Compilation _ Heavy Equipment Fails

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Автор Joseph Thurbide ( назад)

Автор drew grosswiler ( назад)

Автор Евгений Рупчев ( назад)

Автор Ivan dominguez ( назад)

Автор wijaya ajah ( назад)
1:40 work brukakakakakkk

Автор alfy smith ( назад)
The cat sliding for a long ways , is what happens when you don't weld ice
lugs to the tracks, extremely dangerous in the winter without them.

Автор Maximus Reese ( назад)
Fuckin hans un franz with their "un feck.....feck....feck" No shit!

Автор Maximus Reese ( назад)
Need some more donkeys down here

Автор Beppe Piotti ( назад)
Compilation _ Heavy Equipment Fails: https://youtu.be/1lRjeW-jeUQ

Автор Beppe Piotti ( назад)
Compilation _ Heavy Equipment Fails: https://youtu.be/1lRjeW-jeUQ

Автор tony zamora ( назад)
Was he recording with his shoe cause the quality was terrible. LoL

Автор MadeAUsername ( назад)
1:47 there's probably a reason why they're doing this. Before you call it a
fail, at least find out. Could be that the machine operator is out to
lunch, a malfunction in machinery that's delaying it, or something. Calling
people stupid without knowing the whole reason as to why they're doing it
makes you stupid. Calling people a fail is basically that.

Автор T. Julien ( назад)
what the fuck is with the shitty quality?!?!??!

Автор CoolPixx23 ( назад)
Haul truck recovery, some one forgot to set the parking brake first before
up righting it.

Автор Ethan Szenasi daily ( назад)
Aw man crazy

Автор Charles Ferdinand ( назад)
Why do you even bother uploading a video at any resolution lower than 480p
you fucking piece of shit?

Автор Ben Barker ( назад)
the last fail looked like pro skillz to me !!!

Автор 2706588 ( назад)
resolution fail

Автор Brian Hare ( назад)
#2 Ooopsies i left the parking brake off

Автор milesmouse72 ( назад)
2:54 world's fastest car wash!!! Unfortunately 60 tons of water all at once
causes a bit of collateral damage....

Автор Jennifer Jones ( назад)
Check out this video on YouTube: haha

Автор MaxReese5055 ( назад)
The Sasquatch face plant is too funny.

Автор drServitis ( назад)

Автор Josh Krause ( назад)

Автор Manuel Romero ( назад)

Автор DJ Scottdog ( назад)
who the fuck uploads at 144p

Автор Jarrod Sherman ( назад)
shame he didnt smash that stupid fucking dog

Автор MattSynyster ( назад)
2:38 digging his own grave

Автор wapartist ( назад)
2:17 is awesome assuming nobody was in it

Автор coolldudeifiction20 (1823 года назад)
2:23 he dug his grave

Автор Maximus Reese ( назад)
Zeeeeee Zeeeeeeeeeee Zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Haul ass!

Автор Maximus Reese ( назад)
Still wanna be an operator kid?

Автор Kendall Sain ( назад)
1:43 I don't get what's going on in this clip, how is it a fail?

Автор Kay Raro ( назад)
Looks like his leg broke at 2:34.

Автор hawkboy1792 ( назад)
who else was hoping that crap would fall on that yappy little Pomeranian?

Автор SuperBigblue19 ( назад)
That guy doing a header was funny as hell. The last one was just heavy
equipment drifting.

Автор juanitocarlitos77 ( назад)
en bucket and shovel fail del minuto 1:37 aaaaaaaaaay no mammmmmmmeyes como
con la pala si para eso sirve el pinche trascavo

Автор CordobaBerlin ( назад)
this whole vid is a fail

Автор Bob Loblaw ( назад)
The one where they're shoveling dirt into the bucket. There could be an
obstruction or pipe buried underneath the dirt.

Автор Martin Mascorro ( назад)

Автор Ryan Noviello (Outlaw) ( назад)

Автор Warbird Phoenix ( назад)
The last one is more like a win!

Автор lead foot lawn mower (leadfootlawnmower) ( назад)
1:51 thats eather lazyness at its best or there boss is pissed

Автор kleetus92 ( назад)
That kid almost got sucked back through the lathe...

Автор bestamerica ( назад)
' last video is good one with icey bulldozen

Автор mandoman83 ( назад)
Too bad it didn't fall on you.

Автор sizemore jacob ( назад)
The one with the dog is fake as fuck

Автор Mauricio Navarro Gómez ( назад)
Máquinas en problemas

Автор Bro Gaming ( назад)
2:12 dog got killed

Автор Redliner3 ( назад)
why would anyone like this?

Автор Whoostah ( назад)
1:40 Operating heavy machinery. Ur doing it wrong.

Автор josh33025 ( назад)
Last one was dozer gymkhana!!

Автор САМСУНГ БЕЛАЗОН ( назад)
КРУТО !!!!!

Автор САМСУНГ БЕЛАЗОН ( назад)

Автор twas brillig ( назад)
For all we know, the DOG KNEW it was goin down and was trying to warn

Автор Justin Lynch ( назад)
Nice video. Hope no one was hurt.

Автор Bob Nelson ( назад)
uuuuuuooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOoooOOOOOooo.... kkkk

Автор sins of vorador ( назад)
too bad the pallet of stuff didn't fall on that damn dog

Автор Snow golem ( назад)
Lol nice clips

Автор RetcoNz ( назад)
2:15 was kinda hoping for it to hit that ugly rat of a dog

Автор 42lookc ( назад)
Nothing funny about the mini-hoe or the lathe incident. The lathe clip
looked like someone very stupidly thinking (or taking a dare) that he could
hold back an industrial metal lathe, and then suffering the consequences.

Автор Jared Smith ( назад)
I thought the dog was going to be squished

Автор Sculpture Junkie ( назад)
You know you don't have to title every single clip...

Автор Cubius Blockus ( назад)
i laugh at people when they dont relize that. so sick of seeing that clip
as a fail.

Автор shortthrow50 ( назад)
never heard of a compilation of videos where someone invests time to find
good clips to put into one video before? You live under a rock? oh wait,
your a man/woman. You brain isn't wired right. sorry

Автор dozerman8114 ( назад)
I seen them. Some of the best!

Автор loudpipesavelives69 ( назад)
1:40 is not a fail, they're uncovering a buried pipe

Автор 2boredfortv ( назад)
2:44 is where you become a slinky

Автор Justin Vodden ( назад)
Alaska Drift

Автор Svenja Kühnke ( назад)
Great content, but it's a pity the video resolution is so extremly low that
you can hardly watch it.

Автор Gentle StormToo ( назад)
@0:20 you know your a redneck when you first flip your truck over and

Автор calhouncook ( назад)
@2:22 dang that hurt!

Автор Loraguy ( назад)
It's amazing how you happened to be at all of these different locations
with your camera running just as something incredible was about to happen.
How in the world do you do it?

Автор MrBooojangles ( назад)
In the UK, health and safety men would have brown underpants if these fails
happened where they worked. The staff involved would all have spanked
bottoms and the health and safety men would make all those staff fill in
hundreds of forms and there would be a year long investigation into what
went wrong. Thats how crazy the UK health and safety is right now.

Автор xZINC19x ( назад)
Since when is drifting a bulldozer a fail?

Автор AcuraCSXTypeSK20 ( назад)
Last video was ultimate drifting

Автор milesmouse72 ( назад)
2:54 is what happens when you use 100 tons of water to wash a car all at

Автор Ham549 ( назад)
i r no spel 2 good

Автор Peter S ( назад)
the bucket and shovel was a tv ad

Автор bababooey7576 ( назад)
in regards to the building demo fail, why wasnt the street, where the walls
collapsed, fenced off incase accidents like this happen?. construction/demo
safety set-up fail more like. never mind the operator's skills or lack
thereof (ccan't comment since im not an operator of one of those as to how
the skill level was.

Автор bababooey7576 ( назад)

Автор Marc Slayer ( назад)
People could have payed the price

Автор CASEIHman567 ( назад)
2:24 oh shit BAIL! BAIL FAIL

Автор Ham549 ( назад)
2:00 is an add for Microsoft descuside as a viral video.

Автор Todd A ( назад)
Fuck you and your Jesus lies and bull crap.

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