this had been accepted, thousands of Americans and hundreds of
thousands of Japanese would have been saved. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were
barbaric war crimes. There was no need for them whatsoever.

Автор Kyle Huffman ( назад)
I like when you speak proper English.

Автор Kyle Huffman ( назад)
What? lol, no the Japanese were not planning to surrendering to anyone. The
atomic bombs were dropped to hurry up Japans decision to surrender... ( I
have no clue why they were holding out, they had already lost). You do
realize the Soviets would have killed all the Japanese men and raped their
women, just like they did to Germany. The bombs were needed, it goes way
beyond what you think your little mind thinks is right or wrong. They're
were so many factors. Learn your history.

Автор halea41 ( назад)
Gotta admit, the Japanese were badass!

Автор Pseudonym25 ( назад)
The Japanese government was sending out peace feelers as early as 1944, and
offered to surrender with the only condition being that their emperor was
not be harmed. The critical factor in the Japanese decision to surrender
unconditionally wasn't the atomic bombings, as they didn't understand what
had happened. It was the Soviet invasion of Manchuria, which eliminated
their last bargaining chip in surrender negotiations. THESE are facts.
Hiroshima and Nagasaki were inexcusable war crimes.

Автор beelzmon ( назад)
At that point japan actually agreed to surrender, it is well known that the
nuke was not something that should have been done.

Автор Steve Bennet ( назад)
That's FACT. USA was/is always "war brained". They did started the war by
provoking Japan.

Автор MrAchievmentsftw ( назад)
This movie suuuuuuuuuuuuckkked

Автор Mr56320 ( назад)
This is sick.

Автор tAang ALice ( назад)
USA started the War by sending Hull Note. But USA fabricated history and
manipulated their ignorant people as if Japan started the war. USA don't
change even now. 9/11 was Inside Job to start the Iraq War. History is

Автор Raj Ravichandran ( назад)
why? awful human being

Автор Kai Lu ( назад)
There were many sacrifices. Humankind was mired in horrific conflict.
Meaningless bloodshed and left the great Earth eternally scared. We humans
have freewill and not just world war II but every war ever fought in human
history will always result in the same outcome. Pain, suffering, death.

Автор Capt Iman ( назад)
i like see when fucking usa destroy :D

Автор The5admeets3vil ( назад)
when was I apart of this argument?

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