American bulldog attack.

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Автор Dan Tong ( назад)
very cold dog

Автор jim jones ( назад)
fucking retarded owner. you are a big reason why owning a dog especially of
this breed should require a permit. you are an idiot and totally clueless
when it comes to training and treating dogs.

Автор Emerson Solis ( назад)

Автор Lauren Munroe ( назад)
Awww, I miss my baby boy. I love this video. Thanks. Keep playing. They are
never here long enough. Give him a big hug and kiss for me!! Xoxo

Автор Billy Gibson ( назад)
That's crazy I have an American bulldog named Harley too and he's got white
fur too that's unbelievable

Автор Latonya Mitchell ( назад)
I think it's cute

Автор Thomas Servoski ( назад)
The real bad-guy in this video is the hardwood floor. Less traction than
most of these negative comments.

Автор farrgone ( назад)
Beautiful! My AmBulldog used to play the same way. She's slowed down a bit
at 11 years old.

Автор Yonatan Makara ( назад)
dog knows whats going on lol. he woulnt really harm him. this is play fight
lol. i love to play fight with dogs. makes them more fun.

Автор Rebecca Callender ( назад)
call me all the names you like....we will have to agree to disagree. I love
that breed and have a big boy at home myself. aggression with the breed is
an issue...period the end. "train" your dog your way. I fully believe what
you are doing here is wrong.

Автор druglady33 ( назад)
Lots of people on this thread seems to see this as unwise. Maybe in some
cases it is, if the owner does not have the dog's respect I would not play
this game. But this owner clearly does, the dog responds well to cues and
the game is being completely dictated by the owner. If you watch the dog at
no point does he touch the owner with his teeth. Lots of vocalizing by the
dog but that is a common breed trait. 

Автор Wayne Goff ( назад)
The man is doing play bows that the dog recognizes as an invitation to
play. The dog is into it there is no harm.

Автор badas95Z ( назад)
how much did he weigh?

Автор Michelle Phipps-Sarnescky ( назад)
now wonder why it bit you

Автор Michelle Phipps-Sarnescky ( назад)
your not suppose to do that to a dog

Автор snoopval ( назад)
this is my favorite dog, they are crazy strong but so friendly, it looks
like you two are having a blast

Автор Andrew Hafner ( назад)
I have 3 pits all registered so I'm not against pit bulls please don't
think that, what I am against is the dog owners who do stupid things like
this, this is a classic case of why some ppl shouldn't have dogs period,
throw a ball with him if you want to play. What they fail to realize is how
strong the dog actually is and someone could get hurt. This is disgusting

Автор Jody Wilson ( назад)
to people bitching about this breed, look at statistics, you your beloved
gsd's, collies and labs all have higher statistics for fucking people up,
these are generally good dogs.....please dont confuse it with the APBT

Автор Jody Wilson ( назад)
funny seeing a dog that is totally capable of removing that guys face, but
he plays with the man like he is a baby !

Автор Robin W ( назад)
Someone loves his Daddy! Very sweet.

Автор Rebecca Callender ( назад)
this guy is an idiot. he is instilling aggressive behavior in a bully
breed. dumb ass. hopefully someone takes that dog to a better home

Автор Emily Eddens ( назад)
I just came across this vid and what a meathead! I would've just loved to
squeeze and hug his face!!!!! Even though my Deezle is the runt, he's loud
but it's just a bunch of hot air and it ends up with tummy rubs. You had a
beautiful dog.

Автор Dnico Kitto ( назад)
so cute

Автор swolfe71 ( назад)
To the people throwing out the negative comments. If you do even a little
research on the breed you'll learn that this is exactly what they need or
they can become aggressive. Rough play with a large dog is not a bad thing.
The dog was clearly in play mode by its body language and the guy was
dominating the dog as is needed. The breed needs to know its place within
the family "pack". This one knows his place. Well done!

Автор Pam Austin ( назад)
You can tell how happy the dog is... He's having a blast and good healthy
fun... He only has one voice so when you hear him play grow, that's the
only sound he can make... Owner loves his dog too...

Автор nickzilla20 ( назад)
Attacking or playing?

Автор yo mama ( назад)
keep playing with the dog like that motherfucker and will maul you to death

Автор Toxpack Basel (993 года назад)
Quite a verbal fella ^^

Автор Jay Dee ( назад)

Автор Posey ( назад)
What a cute pup. Your dog is adorable. 

Автор Freedoms Battle Pirates ( назад)
Some serious butthurt going on this thread. Great video and thanks for
sharing. Sorry for your loss jay. I hope to own a full Scott soon. Hope you
have another dog. All the best man

Автор Sitizen Kane ( назад)
Big Boy! Our neighbor has a AmBull and sometimes he gets lose and walks
around. He loves everyone in the neighborhood and loves coming by here to
kick it with my lab/collie mix. He's gorgeous. And your's is too!

Автор Jeff Garcia ( назад)
LOL ! Great video, They love playing , Well trained also. Wish my girl
would look that full.

Автор Crystal Wilson ( назад)
I just love this video-- my favorite. Can't wait til I get an American
bulldog! Such a beautiful dog

Автор Jeff Jr ( назад)
Looked like fun!!!

Автор christoph höpfner ( назад)
sooo cute doggs

Автор christoph höpfner ( назад)
i love make the same with my rotty ;)

Автор sedintis ANTvilko ( назад)
beautiful video :) very friendly :) respect to training.

Автор Boony Brown ( назад)
I have an American Bulldog/Boxer mix and when we play he sounds mean and
vicious but he would he never hurt any one, he is just very vocal.

Автор Nurlan Agazade ( назад)

Автор tattoodboop ( назад)
Omg people are so stupid with there comments here. That dog was loving
playing with his master. He was happy wagging his tail. I used to have one
when I was raising my children. He has passed on. About 8 years ago and my
kids still miss him. He was a 130 pound playmate to my kids. American
Bulldogs are the most loving, loyal dogs on this planet. 

Автор tattoodboop ( назад)
Those are the sweetest dogs. 

Автор Tim Bishop (373 года назад)
I have a Boxer/Bully(AB) "Joey" and I play with him like this all the time.
He sounds scarier than this guy. When he gets really "crazy" all I have to
do is say "Stop" and he immediately stops. To the idiots that think they
will snap because of genetics, shame on you! Its that mentality that almost
brought this breed to extinction. Its always about the owner. I don't care
what breed it is. Its always about the owner and if you don't believe this
you have no business having any breed dog at all.

I used to think Bowers are the greatest dogs ever but my Boxer/Bully has
changed my mind. These ABs are wonderful dogs, friendly, caring, loving,
affectionate, confident, mindful, obedient and smart. Seeing the AB in Joey
has made me decide to get a pure breed AB next.

I work nights as an EMT and don't think twice about my family being at home
with out me. I know my Joey has got my back. He is start enough to
determine between friend and foe. Would never hurt my family and would
prevent anyone or thing that tried to bring us harm at the full risk of his
own life.

Автор Bright Nebula ( назад)
Sorry for you're loss & all the people saying that he would turn on you .
OBVIOUSLY they never owned an American Bulldog i have one his name is
Casino and i got him a week before christmas when i was 11 im 16 now and he
is awesome. Im pretty sure he is a hybrid between both AB's . He has one
blue eye, & everyone asks if he is blind in that eye , nope hes not did the
eye test. Anyways we play like this all the time, & when he goes outside he
runs like a mad dog lol Thanks for the vid good luck and sorry for you're

Автор Danielle Mays ( назад)
I have an American bulldog and he plays like this all the time that's just
their way of playing he wouldn't hurt a fly tho

Автор ADOPT dont shop ( назад)
2 dogs playing :) I LOVE your Bulldog ! He's such a chunky , healthy,
happy , loving boy ! Thanks for sharing an awesome video :) btw.....
listen to the Mrs and your dog a TREAT !

Автор tilly williams ( назад)
Great to see a person getting down to a dogs level for a good old fashioned
game of play. Good on you Jay.

Автор Gwenifar100 ( назад)
0:12 This is dog body language and means: Play with me!
Every dog owner knows that.
It's so funny. I make this sign when I play with my dog. And he understands
and makes the sign too.

Автор Jj Louischarles ( назад)
Best bond

Автор timothy her ( назад)
This is what i call friendship between man and dog

Автор unigamehead ( назад)
That made me laugh

Автор galfd75 ( назад)
Hahaha... loved it !! (great clip)

Автор Bibi felix ( назад)
LOL so cute

Автор taylork2ortayct ( назад)
Shit tha5 dogs going to kill ur ass

Автор poosaypirate ( назад)
that was a great tip thanks for sharing

Автор poosaypirate ( назад)
very very funny !!!! funny game ! very pretty dog and lovely house deco
too, love the wall hanging

Автор Gemma Milner ( назад)

Автор HARMARSCH2 ( назад)
I play with my dog the same way. It fun till you get a head butt from a 100
pound dog. lol

Автор 01mrclue ( назад)
Nice looking dog bro!

Автор boricua95ad ( назад)
I play with my bulldog the same exact way lmao

Автор Leonardo Dias ( назад)
HAHAHAAHA funny man

Автор Jemarse Gumpal ( назад)
Heart attack

Автор Bullguardo Sovereignty ( назад)
hahahahahaha Great Vid! But please please get rid of the shiny floors! They
cause so much damage to lots of dogs and the owners do not realise until
its to late! Hip Displacia and Hip Damage is often done when they are pups
and symptoms can take years to show when the muscle weakens with age etc.
What a Nice Bulldog!!!!

Автор joby roberts ( назад)
I had to leave my bulldog with my mom when I went off to college :( love
her so we use to play like this everyday haha she is a sweetheart

Автор pitronin ( назад)
That is classicmplay mode

Автор americanbullies1 ( назад)
Love this video!!

Автор Chvygrlz02 ( назад)
WOW, what a great looking boy!

Автор slimmy thompson ( назад)
Great vid. beautiful AM with a great temperament

Автор Kendra Mixon ( назад)
I love how he sounds like some hard core man eater . But not one time did
he even open his mouth to play bite. That's awesome! You got a great bond
with him! Love it

Автор Tiersmoke92555 ( назад)
big baby

Автор Saralee Burke ( назад)
Me and my 8 month old Johnson AB play just like this! she loves it, will go
all day if i had the energy! love this breed!

Автор Mad Child ( назад)
That's awesome

Автор Dorothy Weaver ( назад)
I love dogs

Автор Rexdog96 ( назад)
Put a Yankees hat on that guy and it could be me and my boy Huey.

Автор PEREZ4788 ( назад)
Get him a puppy brother lol

Автор Jay Weaver ( назад)
Not yet, soon though.

Автор Jay Weaver ( назад)
love it!

Автор YourLittleAmpersand ( назад)
They look like they're moshing.

Автор yosoloelfuerte ( назад)
Great dog I just got me one hope I can trained him like u guys.

Автор Ryan James ( назад)

Автор TheRockyCrowe ( назад)
LMAO! XD To be honest- I wouldn't play that game with that big of a dog 0^0
the jaws!!! But its still hella adorable X3 I think this form of
roughhousing is a dog thing- I play this game with my Chihuahua all the
time (the hands are 'enemy', push away, crouch down, leap up surprisingly
etc) - he THINKS he's a Bulldog XD

Автор MissNJ ( назад)
Big beautiful baby

Автор Dorkie McGee ( назад)
Awww!! Too stinking cute. I love the AB bunny hops when they are super

Автор Ryan Grant ( назад)
Great video, man! I miss my old friend and protector so much. I now have a
9 week old Scott/Johnson mix. I'll be playing with her the same way. Did
you get another dog yet?

Автор rosy1985garcia1 ( назад)

Автор Paul Thompson ( назад)
YOU have to know if there was a real burglar or something like that that
dog would be having him for lunch LOL Good dog Harley GOOD BOY !!!

Автор matthew shinn ( назад)
He's a little fatty, so cute

Автор Kamara Montefior ( назад)
Super! I do so I also play with my dog​​!

Автор carlos gonzalez ( назад)
hermozo perro

Автор FURinTeeth ( назад)
AWESOME!!! lol

Автор Ena Markovic ( назад)
I'm so sad to read he passed away :( -- my condolences, he seems to me to
have been a very special, funny boy. I love play fighting. It's like a
little dance.

Автор robroy497 ( назад)
Such a happy bully!

Автор Joe Snide ( назад)
My thought the whole video, "watch the TV! Watch the TV! Watch the TV!!!

Автор galfd75 ( назад)
Excellent clip !! ..such great friendship and trust, the way it should be
(starting my day with a smile now).

Автор fireandice909 ( назад)
Thanks man. youtube needs idiots like you to correct everyone else.

Автор fireandice909 ( назад)
Great vid! Don't worry about idiots like Laughlvn who think their job is to
tell everyone on youtube how to run their lives.

Автор Laughlvn ( назад)
That dog needs more muscles and less fat.

Автор Dirk Bansemer ( назад)
He is the A.M., a clown but also a real protector. Really nice to look at,
you can see how beautiful the character. Who's the clown ;-)

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