Arrow Season 5 "Break The Rules" Trailer (HD)

Oliver plays by a new set of rules in the Arrow Season 5 premiere, next Wednesday at 8/7c on The CW. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more Arrow season 5 promos in HD!

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Автор Gaming Srust ( назад)
he is droping bodys

Автор :D Nightmare20l FTW :D ( назад)
This trailer made me think season 5 was gonna be better. It didn't quite live up to it until the last few weeks.

Автор L E M O N A D E ( назад)
Alyas Robin hood

Автор Damien Darhk ( назад)
k. the second soundtrack is called Mom Pleads, from season 1, anyone know what the first one is?

Автор SGT_ Rocket888 ( назад)
im serious. that gave me chills

Автор Prince of Freeze ( назад)
After 18 episodes of season 5 i have to say : Arrow is back and is as good as season 1.

Автор cas slinkman ( назад)
Is it good again?

Автор Thelegend27 ( назад)
Prometheus is Adrian chase the DA

Автор liongamer13 ( назад)

Автор Shamnan P.t ( назад)
Man....Watching this trailer of Arrow which is the best DC show right now especially after Kapiushon epsd...Mind Blown

Автор Victor ( назад)

Автор Jayden White ( назад)
I think I shat myself

Автор yousef abdelgawad ( назад)
6 months latter, guy at the end is adrian chase

Автор APEXAURA GAMING ( назад)
song please?

Автор Trevor Tori ( назад)
Where can i watch season 5?

Автор DBZbraidZ44 ( назад)
Why the fuck is everyone saying Arrow is just Batman with a bow in seasons 1 and 2? Since when was Batman a stone cold killer who sprayed every motherfuckers guts on the floor that got in his way?

Автор Arjun Rajpal ( назад)
Should I watch this season???

Автор Sam Sung ( назад)
The trailer is better than the show. It was good but became full time garbage !!!

Автор OAnjoDaNoite ( назад)
Fuck Felicity and this stupids sidekicks. After they have killed the black canary this series has no more sense anymore. ¬¬

Автор Maria Kolle Ramberg ( назад)
I want Nightwing i want Nightwing i want Nightwing

Автор Sexbomb 6641 ( назад)
I would rather want to see just Arsenal and Green Arrow. Not a team.

Автор yomoroj somoroj ( назад)
Its a bit late to return season 1-2 greatness. Events in season 3 and 4 will affect the rest of show, with Flash, Legends of Tomorrow bullshit.

Автор Adrien 250 ( назад)
the green arrow is mine ? brrr

Автор Dimas Aditjondro ( назад)
where did the new suit come from? Not complainin'. hell it's much better than the one in season 4, just curious

Автор Son Goku ( назад)
How many episodes Season 5 got ?????
And where i can watch it ?

Автор The Architect ( назад)
Stephen amel worst actor ever.

Автор Dr. Railyn Lopez ( назад)
FINALLY! Oliver Queen the badass is back. *deletes season 4 from memory*

Автор Angel Tehuacanero ( назад)
arrow es parecido como años de asesinos creens

Автор Drake Lopez ( назад)
Is it just me or does felicity look very different

Автор Collins Darkwa ( назад)
Nice i love it

Автор Johnny Khamnoy ( назад)
this show is going down south! it is so annoying!

Автор Arqueiro Verde ( назад)
Arrow está voltando às raízes, isso não podia ser melhor.

Автор Fox Blue River ( назад)
I hope it's better than season 2, I'm watching it on Netflix right now and half of every episode is just women bitching and acting dramatic and losing their temper because the learned something. They go around getting mad because people don't tell them the truth and when they do they get all emotional and act like victims, a little too much like real life. He needs to be going around freaking out and killing people like a ninja, less chicks talking and more chicks taking their clothes off.

Автор playbot9 ( назад)
when will did be on Netflix?

Автор ECVlogs ( назад)
MY NAME IS EVELYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Aidan Rice ( назад)
I'm Jason Bourne oh wait wrong trailer

Автор . ( назад)
is that cody rhodes in 1:49 ??

Автор Marvel&DC Fanboy101 ( назад)
Hopefully In Season 6 I Would Want Team Arrow Members To Be Green Arrow,Black Canary(Earth 2),& Roy

Автор Jonathan J ( назад)
I don't know why but Malcolm Merlyn is my favorite character: I hope he's in thus one. Oliver is my 2nd Fav.

Автор arsenal10234 ( назад)
1:48 IVAN DRAGO!!!!!!!!!

Автор nucky 313 ( назад)
sick of this shit!

Автор Bora kaçar ( назад)
not orginal

Автор Bora kaçar ( назад)

Автор Solen Tadesse ( назад)
I really forgot to ask but why did they put sleeves this and not include it in the last season?

Автор M.P. V.R ( назад)
THE ARROW IS BACK!!!All you haters can STFU and go bitch to your parents!The Arrow started off and created the DC TV UNIVERSE.FIRST EVER IN DC TV HISTORY!Show a little fucking appreciation.🖒🖒👌👊👊💥💥👏💯😆😎

Автор Kiran Gurung ( назад)
where's Roy😑

Автор YOUwweTUBE01 ( назад)
People saying he's batman stfu Does batman kill people with bow and arrows ?

Автор whatnoitsbryan ! ( назад)
so cool

Автор Ashi Samreen ( назад)
I want Roy backkkkk

Автор Alex Todd ( назад)
I think taila trained oilver and I am think she saved bc

Автор Bob Du pew pew ( назад)
Nice trailer
I dropped the series in the middle of season2, is the rest any worth watching?

Автор Prahalad Kangeyan ( назад)
it's too much seasons

Автор Haasher ( назад)
has the season 1 vibe going on... or is it just me?? really hope arrow goes back to the season 1/2 vibes and tone!!!

Автор KingVolticsPvP ( назад)
He doesn't even wear the costume for the cover of arrow

Автор Pedro Henrique Tiradentes Martins ( назад)
Finnaly arrow became "real" vigilante again!

I was getting bored in see Barrys heart at Oliver -.-"

Автор Ishi Meadows ( назад)
WTF! wow holy crap Barry really messed up the timeline. Flashpoint is the best DC comic series ever

Автор zoe p ( назад)

Автор Anakin Skywalker ( назад)
Someone has to make an arrow game

Автор Tanush Prakash ( назад)
Roy is Prometheus

Автор MisterMirza ( назад)
Does anyone know the song that plays at 1:38

Автор Fire Natsu ( назад)
Does any body know the theme song they use in the beginning

Автор Mari Dyaz ( назад)
I think he is not a killer

Автор Mari Dyaz ( назад)
I love oliver as the arrow

Автор Karlsenn ( назад)
where can i watch arrow season 4? Other then youtube

Автор Zur ( назад)

Автор Oscar Araiza ( назад)
Green and red arrow,speedy,black and white canary and dig

Автор Vergil1876 ( назад)
you know what makes this show amazing ?
oliver working alone

Автор Edwino ( назад)
atleast now he actually looks bad ass. in season 4 he has trouble taking down 2 guys

Автор TheVindein ( назад)
Ivan Drago? Fuck Yeah

Автор Anouk Haudenhuyse ( назад)
No fucking way, he cant kill again!

Автор DragonGuyPlayz ( назад)
I dont like the whole team thing it should only be Oliver, Roy and Arthimis as the arrrows and also the people who save people felicity and diggel should be there eyes on there also laural should be alive since I am preatty sure oliver and Black canary ends up with together unless there going to go thorugh bs and have felcity be the canary lol

Автор Jannick E ( назад)
This actually looks really really good.

Автор POHi ( назад)
this shit looks lit

Автор Cody Mousseau ( назад)
Wow. May have to force myself through season 4 now. ood to see Oliver back t his s1 and s2 ways

Автор Leanne Cooper ( назад)
To be honest with everyone I liked al the seasons of arrow and I think that Stephen and Emily make the show and without them and also digger there wouldn't be an arrow. They are endgame, they have that chemistry which makes arrow work. Go arrow keep up the good work because all your season were great. 😊

Автор TheAverageGamer ( назад)
I forgot i had seen this trailer. As soon as I saw the guy from Coach Carter and Biker Boys I remembered I was not happy..... Still not happy!

Автор Phillip Hirning ( назад)
This is sick af i'm loving it

Автор jesse brickley ( назад)
man im still on season 4 and i love it

Автор redbull_gives_wings ( назад)
waaaaaattttt dolph lundgren omg!!!

Автор Truth Hurts ( назад)
Please lol

Автор XI ERIC IX ( назад)

Автор XI ERIC IX ( назад)
Hold up, Wendsay 7/8?

Автор Tom Rogers ( назад)
will this be the final season?

Автор GodsSon987 ( назад)
Gotta say the first 3 episodes are pretty smooth so far. I just hope the show can keep it up and not turn to shit, especially come the second half

Автор Sobrevivente Trovão ( назад)
Quando chega a série com legendas Portuguesas ou dublado???

Автор King .Theoden ( назад)
ok we need to talk about a common theme in all these arrowverse shows. its obvious that eventually we are going to have a run in with the almighty Bat of Gotham. we already had the Man of Steel come to our small screens, its time to give us the Bat.

Автор Sergio Sermot ( назад)
i need huntress returns

Автор Erick Perez ( назад)

Автор EDGY NECK BEARD ( назад)
so when flash starts to suck...arrow returned to his greatness.

Автор mrdrebin123 ( назад)

Автор Lee Wilson ( назад)
Dumb show

Автор Oliver Allen ( назад)
so far so good!

Автор FRISHR ( назад)
Anyone else wish Arsenal would be here instead of latino Casey Jones?

Автор El Taco ( назад)
People still watch this show? I dipped out at the end of season 2 lmao. Go to Netflix for real Superhero TV shows.

Автор KingPVP Gaming ( назад)
guys if you look at The Bat Begins and arrow comper it! ras sal gu or what ever the oliver killed at nada pabat you look at bat man begins it looks like it was the place in nada pabat ( i know this does not mack any sense)

Автор Noah Larose ( назад)
How the hell are there still people living in Starling City after all this crap?

Автор anderson mayorga ( назад)
who is felicity kissing

Автор Forte Aspacardin ( назад)
When will DC realize that their shows are much more awkward than their fellow Marvel "enemies" ? I mean,I look into all of the DC shows and I see weakness,lame,bad choreography,bad effects.I look at Marvel`s Daredevil or Jessica Jones and I see skill, good fights and a sort of realist dialog .Reminding me all of the shows,including Smallville,Flash,Gotham,Supergirl...they all have lots of flaws in acting,fighting and so on.WTF is wrong there mates,are you stupid,blind or smth ? Can you go beyond the stupid fans and actually do some better shows,without that "TELENOVEL" feeling,without that lame story and all that exagerated goodnes behind the main characters ? In Arrow,for example,that supid officer is pissed on Arrow cause he`s some kind of "criminal" ??? WHAT ? Like I`m watching Sunset Beach or smth...cut with these "childish" plots and "comic" shit,seriously!! Do something serious and grown up ! Sorry for all this writing but I love the DC universe and I can`t see a good DC show.I love instead what Marvel does with it`s shoes,especially with Daredevil,JJ and Luke Cage and I think that`s how DC should take their shows,god damn it !

Автор Zaya Lv ( назад)
My son diggle came back its lit

Автор Miracle Gamer ( назад)
what a trailer !!!!😱

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