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Автор binga lee (3 месяца)
Even that motherfuckers should be beaten by the hammer as they did to these
innocent person.I would take out their eye balls when they are still
alive.They should feel the every bit of pain they did it to the
person.Fuckk...them up.

Автор Daniel Franklin (2 месяца)
Caralho esses caras têm que morrer
esses demonios!"

Автор Ethan Bolen (25 дней)
Jmm I had no reaction.....

Автор ben apple (7 месяцев)
Dont watch dont!

Автор ben apple (7 месяцев)

Автор Alex klinker (1 год)
What the fuck who the fu k would do that to a person fucking douchebags

Автор Swagger1212 (1 год)
This video is fucked

Автор XSirApocalypseX . (1 год)
I've seen the video. Horrible, what kind of monsters...
These psychopaths killed 21 people, man, woman and children - randomly
chosen people.
They started to kill animals and afterwards they started to kill human.
They are from rich families.
Everything stays about them in the internet.

Please, someone kill that piece of scum, please.
Destroy them, execute this shit, I pay money for it. I pay 100 Euro for the
guy,who kill one of these bastards.

Автор DemonCrow10 (3 года)
@LoboFan1000 they only ot life in prison....but then again death is too
good for them.

Автор Rabbi Ishmael (3 года)
if they go to prison the inmates will probably rape and kill them. If they
get the death sentance they will die a quick and painless death. Lets pray
for life in prison

Автор Malteeeeeaser (4 года)
@keebut i dont care. they deserve it. they took 21 lives. as a HOBBY. the
guy in the video had just gotten over cancer. if that happened to my friend
wen she got over cancer (yes, i actually have a friend who had cancer) i
would have no will to live.so think how his family must feel. if 3 humans
can do this to another innocent helpless one, then whats to stop me doing

Автор crazihypes (4 года)
can some tell me how to get dah link cuz i dnt kno wat it is

Автор Zesru Leonard (3 года)
@andywestside And me being American has what to do with this. So, if that
was a member of your family a close uncle particularly you would do
nothing? Why did you call e a dumb ass you piece of shit. Just because i am
American doesn't mean that I don't have feelings.And they brutally
assaulted that poor man. God Bless His Soul. So step of and if you want to
argue at least get your facts strait.

Автор xdxdjosh (4 года)
@AnonymouslyElected The guy had a wife and kids you asshole I hope you burn
in hell you fucking satanic fuck How'd you like that to happen to you ,
fucking cunt

Автор artpop heart (3 года)

Автор LizzyTheEpicness (1 год)

Автор TheAcrylicCat (4 года)
@Malteeeeeaser i vote you for President

Автор Adolf Hitler The 4th Democratic Liberal Feminist Queen Of Stalingrad (4 года)
Meh, I saw the video and it wasn't bad, until I realized it was real.

Автор Keelan Butler (4 года)
@Malteeeeeaser Then your no different to them!

Автор CJPIONT123 (4 года)
da vid iz so shackey but it was pretty disguisting

Автор Laurence Pinney (2 года)
@ prohoneybee: The only thing worse than your written English is your
ability to comprehend it. I did not say it never happened, child, I said
that the was never a time in American history that a White person could do
that to a ni@@er and get away with it. It was in response to his post, not
the video. I know very well that these two twits murdered twenty-one people
in less than a month.

Автор Aidan G. (4 года)
@stingerhead666 This is exactly what i was thinking, there must be some
legal fucking rights to the relatives of that guy to get all of those
fucking sites shut down.

Автор LargeAfricanGenitals (4 года)
someone message me the real link. im sorry but my curiousity is getting the
better of me. i probably wont watch a tenth of the video i just need to see
some for my self.

Автор Jack Bryan (4 года)
if i saw these 3 guys i would stick a sharp metal pole up there asses and
rip their intestines up that way. sick bastards

Автор Anne Frank (4 года)
@04Eleskirt04 yh lots of people were sayin not too watch but i had to be an
idiot and watch that shit, now i wish i hadnt even heard of this video.
Jesus Christ those people are fucked up

Автор raychgirl28 (4 года)
the fuck where is the damn link?!?!?! i want to see this! and ef u if u say
"no u dont its horrible!!" that just makes me even more curious on what all
the fuss is about!

Автор sofnsable (3 года)
lol, i've seen enough shit on the internet for this to not even make me
think twice. Only thing that gets to me is animal cruelty, one of the most
pathetic things you can do,

Автор Zesru Leonard (3 года)
@andywestside I'll go to jail to find those assholes........

Автор deansaj82 (3 года)
Im glad to announce that I just found out that one of these guys were
horribly beaten by cops and he is barly even recognizable now!! Good for
them those bitches deserve it! Just search "Dnepropetrovsk maniac Beaten!"

Автор MrRunescapeHelp (4 года)
thease guys wont fucking killing basterd have sum fucking respect i hate
thease twats go fucking die and befor you do i hope they get the same as
this poor man did

Автор BlackScorpio (4 года)
@F4fullpower that's good for you dude

Автор BeWytched (2 года)
Oh that explains it. Bestgore is hosting this one too. Mark you are one
sick mf to be condoning murder on your site while hiding behind it saying
it is educational. I am on a mission to take down your site for all the
dead children you have on your site who are sexually exposed and which your
sick members leave perverted comments. You even have a caption contest on
an exposed what you deem young teenage girl who was raped. You are sick
Mark and so is your site.

Автор Epicdps (3 года)
@Malteeeeeaser True. I got nothing :S

Автор BlackScorpio (4 года)
@F4fullpower i know what you mean, when if first saw it, i was really
shocked then i felt really sad for the old man but since i have a strong
stomach, i didn't get squimish over that shit becausei actually seen worse
shit before. i can't find it on the internet either, i'm guessing some
sites are smart enough to take it down. it is disturbing and i guess you
gotta bitch-slap your girl to tell her not to watch it because i know she
will probably puke or cry.

Автор Dina Barragan (4 года)
404 ERROR!!!!!!!!! FUK!!!!!!!!!!

Автор kuroshinigami (4 года)
@gregorymlargent This is about the 3rd or 4th comment ive seen from you on
several videos reguarding this whole 3 guys 1 hammer thing.You probably
havent even seen it.im 13 also,i wouldnt find this shit funny at the
least.Seriously,do you think it makes you look hardcore?Uh,no.It doesn't.It
just means your fucked up.So you need to find something better to do retard.

Автор Malteeeeeaser (4 года)
@callofdutyman44 yeah, them sickos deserve it. i hope they go to hell. its
not right.

Автор pegleg8108 (4 года)
i hope ur hole fukin fammily dies very slowly in a car accident you fukin
prik karma gunna get you you fat son of a bitch

Автор F4fullpower (4 года)
I saw this a while back Lets just say I was wide eyed. Now I can't find it
anywhere and my gf is bugging me cuz she wants to see. I keep warning her
that its disturbing.

Автор MyFavouriteLP1998 (1 год)
Did any1 come here because of:
* *(YouTube - from 10:5 to 10:14)

Автор Malteeeeeaser (4 года)
@TheAcrylicCat they deserve wotever they did done to them. i mean, a plain
death wouldn't really make up for all the pain they caused those people and
their families

Автор taurean johnson (4 года)
how can some one be ok with killing some one that really wrong like wow

Автор mackenzie heath (3 года)
The link?

Автор abel Hagos (2 года)
fuck those guys why would they just kill people for a living

Автор PrinceOfSaiyans10 (4 года)
@McTuffel Exactly. They did all that horrible shit to innoncent people,
once them Inmates hear about it, night-night! Keep your buttholes tight!

Автор Genghis Khan (4 года)
@Malteeeeeaser i feel almost sorry for people i hear about who are tortured
for doing bad deeds, but when i actually SEE such brutality committed in a
video, it makes me feel the same way. fuck them, i say. sideways with a
goddamn pitchfork.

Автор PrettyFlyFor AWhiteGuy (3 года)
@Skat34life2012 my bad i just read what they were doing maybe he didnt
deserve it they were just ruthless muddadugers!!

Автор tariq alam (4 года)
@McTuffel hell to the Yeah

Автор MrTheboyboyboy (4 года)
rest in peace that is just messed up.

Автор Laurence Pinney (2 года)
....Except that never happened, except in the minds of turds such as the
one below. Murder has never been legal, and no one could just walk up and
do that to anyone with impunity. If you want the real-life horror of race
and crime, look up the Witicha Massacre. That was real, very well
documented, and doesn't exists as a fantasy crime meant only to race bait.

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