Pupu A O `Ewa (Shells of `Ewa)

Püpü (a`o `Ewa) i ka nu`a (nä känaka)
E naue mai (a e `ike)
I ka mea hou (o ka `äina)
Ahe `äina (ua kaulana)
Mai nä küpuna mai
Alahula Pu`uloa he ala hele no
Ka`ahupahau, (Ka`ahupähau)
Alahula Pu`uloa he ala hele no
Ka`ahupähau, Ka`ahupähau

Nani Ka`ala hemolele i ka mälie
Kuahiwi kaulana a`o `Ewa
E ki`i ana i ka makani o ka `äina
Hea ka Moa`e eia au e ke aloha

Kilakila `o Polea noho i ka `olu
Ia home ho`ohihi a ka malihini
E walea ana i ka `olu o ke kiawe
I ka pa kolonahe a ke Kiu

Shells of `Ewa throngs of people
Coming to learn
The news of the land
A land famous
From the ancient times
All of Pu`uloa, the path trod upon by
All of Pu`uloa, the path trod upon by

Beautiful Ka`ala, sublime in the calm
Famous mountain of `Ewa
That fetches the wind of the land
The tradewind calls, "here I am, beloved"

Majestic Polea in the coolness
Home delightful to visitors
Relaxing in the coolness of the kiawe
And the soft blowing of the Kiu wind

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Автор undaya ( назад)
somebody screwed the words up, I'm getting lost. parenthesis are second

Автор Jerry Coval ( назад)
On Kauai, you MUST visit the Waimea lookout. BUT, when you leave, DO NOT
turn left. Trun right, follow the HARD ROAD up to the Kalalau Lookout, for
a view most people only see on calendars. Hang loose bro.

Автор Kevin “Rompindonkey” Gregory ( назад)
Watching the film "Donovan's Reef" tonight led me to check out the song and
led me to to this awesome singer from Hawaii. Always good to discover a new
taste in music. You can't turn back the clock, but if you could, then I
think Hawaii in it's golden era untouched by western hands would be one of
my dream destinations.

Автор pacolvin1 ( назад)
Queen Kaliolani took the American occupation of the Islands to the US
Supreme Court. The Court ruled that President McKinley needed to withdraw
the American troops. He ignored the order and sent more troops so Dole
could consolidate his power. Bottom line -- if you believe in freedom and
the separation of powers do not buy anything with a Dole label on it. BTW
McKinley was killed in Buffalo at the Pan-American Exposition. Who knows
-- if he had obeyed the Supreme Court he might have died in bed.

Автор Jerry Coval ( назад)
Not sure if you know it, but the teenage "princess" in the movie, was a 21
yr old student at USC. John Wayne and John Ford were closely tied with the
USC film school

Автор mario agostini ( назад)
too bad other's occupied Hawaii and left the natives to dry out.. Hawaiians
should have fought for that land.

Автор mario agostini ( назад)
yeah it is truly nice,,,

Автор Jerry Coval ( назад)
Donovan's Reef made me fall in love, both with Kauai, and Hawaiian in
general, including the music.
Unfortunately, an empty wallet, and a Kama Aina heart, makes me long for a
spiritual home, far away, which I can no longer visit. Oh for just a few
hours at Duke's.
Kauai, Mahalo Nui Loa, for my wonderful memories.

Автор Ken Otani ( назад)

Автор skyset1 ( назад)
Püpü (a`o `Ewa) i ka nu`a (nä känaka)
E naue mai (a e `ike)
I ka mea hou (o ka `äina)
Ahe `äina (ua kaulana)
Mai nä küpuna mai
Alahula Pu`uloa he ala hele no
Ka`ahupahau, (Ka`ahupähau)
Alahula Pu`uloa he ala hele no
Ka`ahupähau, Ka`ahupähau

Nani Ka`ala hemolele i ka mälie
Kuahiwi kaulana a`o `Ewa
E ki`i ana i ka makani o ka `äina
Hea ka Moa`e eia au e ke aloha

Kilakila `o Polea noho i ka `olu
Ia home ho`ohihi a ka malihini
E walea ana i ka `olu o ke kiawe
I ka pa kolonahe a ke Kiu

Автор Dem0D1ck ( назад)
Excellent, first time I've found the full version of this Hawaiian song on
the net; it's just beautiful. I fell in love with this song the first time
I watched Donovan's Reef.

Автор Nils Skudaarkaat ( назад)
THE most beautiful song ever recorded, and I would LIOVE it if someone
could e-mail me the lyrics (Phonetically) in Hawaiian.

Автор troylabrie ( назад)
One of the most beautiful Hawaiian songs...and hard to sing. Nani makamae.
Mahalo nui loa.

Автор RIico Yume ( назад)

Автор Kupa'a Kaleo ( назад)
I swear, every time I hear this song, I think of Ka'ahupahau the shark
guardian, and the whole districk of 'Ewa. nani loa!

Автор Kupa'a Kaleo ( назад)

Автор Kupa'a Kaleo ( назад)
Actually, in old Hawaii, in some versions, it is said that the goddesses,
Kapo and Laka, were the inventors of the hula. And in a different version,
it was said that the men were the inventors. It really doesn't matter, the
hula can be danced by both. The hula is generally the ancient way to tell

Автор Kupa'a Kaleo ( назад)
Mele Hawai'i means 'Hawaiian song' but I should have said mele kahiko which
means 'ancient Hawaiian song'.

Автор Kupa'a Kaleo ( назад)
Pupu means "shells" in Hawaiian. Pupu a o 'Ewa= Shells of 'Ewa.

Автор Kupa'a Kaleo ( назад)
its a mele Hawaii.

Автор Kupa'a Kaleo ( назад)
I thought Pupu A O 'Ewa was a traditional song.......well i should know, i
am a kanaka. plus I live in the 'Ewa region. duh stupid me. opuke'e moa

Автор Ralph DeMattia ( назад)
Could someone tell me how to get in touch with Mr. Reichel so that I might
get a copy of the lyrics to this wonderful song in Phonetic Hawaiiian?

Автор Andi Christine ( назад)
this is beautiful. Never been to Hawaii, but I always dream of visiting the
beautiful islands someday.

Автор 10mkellis15 ( назад)
I just wanted to let you know some of those scenes were from Kauai... But
it was a beautiful song.

Автор Nils Skudaarkaat ( назад)
@orosco83 I cry every time I listen to this version, but I feel so serene
and peaceful at the same time. Does that sound weird? Keai'i Reichel does
the BEST version of this song. Can anyone e-mail me the Hawaiian lyrics
phonetically, I'd love to learn this song.

Автор john9944 ( назад)
I learned this song in 1965 at Hamilton AFB at AFROTC Summer Camp. There
were several cadets in my flight, "H," that were advanced cadets from the
University of Hawaii. We used the song as our marching song and called
ourselves Hula Flight and won the Wing Drill Championship. I am convinced
that it was because we sung so well rather than the way we marched. (We
marched okay) After all these years I can still sing it. We did the "Every
Night by the Sea" part in English. Good memories.

Автор VidalVideo ( назад)
Toda a doçura de ilhas paradisíacas em uma música muito rítmica. Mahalo e
muito obrigado Keali'i Reichel.

Автор Nils Skudaarkaat ( назад)
Thank you, Mr. Reichel, for your talent and your precious voice singing
this absolutely enchanting song! I cry every time I hear it; Hawaii is such
a beautiful place.

Автор gezzluvaduck ( назад)
very neat 

Автор MrSunlander ( назад)
I love the Donovan's Reef version, but this is marvelous! Mahalo nui!

Автор goldie0800 ( назад)
Hawaii here I come!! ;- )

Автор Dean Farrar ( назад)
@DancerChick892 this recording is by Keali'i Reichel

Автор eldad mizrachi ( назад)
thanx for uploading.. this is my favourite Hawaiian song

Автор Bob Branham ( назад)
Am I nuts or did Jack Jones have a song called "First Night of the Full
Moon" which used the same melody - about 1964??

Автор dougmott ( назад)
I know what you mean... Makes a person want to go to Hawaii. Wonder if I'll
ever make it there.

Автор David Taylor ( назад)
Donovan's Reef is the happiest movie and the best movie of the century!
:).. God Bless Hawaii!

Автор inboxnews ( назад)
iTunes has it.

Автор henrry00leal ( назад)
Estas palabras aparecieron escritas con sangre en una de las paredes de la
habitacion de la joven Daphne Wanninkhof al ser hallada asesinada en su
casa mientras se encontraba sola el 1º de febrero del 89, con la cabeza
rapada, sin la pierna derecha y sin 3 uñas que le fueron arrancadas . Nunca
se pudo encontrar al culpable. Copia y pega este mensaje en este y tres
videos mas, o el fantasma de Daphne te asesinara esta noche. Lo siento
pero lo mismo me hicieron a mi.

Автор Conan Mills ( назад)
I love and miss Hawaii so much. Thank you.

Автор David Taylor ( назад)
One of my favorite songs! Thankyou

Автор Patrick Coony ( назад)
Donovan's Reef - The most underrated movie of all time.

Автор J.W. Tejas ( назад)
This was just GREAT!

Автор Nils Skudaarkaat (548 лет назад)
Congratulations! Have you ever seen a version of this song done by the same
singers who sing it over the opening credits to the film DONOVAN'S REEF?

Автор Nils Skudaarkaat (618 лет назад)
This is ab-so-lutely the Purest song EVER written, but where is a
full-length version done by the people who sing it in the film DONOVAN'S

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