Bullet vs Prince Rupert's Drop at 150,000 fps - Smarter Every Day 165

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Автор jerome magillicuddy ( назад)
next video with the AK-47 u should try different distances as well . if I'm not mistaken a rifle bullet picks up velocity to a certain point before losing it.

Автор Alexander Craig ( назад)
Is it just me or did the drop that didn't shatter only hang from one string? Is it possible that this is why the others shattered. The bullet hits the drop setting up a shockwave through the tail. The wave encounters the second string which causes added stress to that point in the tail causing the tail to rupture.

Автор Sushant Bhattarai ( назад)
Yeah you have earned it
Great job, me and my friends are getting 'Smarter Everyday'

Автор Chey R. ( назад)
Mesmerising & amazing!

Автор Dario Furlan ( назад)
I wonder if you could find a way to totally isolate or protect the tail from breaking, like coating it with something or putting a protection over it...

Автор Michael Seven Foto ( назад)
Maybe the shoot by rifle broke because you TIED THE TAILS AND THEY COULDNT VIBRATE?

Автор David lopez pazos ( назад)
i have a question. could it be a different result if the glass tail was shorter?

Автор Smitty Games ( назад)
Can I just say I love the music choice here? It makes the whole video feel imminently important to my survival and for some reason I feel it's critical for me to learn about this glorious little glass

Автор aidan mccullion ( назад)
is it just me that i think hes saying PRINCE RUPERTS STRAW

Автор Mads Borries ( назад)
If you're up for more Prince Rubert's drop experiments, you could consider trying to dampen the oscillations of the 'tail'. If these oscillations are what causes it to break and if you can stop that, you might be able to consistently make bullet proof glass :) I'm thinking rubber or maybe try to dip the tail in paint or something like that.

Автор tsundere hater ( назад)
The rupert's drop shatters the bullet.......

Автор mitch-bittens ( назад)
Can anyone explain why the drop doesn't even move. I'd understand if it was being held in place but it's being held by string. You'd expect the impact to simply move the drop, not shatter the bullet.

Автор Ioannis Mikedis ( назад)
can we get any specifics on the gun ?

Автор BoundlessAuthority ( назад)
Can we make Prince Rupert drop without such a fragile tail, nearly spherical?

Автор Overkillius ( назад)
I thought that the bullet was shattering a bit of the outer part of the glass and thought it was odd he didn't mention that.... then I realized that the bullet was shattering.

Автор Preston Cunningham ( назад)
After watching this video and the video you posted with the .38 special. Is it possible the ones in the .22 video were breaking because you were hanging the drop from the tail rather than near the base of the head like you were with the .38 special?

Автор Justin Raphael ( назад)
Would it be much more unbreakable if let's say the head of the drop were to be on both sides?

Автор smalltimer666 ( назад)
I love how he comes out a pretentious prick with an expensive high speed. Sad. Because he also has a gun.

Автор vladkornea ( назад)
2:10 is the start of the shootings; 3:28

Автор ReaZEdits ( назад)
4:30 best shot

Автор Corvus Attano ( назад)
Yo that librarian seems chill af

Автор Tobi9012 ( назад)
How about making a Prince Rupert's Drop in space? You have no gravity there, so it's not a drop, but a sphere and it has no tail, so you can't break it at all!?

Автор Kevin Chaay ( назад)
can you create a piece of flat glass but use the same features that PRD have to make it bullet proof? just out of curiousity

Автор Joe Allen ( назад)
Love the music, but you say it quite fast. I was unable to find the variations I tried on google, and Shazam didn't identify it. Have a link where the music could be purchased?

Автор SteelHyaena ( назад)
I didn't unsub. :-) I already had the bell.

Автор Ajit singh ( назад)
As we can see it's the shockwave that destroys the tip and creats the chain reaction that destroys the drop but what would happen if we do this experiment in a vaccum chamber, would it remind intact?

Автор Mátyás Hajnik ( назад)
What happens if you carefully grind some of the tail of a drop? I think it wont break by the shockwawe, and you could jit it seceral times without break it.

Автор naequs ( назад)
could a really long tail on the rupert's drop prevent it from shattering through damping?

Автор DeezynNinja ( назад)
I feel like, why cant the person who make it try to make it with a shorter tail, also, can't you suspend it from the front only

Автор ZaChYmO Z ( назад)
Wow! Its quite amazing, i wonder how high a caliber this size drop can take. Thank you for the video, Ive learned something today!

Автор Golden Jah ( назад)
dude that was cool

Автор Ronald Hodgson ( назад)
Kind of makes me wonder what kind of force it would take to actually break the bulb of one of these.

Автор Suma Prasad ( назад)
we get this drop when we cool what?

Автор Raymond Banfield ( назад)
what is the largest Rupert's Drop you can make?

Автор BangDroid ( назад)
Bro, you do know that I'm subbed to scores of channels and they all want me to turn on notifications. I'd really rather not be emailed and push notified every 2 mins :p

Автор AlmostEthical ( назад)
It looks like the shockwave moves even faster than the bullet.

Автор lennart rolland ( назад)
Would it be possible to make a prince rupert's drop that somehow was not so sensitive in it's tail?

Автор boboCEKIN rs ( назад)
Hmm try to shot it with 50 cal

Автор Riki Shikato ( назад)
the longer I see it, the more I'm amazed

Автор Razel Gutierrez ( назад)
he looks like dan from whats inside

Автор DARKWOLF YT ( назад)
Why can't you drop molten glass into water as fast as possible so it doesn't have a tail? Would the main ball still be so hard without the tail?

Автор LifeLocks ( назад)
Part of me was thinking we should use giant drops later surrounded in steel to build buildings but then I thought an earthquake might topple a skyscraper

Автор Potato Hater ( назад)
So the tail is the weakest spot so try to make as small a possibole it would be much stronger

Автор He Bo ( назад)
Imagine making a Prince Rupert's drop into a bullet that shatters once it's inside the wound. *mind blown*

Автор David Huume ( назад)
What type of forces would it take to overcome the strength of the drops bell, without shattering the tail first?

Автор Julian Fritz ( назад)
OMG yes Ready Player One is the best book ever I don't even care if this video is old and this is completely irrelevant but you've listened to ready player one so I love you

Автор Joseph Gubbins ( назад)
Hey man. Awesome stuff but have you tried holding the drop in a more stable way, like in some putty or something? Every time someone hits (or shoots, in your case) the drop, it is free to shake and so the shockwave up the tail always breaks it. What would happen if the whole thing is held securely then struck (or, again, shot)?

Автор Sterling Spaulding ( назад)
When tempered plate glass breaks, fairly uniform in size, squares are created.
I wonder if there is some symmetry of the fragments from the PR Drop.

Автор Guilherme Gaspar ( назад)
I subscribed!

Автор Raymond Gilbert ( назад)
You need to stabilize the tail and see what happens

Автор RUSTED DIAMOND ( назад)
What if you cut the tail of the drop off with a laser then shot it???

Автор Pimpslapp hoe ( назад)
I wish I was born British. . they're charming af.

Автор The Killswitch ( назад)
can you help me with my homework?😂

Автор Cancerous Pudding ( назад)
That's amazing

Автор dedy kurniawan santoso ( назад)
4:32 you can clearly see the bullet become flat

Автор David Webster ( назад)
I wonder what would happen if you engulfed 3/4 of the drop in bullet gelatin to stabilize the tail.

Автор Hermanus ( назад)
Be very careful with that drop, don't touch the tail :|

Автор Eric Wells ( назад)
It's interesting how the shock wave seems to travel much faster than the bullet.
Also how the PRD almost turns to powder rather than just breaking into relatively large pieces.
Can anyone explain the mechanism(s)?

Автор Lazlow Rave ( назад)
4:44 Neat spark.

Автор lars kerkhofs ( назад)
i have a question, i am not a scientist but i had an idea, what would happen when you take a rupert's drop and melt the tail untill it loses it's shape, does the tip lose it's strength or could you possibly make an unbreakable glass ball by melting off the whole tail?

Автор Nocturnal Pyro ( назад)
Next try with a 50 bmg

Автор Gwen B ( назад)
What if you were to make a Prince Rupert's Drop that is not only a little larger, but also, somehow stabilize the tail? I wonder if doing that would give you more stability? Also what could these principle(s) be used for?

Автор Laurens van Zuijlen ( назад)
Destin; what is the shockwave speed? looks incredible fast!

Автор Max Jefferison ( назад)
The bullet shattered before the glass

Автор Charlie DeLacey ( назад)
I wonder if there is a way of securing or reinforcing the tail to prevent the individual "links" in the tensile strength from failing.

Автор Romano onamoR ( назад)
Come on you can't lie: the bullet broke the head, creating a shockwave that then exploded the whole thing. But don't say the bullet did nothing. You can't lie like that.

Автор The Original Meatball ( назад)
I was subscribed since 20,000 but youtube unsubbed me :(

Автор IxI Oryx IxI ( назад)
jeez glass breaking is faster than a bullet being shot

Автор William Register ( назад)
nice vid man

Автор Noah Smith ( назад)
your awsome Dustin!

Автор Josiah Shubert ( назад)
if you just had the head of the drop would it be almost indescructible?

Автор mxtomijs ( назад)
Make a prince Rupert's drop in liquid nitrogen and then try to shoot it.

Автор tehepicgamer45 ( назад)
gets shot explodes like 2 seconds later

Автор Jhon fargo ( назад)
2:10 for the vid

Автор Big Smoke ( назад)
What if you isolated or something the tail, so it is preventing it from shaking and braking? wouldn't that be almost invincible?

Автор Ronnie Wilson ( назад)
wow that's insane

Автор Dimm Vargr ( назад)
Now if that little chip decides to break off the whole drop will shatter.

Автор Kreg ( назад)
I really dislike subscribing to channels (I believe I'm subscribed to 2 channels), but if your other videos are as entertaining and informative as this, I'll definitely stay subscribed. Thank you for making me Smarter Every Day!

Автор bryceowen ( назад)
So the bullet was actually shattering when it hit the drop?

Автор AM Gaming ( назад)
a 22 rifle is one of the weakest guns out there. Use a stronger gun. It will improve the results

Автор Tomas Murphy ( назад)
This is completely awesome.

Автор zakk sangkima ( назад)
I bet a 50 Cal will break it!

Автор Crow CakeTM ( назад)
What's special about this piece of glass? Why do you have to make a video of you shooting it with a gun? Can someone explain?

Автор Justin Leonard ( назад)
dude the bullet isnt the one to kill it its the shock wave this thing the PRD (Prince Rupert's Drop) is stronger than Kevlar

Автор Grămadă Tudor ( назад)
very nice Bible verse at the end of the video ps.111:2

Автор Testificate #28 ( назад)
I don't think anyone was bothered to unsubscribe lol

Автор Tom Pashkov ( назад)
I wonder if you could make armour out of many fused together. Could be a good way to shield interplanetary ships from micro meteoroids.

Автор Daily ( назад)
huge Prince Rupert's Drop vs .950 JDJ

Автор S3F Spoderfaun ( назад)
so we need to study ALOT and make armor from glas but it should be like the tip of a prince ruperts drop only and make bricks like ERA bricks out of it and out it on tanks

genius :D

Автор Doodle! ( назад)
Audible spinner's sponsors everybody

Автор Darian Neumayer ( назад)
You should do a video if how glass when it cracks it can jump over another crack and keep going

Автор bob hop ( назад)

Автор Adesh Bakhai ( назад)
Dustin I heard that club soda in glass bottles explode like grenades when they are shaken and thrown... would be awesome to see it happen with your hi-speed cam...

Автор DerpSlayer9001 ( назад)
shoot with 50 cal

Автор Edward Fuller ( назад)
So surprising! It's possible that Physicists are gonna go insane! OVER JUST A DROP OF GLASS!

Автор Kacper Pawlikowski ( назад)
idea: melt the tail, shoot the rest of the drop

Автор Eleanor Drapeaux ( назад)
4:41 the bullet turns into a dish :o

Автор W.D Gaster ( назад)
the bullet hit the tail which exploded it the drop was fine though

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