Los Angeles and the BONCAS! | Evan Edinger Travel

I threw a party in Los Angeles, flew back to London, suited up and went to the Boncas! What a jam-packed vlog!
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Автор HoloPhantasia HoweltersHere ( назад)

Автор tinybearr ( назад)
when phil started singing. evan was me at the show

Автор Lauren Donna ( назад)

Автор Creative Reindeer ( назад)
ah the BONCA crazy screaming is nerve-twitching but massive respect for
getting in their with the travel vlogs, great stuff, I liked how you knew
which shots you needed to set the scenes even if it was just a cut of two
on the underground to keep pace. Neat stuff. Also good to be reminded to
appreciate my 4'11 and 3/4 size for long hauls ;)

Автор Felinetrohman ( назад)
i didn't know joey and daniel went to the boncas?

Автор Iky Scars ( назад)
What's with the "fuck" when zooming Dodie in while giving her performance
playing the piano xD

Автор Caits F ( назад)
My dad Phil is in the thumbnail. I'm so proud of him <3
Thank you Evan.
You're so cool

Автор dodieatthedisco ( назад)
naveregnide o m g

Автор The Stacker ( назад)

Автор Ryn Sheret ( назад)
Oh Evan you Phanboy

Автор Jasmine S ( назад)

Автор Eden ( назад)
awwww :'( i was so sleep deprived for work after that night missin youuuuuu

Автор Kate's Adventures ( назад)
"I'm vomiting everywhere" - I need to remember that one.

Автор Ciaran Murphy ( назад)
Man you hang around with so many good looking girls but you never bang any
of them, what's up with that?

Автор Tara Fox (Nokori) ( назад)
Honestly if I was invited to one of your parties I would be that one person
who comes early. You're just that great :)

Автор Ally ( назад)
11 degress c!!!!!! Bro its like 40+ in aus atm

Автор Maggie Rice ( назад)
Time just FLEW by... Evan, was that an unintentional pun????

Автор Emma Edmondson ( назад)
12:05 thank you evan for recording this moment - my three fav ladies (and
my fav guy) <3

Автор Adam Robero ( назад)
Evan, watch your back man... That was some death stare you got from Dodie

Автор pretty-little-birdie ( назад)
Rose and Rosie and Dodie!!! So cute :) (12:06)

Автор ヨッシー ( назад)
the one day i got to spend in LA

it was pouring rain

in mid August


Автор josie offutt ( назад)
Dodie's yellow gown!

Автор Maxine Ruth ( назад)
Manager joooosh

Автор Thomas Gosling ( назад)
F You I want a Mavic!!!!!! :'(

Автор parker7ish ( назад)
dear evan: i want your shirt
(also you're pretty rad too)

Автор Isaac Huetter ( назад)
you are NOT 6'4 I call lies

Автор emmyg ( назад)
did something go wrong during Dodie's performance or something?

Автор Mikayla Rena ( назад)
evan i'm sorry people bailed on you :((

Автор KaeAnde ( назад)
I'm genuinely upset that you left those Lofthouse cookies there

Автор jrocknpoppingirl ( назад)
Dodie is the best. "Fucking lost, didn't I?"

Автор Caroline Hanson ( назад)

Автор Caroline Hanson ( назад)
Wait I'm so confused did Evan move!?!???!?

Автор JaffaCakeGecko ( назад)
You travel so much yet you haven't adopted the rolling-clothes-when-packing
method?! You could have so much mORE SPAAACE

Автор Ellie Bombelli ( назад)
Dodie shouting, 'I fucking lost' at the end will always make me laugh

Автор DisneyFanatic. xxx ( назад)
Evan... be honest, did Dan Howell and Dodie meet? I need to know OMG <3 I
love you xx

Автор Gracie x ( назад)
I got chills when dodie started playing When. Your comment was exactly what
I was thinking. It's ok! dodie will WHEN next year.

Автор sunfreckledmoonchild ( назад)
It looked like a really nice hangout even if some people bailed (that's the
worst though isn't it, just brings you right down from the
I-planned-a-cool-thing high). Lovely vlog :)

Автор unleashingphan ( назад)
the part where you went and opened the door to find nobody there is me

Автор Beth Y ( назад)
My favourite thing is how loud Rose and Rosie are talking at 12:00 lmao
love it

Автор Lou McC ( назад)
Evan low key ships Phan 😂😂

Автор Rachel D ( назад)
Ooh in Spanish class we did Duolingo and my teacher stands right behind you
and watches you do it and it's a major pressure situation.

Автор Louise ( назад)
HAHHAAh when it shows naveregnide 12:43

Автор Emma Violet ( назад)
DODIE didn't win I was salty then and I'm fuckin salty now

Автор Petrichor ( назад)
I'm going to la tomorrow

Автор Clorax Bleach ( назад)
Hi Evan Any Plans On Coming Back To New Zealand?

Автор charlie.58 ( назад)
Do you find vlogging therapeutic or stressful? or neither? just wondering
because I noticed you called it a journal entry at the beginning of the

Автор Jackie Diaz ( назад)
No one shows up to my parties either. It's okay Evan, I can relate.

Автор TheAngelCaroll ( назад)
the placement of the head for the end card IS CREEEPYY

Автор Canaan Pillay ( назад)
nice jobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb on trying to win but goooood luck next time

Автор ama ka ( назад)
whats the best way for me to get upgraded, without having to pay? I don't
fly often and I've never been in anything other than economy.

Автор Beth Jefferies ( назад)
right after that low angle shot near the start of the boncas segment i
walked into you, sorry love! was looking for a bin haha

Автор Melissa Pounds ( назад)
You are so cute Evan.

Автор Asia Khatun ( назад)
No one came to your party :'(

Автор Ann Talakvadze ( назад)
I loved it!

Автор Adaobi ( назад)
aww Evan I hope the party was fun! 😊

Автор Rebecca M ( назад)
evan youre so so lovely and sweet! im sad that people bailed on your party,
you dont deserve to have a sad day. you deserve sunshine and presents and
happiness and treats and beautiful things, like your beautiful personality.
thank you for being so amazing.

Автор emily schettler ( назад)
Damn was really hoping you'd win Evan! Also, how did Dodie get nothing????

Автор MadE ( назад)
Seeing Rose and Rosie talking to Dodie is so weird ... in my mind they're
kinda on different party of youtube

Автор imakedoodleslol ( назад)
"that's not my channel name" :'D

Автор Cerys Cole ( назад)
If theres a boncas next year dodie will get an award dont worry :)

Автор fiona macdonald ( назад)
You've been in the uk for that long you have started saying biscuits
instead of cookies😂 love your videos💕

Автор aloelucie ( назад)
This as beautiful, I love your vlogs, sweet Jesus

Автор Jennifer_shan13 ( назад)
Evan a very supportive friend? Yes

Автор Jennifer_shan13 ( назад)
Evan a phan boy? Yes lol

Автор The IncredibleElf ( назад)
Thanks so much for this channel Evan, it always cheers me up and if you see
this please may you pass on a compliment to Dodie about how beautiful she
looked in that dress and how handsome you looked in your suit 😊 ly Evan!

Автор Nikki ( назад)
i love how someone promoted their instagram when you started vlogging at
the awards show

Автор shittywitty ( назад)

Автор Missy Nugget ( назад)
i see phil: i click

Автор Panic! It's twenty one Phangirls ( назад)
Heyyy :)

Автор Calvin Liu ( назад)
Love you mate

Автор Arianna * ( назад)

Автор abbie's secrets ( назад)
I love your vlogs Evan they are so calming to me xx

Автор Erika ( назад)
Lol, it was raining in LA yesterday. What a miracle

Автор That weird Geek ( назад)
Evan seem really upset that everyone ways late and it made me sad

Автор Skittlez ( назад)

Автор could you please leave ( назад)
i see a wild cute dodie with rose and rosie in the thumbnail my little bi
heart feels SO BLESSED

Автор Twenty Øne Phans! at the Disco ( назад)

I can't think of anything

Автор Mika Whitney Todd ( назад)
Your packing skills are on par😂

Автор Evan Edinger ( назад)

Автор That weird Geek ( назад)
Early af

Автор KaliLuvsPhan ( назад)
omg Phil's in the flipping thumbnail

Автор Peyton_Roseboom ( назад)

Автор candy32291 ( назад)

Автор Rowen Baltus ( назад)

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