Omarosa Manigault On Role In White House, ‘Engagement’ With Black Community & More

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Автор MelbaToast918 ( назад)
Omarosa is hot

Автор Monique Garcia ( назад)
omarosa took control of that table and put joy in her place ...LOVED IT!

Автор Mayara Ribeiro ( назад)
I could give to fuuuuucks about this but seeing a black woman supporting such a rasist man to me its discussing

Автор Todd Michaels ( назад)
Lefties can't stand reality so they leave a small insult in the comments dislike the video and run to the hills.

Автор 29Prolife ( назад)
I cannot believe you people cant tell the difference between professional and disrespectful. You have all taken Omarosas foul mouth and spiteful attitude for being a strong woman..she is and has always been a childish woman with a very small mind and a huge defense mechanism. I feel sorry for her. Shes totally twisted in her version of the truth in every situation and cannot see a way out.

Автор Kris Malone ( назад)
please bring omarosa back when whoopi is back. I FINALLY want to see Omarosa get whooped ;)

Автор K Lewis ( назад)
I wish Omarosa had a show

Автор Eldwin Limbong ( назад)
GOD bless AMAROSA !!!!!!! love you girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Deborah L ( назад)
Omarosa sole purpose was to brag, insult, bully, and projected absolutely no dignity. I've watched several interviews and shows that Omarosa participated and she wasn't refined nor well-spoken. I'm Republican and I'm concerned about our country.
Donald Trump and HIllary Clinton were just horrible candidates. With the kitty kay grabbing with Trump and bleaching all the classified information with Clinton. Benghazi broke my heart. Trump tweeting is embarrassing. What's happened in our country when these two were our choices? Now, back to Omarosa & her tasteless remark to Joy that she hoped she found the kind of joy she had. Joy and Steve lived together for several years and now married. I believe they are truly in love. I've been married 44 years and I would love for others to have the wealth of love, compassion, understanding, humor, empathy, and the arguements that work themselves out before we leave the house. Good nite y'all

Автор LuisGarzaHo ( назад)
Omarosa won at the end of the day.

Автор stairs021 ( назад)
the view is a joke

Автор Chris Stevens ( назад)
Heil Queen Omarosa ❤

Автор Blaize ( назад)
Omarosa put these brain-dead liberals in their place.

Автор Jon Xenos ( назад)
I can tell the view panel were very uncomfortable with her. Omarosa is above them all.

Автор King Savage97 ( назад)
1:27 That was actually really rude of omarosa. Seeing the comments I expected the view hosts to be the ones that were assholes but she jus cut sonny off while she's trying to ask a well rounded question. She worded the question so that omarosa could express her full view point and she totally disrespected sonny

Автор Eric Rivera ( назад)
yes...she's being used and doesn't know it.

Автор gustavo acosta ( назад)
I love her

Автор NADIRMAHMOOD and ( назад)
yes, she shut them down real good, but she literally didn't even let anyone finish a sentence, like Gurl chill.

Автор Nolan Gleason ( назад)
Gretchen looks like a dead rat.

Автор Nolan Gleason ( назад)
that is a pretty amazing woman. It shows that there is a choice blacks can make to be excellent and to get away from the "republicans are racist" bs. Very impressive woman. I'd vote her for president any day.

Автор The caballero ( назад)
Hes so sexist that has a woman (kellyanne) manage his campaign, hes so racist that has african americans working with him (omarosa, ben carlson among others), he made fun of the disabled guy cause he made a false statement about trump, not cause he was disabled, the trouble in his rallies was caused by paid agitators.........you lefties in the media keep making false stuff up, thats why trump keeps winning.

Автор 40Rawsonse ( назад)
Omarosa is an opportunist. Plain and simple.

Автор Oobe ( назад)
This is brutal. I'm surprised that those retards didn't yell RAPE

Автор Catherine Michelle ( назад)
This strong independent American black woman is the embodiment of what the left is afraid of and that is self respect and the ability to form an independent thought. Someone who puts there mind before there skin color and gender. She is gorgeous and not just cause she has a pretty face but the bravery and pride is just beautiful.

Автор Lauren Avant ( назад)
Omarosa can sit on a cactus

Автор Diamondz Wynn ( назад)
Hahaha. The clips with most views are ones with them getting schooled.

Автор silentandrestless ( назад)
Lol they would edit out omarosa completely owning Joy at the end of the debate

Автор TheGrasspond ( назад)
Go Omarosa.  Behar looks like a little school girl pouting and crying in the corner.  She doesn't have a single intelligent point.

Автор Jewell Foster ( назад)
It's called, PADDING YOUR RESUME. Yes she was fired and for good reason.

Автор Rob Sinclaire ( назад)
Omarosa = Dignity

Автор mathgenie ( назад)
I have no respect for Omarosa.

Автор MiiaVita ( назад)
Ms. Omarosa is awesome!!!

Автор Jenna Herbert ( назад)
The View just got burned to the ground! You go Omarosa!

Автор Din DD ( назад)

Автор Busra Rafa ( назад)

Автор 오렌지박사 ( назад)
Awesome job

Автор nia durant ( назад)
They should have asked her how she reacts to Donald trumps comments about the disabled, woman, Mexicans, muslims, etc

Автор nia durant ( назад)
Omg joy stop talking over heard that's the most annoying thing

Автор nia durant ( назад)
And she was already rude to the girl in the floral she was just asking questions and he got 13% and was above Romney ? Girl we're talking about Hillary

Автор nia durant ( назад)
This girl ....

Автор Tiago gamer PT ( назад)

Автор Ian Hamilton ( назад)

Автор Morcegão Gameplays ( назад)
отличная работа

Автор Ol'Man Soul ( назад)

Автор apple4935 ( назад)
At 5:55, you can briefly catch a glimpse of Joy's serpentine tongue flick from side to side as she tries to restrain her natural snake-like impulses.

Автор Justas JS ( назад)
thanks, good

Автор Wemerson Miranda ( назад)

Автор Faustine A. Guerrero ( назад)
As with Trumpet's Wall, all labels, especially those "self-imposed" do not unite us, they only continue to divide us. I am not defined by my skin color. You cannot use that to categorize me into this kinda man, or that kinda man. As with the rest of you I am HU-man, first and foremost, or bettor, Homo Sapiens, the Species all of us are, proof without doubt that we are indeed brothers and sisters, and our diversity proof without doubt that without mingling, sharing, there can be no diversity.

Автор alicedesiree70 ( назад)
thanks, good

Автор Martin Fischer ( назад)
She's very sharp. The twits from the view are shameful as usual. Actually after watching the rest of this she is stunning, if she stayed in politics I would love voting for her in twenty years.

Again these women from the view are disgusting and shameful.

Автор unknown unknown ( назад)
Omarosa you are amazing and I hope that you influence the millennial generation to want to accomplish the things you have. #MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

Автор I'm standing with Standing Rock ( назад)
The blonde woman in blue is the only one who knows respect and understands we have a shared humanity. Omarosa was brave to go into this circus. Omarosa doesn't have to respond for the things her boss said. She can make a positive impact from her position.
I applaud having a strong African American woman in the WH.

Автор 456 불새 ( назад)

Автор lil dude ( назад)

Автор Thiên Phúc Trần Viết ( назад)

Автор Baran 'ByBoz' Bozkurt ( назад)
Thank you!

Автор 1BrotherMack ( назад)
Omarosa is rude, and very disrespectful, she is a perfect example of how feminism has ruined black women.

Автор 1BrotherMack ( назад)
Omarosa said that no one gave her anything, so what do you call welfare, section 8, public housing, public schools, all of these things are government programs, so she's not being honest when she says she didn't get any help. If she didn't get that help, do you think she would be in the white house ?

Автор Antonio Tenoury Aguilar ( назад)

Автор Rakesh Kumar ( назад)
Thank you!

Автор Voltran GamingTR ( назад)

Автор NicoTahiti M ( назад)

Автор zahid chaudhry ( назад)
отличная работа

Автор Denis Gashi ( назад)

Автор Namelessandpure ( назад)
Token black person

Автор tan luc luu ( назад)

Автор amr Fouad ( назад)

Автор Zoran Ugljesic ( назад)

Автор julien reisser ( назад)

Автор Tré516 ( назад)
Omarosa is fiiiine

Автор Shani Smith ( назад)
wow she was rude at the end to Joy...and never answered a question through that entire interview.

Автор Baboi Andrei ( назад)

Автор Jthyrone007 Thyrone ( назад)
it works for me

Автор LisekTM ( назад)
it works for me

Автор Galaxy BRO ( назад)

Автор Vights ( назад)

Автор Andrea Caroli ( назад)
Awesome job

Автор frakkedinmi ( назад)
She getting paid. She is not being used when she supports "stop and frisk."

Автор annajeehee ( назад)
Joy u have no heart after her family members murdered etc - you are just about youuuuuu

Автор James Langford ( назад)
Wow. Omarosa is a class act and had meaningful things to say, but the panel decided to steer the conversation to insults and to highlight criticism. Omarosa begins talking about planning the Black History Month Program, but the first questions to follow-up on that are related to how she responds to critics that say Trump doesn't understand African Americans and Omarosa is being used for OPTICS?! Totally unreal. This panel is flat out awful and incredibly rude. It seems like viewers of this show don't watch for content and insightful interviews. Half the people here are probably watching to see how terrible and discourteous these hostesses are.

Автор Dave L ( назад)
wow this women is amazing

Автор Michael Robinson ( назад)
I thought Omarosa was coming as a representative of Donald to spread the word on the goals and future progress that the new administration is planning for Americans, Not give us her life story and ignore the questions being ask to her, Quite frankly who cares what your political background is, IN FACT you just made Donald look even worse because you proved even you had more political experience than your boss!!

Автор Moses Ukoh ( назад)
Wow...that was tough to watch...

Автор Joe Davis ( назад)
Omarosa is freaking awesome

Автор Larry Calloway ( назад)
Black history program little will we know Omarosa will prove that she not did her job , Nice sounding title tho !

Omarosa there is no central of Ohio. your university is called Central State University.

Автор Marvel Hasiholan ( назад)
Is this the same omarosa who insulted wendy williams in her own show?

Автор bananapie ( назад)
She is my inspiration

Автор Jesus was a Carpenter ( назад)
Omarosa Manigault is amazing. She is a really wonderful human being. These other "ladies" are bitter women, high on hate, blinded by their own ignorance and self projections. I love her.

Автор Kishore Johnson ( назад)
Omarosa is awesome..... joy got wrecked

Автор chris chatterton ( назад)
Omarosa for president...2020!

Автор theedgeinshow ( назад)
What is the female equivalent to an Uncle Tom?

Автор Danna Olson ( назад)
Joy talks about being divisive. Well that is all that the View has become. I have no idea what kind of person watches this on a daily basis and why they would believe such crap from any of those women. Omarosa was so much more dignified than any of the View women (sad excuses for women).

Автор whatthekadoodle ( назад)
Vile and disgusting liberals. Omarosa I didn't know much about you before Trump but I'm a fan now. Wish this show was off the air.

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