House of the Rising Sun

(professional) backing track is not too good. I hope you like my interpretation of this famous tune.

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Добавлено: 3 года
Длительность: 4:38
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Автор Samandrosa jones (5 часов)
We love to play that song, great job on that. Thanks Ernst.

Автор joao vilela (12 дней)
King of guitar.

Автор colin legg (2 месяца)
great stuff Ernst, well played great version, you are a star thank you

Автор Edgar Parada (3 месяца)
Great work, Mr Ernst, very good taste for music!

Автор Dzung tran (2 месяца)
You are real guitar collector , too many guitars you have been playing

Автор Jessie Vesco (3 месяца)
This is an amazing cover!! I did a cover of this song as well, and I'd
really love it if you guys would check it out on my channel! Thanks!

Автор Wahyuddin Rasyid (1 месяц)
Beautiful guitar excerpt

Автор kilkeper100 (3 месяца)
i'm a great fan of your style ernst , especialy the way you youse
the whammy- bar , i have only 2 guitars myself , a gibson les paul and a
fender telecaster so i don't have a whammy-bar and that's why i bend the
strings but of course it doesn't sound the same then. in the past i had a
strat too ( not an Original fender because i couldn't afford one when i was
young of course ) but when i used the whammy-bar at 3 or 4 songs it brought
the guitar out of tune ( i Always play standard open tuning ) , and it
frustrated me that's why i never wanted a whammy-bar again and bought in my
later years the gibson les paul and the tele , and learned myself to bend
the strings , but like i said not with the same effect of course , can you
tell me if you never have the problem i had ?( it was in my early years of
playing , today i have over 20 years of experience so maybe it was me being
a rookie at that time ) thank you in advance ernst , keep up the good work
because i love your videos greetings chiel from holland

Автор Fernando Jimenez Sanchez (10 месяцев)

Автор QbrianT (3 года)
Hi Ernst, Another fabulous rendition from you on your 'Bruce Welch'. Need I
say 5****??? Regards Brian

Автор jaime bermudez sosa (2 года)

Автор Eugene Mago (3 года)
Hi Ernst, I sincere congrartulate to your superb treatment of this great
song! This sound is very good and your playing is very nice as always.. 2
thumbs!! Best wishes, Jenő

Автор BurnsErnst (3 года)
Time to say "thank you" to all of you for your kind comments. I apologize
again for not answering every single comment. Its no disrespect but too
much . I hope you understand and keep on watching. :-)) Kind regards Ernst

Автор Howard Lieboff (3 года)
great version Ernst. Back track definitely sounds like the animals playing
with you. Did you create the back track yourself? Question, I know you play
guitar right handed. In the background you have guitars, but are left
handed. Is that a mirror??? or do you play left handed guitars too?

Автор lijesen65 (3 года)
Sounds great regards marco

Автор kleinebudde (3 года)
Sounds great. Is that your own arrangement, or has an instrumental version
existed before? As an instrumental I just know the surf style version by
Dick Dale etc.

Автор Ric Hoffmann (3 года)
Hi Ernst, I love this song, it was the first tune that I learnt to play,
your instro arrangement is really great, 5 thumbs from me Cheers Ric

Автор Unal Izmiroglu (2 года)
Congratulations, such a talent.....

Автор Ron Power (2 года)
You continue to amaze me----I wish that I could still play the guitar.

Автор BurnsErnst (3 года)
@kleinebudde Hi, das ist meine eigene Interpretation des songs. Am Anfang
versuche ich dem Text zu folgen, danach etwas variiert weil 6x das gleiche
wäre zu langweilig.

Автор nordlichthb (3 года)
lovely greats from Hamburg/Germany and i wish you all the best and hope
there come more songs from you..........youre Fan Thomas

Автор Rolf Weber (3 года)
Hallo Ernst, klasse Interpretation dieses Traditionals von Dir. Habe sofort
meinen Jazzbass gezückt und mitgespielt (war eines der ersten Basslinien,
die 1965 gelernt habe). Viele Grüße Rolf

Автор John Sefton (3 года)
A great rendition Ernst I really enjoyed listening to that one. Keep it up
you are my number one guitar player. John

Автор Nathan Minski (3 года)
Hi Ernst !! Nice rendition, as always, Regards, Nathan M.

Автор Les Reed (3 года)
Very nice, Ernst. Duane Eddy does a very good version on "Duane Eddy does
Bob Dylan". Cheers, Les (UK).

Автор Les Reed (2 года)
Nice job, Ernst. Have you heard the Duane Eddy version - from his album
"Duane Eddy does Bob Dylan"? Unlike his trademark "twang", there a lot of
agressive playing: it's very good. thanks again, Les.

Автор Robert Trebec (3 года)
Great Ernst nice version of this very well known tune. Nicely played love
it 10******* Regards Robert

Автор weejoeshadows (3 года)
YEEEEEHAR brilliant sound well done ernst respect from joe

Автор Angelo Teodorak (2 года)

Автор Les Reed (3 года)
Very nice, Ernst. Duane Eddy does a very good version on "Duane Eddy does
Bob Dylan". Cheers, Les (UK).

Автор shazambarna (3 года)
Hi Ernst, Very very good rendition. Thanks for sharing. Regards, Josep

Автор Greg W (5 месяцев)
Hi you can pick them up in Australia tape Echo,s hard to find the old one,s
but look on gumtree or Ebay .

Автор Patakan~J.Cuervo (2 года)
i loved this song since i was a kid! i only can say .... just great! Bravo!

Автор phaya6724 (1 год)
jaime beaucoup

Автор nokie fujii (3 года)
Hi Ernst,Cool! It's a powerful good performance. This tune also popularly
has the VENTURES version. Regards,Fujii

Автор hung tam Co (1 год)
i like music,vous etes très doué, et vous avez beaucoup de gouts

Автор zw3ackz (2 года)
cool men...luv it

Автор George Hynec (1 год)
Hey Ernst, have you released any albums?? Do you perform anywhere?

Автор kohjikr (3 года)
Hi Ernst, Very nice rendition and superb improvization play. Cheers Kohji

Автор Fendo P (1 год)
Where can i download a cd with this music? Sorry for my bad english, i'm

Автор Ben van Beugen (1 год)
nice ernst grtz

Автор dallas moraes (6 месяцев)
Been looking for long for this song.My favorite piece as it was my first
instrumental I learnt to play and my first public performance at a social
gathering.!!! Just love this version.

Автор shonerip (3 года)
Hello Ernst A very special sound. Very nice and played by a master. Ciao
Pino .

Автор Yiannis Mavri (3 года)
great !!

Автор Fernando Jimenez Sanchez (10 месяцев)

Автор Bing Chan (1 год)

Автор dezza dela cruz (1 год)

Автор Dan B (3 года)
Excellent. Belle interprétation. Félicitations. De beaux souvenirs à la
surface qui nous font encore rêver. Fana de guitare de ces années. J'ai 62
ans et je prend des cours de guitare électrique avec l'espoir de pouvoir
jouer ainsi. Merci

Автор TheILYA89 (1 год)
Excellent version Fine game on a guitar Hello from Russia

Автор lijesen65 (3 года)
Sounds great regards marco

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