People Who Forgot To Proofread (Funny Spelling Fails)

In this Reaction Time Episode I reacted to the funniest spelling fails of people who should have proofread. These include funny signs, funny test answers, and most hilarious words.

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Автор Meg Sky ( назад)
re-read is a word xD

Автор Emily Sheshe ( назад)
he insulted me I am in forth grade and I'm very smart and can spell a lot!

Автор Elizabeth M. ( назад)
"Violators will be towed and find $50"

Автор LoCocoD Productions ( назад)
Ill sub to anyone who subs me and replies

Автор Moon Fang ( назад)
5:48 I died laughing right then and there.

Автор Ana Bukia ( назад)
" Oh that makes sense it's America. " XD that's legit what people think of
Americans. What have we come to?

Автор ShadowAshlee PrincessAshlee925 (Ashyloopsy) ( назад)
Reread is a word

Автор Linh Huynh ( назад)
U can be elderly when ur a child.
It's a rare condition and they only live for about 6 years.

Автор Matthew Mulligan ( назад)

Автор Matthew Mulligan ( назад)
Butt seriesly

Автор Zoey O'Neill ( назад)
For the one at 1:00 it said that your abusing the privilege to be stupid so
I'm pretty sure the typos were supposed to be there.

Автор UselessTutorials ( назад)
I've seen this picture of a store named "suck" "bang" "blow"

Автор Kaya Brown ( назад)
You can be elderly and a child bc it's called PROGERIA😂

Автор Sonic Fazbear2005 ( назад)
the shoplifting one kille me

Автор Toria Bessie ( назад)
"I just love the warm feeling of pee on my body. Feels so good. Pee on me!"

-Tal Fishman, 2017

Автор Game Eggzplain ( назад)
5:00 LOL

Автор Bella Smith ( назад)
I subscribed:)

Автор Bella Smith ( назад)
hi reaction time

Автор Ottomxn ( назад)

Автор Kenzie Barnes ( назад)
Put on subtitles and when he saying reread ain't a word youtube's just like
(Yes Tal... it is a word) (No Tal you don't have a problem, reread is a
word) XD lol

Автор AQUAPONY123 ( назад)

Автор Anna DeArment ( назад)
**reads sign they takes a red marker and makes the U into a O and crosses
out L** your welcome

Автор Gabriella Brown ( назад)
How to trick an idiot

Read more

Автор Pacman Lover731 ( назад)
Reaction Time are you OCD

Автор Kira Rose ( назад)
You can have a disabled, elderly, pregnant and child. They can be 67,
disabled, pregnant nad act like a child. Lol

Автор Emily Youngster! ( назад)
your backround changed

Автор sʜɪʀᴏ ( назад)
I'd rather kill myself then commit suicide,

Автор I Am a Z ( назад)
is 're-read' a word? oh Tal

Автор John Dermesher ( назад)
I wundr if utocoecct wouldn't coreccted thised

Автор Sarah Dranoff ( назад)
you make my day tal your so funny ily can i date u

Автор Hector Martinez ( назад)
For the second one I'm in fourth grade and even I know that

Автор Supergirl Zor-El ( назад)
So many thing wrong with what he says in this video.

Автор Sarah Powell ( назад)
i love reaction time i did't know i was hungry till i roasted you

Автор Charlie Cheater ( назад)

Автор Kiana MacKinnon ( назад)
"Your" isn't spelt wrong. That's how we spell it in Canada or if not all of
Canada parts of Canada spell it like that.

Автор TheSlashed Mask ( назад)
it killed me whenever he was like find a find fifty dollars at 5:39

Автор Bradley Schiesser ( назад)
reread is a word

Автор davin peck ( назад)
im ten and I've had sex

Автор Patrick b78 ( назад)
Lol the thumbnail😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Joe Casazza ( назад)
Reread is a word...

Автор DAmarioKID2 ( назад)
Reread is a word

Автор Sam Wich ( назад)
smh when tal said 'slutty'

Автор Crystal Christianson ( назад)
btw reread is a word and I know that and I'm only in 4th grade

Автор Emily Miller (Cat Girl) ( назад)
Reread is a real word

Автор Crybaby Priscilla ( назад)
butt get he fudge out and i think privilege

Автор Fluffy Dinosaur 101 ( назад)
OMG I'm dyinggg

Автор Macensy20 ( назад)
Omg i know someone who spelled wet whet

Автор Jose Anguiano ( назад)
I love your vids

Автор Kim#14 LOL ( назад)
Omg 4 million subs

Автор Guys I'm Batman ( назад)
Wait the second one he said wrong because there's only one not two words
spelt wrong and the word that was right that he said it wrong is your

Автор Yasmil Espinal ( назад)
Elder and a child? No problem for Benjamin Button

Автор Wendy me ( назад)

Автор Hanna Sharaf ( назад)
So what if you stole a TV can you iimagine "your gonna have to suck a lot
of @%# for that."

Автор White Hammer344 ( назад)
Ho Made Truffle Butter

Автор gabriel wynn ( назад)
ho can make truffle butter :D

Автор Rayna Schafer ( назад)

Автор Meghan Kelley ( назад)
The music in the background is the mii theme from wii lol

Автор Princess Marli G ( назад)
I laughed at 3:59 - 4:04
I hate boots lol

Автор Adan Bello ( назад)
re-read is a real word

Автор morgan collins ( назад)
Q and A

Автор ChVP * ( назад)
Your videos are freaking hilarious!😂💕

Автор CupcakeWolf2004 ( назад)

Автор FaZe GaMer (Ducky) ( назад)
Lmao The "Speak English Or Get The F**k Out"

Автор Asyraff Beast ( назад)
2:41 is hilarious

Автор Mia _xx ( назад)
I laughed too much!

Автор Max Friedman ( назад)

Автор Danny Rea ( назад)
Roses are red
My ass is in heaven
Because I got kicked
By the legend27

Автор Lady of Darkness ( назад)
It's actually because of autocorrect that I can't spell certain things...
granted that English isn't my first language, but when I misspell something
it gets autocorrected and I don't even notice it, so I don't learn from my
mistakes... damn it.

Автор Aicha Ndiaye ( назад)

Автор Chris Jericho ( назад)
Accident porn area

Автор georange3 ( назад)
I was laughing the whole video

Автор SavageBurrito Lit ( назад)
If anyone wants a subscriber, reply to this and ill sub to you, and I will
know, just comment something

Автор crazyMirandapeanut pojdey ( назад)
.. its possible you can be a kid and be elderly ... your soul can be
0-100,000....... PLZ DONT ASK ME

Автор Itz Just Bella ( назад)
You should react to 'Are You Feeling Me Now Donald Trump'

Автор Anderson Bonilla ( назад)
see what I dif

Автор Anderson Bonilla ( назад)
it's said amd twp

Автор Ana Conner ( назад)

Автор Skyeina ( назад)
one of your best vids

Автор BenicioSucksAtPiano ( назад)
An old child is called a teen

Автор AircraftPilot A-321 ( назад)
Miss spelled sentence - Violators will be fine

Автор Sarah Ngai ( назад)
This is so so funny i have been laughing the whole video.

Автор Katarina Hoshor ( назад)
Hi How are you today

Автор Emma Jane ( назад)
Paranormal activity videos

Автор Rania Brown ( назад)
well if you were born on February 29th you have to wait 40 years to turn 10

Автор Patricia Hartley ( назад)
soooo funny when u said "pee on me " with the jolt!!!😂😅😂

Автор Patrick Garrett ( назад)
I laughed so hard at this😂😂

Автор John Mauro ( назад)
When it was the black people comment and he said that the guy was racist.
Tal you're racist. Gonna Pa Tit

Автор John Mauro ( назад)
Why does this happen all the time. It's always the vids that include the

Автор Angie for all master Angelina ( назад)
Reread is a real word

Автор xXxJHEDxXx magdato ( назад)
Yesterday i stand up to my bullies can get 5 like :3

Автор Slash Tag ( назад)

Автор Aaaa Zzzz ( назад)
You got a dig bick. You that read wrong.You read that wrong too.

Автор Umi Patel ( назад)
Reread is a word 😂

Автор Rayna Lee ( назад)
Wait, I understand the 'Average North American consumes more than 400
Africans' one.
It may sound like a North American eating 400 Africans but I'm quite
positive that it means that one North American eats more food than 400
Africans XD

Автор MJR7617 Gaming ( назад)

Автор tay ( назад)
*Teacher: Hello students. Tay, please read this sentence.*
*Tay: Uhm...ehem..uhh...*
*Tay: Shoplifters w-w-will be...prosictuted?*
*Teacher: That's not how to say it, but okay..*

Автор tay ( назад)
*Wow, I have alot of senpai's!*

*1. Austin Jones*
*2. Reaction Time*
*3. Etc.*

Автор Kelvin Bediako ( назад)
you do know that not all Africans are starving... I am a African American
myself so......

Автор MrElionor ( назад)
Some of these were almost certainly intended jokes

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