American bulldog attack.

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Автор Toxpack Basel (993 года назад)
Quite a verbal fella ^^

Автор Lisa Smith ( назад)
AB the absolute all around greatest Dog since the invention of the Bark and
the Wagging Tail! 

Автор Jay Dee ( назад)

Автор Posey ( назад)
What a cute pup. Your dog is adorable. 

Автор Freedoms Battle Pirates ( назад)
Some serious butthurt going on this thread. Great video and thanks for
sharing. Sorry for your loss jay. I hope to own a full Scott soon. Hope you
have another dog. All the best man

Автор Sitizen Kane ( назад)
Big Boy! Our neighbor has a AmBull and sometimes he gets lose and walks
around. He loves everyone in the neighborhood and loves coming by here to
kick it with my lab/collie mix. He's gorgeous. And your's is too!

Автор Jeff Garcia ( назад)
LOL ! Great video, They love playing , Well trained also. Wish my girl
would look that full.

Автор Crystal Wilson ( назад)
I just love this video-- my favorite. Can't wait til I get an American
bulldog! Such a beautiful dog

Автор Jeff Jr ( назад)
Looked like fun!!!

Автор christoph höpfner ( назад)
sooo cute doggs

Автор christoph höpfner ( назад)
i love make the same with my rotty ;)

Автор sedintis ANTvilko ( назад)
beautiful video :) very friendly :) respect to training.

Автор Boony Brown ( назад)
I have an American Bulldog/Boxer mix and when we play he sounds mean and
vicious but he would he never hurt any one, he is just very vocal.

Автор Nurlan Agazade ( назад)

Автор tattoodboop ( назад)
Omg people are so stupid with there comments here. That dog was loving
playing with his master. He was happy wagging his tail. I used to have one
when I was raising my children. He has passed on. About 8 years ago and my
kids still miss him. He was a 130 pound playmate to my kids. American
Bulldogs are the most loving, loyal dogs on this planet. 

Автор tattoodboop ( назад)
Those are the sweetest dogs. 

Автор Tim Bishop (373 года назад)
I have a Boxer/Bully(AB) "Joey" and I play with him like this all the time.
He sounds scarier than this guy. When he gets really "crazy" all I have to
do is say "Stop" and he immediately stops. To the idiots that think they
will snap because of genetics, shame on you! Its that mentality that almost
brought this breed to extinction. Its always about the owner. I don't care
what breed it is. Its always about the owner and if you don't believe this
you have no business having any breed dog at all.

I used to think Bowers are the greatest dogs ever but my Boxer/Bully has
changed my mind. These ABs are wonderful dogs, friendly, caring, loving,
affectionate, confident, mindful, obedient and smart. Seeing the AB in Joey
has made me decide to get a pure breed AB next.

I work nights as an EMT and don't think twice about my family being at home
with out me. I know my Joey has got my back. He is start enough to
determine between friend and foe. Would never hurt my family and would
prevent anyone or thing that tried to bring us harm at the full risk of his
own life.

Автор Jonathan Warren ( назад)
Sorry for you're loss & all the people saying that he would turn on you .
OBVIOUSLY they never owned an American Bulldog i have one his name is
Casino and i got him a week before christmas when i was 11 im 16 now and he
is awesome. Im pretty sure he is a hybrid between both AB's . He has one
blue eye, & everyone asks if he is blind in that eye , nope hes not did the
eye test. Anyways we play like this all the time, & when he goes outside he
runs like a mad dog lol Thanks for the vid good luck and sorry for you're

Автор Danielle Mays ( назад)
I have an American bulldog and he plays like this all the time that's just
their way of playing he wouldn't hurt a fly tho

Автор ADOPT dont shop ( назад)
2 dogs playing :) I LOVE your Bulldog ! He's such a chunky , healthy,
happy , loving boy ! Thanks for sharing an awesome video :) btw.....
listen to the Mrs and your dog a TREAT !

Автор tilly williams ( назад)
Great to see a person getting down to a dogs level for a good old fashioned
game of play. Good on you Jay.

Автор Gwenifar100 ( назад)
0:12 This is dog body language and means: Play with me!
Every dog owner knows that.
It's so funny. I make this sign when I play with my dog. And he understands
and makes the sign too.

Автор jejones211 ( назад)
Dog owner is an asshole!

Автор Patrick Acierno ( назад)
Why do people always think a ab is going to turn on you. People are fuckin
retarded. They all must own cats or something American bulls will protect
you to there last breath. They are the most loyal loving dog you can ever

Автор Hustle Hard ( назад)
I love how ghandi was on the television while all of this was going on

Автор revsak ( назад)
Harley looks awesome Jay, so sorry you lost him but anyone can see he had a
happy life. I'm dreading that day 😢. I've got a 7 year old bitch that
looks very similar & we play just like that, she sounds like a pig
sometimes with her grunting & snorting! Whoever left comments saying that
they'll one day turn on you obviously has never owned or spent any time
with an American bull, they're the best breed ever! I'll try get a video
upload of her. 

Автор Pit bull power systems ( назад)

Автор Nick Logan ( назад)
bel video,bel cane e bello giocare a quattro zampe con l'amico peloso...

Автор Big Dog Sensei ( назад)
This dog will straight fuck your shit up quick son!!! The absolute last
dog I would ever want to have coming at me. I mean, the thing was designed
to put a raging bull on lockdown...

Автор charlotte white ( назад)
Omg one day that dog going to bite u ..see how dog was looking at u in the
eyes it was challenging u like a domanating thing maybe play for no but one
day might turn into something more 

Автор charlotte white ( назад)
Omg one day that dog going to bite u ..see how dog was looking at u in the
eyes it was challenging u like a domanating thing maybe play for no but one
day might turn into something more 

Автор Rhys Alexander (1039 лет назад)
awh he's amazing :)

Автор Conman89 ( назад)
That is one well trained dog

Автор Gaming Supplies ( назад)
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Автор Gaming Supplies ( назад)
I breed most beautifull bulldogs, very heavy breeding line, my bulldog is
65 kilograms, his son Diablo is 13 months old and weight 55 kg, he will go
up to 70 kg I think, you can see my american bulldog on my channel

Автор Ryan McBride ( назад)
What a big cutie :)

Автор Erwin Schneider ( назад)

Автор justin gurian ( назад)
I wish that dog attacked whoever uploaded this stupid video.

Автор joselito vargas ( назад)
Its funny that someone dont like this video what is wrong to you guys your
born natural haters lol sorry for my english im a filipino i have a
american bulldog too

Автор ProSTEEL RAIN ( назад)

Автор Monty Hamilton ( назад)
Man I went and got a AB after watching this clip. 

Автор Puglover ( назад)
Was he playing? It was scary though... I was wondering what if the dog was
not playing but really stressed out?

Автор cezzycezz ( назад)
nice :)

Автор bulletooth1000 ( назад)
Awesome dog man!!

Автор dnort4343 ( назад)
I've got a hybrid type female that I would do the same thing with. .it
would drive her ape shit.. so funny to watch this. . Seen it a few times. .
Still great. . She's pushing 12yrs..so I take it easy. . But this brings
back some good memories. . Nice vid

Автор Paul Rochner ( назад)
Love the bulldogs.

Автор TINA ROSE ( назад)
Thats one very vocal dog!! :-) 

Автор angie cuthbertson ( назад)
its okay to play with your dog but that was way to much rough playing

Автор angie cuthbertson ( назад)
that was not an attack

Автор gio bossio ( назад)
this is a good owner wrestling wit his dog properly , cnat wait to do the
with my dog one day when i get my own (black cane corso with cropped ears)

Автор Steven Corley ( назад)
I have had two of them over the years. I have owened dozens of dogs but
none as great as the American.. I will never be without one.. Great dogs,
amazing family dogs!

Автор MadeinChina Lineage ( назад)
no es bueno jugar con los perrros asi

Автор SmA rOv ( назад)
awwwwwwwwwwwwwww cute!

Автор Nunya Biznez ( назад)
Who's making the noises? Dog or man?

Автор Daniel Andersen ( назад)
He just make me smile :)

Автор Quonnell Barnett ( назад)
Haha this video made me smile

Автор GMoney ( назад)
Damn that is an awesome dog!!!

Автор Morgan More ( назад)
big baby like my bella

Автор Dave Daoust ( назад)
I always do that with my bully. Great vid. 

Автор Angelica Cristina Fischer ( назад)
Very good! I like this Dog!

Автор ogierinho1 ( назад)
haha i was so angry becouse of this day before watching your movie, now im
just hahaha xD Great dog and great owner 

Автор MCLARENFL ( назад)

Автор Jappy Chan ( назад)
Fucking adorable.

Автор Ronan Stewart ( назад)
How much does a american bulldog go for 

Автор jhnew3 ( назад)
Good stuff Jay, Love seeing big dogs acting like this, but able to snap out
of it when you tell them to... for that silly ass comment from IIn3cy, I
will give you a case of whatever you are drinking, to to take him back to
the white side because as a 100% brother I/we do not talk or act like
this... LoL...

Автор Nathan Millsap ( назад)
My bullies and I play like this all the time :) As long as they have been
trained to turn it off, its a blast and they love it.

Автор wilsonteam1 ( назад)
What a great dog!!!

Автор Melanie Strubble ( назад)
OK, just watched it again and heard you say " good boy" and "him.". Thank
goodness he listens better then I do. ;-)

Автор Melanie Strubble ( назад)
EXCELLENT!!! I LOVE your dog!! The way he/she (?) always turns his head to
the side when "attacking" you shows his total control over his enthusiasm
for rough play. And how he stopped as soon as you ENDED playtime. GREAT
DOG!!! Congratulations on your obvious skill at training your dog's good
behavior, obedience and joy in controlled rough play!!

Автор Jay Weaver ( назад)
You may be half white, but you are 100 % racist. That was the most ignorant
comment I have ever heard. 

Автор IIn3cy ( назад)
Some of the stupidest shit I have seen on youtube EVER. What a complete
dumbass. Fucking White people!

I can say that. I'm half White.

Автор dromo32 ( назад)

Автор conundrum11 ( назад)
this is the cutest damn thing. thumbs up from me! ^_^

Автор Velly Jatt ( назад)
Thats good family time

Автор LaiaCat ( назад)
Very sweet :)

Автор Jay Weaver ( назад)
He was a johnson .

Автор kceezee777 ( назад)
what bloodline is your pup Jay?

Автор kceezee777 ( назад)
lmao! that's badass.

Автор wyatt eaves ( назад)
I play everyday with my guy and he acts the same way. he has never hurt me
yet and he will never hurt me. such a wonderful breed.

Автор gonzalezfirearms ( назад)
Lol awesome

Автор lori brak ( назад)
so cute

Автор SuprSilvr ( назад)
So cute. Studly dog. My dog is 75% american bulldog 25% boxer and plays
the exact same way.

Автор Tomciu1985 ( назад)
What a big happy smile!

Автор Crematory LP ( назад)
they playing only :D

Автор JPSovereignStrikes ( назад)
This is awesome! I hope to get a cane Corso in the next few months but I'm
told I'm not to play with a Corso like that. 

Автор Ryan McBride ( назад)
Hahahahahaha omggggg your dog is so cute haha it plays just like Mya!!!

Автор Aaron Dockendorf ( назад)
Thats a good dog!!!

Автор OXHB599 ( назад)
Exactly how I play with mine but he always mouths me on my hands. Never
hard but I'd like to get him to stop doing it. 

Автор Sinvx ( назад)
I do this with my am.staff a lot, gotta be careful though when you do it,
cause accidents happen. Few times I ended up smashing my head against his
teeth, or my chin which left a nasty scar lol.

Автор slamdunk159 ( назад)
timon and pumba !! (awesome)

Автор Anthony villegas ( назад)
AWESOME! just awesome! that bond is kick ass! my princess and i play the
same way i hold my fist up and say enough and we are done just like the guy
here he held up his hand gave his camand and DONE my favorite part was
twoards the end where they both stood still haed down lol! thanks for the

Автор vitalwords ( назад)
Friends Forever !! :)

Автор tom fox ( назад)
this is jay trying to die lol made me laugh my butt of

Автор Jj Louischarles ( назад)
Best bond

Автор timothy her ( назад)
This is what i call friendship between man and dog

Автор unigamehead ( назад)
That made me laugh

Автор galfd75 ( назад)
Hahaha... loved it !! (great clip)

Автор Bibi felix ( назад)
LOL so cute

Автор taylork2ortayct ( назад)
Shit tha5 dogs going to kill ur ass

Автор poosaypirate ( назад)
that was a great tip thanks for sharing

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