how long does a vw beetle float? Just watch!

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In July 2007, I received an email from Lew Wood, the actor who appears in this commercial. He tells:

I am the guy tha D-D-B chose to be the spokesman for that famous "Floating VW" TV commercial in June , 1972.
My name is Lew Wood, and I was doing commercials and V/O's in NYC when I was booked for the job. We shot it at a launching ramp in Stamford, CT on LI Sound. The production crew was Horn-Greiner. Director Norm Greiner. D-D-B's creative director was Tom Yobaggy. And even Mr. Bernbach was on the location!
They hired a stuntman to drive the VW into the water. However, Norm Greiner suddenly woke up to the fact that I had to deliver that last line "Now, what other car gives you this kind of quality at this kind of price?" from the car! I said, "Norm, I'm a sailor, I'm at home on the water. I'll drive it in!"
I splashed it three times. (We used three identical Beetles, all burnt orange in color. Splashed two of them alternately, the third never got wet and was used for "beauty shots." Swimmers went in to tow them back to shore after each take.
We all thought our commercial would win the "Clio" that year, but the "Snowplow" commercial took the prize.
However, the residuals were nice!
After many years of searching for a 1972 Super Beetle in burnt orange with NO RUST, I finally found one a few years ago in Vista, CA, and snapped it up. I now proudly drive around town frequently and get admiring looks.
Now, you know "the rest of the story!"

Lew Wood died in August 2013, at the age of 84 years.

This commercial has a surprise in it. At the and you can watch a beetle being driven into the water. Funny is the text in the commercial says: allthough the beetle does definately float, it will not float indefinately. Fun!

From the DVD 'Legend on wheels'. Wanna have this DVD packed with 2 hours of high quality digitally remastered old vw commercials? The DVD really brings you back to the '60s and '70s. Send an email to: beetlejuice150@hotmail.com

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Автор sgreen4 ( назад)
There is a lake nearby where I live that has a vw beetle under the water so
I know it won't float forever

Автор bIood fox ( назад)
I'm a bit confused guys, does it float for short periods of time or is it
actually waterproof?

Автор Forastero lopez ( назад)
Well I love my 67 and still driving it.

Автор Daniel Tice ( назад)
I remember when I was a kid watching this commercial as my Dad proclaimed
it, "BULLSHIT! I Drove ours through a flooded road and I'm still getting
water outta God Damned thing"

Автор The AE86 of Mt. Akina ( назад)
A whole new meaning to "They don't build them like they used to"

Автор Halach Osiris León Casillas ( назад)
‪#‎tbt‬ ‪#‎throwbackthursday‬

Автор The YTP Madhouse (Muchacho1994) (563 года назад)
I wish it had the transmission stick on the wheel like other classic cars
instead of on the ground.

Then, it would be perfect.

Автор Centre-Ville Volkswagen (176 лет назад)
‪#‎tbt‬ ‪#‎throwbackthursday‬

Автор Marvin The Maniacal Dancing Ape ( назад)
I plan to get a classic Volkswagen Beetle as my first car once I have a
job. After I use my $1,000.00 paycheck from my first week's salary (I'll be
working for Handy, a new house cleaning service that pays its
more-experienced workers $1,000.00 a week), I'll buy a used VW Beetle
Classic off Craigslist and use it as my daily driver until I have enough
cash to buy a Land Rover Defender, my dream truck. Heck I'll even take my
VW Beetle swimming like what Lew Wood does with the Beetle here in the ad;
but I'm only ever gonna get it in the water by simply driving it off a boat
launch since doing it any other way (like driving it off a bridge or a
pier) would be a violation of public safety laws.

Автор 9876543212001 ( назад)
Gotta love it ! I still drive My '69 bug.

Автор Bujar Star ( назад)
So cheap back then for this beauty 

Автор Bujar Star ( назад)
Love this car 

Автор Gary Larry ( назад)
ONLY $2000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор DolleHengst ( назад)
I read somewhere that an empty Beetle stays afloat. it doesn't sink, not
even slowly. Because of all the air in the front. The water can't fill that
part, because the "hood" is entirely above the water.

Автор shannon hicks ( назад)
how long does a vw beetle float? Just watch!: http://youtu.be/1qB0lb401ZU

Автор tomshiba51 ( назад)
I've had my share of VW products through the decades. All amazing
machines. Bought them used, never new. Wish I had, though. Enjoyed them
all. Never water skied with any of them.

Автор dc8764 ( назад)
I have always liked VWs, Herbie the Love Bug got me hooked lol. I heard
that the commercials were always good but they are absolutely
brilliant!!!! I spent an hour watching them yesterday

Автор Eric Batchelder ( назад)

Автор TheObserver808 (1309 лет назад)
Mary Jo

Автор DubleDeuce ( назад)
BOY!!! Would the asterisk*hawking lawyers and disclaimer lawyers have a
field day with this commercial today. 

Автор Azam Najimudeen ( назад)
haha i want to try this! :D

Автор robvlob ( назад)
It would be nice if you could still pick one up that's in really good shape
for $1,999.00

20 odd years ago they were cheap you could of probably bought 3-5 in good
to great shape and a few parts cars for that price.

Автор Xtech Coparation ( назад)
i got a vw

Автор ANTÓNIO COSTA ( назад)

Автор Bilal Ahmed ( назад)
Just to expect from the Germans !

Автор KlunkerRider ( назад)
This reminds me of the now famous, then infamous, National Lampoon's fake
VW advertisement stating "If Ted Kennedy drove a Volkswagen, he'd be
President today"

Автор RacerM53 ( назад)
Im getting a 67 for my first car cant wait picking it up tomorrow!!!!!!!

Автор puffer1958 ( назад)
If Ted Kennedy had driven one he would have been President.

Автор Deborah Belfatto ( назад)
Love that video

Автор msmithstud ( назад)
my 76 is very air tight, but i'm pretty sure it won't float after 38
years. I have to slighty crack the window just to shut the driver's door
all the way. That's how air tight it is.

Автор Teambr00klyn ( назад)
you can thank adolf hitler for the ability to float. He made it a
requirement in the original design

Автор Groovy Reflections ( назад)
Makes a great flotation device! how long does a vw beetle float? Just watch!

Автор Luke Helton ( назад)
Only 1999 wow that's cheap for a car plz don't say it's over 30 years ago
but still that's my iMac and dell put together and beats studio 

Автор Air Cooled Addiction ( назад)
In this VW commercial from 1972, Volkswagen assures us that if GPS
navigation systems had existed then, directing their owners into local
lakes wouldn't have been a problem if they owned a Beetle:

how long does a vw beetle float? Just watch!

Автор Ryan Burke ( назад)

It’s Throwback Thursday! Check out this commercial from 1972 featuring one
of history’s most beloved cars, the VW Beetle. how long does a vw beetle
float? Just watch!

Автор Groovy Reflections ( назад)
VW bugs have many uses ...but as a flotation device? how long does a vw
beetle float? Just watch!

Автор Erik Campo ( назад)

Автор lisadaveg ( назад)
for 1995 you could buy a second one after the first one sinks....

Автор KA3AXCTAH2030 ( назад)
That's 1000% inflation over 30 years or 33.33% year to year, which is
closer to what it actually feels like today compared to what the gov't
claims it is

Автор Douglas Holste ( назад)
I was telling a friend yesterday if he remembered some of the VW
commerials. He remembered this one. Sorry to hear the actor died recently.

Автор Vesna Kujundzic (V35NA) ( назад)

Автор beetlejuice150 ( назад)
I am so sorry to hear this!

Автор Machspeed777 ( назад)
Lew Wood. My friend, passed away today. He was a great father, husband,
actor and friend. 85 yrs old.

Автор Rictim Eishort ( назад)
Hi,at the same time you could buy a chevy pu for same price

Автор G1bumbleswipe ( назад)
I have a 1971 Super Beetle and love it!! I needs a paint job to spot a few
rust spots, but what other 40+ year old car doesn't need a visual touch-up
from time to time, though? As long as I can keep it running, I will keep
driving it. And yes, it is yellow so I do drive a G1 Bumblebee.

Автор Charles Montmeny-Huot ( назад)
Fuck inflation

Автор Corkoth55 ( назад)
now what other car gives you this kind of qualit-kind of price

Автор eric miles ( назад)
lol I got mine free from the original owner my dad told the guy he would
restore it and the guy said take it that was like 10 years ago and we are
just starting. when its finished im going to drive the car to the mans
grave marker and show it to him

Автор Hypnotic ( назад)
I miss my VW beetle

Автор yugozastava13 ( назад)
And that's relevant to the VW Beetle's buoyancy... how?

Автор Jerry Reyes ( назад)
Mine did not float that long.. LOL, I had to abandon ship.

Автор 황 선환 ( назад)

Автор wwwtotalitaerde ( назад)
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Автор observer 1959 ( назад)
I grew up in Texas in the late 60s to early 70s and lived near the Dallas
Lovefield airport. It flooded every few years and one year our friends up
the street (on a hill) came into my room in the night in their boat using
flashlights. The water was up to my mattress and they rounded up my family
and took us to their house. At the bottom of the hill after the water
subsided there was a VW bug in the top of a large tree. Quite an experience
for a young boy.

Автор observer 1959 ( назад)
Only the first generations did so because of the unibody construction.

Автор observer 1959 ( назад)
They didn't, because they wanted you to and then tell all your friends
about it.

Автор Ross Ewage ( назад)
ER-AH!! LMAO!!!!

Автор Joziebee ( назад)
Méchant moyen de présenté une wouetture !

Автор tailsawsome17 ( назад)
i saw him in Florida the other day

Автор Weird but Creative ( назад)
I wonder how many idiots back then actually tried that and spent the next
20 years trying to pump pond water out of the engine. I found one in the
woods back in 1993. I think it was a 73. From the looks of the trees and
how bad the tires were, it had to have been there for at least 2 decades.

Автор gabriel san antonio ( назад)
Guys pause at 0:49 , read the sentence at the end

Автор rustydog1236 ( назад)
Too bad Ted Kennedy didn't drive a VW.

Автор msmithstud ( назад)
I wish my door panel came off that easy

Автор mark rinebold ( назад)
love that turtleneck...ahoy!

Автор Lucas Freeman ( назад)
Why the rain last night had me concerned :-p

Автор Beetles in the Wild ( назад)
We though you guys might enjoy this :)

Автор Beetles in the Wild ( назад)
We though you guys might enjoy this :)

Автор Beetles in the Wild ( назад)
We though you guys might enjoy this :)

Автор Beetles in the Wild ( назад)
We though you guys might enjoy this :)

Автор Beetles in the Wild ( назад)
Wild VW Beetles can float. This means if one is chasing you, you aren't
safe on land or water. Nowhere to hide!! :| http://ow.ly/kvsDS

Автор LDGLakers ( назад)
Some say he is still floating to this day...

Автор Jonathan Peake ( назад)
What sort of cock would drive his new Bug into a Lake?!!!!

Автор carshionds ( назад)
so What!...

Автор SuperniusPL ( назад)
At the end of the missing "Das Auto" ....

Автор SuperniusPL ( назад)
1972... hm... I love old advertising automobiles. Great video. I posted on
supernius.pl By 2003, the production lines came off 21 529 464 cars VW
Beetle (absolute record length and quantity of production). The most
powerful engine VW VW Käfer was a unit with a capacity of 1600 ccm3 and 50
hp (max speed. 135 km / h from 0 to 100 km / h in 21 seconds).

Автор Mathew Joe1999 ( назад)
I think japan must use this car because this car can float like boat

Автор Marcelo Fraga ( назад)
Ted Kennedy would have liked this feature.

Автор 1962HILTON ( назад)

Автор matt9519US ( назад)
Back when they didn't need to put "don't try this at home"

Автор nitrap5(Karen Partin) ( назад)

Автор nitrap5(Karen Partin) ( назад)
vw beetle is classic

Автор yourfast07 ( назад)
I would buy 1 for $2000

Автор msmithstud ( назад)
they don't float anymore. TRUST ME

Автор willie wallace ( назад)

Автор paulinoargento ( назад)
Este auto si bien a simple vista flotaba, en realidad se tardaba en hundir.

Автор walker morris ( назад)
I remember this when it came out

Автор Darbyjack ( назад)
I shall have to do some research into this :-) Thanks!

Автор 14omega28ok ( назад)
The gas mileage thing was a stretched truth I'll admit. Mine gets in the
neighborhood of 27 MPG. Although there are simple modifications (Or so I've
heard) like better Electronic ignition, Hotter spark plugs, and other
things that have claimed to boost mileage up into the 30's. I met a guy who
said his got around 32 MPG with a simple change in distributor

Автор Darbyjack ( назад)
Actually, Beetles are very fuel inefficient. Mine gets about 25 miles per
gallon, which is quite poor for a small car (by today's standards). Still,
I'd much rather drive it than anything else!

Автор Red Robot ( назад)
See those new fiats? Those just sink apparently.

Автор Wayne Roberts ( назад)

Автор Dee Jay ( назад)
Jeez I'll take a beetle for $2k

Автор Wayne Roberts ( назад)

Автор Gurgs (1985 лет назад)
If you notice the ad skips, so it caused that jump in the sentence.

Автор snazzysportstacker ( назад)
"Now, what other car gives you this kind of quality kind of price?" Watch
your grammar bro

Автор PonyVisation ( назад)
sadly if you got into a wreck your body would fly forward due to no
compression crash.

Автор justin0145632 ( назад)
The Beetles

Автор lou pelez ( назад)
He stole the idea from Tatra. Get your facts straight.

Автор Jacob Evans ( назад)
actually you wouldnt, the VW beetle has a lot of steel which a lot of cars
these days don't. The VW beetle can hold it's own in an accident.

Автор LilMissMaryLou ( назад)
that's my boy!

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