Fight Night Phoenix: Rodriguez vs Penn - New School vs Old School

One of the most decorated UFC fighters that have ever stepped foot inside the Octagon, BJ Penn returns in Phoenix to recapture the magic of his legendary run. He faces the new breed of fighter when he takes on Yair Rodriguez Sunday night on FS1.

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Автор Yuriy Kytayev ( назад)
I have decided to retire young.
Thanks for the cheese.
Catch ya's later. ~ BJ Penn

Автор jjBdrumming ( назад)
What moron actually thought that Penn could beat this new superstar?

Автор fernando oc ( назад)
Penn is badass mofo he ain't going to lose

Автор Rapportus Rich ( назад)
Is BJ Penn sleeping in the altitude tent for this?

Автор Erjan Kendjebaev ( назад)
BJ Penn is not so old school. He appeared in the middle of the UFC era. Old school fighters are: Gylbert Yvel, Don Frye, Dan Severn, Tank Abbot, Royce Gracie and etc. Old school fighters are those who fought in the beginning.

Автор Wilson Feliz ( назад)
Hold on. So we have a young up and comer fighting a hall of famer who should be retired.
Okay so this is one of those, let's build this kids ego.

Автор perbe28 ( назад)
I wanna get a fucking BJ

Автор Bryan Loewen ( назад)
Penn was dominant in mma when fighters weren't as skilled as they are today, I think BJ is overrated.

Автор TheZER0C00L ( назад)
Hopefully Penn gets Ronda Rousey'd into retirement.

Автор Kriztofer Plitzkin ( назад)
Roriguez is like straight from a video game.

Автор Andy Montanez ( назад)
WAR BJ!!! Dude's a fucking legend

Автор dhwang80 ( назад)
Didn't they already do an old school vs new school with Penn vs. Rory??

Автор Phins Phan 91 ( назад)
So many Bj haters

Автор gimelex04 ( назад)
im tired of joe rogan overhyping every match and fighters

Автор gimelex04 ( назад)
BJ retire already

Автор Rchill ( назад)
bj penn might get the win, yair be fucking around playing flip dick might get himself submitted.

Автор thenecroyeti1 ( назад)
Yair is overrated!

Автор Johanesburgg ( назад)
Bj gonna get merked

Автор Tony C ( назад)
BJ should have stayed retired. he went 1-5-1 in his last seven fights and his last fight against Edgar was hard to watch. Virtually no offense in three rounds. This is likely going to be ugly.

Автор MMA Opinion ( назад)
BJ's highlights are from the 80's.... Seriously CM Punk would have been a substantially fairer fight to BJ at this point.

Автор Trick John ( назад)
Hawaiians never won any war. who are.. i dont care

Yair via Aztec heart removal sacrifice

Автор elmalo2008 ( назад)
BJ is past his prime, great fighter but time is done!!

Автор jay sullivan ( назад)
Penn is like the Diaz brothers: they have decent wrestling and kicking, and amazing jiu-jitsu, but they rely almost solely on their good boxing. It would be different to see BJ go for the takedown and submission. That is certainly where is greatest advantage is.

Автор walkwithaswagger ( назад)
RESPECT DAT SHIT👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊

Автор Jozhua Mendoza ( назад)
BJ has no chance getting that Featherweight belt. Max & Aldo is to much for him.

Автор Jossua Garcia ( назад)
BJ“The pudgy" Penn 😁👍

Автор Greg M. ( назад)
Penn should stay retired. He's only tarnishing his legacy. Will probably lose this fight.

Автор cadmus777 ( назад)
What will BJ whine about after this one?

Автор Derson Nett ( назад)
bj penn is going for the third belt

Автор rayzo007 ( назад)
Lo mejor contra lo mejor!!!
No como el boxeo que ya pelean más por dinero que por la gloria!!! 😎🤘

Автор Amadeus Nordström ( назад)
yair looks reall Good but if he wants to be a champ he really needs to work boxing he's hands are real low and a Little sloppy. his kicks are unorthodox and weird and he has a lot of tkd experience but he seams to End up on the ground some Times so it's real Good he's working on his grappling. yair has a Bright future. i don't see bj winning this fight but i think his bjj Will be the key to victory if he's going to winn.

Автор Livin' Rob ( назад)
Bj pulls out so often, I'm surprised he has kids.

Автор Jean Michel Bertrand Cofiño ( назад)
I really like BJ Penn, but Yair is in another level right now.

Автор jadonplox ( назад)
all jokes aside, thats bj fucking penn. I really doubt yair beats him.

Автор Harold Nutszack ( назад)
"I put tin da wook." - Beastin 25/8

Автор JuanCamaney1982 ( назад)
Its not a fair fight!
he hasnt fought in years
Yair should be fighting a top 5 fighter
seems like they are trying to hype up BJ to much, but he is to old to hang in there with a young gun like Yair.
If Yair wins which will most likely be the case. Then it proves nothing in the ranks. If he submits BJ or K.Os BJ then he just beat a OLD BJ. Nothing special. He won a Legend so what. BJ can be 50 and go in the octagon and get beat up again and the winner will say i beat a Legend. Yea a OLD Legend with nothing more than a name.

Автор I Tink, Derefore I Am ( назад)
Bj got two belts when fighters were 1 dimensional bums who would be mediocre today, Dont compare that to Conor's achievement, its disrespectful

Автор Anônimo Mesmo ( назад)
"brutal knockout power"

Автор KEBAB ( назад)
He is too old

Автор Nathan Barrera ( назад)
I could see this going either way, Yair is wicked fast and a huge threat, but also Bj Penn has power and could easily catch him. Also Bj is a wizard on the ground.

Автор Todd Peterson ( назад)
The Prodigy will be victorious! Anyone wanna place a friendly wager?

50 year's old retired skateboarder from hawaii

Автор Mohamed Ahmed ( назад)
Imagine UFC had a featherweight division when BJ was fighting? What's even more impressive is that he wasn't done fighting guys who were already bigger than him at 155, he moved up to WW and became Champ.

Автор Barack Obama ( назад)
I thought Frankie retired this guy

Автор Our Lord and Savior Conor McGregor ( назад)
BJ looks pretty slow in his training footage. Could spell his doom.

Автор Lucky Moto ( назад)
I hope BJ puts on a clinic!

Автор Kaiser D Kaido ( назад)
The Roshi of UFC

Автор The Guillotine ( назад)
ufcs new years present to loyal fans bet aganist bj

Автор Fernando Gonzalez Valle ( назад)
If I was BJ, I would retire as a legend instead of loosing this fight and being remembered as an old man who lost his last combat just to try to proof something

Автор ohhroach ( назад)
Bj about to get retired for the third time.

Автор Dali113 ( назад)
Don't do it BJ...

Автор BlueDog 1 ( назад)
I'm wondering if this will be a hard weight cut for BJ

Автор Ichinegro Negrosaki ( назад)
More like rodriguez vs penn: lamb being brought slaughter

Автор George Saint Pierre ( назад)
I love bj bute hes gonna get knockt out

Автор Pennywise The Clown ( назад)
Penn is gunna get his butt whupped he should have stayed back at his farm

Автор N. Smith ( назад)
BJ penn,s boxing and wrestling is going to destroy this guy,s unusual style, i say tko from penn

Автор adrian villafuerte ( назад)
The game has evolved ten fold since bj last fought. We might witness a Ronda ko again

Автор LIONEL SNITCHIE ( назад)
Im seriously worried for BJ penn, why give him Rodriguez!!!

Автор alcott devalte ( назад)
This will be a good fight, and where the fuck is ufc 207 fight motion?

Автор krylesangerbeaver ( назад)
The guy had shit cardio and drive in his prime, what's he got to offer now?

When I say shit Cardio and drive, I'm not comparing him to me lol. I'm comparing him to other athletes in the same field.

Автор umedina13 ( назад)
Yair is the future respect to bj but i got my money on yair

Автор Escalathor _ ( назад)
I wish there was a betting line for fighters missing weight, because i would bet 1000 bucks that BJ isn't gonna make 145

Автор Bill Gates ( назад)
i've never seen joe rogan so amped up for a fight. i like it

Автор Cruz From2115 ( назад)
if penn isnt going for his 3rd title, there is no reason for him to compete

Автор Alexander Xiong ( назад)
I love BJ but god you're getting old just retire.

Автор Redi Lamaj ( назад)
so exciting

Автор Pao Lor ( назад)
penn is too old and he will get smash by the up-n-coming. passing down the torch...

Автор Brunei Brawler ( назад)
I'm part of the new breed of watchers, so I'm looking forward to seeing an old generation fighter be able to fight in my time. BJ Penn for the win!

Автор Oliver Crespo ( назад)
El Pantera is going to murk Grandpa Penn.

Автор They Live We Sleep ( назад)
Bj Penn is about to give Yair the Brian Bowles treatment.

Автор Eric Daniel Giordano ( назад)
Bj Penn will submit him

Автор Nico Lopez ( назад)
New school vs washed up school

Автор Nahid Ahmed ( назад)
Blow job penn via blow job

Автор Josh V ( назад)
Don't go out with a loss BJ, this is a tough fight hope he can sub him.

Автор Rj MMA edits ( назад)
I usually go for Old school but in this case I'm rooting for new school

Автор a VEGAN [McGregor's Kryptonite] ( назад)
Most black people are SCUM! They bitch about equality and oppression, yet they commit VIOLENT crimes towards animals day to day, EXPLOIT them, TORTURE them to satisfy their own taste buds. FUCK #blm . You want to end slavery??? START WITH WHATS ON YOUR PLATE!!

Автор MannyMoto ( назад)
gotta give respect to BJ but a legend returning too UFC never ends good 😂

Автор Daniel ( назад)
Yair Rodriguez is so cute 😍

Автор dab of ranch ( назад)
prefiro o yair bolsonaro

Автор John Smith ( назад)
"i'm not surprised motherfuckers." - tj "no love" dillashaw

Автор grabir01 ( назад)
With that jump round kick hitting with the ball instead of the top of the foot, he might have killed the dude...

Автор Sup ( назад)
I love BJ he is a legend but he needs to realize his time has passed because he is gunna lose this fight.

Автор Hoesay Deep Sea Dive Waldo ( назад)
bj about to get retired on fight night.

Автор arte do canal ( назад)
que seja a melhor luta

Автор Evin Schmiedecke ( назад)
Shit bj won't be wearing his trademark trunks

Автор MelancholySex ( назад)
Wish this was longer.

Автор coffeeblak86 ( назад)
Don't do it BJ. its not too late to pull out! Just ask Cormier.

Автор So What ( назад)
thumbnail tho😂

Автор Sena ( назад)
I'm going to go to the death! I'm going to try to kill you and I'm not joking about this - Dennis 'The Prodigy' Siver

Автор Ice Boy ( назад)
really interesting fight but I have to admit I hope BJ eats Yairs dick like kobeashi

Автор Interim UFC President Dana F* White ( назад)
Penn won his first UFC belt so long ago that I still had hair.

Автор n r ( назад)

Автор Tyrone Mooselips ( назад)
Blowjob Pen vs McGrego

Автор Tyrone Mooselips ( назад)
Blowjob Pen vs McGrego

Автор Demian 'The Backpack' Maia ( назад)
don't count BJ out

Автор Stay Trill ( назад)
hope bj gets knocked out back into retirement!

Автор MMA Tv ( назад)
I made a Penn vs Rodriguez Promo Vid
you can check it out in my channel

First .

Автор Jonathan Kim ( назад)
I love u.

Автор FiRe24710 ( назад)
Yair for the win

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