Bullet vs Prince Rupert's Drop at 150,000 fps - Smarter Every Day 165

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Автор D Roberts ( назад)
I died at 8:50

Автор Plasma Channel ( назад)
This is the perfect demonstration of physics. Internal stresses as opposed
to external forces. Beautiful cinematography Destin! You should test one of
those window breaking devices that you put on a car keychain incase your
car floods, and see if it hurts the Drop at all

Автор Matt Conz ( назад)
What would happen if you could make a PRD in microgravity? Would the same
principle still hold, but form a sphere instead of a droplet?

Автор drtazzle ( назад)
Have you thought about trying this underwater? Perhaps the water would
dampen the shockwave through the drop sufficiently to stop the tail

Автор Andrew Taylor ( назад)
Don't know why but it annoys me when Americans say "London England" as if
people don't know what country London is in.

Автор Isaac Shultz ( назад)
Can you do a P vs MP. It is literally a Million dollar question. Like if
you answer it you get the money?

Автор Jon Bailey ( назад)
This is worth a look . . .

Автор jacob wright ( назад)
getting smarter every week or 2

Автор Man Chan ( назад)
the video is awesome, however you didn't and can't handle the broken glass.

Автор Nima Alimardani ( назад)
Crash a Prince Rupert's Drop under a hydraulic press and shoot slow mo
video. I want to see how much pressure it can take

Автор Jonathan Lemieux ( назад)
Have you ever considered that the vibration isnt the cause of the shatter
but in fact the bullet is moving so fast at impact that the tip of the drop
is actually compressing into the tail instead? In essence the tail has no
time to absorb the inertia. Think of it the other way around.

Автор Daniel Anthony ( назад)
Rain Drop. Drop Top. Prince Rupert's Drop.

Автор Ali Shater ( назад)
There is a video of a guy using his hydraulic press and it takes 20 tons of
pressure to shatter the head of the prince rupert's drop. The tail remains
intact. It's called prince rupert's drop vs hydraulic press.

Автор James Robbins ( назад)
Smarter every day I want videos everyday lol

Автор Deepyn dixies ( назад)
I can't find the bell

Автор 40E Trinity Robotics ( назад)
Could you make a video about what would happen to the ISS and any
astronauts on it if two contributing countries went to war?

Автор discflickerDotcom ( назад)
Totally awesome, thank you.

Автор Benjamin Davis ( назад)
When I eventually realised (before you mentioned it) that the initial
fragments weren't chips but the bullet disintegrating it blew my mind!

Автор Tpell 17 ( назад)
What happens when you put a prince ruperts drop in liquid nitrogen will it
have the same strength

Автор Everaldo Pedrosa Nahirny ( назад)
You should test it on a hydraulic press to see how much preassure it can

Автор Cole te Avacado ( назад)
I need help explaing something, I did something by accident and have no
clue what's going on. I put my finger on my nose so the tip of my finger is
right in the middle of my eye. I then slowly moved my finger and it seemed
the objects in the background started to "bend". I have no clue what's
happening I thought it was the gravity of my finger slightly bending light
but I know that can't be it cause my finger doesn't have enough mass.
Please help I know it's got something to do with light but I just don't

Автор Siberianhuskybud The Grey Wolf ( назад)
i think it looks amazing when you hit the drop straight on and the bullet
turns into a halo of shattered metal

Автор Ole-Kristian Tafjord ( назад)
Something I really love about your youtube channel is the fact that I'm
actually getting smarter for every video i see! You have awesome content
and videos, keep up the good work!

Автор MrTastelessVideos ( назад)
I honestly wonder, if a .50 cal BMG would shatter as well. Maybe
collaborate with DemolitionRanch for testing that? XP

Автор Spartan entertainment ( назад)
Hey can you do a video on Why do empty Bic lighters explode when thrown
directly into the ground?

Автор Crazy Funny Cats ( назад)
Were those Lead .22 bullets?

Try a steel bullet...,

Try steel 20 gauge shot

Try a compound bow!

Автор Henry Parker ( назад)
can you make a prince rupert's sphere?

Автор Bardocks Father ( назад)
.50 cal vs prince ruperts drops?

Автор Aaron Reichert ( назад)
Destin could you look into why cutting aluminum foil sharpen scissors? I
can't come up with an answer and I thought you are great at finding experts
in everything.

Автор Balue ( назад)
Does this mean it can be used as body armour? In the video, the bullet is
the one that is first to broke part. Then the impact from the bullet to the
drop caused a drop tail to shakes, which then caused the chain reaction to
be exploded.

Автор Christopher Hanthorn ( назад)
Could you suspend a marble in the air using air nozzles, superheat it and
while it's molten drop it into water so it won't have a tail? Or maybe use
one of them sound tractor beams to suspend one to superheat it? I want to
see what it can take and not take damage. Maybe then shoot it from a
paintball gun...Or catapult it at high speeds into things ...

Автор Francesco Ruggeri ( назад)
So, hipotetically, if a Prince Rupert's Drop had infinite lenght, would we
have an unbreakable object?

Автор R3Testa ( назад)
Due to YouTube's new "feature," I have to un-ring all the bells.

Автор Steve Spillane ( назад)
This is nuts, so freaking cool! If you told me that it could take a bullet
like that and didn't show me video proof I wouldn't believe it,

Автор Gará SABR ( назад)

Автор Sabercy ( назад)
I just had the thought, if you made a Prince Rupert drop and had it fall
into liquid nitrogen instead of water would it develop higher internal
stress or will it not be able to with stand the shock? Would different
temperatures of glass or liquid produce different effect in soft glass or
make it possible to make drops with materials with higher or lower COE's?

Автор Luciano Reis ( назад)
You earned it

Автор Matthew Corbin ( назад)

Автор Matthew Corbin ( назад)
Its cool how the glass didnt break

Автор Matthew Corbin ( назад)
That was realy cool

Автор Gustavo - Clash of Clans ( назад)

Автор Ross Montgomery ( назад)
I just saw a guy put a Prince Rupert's Drop under a hydraulic press. Wonder
how that pure glass would do under something like that.

Автор Robert Kerr ( назад)
probably should talk the kiddies watching this how you checked your
backstop to stop the lethal bullet, #safer every day

Автор Elivanse ( назад)
Unsubscribed, but for some strange reason I can't subscribe again. Sorry

Автор Joshua Curry ( назад)
You should try to crush a Prince Rupert's drops with a hydraulic press.

Автор subs700 ( назад)
what speed is the glass shattering at from tail to tip? is it faster than
the bullet speed I wonder?

Автор get_some_bacon ( назад)
shoot it with a 50 bmg please

Автор gn00538733 ( назад)
If this test is under vacuum, what happens to the PRD?

Автор Oscar Killigan ( назад)
I love this guy's enthusiasm

Автор Cured The Addiction ( назад)
how can we use this though? im wondering what the applications could be if
we harnassed this.

Автор Dustin Sylvester ( назад)
couple of questions Destin, Lets say we discover a way to create a prince
ruperts drop sans tail, would it retain the incredible strength, or would
it just end up being an overproduced marble? the other question is much
less important, (to me) but what purpose exactly does resubscribing serve
exactly? Is it just to gain access to the notification bell or are "old"
subscriptions actually different from new?

Автор Parkerdapsycho ( назад)
Wait Where did his eyebrows go

Автор Dov Frommer ( назад)
As always great video. How about a video on how hypnosis works?

Автор Max Borlik ( назад)
If you still are reading the comments of this video or if you read the
comments I'm just going to say i got a tinker crate from kiwi crate and it
was awesome!!!!!!

Автор Brent Young ( назад)
The way the glass breaks does not surprise me at all. Most of us know a
bullet cannot push a 150 lb gelatin block off a table. But the vibration of
the bullet passing through the gelatin makes the block flip off the table.

Автор RamesGamesLC ( назад)
Has this been done on the hydraulic press channel?
Edit: Well, it has on ONE of them at least..

Автор rodger so ( назад)
would a prince ruperts drop made in space be extremely hard to break as itd
tave no tail?

Автор STroB ( назад)
1-make a ball of red hot melting glass.
2-drop it in water.
3-you have a round Rupert's drop with no tail, so much more durable.

Автор blackcool77 ( назад)
if the bullet was harder would it explode the way it does in a hydraulic

Автор Youhuan Zhang ( назад)
you should have hung it from the middle so we would know if it's the shock
wave or the leverage of the head that broke the drop

Автор Erik Nerrie ( назад)
Anyone have knowledge of defense contractors working on body armor using

Автор Nicholas Louis ( назад)
could you explain anything about the flat earth thing ,in my school
everybody talks about that

Автор Taric ( назад)
Hello Destin :), me and my physics teacher are looking for a slow-motion
camera to buy for our school. I would like to ask if you have any
recommendations on which brand you would prefer? I am not quite sure about
the budget but most likely not too expensive. Thank you very much.

Автор Jonathan Dymock ( назад)
wow so amazing. the world we live in is so different in slow motion

Автор justin lee ( назад)
Dude I'm in D.C. And I think I just saw you at the White House, that's

Автор Puniksem ( назад)
Yeh You earned it!

Автор Jacob Peroutka ( назад)
Can you do a video on how Gauge Blocks work? I've watched a couple videos
and read a few articles on how people think they work but they are only

Автор Markus Dammasch ( назад)
It would be very interesting to see what would happen if the glass was
melted on a spoon (or ceramic surface) and then lowed into the water to
cool it without forming a tail - the resulting ball / disc of glass should
be basically indestructible.

Автор Чел Людь ( назад)
Like from Ukraine )

Автор SymbolX ( назад)
Is it possible to hit the Prince Rupert's Drop with a bullet without
breaking it? If you submerge the tail in plastic or something, maybe it
could survive the hit...

Автор Austin Hord ( назад)
this has to be the coolest video yet.

Автор SebTheGamer - Survival Games & More ( назад)
Does everything bounce?

Автор TRGJ2001 ( назад)
Do this test again but with a much higher caliber bullet

Автор Michael W ( назад)
Hey Destin, it's me! A fan! You should totally do a video about how water
travels up things like paper. Or if you dip hair into a bowl of water the
water rises far beyond the initial height of the water!! Keep it up man!

Автор Gacz ( назад)
.50cal vs rupert drop

Автор eliminatorxx713xx ( назад)
The fact that the bullet shatters before the drop made out of glass, is
mind blowing and awesome.

Автор Jim Cloughley ( назад)
I found this channel today and I subscribed and I rang the bell.

Автор Marcus Adams ( назад)
It almost looks like the force against the string that's supporting the
tail, caused by the bullet strike, is itself breaking the tail.

resubbed, :-)

Автор undo.kat ( назад)
Robert Fico?

Автор R Evers ( назад)
if you're worried about the camera, use a mirror to record it ;)

Автор Chanter Ex ( назад)
Destin, why don't you try cutting the head of the drop with a
diamond-tipped class cutter? See what happens!

Автор Adwin Priyagung ( назад)
anti gravity or electromagnetic levitatation. tell me please

Автор Austin Taylor ( назад)
I'm not trying to insult anyone here, but Keith looks a lot like Bernard
from Megamind.

Автор Oracle428 ( назад)
Keith!!!!! Librarian Super Hero!!!!

Автор Smokey Oakie ( назад)
I was watching you SpaceX-plosion episode from ~year ago and saw your
AWESOME WWVBD bracelet. Was just wondering where a rocket geek such as
myself could order/pick one up??

Love your work and thanks for your time.

Автор Woleyy ( назад)
This is really quite amazing

Автор Deitz Dittrich ( назад)
I wonder if the temperature of the water has any effect on how the drop is
formed? Like would the glass be even stronger if glass is dropped into
liquid nitrogen?

Автор Gert Bolten Maizonave ( назад)
I couldn't find this suggestion in the comments. Did you consider adding
some kind of foam to the end of tail of the glass drop in order to absorb
the energy and keep the tail from wiggling? This could make every drop

Автор PhoenixSB5 ( назад)
With every single video, I actually realize more "How dumb I actually am".

Thanks a lot Dastan, I would subscribe 100 times to your channel with every
video if I knew it would make any difference.
with love from "Afghanistan" ♥

Автор Chantelle Van Praag ( назад)
What would happen if you melted the tail off right close to the bulb? Would
it be that it wouldn't vibrate enough to break at all anymore?

Автор Bruce Wayne ( назад)
You don't even have to unsubscribe, there should be a bell right by the
subscribe button now.

Автор Trevor L. ( назад)
Is it possible to quickly shear off the molten glass before it hits the
water to try to make a Prince Rupert's Drop without the fragile tail?

Автор Alexander Ferrer ( назад)
Could one somehow put a lot of rupert's drops together and somehow make it
not vibrate to make a very strong surface (if that makes any sense)?

Автор Fausto Odilon ( назад)
Is it possible to make a glass Drop without a tail, so it can be 100%

Автор ChrisgammaDE ( назад)
Could please someone make a rupert's drop in space which has the shape of a
shpere and must be undestroyable?

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