.25 Caliber Homemade Airgun

C02 powered, home made airgun I just finished building from scratch. Has a Lothar Walther barrel and holds about 40 grams of CO2 in the reservoir.

Pictures: http://s192.photobucket.com/albums/z195/cffellows/Airgun/

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Автор Mason Dawson ( назад)
Excellent work! I saw in the comments where you asked what you think it
could sell for. It's really hard to say what people will pay for something
like your gun. I am putting together an air gun auction site that people
like you can gauge the market for their unique items without tooling up.

Автор Chuck Fellows ( назад)
It's a Lothar Walther rifled barrel. I also have an interchangeable .22
caliber rifled barrel for it.

Автор Ignis ( назад)
is it a smooth bore, or does it have a rifled barrel?

Автор Mad Professor 420 ( назад)
@BabyyyReganaa85 nein!

Автор bravootome ( назад)
it does not look like you did it from scratches to me. it is a pro.

Автор osvaldo cerda ( назад)
a perro viejito!

Автор MrMiguella ( назад)
Very nice.

Автор Rahmat Giarto ( назад)
ok now give the plan or i'll shoot you with this

Автор Lustigato Hui ( назад)
How do you make it???

Автор Nwest82 ( назад)
can you maybe make a video doing an overview of the design which would
allow us to get a better look at it and understand how it works better.
Awesome build! looks very professional! What is the maximum FPS/power of
this rifle?

Автор Nwest82 ( назад)
still for sale? or maybe even plans for sale? What did you use for a Valve?

Автор MysleZe ( назад)
hi, how much do you want for that type of gun ?

Автор TheAngler2210 ( назад)
is this made out ´of an co2 bike pump?

Автор TheDarkAlfany ( назад)
my poor left ear

Автор john gonz ( назад)
i want 1 pls contact me back 

Автор MrBagginsEsq ( назад)
Great looking gun. 

Автор luuk griep ( назад)
that is the most cool home made thing ever

Автор Chuck Fellows ( назад)
@jerrynlititz Not so much. Mostly just people liking it or wanting plans...

Автор jerrynlititz ( назад)
wow, over 200,000 views! Have you received any more comments from the
anti-gun nuts griping about how you will never save the children? 

Автор Thijs Maathuis ( назад)
Wow nice

Автор social3ngin33rin ( назад)
looks mofo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Автор blowgunking1994 ( назад)
@cffellows what would the price be? 

Автор Chuck Fellows ( назад)
@blowgunking1994 - Yes, I'd sell it.

Автор blowgunking1994 (1716 лет назад)
@cffellows would you ever consider selling?

Автор renuxairsoft ( назад)

Автор Chuck Fellows ( назад)
@aaronsname Don't know, never shot it more than about 50 feet.

Автор Chuck Fellows ( назад)
@1pelletgun From what I've read on the web, 2 liter coke bottles will hold
120 PSI. I, personally, wouldn't use anything plastic for high pressure
air... too dangerous. A 2 liter bottle exploding at 120 PSI is not
something you want to be in the same room with! Flying shards of plastic
can cause severe cuts. My airgun uses a seamless, stainless steel tube with
.065 inch wall. Technical references specify a bursting point of 9,750 PSI,
more than 4 times what I ever plan to put in it

Автор Chuck Fellows ( назад)
@1pelletgun With CO2, the pressure is probably between 800 and 1000 PSI.
With HPA, I pump it up to about 2000 PSI.

Автор zach bussie ( назад)
you look like hank hill 

Автор Embird Training ( назад)
@cffellows I would love to have a Chat with you about something not seen on
youtube yet regarding HPA guns. Don't want to say more. Philip from South
Africa. Look as if you have the machines to do a lot as well. I can just
mention that I am looking for a barrel with smooth inside that can take
.375 or .410. 

Автор Chuck Fellows ( назад)
I use a refillable tank that I get filled up at beer making supply stores.
Costs about $15 to fill it up and that lasts me for over a year.

Автор padda4 ( назад)
That was a nice gun. Cheers!!!

Автор sammni ( назад)
Cheer up body

Автор letterpool ( назад)
looks like a nicely machined build. nice work.

Автор Chuck Fellows ( назад)
@MrTucker3200 - Yes, it's really homemade. The body and stock is made from
aluminum, and the reservoir and barrel shroud are stainless steel. The
trigger bits are all steel and the barrel was purchased. It is powered with
either CO2 or high pressure air.

Автор ColoradoFirefighter ( назад)
is it really homemade... what type of metal did u use and how is it
powered...c02 ...

Автор MegaBeartrap ( назад)
your face looks like a dad who just found his daughter in the yard with a
local boy. absolutely priceless.

Автор viel german ( назад)
thanks for the info,....

Автор Chuck Fellows ( назад)
@pr0ducer08 - Yes, it's my own design, although it's based largely on the
Stealth airgun.

Автор viel german ( назад)
is that your own design?where did you get the blue of that gun? 

Автор armando31665 ( назад)
that is a pimp gun 

Автор Cosmin Gurau ( назад)
I bet a lot of people say you're immature for doing this, especially given
your age. Don't you listen to them man, that stuff is simply amazing craft.
AMAZING. As long as you're responsible with that incredibly well
constructed and esthetically pleasing gun, you're my friggin HERO.

Автор Joshhy ( назад)
get the hell off my yard

Автор Tyler Lynch ( назад)
can you send me the blueprints for this im going to mod it for airsoft it
would be helpful and your gun is rely nice looking 

Автор rik jannse ( назад)
how are you make this i realy don't no!

Автор NinjaAssassin336 ( назад)
good thing about these kind'a guns: CAN kill somoeone, usually cheap and
easy, mildly accurate, and little-no recoil. awesome.

Автор killyourself ( назад)
@dinga54 the 'i rape look'

Автор superpete62 ( назад)
yes would be great for you to make some more and make some cash for you am
on your list mate think about it soon.

Автор Chuck Fellows ( назад)
@dinga54 - Naw, I'm really a pretty nice guy, despite appearances in this

Автор bayenne5b ( назад)
how did you put on the scope?

Автор Guy Random ( назад)
Wow homemade?! That thing looks awesome! :O

Автор Adam lancaster ( назад)
sweet build man, shoulda ran it on hpa instead. 

Автор Dolpsgrenadier ( назад)
what a sweet rodent head popper.

Автор Jared Bourke ( назад)
nice work gramps

Автор GOOD SUCC ( назад)
That's amazing!

Автор Tyler Putnam ( назад)
Break into his house i dare ya

Автор Nwest82 ( назад)
really nice build! Great machine work and at 525fps in .25cal with a 27
grain pellet is great for a co2 powered airgun! That more then enough knock
down energy to hunt small game from fair distances! 

Автор Ben Lebar ( назад)
@connor43whatsup I AGREE

Автор diavolasso ( назад)
this old man is my hero!!

Автор Pedro Henrique Santiago ( назад)
tiozinho do mal

Автор Nwest82 ( назад)
really nice build! and if its 500fps with a .25cal, 27grain pellet then
that has a fair amount of impact energy!

Автор duckarp ( назад)
VERY nice! Love this pellet insertion system on any gun.

Автор Chinmoy Misra ( назад)
based off the condor hammer system?? yes? looks really nice man, you sure
have some skills when it comes to metal fabrication. 5 stars

Автор Chuck Fellows ( назад)
With a 27 grain, .25 cal pellet, the muzzel velocity was measured at about
525 fps as I recall. With a .22 caliber barrel and a 7 grain pellet, the
velocity was something over 700 fps.

Автор Neil Couey ( назад)
Ah well I know that condition. I make knives as a hobby. It's a great hobby
till others find out you do it and everyone wants one. Really nice job on
the machining of the rifle. I know enough about machining to know I don't
have the tools to make anything that nice. Ballpark Feet Per Second on
yours? I know it's subsonic, and am guessing 475-525 but without knowing
how long the shop is or the distance to target it's tough to tell from the
plink. Again, really nice work. Thanks for sharing.

Автор Chuck Fellows ( назад)
I have hopes, but no immediate plans.

Автор Neil Couey ( назад)
Nice work on the gun. Any plans to do more?

Автор rdcd20 ( назад)
Ive been thinking about making a .25 caliber c02 powered rifle myself. how
long is the barrel on yours ?

Автор JohnJaggerJack ( назад)
you have, no clue....

Автор godyah ( назад)
@bazengao This gun is an air rifle- it is .25 calibre and fires .25 lead
airgun pellets. An airsoft gun shoots 6mm BBs. Besides this is a single
shot bolt action. Not much use even in sniper positions in an airsoft
battle. Plus the rifling on the Walther barrel would shred a plastic BB at
those velocities. Hop-up? Forgeddaboutit!

Автор poppamies907 ( назад)
how big crouping do you get from 30feet?

Автор Elias Leonard ( назад)
homemade ??? insane... realy good ! 5/5

Автор JohnJaggerJack ( назад)
i dont care what others say! i just want to know if i can use it on airsoft
tournaments!?!?. like i already said im not buying any kind of crap to end
like some looser, and if people call me cheat... up theyr asses with

Автор Trevor Stauffer ( назад)
dude if you used that i guarantee every one would hate you cause it would
be better than all the overpriced air soft crap (they say a good gun is one
that holds up 10 years?!) and it would probably bury into skin, so uncool
that way

Автор Sjogge Sjögren ( назад)

Автор poppamies907 ( назад)
what kind of fill valve do this have?

Автор JohnJaggerJack ( назад)
i have a question... could you (if you wanted) used a bb? and if yes can
you use a homemade airsoft gun in airsoft tournaments?because i not
spending 400$ in comercial airgun wen i can make 1 ten times more powerfull
than regular airsoft snipers.

Автор poppamies907 ( назад)
sorry about this asking but how hard springs do you have in this?

Автор Chuck Fellows ( назад)
Yes, I expect it would. You'd need a larger air reservoir to get more shots
per fill and your reservoir should have a thicker wall, probably at least
.080" or so whereas mine is only .065".

Автор poppamies907 (1866 лет назад)
but if you put a harder hammer spring then it can take hpa? i want to build
one and i want to make it .457 caliber. it needs a bigger air flow then but
the valve mechanism looks pretty simple

Автор Chuck Fellows ( назад)
No, the valve is designed to work with CO2. It doesn't have a strong enough
hammer spring for higher air pressures.

Автор poppamies907 (736 лет назад)
do this work with air and bigger pressure (hpa?)

Автор gglafatottari Drullusukkor ( назад)
get off my lawn!!!

Автор Hesam0000 ( назад)
Should be around 350fps. .25cal pellets are too heavy for CO2-powered guns.

Автор Danilo Santos ( назад)
nice video you made that ? how many fps ?

Автор Connor Knaus ( назад)
how many fps

Автор HMSITH ( назад)
sweet air gunand a nice work too, congratulations!

Автор jordy pilgram ( назад)
that awesome! great vid

Автор Aragiss ( назад)
stock is too short

Автор Sir Shiggy Diggy ( назад)
very cool very good mental work!

Автор poppamies907 (1298 лет назад)
iv never seen this good metal work. good job dude!

Автор Pantalakis ( назад)
sure buddy, just find a bullet, put it in a pen of the appropriate size,
take a nail to use as the firing pin and hit it with a hammer.

Автор tfr95 ( назад)
why co2 air expands better in heat

Автор Ryan Vankerkvoorde ( назад)
I'm just wondering how the trigger works?

Автор wieri3 ( назад)
its looks like some of Steyer's guns :>

Автор monkeyslaye (226 лет назад)
Impressive... Is it accurate?

Автор billmalta1 ( назад)
I m amazed each time i c this video I think he s working in a factory of
mp5 or something lol

Автор Kanadian ( назад)
Haha you must have like lots of tools or something lyeing aorund cause
thats like mad proness i mean i was thinking of makeing one but i have to
buy pvc pipe

Автор Chuck Fellows ( назад)
That good, eh?

Автор Kanadian ( назад)
doesnt look much like you made it

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