M813 6x6 2nd video - 5 Ton Military Vehicle Fun

This 6x6 (sold)

Me playing with my friends outside in the 5 ton in the backyard. The song is "Country Boy" by Aaron Lewis.

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Автор matap As ( назад)
طالع مشروع الاخ هههههههههه

Автор Don Biederman ( назад)
love the pink cargo cover very nice truck I have a M923A2

Автор Augie L ( назад)
May I ask what that symbol means on the Driver Door? Thanks..

Автор Nowforever13 ( назад)
i plan on getting one of these before to long when i get it im gonna throw
some 46 michelins ( or if there is a better tire) paint it black and on
the door have Zom-b tactical response 

Автор Thomas Lara ( назад)

Автор Fred Daniel ( назад)
Where did you get yours.

Автор Tyrd Ferguson ( назад)
Sweet video, sweet music!

Автор somesimplename1 ( назад)
You ever see the movie "WAGES OF FEAR"? Check it out on you tube! 

Автор billy007191 ( назад)
I agree with codhalo beautiful truck but killed it with the music!

Автор Bonekrusher1967 ( назад)
That was one bad rig. Great video bro...

Автор Jack O ( назад)
great video, the song sucks

Автор utbelegs ( назад)
Whats with this song ?.Just to tell me how bad your life is?

Автор FingerAngle ( назад)
Great song! Bad ass truck!

Автор Lucy Ludy ( назад)
it was sold

Автор don thorne ( назад)
Deuce still for sale. Looking for an unbobbed 5 ton just like this

Автор EdWatts ( назад)
I have an XM-811A Gullwing machine shop van with the Cummins NHC 250. I
would really like to swap the five-speed Dana transmission for a Fuller
13-speed, but it does OK with just five gears. For a year or so a few years
back, it was my daily driver; not economical, but... ...AWESOME! Thanks for
the video.

Автор 89Carfreak ( назад)
Okay, thanks for the reply though. :)

Автор bloddyboy123 ( назад)
Depending on when where and how, they can generaly run from the low 1500 to
15000. yes, the range is that high, it just depends

Автор Scorptac ( назад)
Sweet song and awesome truck! I love 'em both!

Автор claude kassouf ( назад)
what size is the tires

Автор 89Carfreak ( назад)
how much does these cost?

Автор Nicholas Mangan ( назад)
Still for sale? 

Автор Martin Sails ( назад)
Great video. Well done, gentlemen!

Автор Ryan Chugg ( назад)
I like those tires!

Автор MasterOfNone ( назад)
Some day I will buy one of these, for the zombie appocolypse lol

Автор disco2 ( назад)
Was this model nicknamed bigfoot by the u.s. army? Just a bit confused with
all the versions that where made. Nice original colour, Cheers for the

Автор Jeff T ( назад)
This one probably doesn't have lockers, most of them don't.

Автор Dermal Deviations ( назад)
noticed that both back wheels didnt spin when you had one in the air.. are
those a true 6x6 or do they have a power divider like a Semi's tandems? And
does the M813 have lockers?

Автор Douche Snozzle ( назад)
lol, i used to think i hated country music. Then i heard that song. Then i
remembered where i heard of "Aaron Lewis".... lead singer of Staind.. still
hate country :D

Автор scorpiostinger65 ( назад)
One word: Badass.

Автор jtb3797 ( назад)
What type of antenna is on it?

Автор sidewinderbjj ( назад)
i have an m35a2 im restoring but i have to say i loooooove your truck. What
year is it and did u pick it up from gov liquidation? shoot me an email i
would love to chat you up about this truck. your model is my next target. 

Автор MrUnite4thechildren ( назад)
@vonuass OH yea? von helton drove a 10 ton in the 366th at a fort he's not
allowed to disclose. And his was an 8 x 8! (note to other posters... this
is an inside joke between me and vonuass.)

Автор SuperGrandisle ( назад)
What all do yall use this for?

Автор Brian Lillquist (1794 года назад)
I would rather hear that Cummins, not this stupid song.

Автор t mo ( назад)
thatd be sweet if you were mass where Aaron Lewis is from 

Автор Brock Goerlitz ( назад)
Music Sucks!

Автор Lucy Ludy ( назад)
@EdWatts It's a 5 speed manual. My preference is manual.

Автор Lucy Ludy ( назад)
@CanonNinja No, no - It's an diet coke. I like tan myself also. 

Автор tallandme13 ( назад)
Damn! look at that frame! 

Автор EdWatts ( назад)
@Geistgein Manual or automatic? That will make your decision for you.

Автор CanonNinja ( назад)
Are you holding a beer?! nice truck, gonna have my 35A3 done up in tan soon

Автор Truckoholic ( назад)
@Geistgein I've got the same dilemma. ha ha I never have been a fan of
automatic transmissions, but I like the looks of the M923. I prefer air
brakes, so I like the M923. But I also really like the M813. Like the
looks, and the fact that it has a 5 speed. So I may have to flip a coin on
this one unless I find a good deal on one or the other. 

Автор Geistgein ( назад)
Great looking truck; been debating on whether to buy an M813 or M923.

Автор Lucy Ludy ( назад)
16.00R20 is the tire size. The size really makes the truck feel

Автор bigtodd12159 ( назад)
Nice truck what size tires 14.00R20 or 16.00R20?

Автор Shyam Dhruv ( назад)
you'll never catch me out my house without my 9 or 45 shit saw arron lewis
at the kushcon2 it was sick!!!! @kushcon #milehigh 

Автор heysoc ( назад)
The Military truck that Aaron Lewis is seen driving in The Country Boy
video was built by James "Jim-o" Restuccio, owner of Caveman Trucks located
in Hammonton, NJ. I live just down the street and actually saw Aarons truck
when it was on the trailer before they delivered it to the location of the
video for filming. Aaron comes around town often, but keeps a very low
profile. He is such a cool guy, very humble, and down to earth!

Автор Lucy Ludy ( назад)
Wicked - Are you on the SS forum? The song is by Aaron Lewis and it's
called Country Boy.

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