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The Complete Angler is a film by James Prosek (artist/writer), Fritz Mitchell (producer/editor) and Peter Franchella (cinematographer). It documents Prosek's travels as he walks in the footsteps of the 17th century English writer, Izaak Walton—"research" for his senior thesis at Yale. The film focuses on Walton's book, The Compleat Angler, a book that many have heard of but few have actually read.

Chapter 1 - James leaves Connecticut for Ireland and England, catching a few trout in his home streams and musing about his youth, fishing, and some Waltonian ideals. He visits the library at Yale and examines a first edition of Walton's Compleat Angler from 1653. Then he sits for a reading of Yeat's poem, The Song of Wandering Aengus, by Harold Bloom.

Chapter 2 - James goes to Ireland to experience the earliest form of fly-fishing, dapping live mayflies impaled on fine-wire hooks for brown trout on the lakes of the Connemara region. He visits with a boy who collects and sells live mayflies to the fishermen, and salmon fishes along the Eriff River.

Chapter 3 - James fishes a tributary of the Thames in London that Walton fished three hundred and fifty years before, the River Lea. Walton was forced out of London during the English Civil War and returned to the pastoral beauty of his homeland in Derbyshire and the beautiful River Dove in the Peak District.

Chapter 4 - James visits the "fishing temple" on the River Dove, which Charles Cotton (considered the father of modern fly-fishing) built in honor of his friend Izaak Walton.

Chapter 5 - James fishes with Sir John Swire, an upper-class Englishman who talks about his love of fishing and of Izaak Walton's ideals and life philosophy.

Chapter 6 - James visits Victoria Wakefield who helped him secure fishing on the renowned chalk streams, the Test and Itchen in Hampshire. She introduces him to Roger Harrison, who owns a beautiful stretch of water on the Itchen with lots of wild trout. There, James encounters a milkmaiden.

Final Chapter - James visits Izaak Walton's grave in a chapel in Winchester Cathedral, and discusses the last years of his life. Then he sings a song in a meadow by the river and returns to the fishing at the pond near his home in Connecticut.

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Автор Sandy Reinauer ( назад)
Enjoyed thoroughly... only 48 minutes long but rich in simplicity &
understanding. Treat yourself!

Автор David Suttle ( назад)
Elitist garbage

Автор Dapaker ( назад)
Wonderful documentary, great cinematography, and dialogue. Thank you.

Автор James D. Swanson ( назад)
Well done son well done ! :) Any father heaven or on earth would be proud
of your efforts and demeanor with or with out a Fly rod in hand !

Автор James D. Swanson ( назад)
Right left and cast Right handed ?

Автор chelenthal ( назад)
Wonderful movie!

Автор Tyler Minix ( назад)
I've never read the Complete Angler, but I've read John Gierach. His
writings are largely responsible for my obsession with the sport. Whether I
should glorify or vilify him for that differs depending upon my company.

Автор themightyquinner123 ( назад)
That was fantastic. I talked to a grizzled old fisherman who owns a
hatchery. He told me in the 80's the ponds would be shoulder to shoulder
with families. Dads and moms out for a day of fishing with their kids.
Sadly he has seen 5 kids this summer. They all play on their video games
and electronic play stations. A loss of a society that will never feel the
magic of fly fishing and the thrill of the outdoors. He was almost crying
when he told this story. Some reflection on where we are going.

Автор Andy Watts ( назад)
A must watch for any type of angler !!! . What a fantastic program well
done to everyone involved and thank you .

Автор Stephen Land ( назад)
Izaak Walton was nothing but a goddamned bait fisherman and he couldn't
even spell 'complete'!

Автор styx85 ( назад)

Автор jock barblessable ( назад)
Fishing as it should be , sedate beautiful film ,unlike some of the laddish
match fishing t.v. shows , [apart from the Geofrey Palmer series of a few
years ago], I like to be by the water and enjoy the sights and sounds of
nature even if I dont catch a fish .

Автор C. Tex ( назад)
The most beautiful video about fly fishing I've ever seen,

Автор Jd2themax ( назад)
30:50 Ahaha! I was not expecting that!

Автор Chaz Seymour ( назад)
Thanks...great film...hope u got a A...

Автор Daniel Isabelle ( назад)
I've been watching this for some years now and let me tell ya,this never
gets olds i watch this from time to time to get inspiration 

Автор Hector Reyes ( назад)
Awesome! Thanks for sharing.Satori caught in film...

Автор Bill Hensel ( назад)
When one sits in ZAZEN pondering a simple KOAN such as "what is the sound
of one hand clapping" an observer may ask a fair question, what purpose is
there in sitting so still. When I'm asked why do I fish, I will simply
point in the direction of Mr. Prosecs wonderful video, for the answer is

Автор Bill Hensel ( назад)
When one sits in ZAZEN pondering a simple KOAN such as "what is the sound
of one hand clapping" an observer may ask a fair question, what purpose is
there in sitting so still. When I'm asked why do I fish, I will simply
point in the direction of Mr. Prosecs wonderful video, for the answer is

Автор d beemer ( назад)
This is really good. Well Done. I think it is a kind of art-form. Seems
like everybody knows how to do it now, though.

Автор Meandonlyme Andher ( назад)
49 people who never try to fly fish or read any book :) ! Thx for sharing
very touchable video :) !

Автор Dan Ham ( назад)
anywhere to watch this in HD? 

Автор Lasse Lohse ( назад)
Very Very Good! Like the love of the history and the respect of history.
Well done!

Автор Don Rhymer ( назад)

Автор thebones ( назад)
Thanks for the effort that you put in to make this rather special film. it
is great to hear someone express the other reasons that some of us fish,
the connection with nature, the peace and the solitude that allows us to
ponder on who and what we are. Staring into deep water from childhood - a
pond, a river whirl-pool or a lake has a profound effect on one's adult
life. You seem to have grown up very nicely, good luck with whatever you do.

Автор bruno coelho ( назад)
really good! thank you.

Автор CrFishing ( назад)
Loved it!

Автор Kris Sray ( назад)
What a wonderful video. Just getting into fly fishing myself, and this has
been most inspirational. Thank you.

Автор mike jones ( назад)

Автор czfusionZzZ ( назад)

Автор John Purcell ( назад)
Great video! Want to share with our club.

Автор john bolger ( назад)
great video well done

Автор timothy brittain ( назад)
Makes me realize how much I love fly fishin, from small trout in streams to
snook and reds on the flats it's all fun and always gives me the same
completing feeling

Автор Steve Sanderson ( назад)
very enjoyable :)

Автор Don Corleone ( назад)
A wonderful video.

Автор Kormoranjaeger ( назад)
Wonderfull! I love it!

Автор elkriverodyssey ( назад)
As a true brother of the angle, I found myself glowing as you walked
through the mist of Waltons footsteps, breathing life into my angling
heart.I too,find myself at times,on the rivers bank betwixt an evergreen
and an oak, listening intently for the milk maids song.And as I look
through window of time can hear Waltons voice, reassuring me, that mine is
a good life and pureNot to full of wordly things to truly take in the trout
and the mayfly and the angler that is in all men that God hath made

Автор ALvien ScobyDoo ByDoo ( назад)
nice ,, i like it

Автор Zoran Jerinic ( назад)

Автор RussianSnipeU ( назад)
Gotta love Connecticut. I've been fishing the farmington ever since I could

Автор Outcast's Outdoors ( назад)
As a fisherman of life's answers, It is of no coincidence I stumbled upon
this gem. Thank you! Wonderful!

Автор Deddy Kurniawan ( назад)
thank you for showing me how beautiful fishing. i'm indonesian fisher, this
film shows me another way to enjoy strike hook.

Автор branonpsu ( назад)
LOL! My grandma used to poach them in milk with onions and never used lemon
and butter. It was awful in my childhood opinion. My grandfather made me
keep every one until I had a limit of 5 fish, then that was my lunch. I
guess that is why I throw them back now :)

Автор Monte-Carlo Gaz ( назад)
Brilliant film, fantastic narration, beautiful music and a work of art. I
now live in the glitz and glam of Monte-Carlo, Monaco but grew up fly
fishing these rivers in Northern England. When I retire, this is what I
want to be doing every day, fly fishing at home on the rivers' Ribble,
Lune, Hodder, Wenning, Wharfe, Calder, Nidd etc,etc. How I miss those

Автор Bigskygirl ( назад)
Thank you, thank you for this quiet interlude in my otherwise frustrating
afternoon. My Dad also taught me the importance of studying to be quiet
while fishing. I long for those simpler days. It does my heart good to know
there are young people who are respectful and willing to learn from "old
men". Thank you again.

Автор Giancarlo Donninelli ( назад)
Great job!. Lots of greetings from an old wolf river ITALIAN

Автор MrMagic8ball ( назад)
aw shut up ya dumb purist it aint a crime to keep a fish for dinner.

Автор 419friedtoast ( назад)
great vid.. im inspired to read the book now

Автор Ian Wallace ( назад)
On a cold February night what better a film to warm you and make ypu want
to be back on the water.

Автор TheNek17 ( назад)
Beautiful film, why is it linked to ESPN? Anything to do with Shapiro at
the Indians?

Автор AfroTraditionalist ( назад)
This is among the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

Автор swizzlesitk7 ( назад)
god created trout to bring us closer to him! lemon and butter was a back-up

Автор Micheal Quinn ( назад)
Excellent, what more can be said.

Автор jhenrymig ( назад)
the miss at 27:30 was beautiful...made me smile thinking of the fish that
have taken but I haven't caught. Well done.

Автор onlycreate1 ( назад)
I got the English version of this film as a gift a few years ago. Love it.

Автор flyfish1995 ( назад)
This film is a true gem. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Thanks for making it and
thankyou for posting it.

Автор jannassary . ( назад)
wow! victoria has a beautiful garden with a wonderful scene

Автор Richard Morante ( назад)
hey, hes a southpaw!

Автор notpopebuthope ( назад)
A real treat to watch and listen ... Thanks and Cheers from Austria!

Автор Thomas Vanting ( назад)
beautiful - thanks :)

Автор lindavillepl ( назад)
Heartwarming , thank you for sharing

Автор Paul Krieger ( назад)
Thank you so much for a beautiful and outstanding made story, that
transended to a place i too ruin to be...Paul Krieger

Автор branonpsu ( назад)
Thank you for such a heartwarming video. I too grew up fishing for wild
trout in CT and have a special place in my heart for small brooks and
browns. I was given a beautiful copy of The Complete Angler as a kid and I
finally read it all the way through years later when I could enjoy it more.
I am grateful to everyone i have met on the banks and waters of life and
grateful we haven't changed that much as anglers over the years. Thanks
again, Brandon

Автор Will Davies ( назад)
Quite stunning.

Автор Roan O'Sullivan ( назад)
Is there a higher resolution version anywhere (> 360p)?

Автор apos45 ( назад)
Such beautiful sights, words and music. Really enjoyed this film, James,
and now looking forward to seeing your exhibit of 'ocean fishes' in the
Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia - round the corner from where
Roan now lives! All the O'Sullivans send you our very best wishes, and with
fond memories of Easton days.

Автор Matt Rowland ( назад)
Thank you for uploading such a fine video.

Автор MadSmokerBBQ ( назад)
Excellent contrast to the vulgarity and swill that won't go away in my
'suggested videos' list --->>>

Автор bustedcrunk ( назад)
Must feel great to be able to transcend the class divide...

Автор ray d ( назад)
great film, all things come back around, sometime.

Автор K. Byrne ( назад)
Fantastic Video. Thank you so much for the upload. Truly a special way of
showing and explaining the way in which we anglers view fishing. Greetings
from Ireland and Tight Lines.

Автор vikingman0317 ( назад)
James, Great article in the recent Garden & Gun Magazine.

Автор mark stringer ( назад)
I'm hungry

Автор sindre vignes ( назад)
check out my newest salmon movies from norwegian rivers :) enter my channel
and take a look

Автор markus viken stavheim ( назад)
lovley video

Автор Kid McClain ( назад)
What a beautiful video. I don't fish, yet, just sit and gaze at the

Автор andrea orlandelli ( назад)
bellissimo film,veramente spettacolare grazie

Автор Eric Saylor ( назад)
that is perhaps the greatest video i have ever watched

Автор schtals ( назад)
First kisses with a freckle-faced girl

Автор Petrus Gous ( назад)
Great video from a very talented artist!

Автор thisisalwaysatest ( назад)
Beautiful! Where can I purchase this film now that it is not on Amazon?

Автор The MEAT MASTER XXX ( назад)
Nice vid!

Автор Pablo Berninzoni ( назад)

Автор asianwannabeamerican ( назад)
This was absolutely wonderful; a glimpse into heaven.

Автор BaasShapShap (1846 лет назад)
Wow, loved this, would love to own it on DVD to rewatch on the big screen.
Has all the overtones and style of another of my favourites; A Passion for

Автор redrocco44 ( назад)
Just a wonderful film in every way. Many thanks & I wish you much success
in your future ventures.

Автор Hansca ( назад)
Thank you!

Автор TheBgcheez ( назад)
Amazing film! I have only recently began fly fishing, and with this new
discovery I've managed to spend much of my waking hours thinking of nothing
but the great outdoors and the hidden fishing streams.

Автор jefflott111 ( назад)
I thoroughly enjoyed the last 48 minutes of my life. That was wonderful. -A
New Mexico fly fisherman.

Автор Anton Sandqvist ( назад)
really nice!

Автор liljoker123456 ( назад)
this looks beautiful ive done a bit of trout fishing, but ill take make
lunker bucketmouths any day, lol.

Автор jacomofly ( назад)
What a lovely film - perfect in many ways and with a lot of empathy and
respect for the "good old days" without looking down to different
kind/forms of fishery. Sometimes I had a little tear in my eyes during the
film ... but all that in a good way. I will look into this film again. It
maked me happy looking into my own background and what luck I have had
during the live. Best wishes - tight loops and lines ..... :-)

Автор KayakBassing (866 лет назад)
like if u love fly tying to(at the end)

Автор Salmonseeker1 ( назад)
Answers, yes. Thanks you....

Автор TheBuitenman ( назад)
So, there are more people like me.. Thank you for this lovely film!!!

Автор garyscott1234 ( назад)
thank you soo much

Автор KayakBassing ( назад)
great to see a fellow fly tyer

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