Bullet vs Prince Rupert's Drop at 150,000 fps - Smarter Every Day 165

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Автор Hebert Luis Molero ( назад)
make a Prince rupert's drop in liquid nitrgen

Автор Igor ( назад)
Prince Rupert's Drop vs 50 BMG api

Автор SaiKrishna KVMB ( назад)
what would happen if u repeat the experiment with a modified prince rupert's drop?
like... connecting multiple bulbs to a common thin junction... would it break from th junction to the bulbs.... if yes... which bulb would go out first?

Автор SlimThrull ( назад)
<3 Keith

Автор Xena Phone ( назад)
The bullet shattered 😯😯

Автор robert fidelis piedad ( назад)
the force of the bullet traveled from the hit point (head) to the tail.. when it reached the tail, all the force moved nowhere and it was so strong that it broke the tail.. what if u reverse the hit point..? try the tail first.. if it survives, maybe the head will break first going toward the tai.. or try hitting in the middle..? will it break on both ends (head and tail) and going back to the middle where it was hit first..?

Автор Philip Royd ( назад)
I can't tell you how fascinated I was about this! Thank you!

Автор Charley Moneypenny ( назад)
that. was. beautiful.

Автор Alexander Batyr ( назад)
Unbreakable drop 5:49

Автор matt duncil ( назад)
since a drop is made from the way it cools could you make one out of say metal or better yet the non-newtonion solid

Автор Doom Raider ( назад)
Try and put it in a vacuum chamber and see what happens

Автор CuteWallflowergirl ( назад)
So the bullet shattered first? That's what I'm seeing is anyone else?

Автор Everday! ( назад)
All this bell talk is concerning... I don't like it, I want to see all new videos when I go to the site, not be constantly interrupted by it. Is all this because people don't go to their subscription tab any more? Do they just stay on the home screen and wonder why not all sub videos show up?

Автор Liso Campos ( назад)
just reverse it. make PRD bullets and fire those. wow you can make armor, sheilds, bullet/ weather proof glass. we do live in the glass age

Автор Zacchaeus58 ( назад)
why does it have to be a drop? why cant you super heat the glass in a mold and then cool it?

Автор Tismic ( назад)
You should get Byron Ferguson to shoot a Prince Rupert's drop.

Автор The True Turtles ( назад)
Would you be able to shatter it if you had a fast enough method since it won't be able to react fast enough? I have no knowledge on this topic, but my thought process was that you can run on water if you are fast enough (not humanly possible of course). So could it if it did not have the "arch bridge effect" to where it gets harder as you add more pressure.

Автор Rusty. ( назад)
Could you cut the tail off and whack it with stuff? Maybe it won't explode?

Автор D-Schloss the boss H-town rowlin hard ( назад)
would it shatter in a vacuum? because it would pull on the outside layer possibly alleviating some of the pressure

Автор Tyler Williams ( назад)
dual prince rupert!!!!!

Автор CoolAsFreya ( назад)
This is massive compared to the little quarter inch ones I played with as a kid

Автор Brooklyn porsche ( назад)
Since you had a hammer, a bullet shooting at it... what does it takes to break it from the head?

Автор Pika dash ( назад)
encase the drop in a solid material, but leave a hole at the head and shoot that so the tail doesnt vibrate

Автор Carl Jontza ( назад)
Demo ranch should do something with him.

Автор John McJohnson ( назад)
The head of the drop looks extremely hard and restant

Автор Adrian Los ( назад)
so, what happens to a perfert round glass ball? will it be undestructuble?

Автор FrostedMantis ( назад)
Well, Dustin likes shootin glass sperms

Автор oklahomalongboards ( назад)
team up with demolition ranch and he will have a gun to destroy the drop for you!

Автор Samuel Allegue Castiñeira ( назад)
5:27 amazing! awesome!

Автор Mitch Linley ( назад)
hydraulic press? Then you could test how strong the bulb is without moving the tail. just an idea...

Автор Beck Chapman ( назад)

Автор thetravelinghermit ( назад)
What?! The librarian _isn't_ an orangutan?!

Автор William Bryant ( назад)
you are science. sticking to objective thinking

Автор HoundofDarkness ( назад)
"Solis a kingdom one and strong; but when the top is broken shivers into men." I think I have my new ultimate riddle.

Автор josh6pack ( назад)
I can't deal with this. Unsubscribed.

Автор Tajdar Khan ( назад)
Hello Desten, I really find your videos interesting. Cool videos.

Автор The Paragon Effect ( назад)
And now for the .50 BMG

Автор Altaf al-Khattabi ( назад)
this is really amazing

Автор 28leftbehind ( назад)
Prince Rupert's drop's head is Adamantium, its tail is styropor foam.

Автор Андрей Овчинников ( назад)
*Дуже цiкаво, хоч i мову погано розумiю*

Автор Joseph Galvan ( назад)
oh gees he got me. i wasnt subed and i hit the sub button

Автор Jahanzeb Khan ( назад)
Wondering would it be possible to make rupert's drop into a "rupert's sphere" so there are no weak points? @SmarterEveryDay

Автор advfilmer ( назад)
Just an observation from you video in the shape of the ruperts drop and the strength of the glass, nature has often used coiled shapes to produce strength in what are normally fragile materials. I'm thinking Goat horns, snail shells and ancient cephalopods. Might be worth looking into material strength and how it relates to the Fibonacci sequence found in the structure of so many natural items.

Автор Seth Bettwizilch ( назад)
wow, at 4:16, you can hear the shattering occur.

Автор victor smith ( назад)
i am wondering how much the eddy current will slow a projectile when you shoot a neodymium magnet slug into a thick copper pipe..

Автор IOUaUsername ( назад)
Step 1: Build PRD bullet (maybe launched from a long barrel with slow-burning powder to prevent it exploding on launch)
Step 2: ?
Step 3: Go on to regret your invention like Nobel did with dynamite.

Автор IOUaUsername ( назад)
Isn't FPSrussia in Alabama as well? He has a range of guns including 50 cal and even anti-air cannons. A collaboration video would let you find out if a tungsten carbide armour piercing 50 calibre bullet can defeat the Prince Rupert's Drop. After all, they can be about 5x the speed of a 22 round, and tungsten carbide is harder than glass, while lead is very soft.

Автор David Bock ( назад)
Ok this was just a stupid cool video and fun experiment. It's so hard to believe those things can take a bullet. Pretty awesome!

Автор Daniel Sandvik ( назад)
I hit the bell!

Автор martydolphins ( назад)
@SmarterEveryDay Hey Destin first off I love your channel and I love what you do you actually have the job that I always wanted but beside that at my school in tallahassee florida my chemistry teacher holds a science news article every other week and the best article gets shown on the board so I did an article on your prince Ruperts drop videos which fascinate me completely and I had the best article out of 125 students i linked the videos to her and cited them to you and I'd like to attribute my success to you and I'm gonna wrap this up but I love what you do and the science you do and I love your contribution to the science community thank you so much for the knowledge
sincerely ~martin

Автор legostar55 ( назад)
do it with armor piercing rounds

Автор Vincent Lundh ( назад)
Make a huge drop!!!!!

Автор Joshua DaBell ( назад)
Is this the same prince Rupert that posed the cube through a cube problem?

Автор geneirai ( назад)
honestly I don't know how people can deal with the youtube system of notification, I manually check every channel I follow, yea sure that means I only give that channel views every month or so, but I prefer the binge aspect of watching.

Автор Hal Jordan ( назад)
Bullet Prove Glass? Knowledge is so awesome.

Автор IntensePeppers ( назад)
I wonder if it is feasible to use nano-Prince Ruperts' Drops in armor of somehow.

Автор Dmitriy Lebedev ( назад)
What if you dampen the tail?

Автор WARREN ELLIS ( назад)
i cant believe you cut that guy off from reading the front of the paper, you could easily edit it out and let him read it to you

Автор Guy Cohen ( назад)
Hey Destin I know everyone here would like to see this in a bigger scale, but I was thinking in a different way. Try using a diamond to take it down. If it doesnt work, try shooting a diamond one. As of being told diamond is the strongest material on earth so..
Let me know your thoughts on it.

Автор Erfan Hamidi ( назад)
Don't use lead bullets for a billion reasons

Автор Siddarth pandian ( назад)
He needs to put this thing under a hydraulic press

Автор dhondi ( назад)
D, we love your videos. It gives our family something to gather round, talk about, and see the world with new wonder. You have our hearts, and our subscription. 😀

Автор Moo ( назад)
That British guy looks like a British guy

Автор Cj Young ( назад)
that is crazy

Автор Gianluca Nordio ( назад)

Автор Abraham Nathan-Valentine ( назад)
3:44 the bullet is actually fractured!

Автор Suliman Nooristani ( назад)
Hi man, will you be able to place the Prince Rupert's Drop in solid mold of concrete or a different staff just to stop the vibration strike the tail, so in order to see the real toughness of the drop by showing how much of the glass particle is been removed by the bullet.

Автор Mario Scognamiglio ( назад)
is it possible to make one without such a long tail? It would be extremly strong

Автор Josh Kilen ( назад)
so cool.

Автор Heather Grimes ( назад)
Looks kinda like sperm

Автор James Cox ( назад)
Have you ever thought of creating a thin, conductive, release-able mold so that you can test cubes of glass? Maybe they'll have the same hardness properties without the weakness of the tail. I suppose it would be as fun because they don't explode, but imagine how indestructible it would be!

Автор Exocomp ( назад)
Unsubscribe then resubscribe doesn't seem logical

Автор MrYendor1968 ( назад)
I'm also wondering,  how a layered prince Rupert's drop works ( a drop made from glass with an onion peel affect   ie 2 or 3 or more glass types layered  that contracts at different rates to form different stress layers.

Автор MrYendor1968 ( назад)
try making a bullet from a prince Rupert's drop in the shape of a bullet, and see how deep in will penetrate into a group of steel or lead plates. ( I'm wondering if it would make a super hard hitting armour piecing projectile ) but I do think you would need a faring or waddings to prevent it from jamming or shattering before it leaves the barrel

Автор Modern Medicine ( назад)
just wtf is a ruperts drop?

Автор Madara Uchia ( назад)
awesome !!!! <3

Автор Tzali Maimon ( назад)
Holy sh... oh my g... I mean what the .... OK i need a minute here...

Автор NAOTV ( назад)

Автор fractalzoomgoggles ( назад)
Imagine: a Prince Rupert's Drop made of carbon nano tubes that are designed to
1) have the tail break off before the energy returns to the drop
2) regenerate a tail almost instantly
3) packed inside kevlar clothing

Автор Mavi-Turk Killer ( назад)
I am watching his channel for first but are you the brother of : Whats inside , guy ?

Автор Jamie DeBrett ( назад)
Hey what would happen if you were to form a price Rupert's drop in liquid nitrogen? would it strengthen the structure or not work at all

Автор Bose-Einstein ( назад)
2:37 No way... The bullet didn't break the glass -- the vibrations traveled through the drop and must have violently shook the end of the 'tail', shattering it. That's amazing.

Автор Marco Martinez ( назад)
Try one with 2 bulbs, 1 at each end

Автор Syp64 ( назад)
Is it possible to do this with stained glass?

Автор N3WDAWN2010 ( назад)
The hydraulic press channel just crushed it from the biggest side first.

Автор Xx xX ( назад)

Автор Sil ( назад)

Автор Sil ( назад)
2.45 xD

Автор jinzcme ( назад)

Автор you tube ( назад)
شكرا على الترجمة للعربية

Автор criswellwj ( назад)
Can't you just melt off the tail to a much shorter length that won't be so susceptible to shock?

Автор Japanese Cheese Puff ( назад)
So, what you're saying is that if there was a way to keep the tail completely stable, you could not break it?

Автор matszz ( назад)
Why oh why did you not shoot it at the right end, the same end you cut to set it off in the first video? Drove me crazy.

Автор Mike Veator ( назад)
If the tail were coated in in something shock absorbing, for example, silicon rubber, would it survive the impact of the bullet completely?

Автор Ahrs32 ( назад)
hey i just watched a video from the hydraulic press channel where they press a Prince Rupert Drop and I swear to you it shatters from the top, not the tail. please watch and explain

Автор Nisse Nenokin ( назад)
Check latest Hydraulic press channels video about prince Rupert's drop. Very interesting!

Автор isfj1009 ( назад)
Unsubscribed. Resubscribed. and Belled! :)

Автор Korova Milk Bar ( назад)
so dumb, I'm unsubscribing .. the drop is always great, why shoot it? nonsense, really?

Автор joel ( назад)
Can you make Prince Rupert drop with Liquid Nitrogen?

Автор TheDarknight070 ( назад)
This channel is great. Way more interesting than school and well informing. Good job

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