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Автор Laura Iriarte (1 год)
Belle nuit mi amor, belle jour mi vida...

Автор ian haigh (10 месяцев)
no probs dave but this version of barcarolle is the best I have heard .

Автор Dave Dahl (1 год)
This version is very clear. I can easily understand that lyrics. I can
nitpick the arrangement...but I think its a nice way to introduce newbies
to opera. Opera and classical music has its share of fandumb too sadly. 

Автор Jack Paoletti (1 год)
As they say in the opera world "bravo"!

Автор Bluejeans0701 (1 год)
Just because Rebecca and Karen have "modernized" great pieces of classical
music does not mean they are pathetic. They are really fabulous singers.

Автор flowersings (2 года)
Dislike! The key has been lowered and the woman singing the lower part is
flat throughout the entire aria. Check out Anna Netrebko and Elina
Garanca's version here on youtube. They are metropolitan opera singers-
real opera singers.

Автор violasinger (6 лет)
And also... it's people like you, that call themselves "real opera fans"
that make young people not want to listen to this kind of music. It makes
them think that people who listen to opera are pretentious and up tight,
and young people dont want to be associated with that. I know its sounds
dum, but there are a lot of people out there who are stupid. this doesnt
apply to every young person out there, I know a lot of people out there can
think for themselves, but there are still a lot who cant

Автор PDN11141 (6 лет)
lovely angelic voices.

Автор papio papa (5 лет)
he escuchado miles y miles de melodias pero como esta ninguna!!!!

Автор Pavo Man (6 лет)
They suck, no two ways around that you will never see them in an opera
house -- NEVER. Real opera fans don't listen to this bullshit, so give me
thumbs down or question why i actually listened to them but that doesn't
change the fact that these girls would go nowhere if they looked like
Monsarant Caballe, listen to her instead.

Автор Justabrit (6 лет)
I Agree with you on that ..

Автор Mike Nestle (1 год)
Why ignore the beauty of the singers? Performance consists of many things,
including visual appeal, audio signature, costume, setting, presentation,
etc. ALL of it is useful and anyone who throws elements out on the basis of
personal bias is limiting the performance the *artists* wish to give. Why
not assume they design their act?

Автор cupcakexlindsay (4 года)
:D I'm singing this with someone else in my opera recital

Автор marian444 (3 года)

Автор bhmlton (1 год)
If it will get younger people to appreciate this type of music; what's the

Автор Justabrit (4 года)
@PTCello Yes i agree with you ...they got the talent..but are not opera
singers more like aria singers..

Автор Barbara White (6 лет)
*yawns* check out Sutherland and Horne and then tell me about this
light-weight toneless production.

Автор danielitro1 (5 лет)
@PTCello but we are getting both, I like that they mix the beauty of the
woman with the beauty of the music, you're getting twice the pleasure.

Автор biffstudios (6 лет)
Hey Im 19 also, this song is great

Автор Gerard Leduc (5 лет)
I agree.

Автор SaloKo1 (5 лет)
So beautiful & awesome =]]

Автор Abilio Aguiar (6 лет)
what wonderful song

Автор katesinger (5 лет)
I completely agree! :)

Автор violasinger (6 лет)
You may be right about the fact that they wouldn't go far without their
looks and a studio to help them sound better. But don't call this bullshit,
the opera industry is getting smaller and smaller and so are the
contributions. What these girls are doing, and other artist like them, is
bringing this kind of music closer to a younger audience and the industry
needs that audience to survive. And if we have to go down to the level of
selling the looks instead of the music alone... so be it

Автор ira1008 (6 лет)
They don't have great voices, but they have good voices and they are very
good singers. There harmony is excellent.

Автор Justabrit (6 лет)
sorry dont agree with you i like opera babes best

Автор Abilio Aguiar (6 лет)
Ideal pour avoir de beaux rêves.

Автор smc0603 (4 года)
Belle canto! <3

Автор morrigange (6 лет)
I prefer Monserrat Caballé instead of Monsarant... I think Montserrat is a
lot better, you Real Opera Fan. ;)

Автор Nycolas Caruso (5 лет)
Thank You !!!!

Автор fredy cifuentes (6 лет)

Автор margotlorena (6 лет)
they are ok singers, not opera singers but ok singers..........

Автор PTCello (6 лет)
These gals are good, but the very name "opera babes" kind of cheapens them.
It insinuates that their appeal is their physical appeal, rather than their
voices. "Celtic Women" is not "celtic babes" and there's a difference.
"Bond" is a string quartet selling themselves on their sex appeal. I'm
interested in the music. These arrangements are a little "poppy" but quite
nice. Why not sell the virtue of the music instead of the beauty of the
singers...? just my two cents.

Автор Miriam Conley (2 года)
This is a very lovely rendition! mimpconkley

Автор Soporifica (6 лет)
yes pushing prams to the bank ...

Автор violasinger (6 лет)
I find it wonderful when young people appreciate this music genre. I'm
starting to sound like I'm really old! I'm not much older than you, I'm 21
and I've always loved and appreciated all genres of music and I've been
studying opera singing since I was 15

Автор LostMind1989 (5 лет)

Автор Jan Benes (4 года)
these girls are most likely a guilty pleasure to both the crowd who looks
for hotness but ostenttatively shuns high art such as classical music and
snobs who will not see a classical singer unless she is 250pounds and 50yrs
old...how delicious...

Автор TheHitDetector (3 года)
Superb....One of my favourite pieces of music. This is a very fine version

Автор Laurie Soriano (1 год)
The music is awesome, I love it. The clothes not so cool.

Автор Nycolas Caruso (5 лет)

Автор vbellini1 (2 года)
I agree that "opera babes" is cheap as applied to the performers, but one
of the characters in the opera who sings this is Guiletta, the most
expensive whore in Venice, paid with a diamond to steal Hoffman's shadow.
Definitely a babe..

Автор LostMind1989 (6 лет)
i am 19 and i've been a proud big fan of classical music and a little opera
since 15

Автор flowersings (2 года)
Completely agree! I'm glad there's someone who has a sense of decency and
art and who has knowledge of classical voice. This cheapens the art form.
To me, it's simply sacrilegious.

Автор Ramesh Ramakrishnan Iyer (6 лет)
the power is in the song - these babes are selling something else -
sometimes this appeal is interesting - sometimes not - we should all thank
jacques offenbach first for creating something so timeless like this...and
not worry about opera babes or moms too much...

Автор Neon Crocodile (1 год)
Listen, their voices are gorgeous and the music is wonderful. If they
choose to modernize their appeal by wearing trending clothes and hair
styles and such, I'm okay with that, because then maybe a different crowd
of people (kids maybe) will be exposed to this beautiful art form. As long
as they don't ruin the music, they can do what they want. Just my opinion.

Автор Barbara White (6 лет)
Strange, when I listen to music, my mind takes over. I can see what takes
over nightfighter for you. Awful chicks hitching their wagon to the
popularity of "pseudo" opera. They'll be pushing prams soon enough - go for

Автор flowersings (4 года)
The voices are beautiful, but their image needs a lot of work!

Автор stanibol (4 года)
Wonderful harmonising.

Автор Nycolas Caruso (5 лет)
Excellent. Congratulations for the video. Best Regards Nycolas C.

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